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Diana Claas

— Diana

Diana Claas
Diana Claas

ダイアナ クラース


Daiana Kuraasu






Zodiac Sign - Capricorn January 13th




Female Female




Rune Knight Academy

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Tone



6'3” ft.


175 lbs.

Professional Status

QOS - Magic Council Emblem Magic Counil

Previous Affiliation

Rune Knight


Chairwoman of Seven

Previous Occupation

Rune Knight soldier

Personal Status


Marital Status

Engaged to Holland Strand

Powers & Equipment

Dispel Magic
Thermal Magic


Diana Claas (ダイアナ クラース, Daiana Kuraasu) is the Chairwoman of Seven, serving as the leader of the country as well as on the national Magic Council. A woman of high standing and incredible prestige, she earned her way to the top through dedication and impeccable skill, in her works as a mage and a leader.

She was one from humble beginnings, a mage with a dream to eliminate the darkness plaguing the world she lived in. After graduating high school she went on to attend the Rune Knight Academy, the call to a guild far less appealing than that of a soldier. She graduated at the top of her class, setting an even higher standard for incoming students and teaching. After graduating she served as a soldier for three years before she was promoted and started her own squadron, teaching several Rune Knights throughout her time and seeing most develop into high-class soldiers in their own right.

During her tenure as a Rune Knight, Seven's Magic Council experienced a scandal involving its Chairman, Arthur Williams, as well as several other advisors. It was revealed after serving half his term that he had rigged the election from the start, buying off competitors and blackmailing those who resisted. As word spread, uprisings did too, and soon Rune Knights were forced to choose between the Councilman and the people. Diana chose her people and began working alongside citizens to effectively protest against the government officials and have them impeached.

It took roughly a year but the citizens had finally gotten their way, ousting the Councilman. While normally an advisor would become the next leader, extreme unrest and distrust caused the remaining members to call for another election. With existing relations with most of Seven's population, Diana put herself in the running and was vying for the position against two of Williams' previous advisors.

Diana swept the floor with her competition, her own achievements and candid speeches earning her respect amongst voters. With roughly sixty-five percent of the vote, she was named Chairwoman of Seven and has since served her people to the best of her abilities.


"What a woman."
Holland Strand
Dakota Claas
Diana is a woman.




Physiological Abilities

Ways of Combat

Physical Capabilities

Assorted Capabilities


Magical Capabilities

Requip Magic

Requip (換装, Kansō) is a Caster and Spatial Magic that gives Diana access to a personal pocket dimension, letting her store her various items within. This is done by channeling magic energy in a fixed point in space, creating a small rift from which the alternate dimension can be accessed. By reaching into this pocket she can deposit or extract an item of her choice. The rapid opening and closing of the rift creates a sudden surge of energy that is relieved by a bright flash of light. This process is quick enough to do in an instant if necessary— most often when she needs to quickly draw her handgun at any sign of danger. Diana is quite average when it comes to her usage of Requip, only storing combat gear, including her sword, bodysuit, and handgun. She stores her basic, everyday items as well such as extra clothes, cell phone, and toiletries as well. Although her use is fairly mainstream, Diana has shown that she is talented enough to summon multiple items at once, though, her weapons are non-magical in nature.

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic (解除魔法, Kaijo Mahō) is a Caster Magic that focuses on the annulment of a target's magic. This magic allows Diana to prevent spells from being cast, making it a foil to Nullification Magic. However, unlike the aforementioned magic, Dispel allows her to directly affect her opponent while casting a spell, preventing them from using Magic at all, rather than focusing on specific spells cast by the target.

The casting process of Dispel Magic takes fine precision to perform, needing Diana to be of a sound mind and soul, capable of matching her opponent in terms of both for it to be enacted. By fueling her magic with the incredible will to take away what was created and mirroring the magic energy within the spell she wishes to take away, Dispel will smother the opposing magic and return it to the standard ethernano and Magic Origin counterparts. Therefore, Takeover and Requip spells, which are normally unaffected by forms of cancellation magics, can be annulled by Diana. She can take this a step further and block her opposition from casting altogether by surrounding them in a blanket of Dispel Magic, continuously breaking down magic that it comes into contact with. It's considered to be one of the bane's of mages everywhere, capable of affecting everything and anything, making it an extremely powerful asset in the right hands.

