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Diamond Knuckle Crash

ダイアモンド クニュックル クラシュ


daiamondo kunyukkuru kurashu

Parent Magic

Diamond Magic


Zora Halo

Diamond Knuckle Crash (ダイアモンド クニュックル クラシュ daiamondo kunyukkuru kurashu): is a Diamond Magic spell


Is a powerful spell where the user coats both their arms with a thick layer of diamond giving the appearance of diamond arms with hands, making a fist. This diamond is extremely heavy to lift there for it is useless in a hand to hand fight, however that is not how the spell was designed it is meant for a direct charge attack. The diamond is so heavy that when the user is flying at the target at an incredible rate the diamond knuckles deliver massive damage and total destruction to the area around it once it collides. The spell is only useful for a straight attack if the target jumps out of the the knuckles will be to heavy to redirect the attack.

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