This Magic's weakness lies within its dependence on the user's ability to match another's will and magic power. Diana's expansive Magic Origin and insane precision allow her to cast this magic as easily as her others. She makes great use of this magic to cripple magic-dependent opponents while allowing herself and allies to continue to use their own.

Thermal Magic

Thermal Magic (温熱性魔法, On'netsu-sei Mahō) is a Caster Magic that allows Diana to manipulate the temperature of any matter she controls. As a basis for other thermal-dependent magics, like Ice and Fire Magic, she can manipulate the properties enough to emulate the effects of said magics.

To alter the temperature of a substance, she must alter the rate at which molecules collide with one another. Increasing the collisions between the molecules increases the temperature, and decreasing the collisions lowers the temperature. As Thermal Magic can be rather difficult to manipulate in terms of similarly principled magics, the effects it produces are worth the efforts.

Diana has an incredible grasp of the concepts of this Magic, one of the few to make it a staple of her combat style rather than a supplement to other magics. Her mastery of the Magic allows her to stop incoming bullets traveling at supersonic speeds with shields and explode an Ice-Make Mage's constructs, feats normally unachievable without the use of physical constructs of her own. She has been known to use it to drastically increase the effects of her physical attacks as well as make mundane things like breathing and sweating into a weapon.

  • Chill (冷気, Reiki): The basis for all the cold-related spells, Chill allows Diana to decrease the temperature of anything she subjects her magic to. Her skill allows her to freeze and condense most liquids and gases, as well as take the punch out of high-speed attacks by reducing the kinetic energy it has. She can surround her limbs and weaponry with the cold energy, she can increase the damage she does upon impact and freeze the things she touches with said frozen item. If she were to slice or pierce her target, the open wound would freeze over when this is activated, preventing blood from spilling. However, she can just as easily cause it to melt, surprising her opponents when they suddenly start bleeding from a wound inflicted earlier. By chilling the air around her opponent she can induce potentially lethal side effects, such as hypothermia, frostbite, motor complications, and unconsciousness. She can also use Chill to conjure up arcs, beams, blades, and waves of chilled ethernano to throw at her opponents.
  • Ice Breath (氷息吹, Kōri Ibuki): Diana gathers a breath, rapidly condensing the moisture in her mouth and in the air around her. After she gathers a large enough amount, she expels the frigid breath she gathered, in a manner not unlike a Slayer Mage. However, unlike their typically powerful streams of their element, Diana's breath is a smooth and gentle passage, though is still quick to reach its mark. The subzero temperatures quickly freeze anything it comes into contact with, petrifying the target of this spell in a glistening ice sculpture. The longer they remain encapsulated, the more the ice sets in, having the potential to freeze them solid, which would ultimately kill them. In this state, if she were to attack their frozen limbs, they would shatter as easily as an icicle.
    • Frostbite (凍傷, Tōshō): Diana rapidly cools the air inside her mouth and her skin, dropping it well below freezing. She then moves towards her opponents, delivering a simple kiss on their person. Upon contact, the ice spreads, sinking into their skin and freezing them solid in a matter of moments. Because of the impracticality of the spell on the battlefield, she's seldom used Frostbite at all. It was adapted after she learned Ice Breath as a test of her skill.
  • Rapid Freeze (急速凍結, Kyūsoku Tōketsu): Diana surrounds a certain object, typically an opponent, in a blanket of Thermal Magic, cooling the area at a much faster rate than with her Chill spell. Anything within the bounds of the spell will most definitely be frozen solid in a matter of seconds, making it nigh-impossible for her opponent to move to attack or defend.
  • Heat ((熱, Netsu): The basis for all heat-related Thermal Magic Spells, Heat allows Diana to rapidly increase the temperature of any object she places under her control. Her skill in the magic allows her to turn high-grade metals to puddles and evaporate Ice Magic in a fraction of a second, making her almost impossible to hit with a physical construct of any kind if it isn't properly resistant to heat. She can also use Heat on herself without experiencing any adverse effects, greatly strengthening her physical attacks. By increasing the heat of her fist or leg when performing an attack, she can burn her opponents along with the blunt force. When performing a knifehand strike, she can also use this to add a slicing effect to her attack. She can also surround her rapier in the blistering heat, increasing its cutting power, allowing her to pierce through thick sheets of metal like it was butter. Because of the high temperature, any open wounds will instantly cauterize, and blisters are incredibly common. By focusing on the area around a target, she can heat up the air enough to induce potentially lethal effects, such as dehydration, tachypnea, and tachycardia. Finally, she can use the Heat spell itself to generate arcs, beams, blades and waves of searing ethernano to send at her opponent. This increases her range, though can be easily used in close-quarters combat.
  • Spontaneous Combustion ((自発燃焼, Jihatsu Nenshō): Diana surrounds a particularly flammable object in Thermal Magic, heating it up so quickly that it spontaneously combusts, creating a fire that she cannot directly control. Initially, the flame is rather small and weak, though it quickly engulfs nearby objects, fueling itself and growing bigger, something she can only mitigate through her colder spells. She usually uses this on her opponent's clothes, setting them on fire so they are momentarily distracted as well as burning them to a certain degree.

  • Cold Shield (冷盾, Rei Tate): Diana creates a semi-solid wall of cold energy in a certain area to defend against an attack. Unlike standard shields, this one is highly permeable, preventing it from outright stopping an attack. Instead, it will rapidly steal away the heat, causing it to collapse in on itself, or be robbed of all its kinetic energy as it disperses throughout the shield. It can also freeze spells, turning them to useless lumps of Magic quite similar to a lacrima.
  • Freeze (氷結, Hyōketsu): Diana focuses on an object within her opponent's possession or a spell they have cast, rapidly cooling it down. The former object will become so cold it may be unbearable to hold, and could adhere to their skin through the sweat freezing their hand to the object, making it excruciating to move it, as it will tear the skin. If she chooses a spell, it will rapidly condense and lose kinetic energy until it is stopped altogether, falling to the ground in a lump of frozen Magic.
  • Hot Shield ((熱い盾, Atsui Tate): Diana creates a semi-solid wall of heat energy in a spot to defend against an incoming attack. Unlike normal shields, this one is very permeable, preventing it from stopping anything outright by absorbing the kinetic energy. Instead, the hot shield will burn up anything within it into ash, evaporate liquids, or cause solids to rupture by rapidly heating them up.
  • Overheat (過熱, Kanetsu): Diana focuses on a particular object in her opponent's possession or a spell they cast, rapidly heating it up. The former object will become so hot that they have trouble holding it, or could eventually melt and evaporate, making them quite useless until they can be reformed. If it's a spell she's chosen to focus on, the ethernano molecules that make up the spell will begin to rapidly speed up, spreading apart as they do, and will eventually explode.

  • Cool (冷やす, Hiyasu): Diana creates a soothing chill from her body or in the air around her to help alleviate certain ailments. The coolness helps combat fevers and hyperthermia, preventing lethal effects from setting in. She can reduce swelling and stop blood by freezing the wound shut. Cool had far more usage after Rune Knight missions, but as a Councilwomen, she usually reserves the spell for hot afternoons.
  • Warm (暖, Attakai): Diana creates a subtle, warm heat, either from her body or just traveling through the air to alleviate certain ailments. Namely, this is used after a friendly spar to dethaw opponents, or after she's trekked through the mountains on a mission. She can also boil water and cauterize wounds if she puts enough heat into the spell. While much more useful during her Rune Knight days, she has since used it more recreationally, warming herself and others up on cold days.
  • Thermal Equilibrium (均衡, On'netsu-sei Kinkō): She fixates on a specific area or thing, and disperses the heat energy within it to the atmosphere until it returns to equilibrium. She can use this to get rid of offending spells of cold or hot temperatures or nullify her own spells if she needs to.



  • Diana's appearance is based on Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3

Before this revamp, Diana's name was Dakota Claas, meant to be a foil of Dakota Fath from Hylion. After getting attached to the character, I knew I wanted to further develop her into something more than Fath's doppelganger from another dimension. However, with the Hylion storyline's abrupt demise and my sudden absence, I was unable to fulfill this wish.

With my return and this newest rendition, Diana will serve to be the lawful good I first dreamt of, as well a badass queen without the need for extreme power stacking. She is a primarily tactile fighter, focusing on her physical capabilities rather than her sheer magic power. As a homage to her original conception, she has Thermal Magic, though, it will supplement her, rather than lead her fighting style. In addition to her original character, Diana draws some influence from Wonder Woman, in name, as well as her diplomatic and caring attitude.




Magic Power
7/10 Strength
Magical Control
9/10 Speed
Magic Aptitude
6.5/10 Agility
Magical Strength
4.5/10 Reflexes
Magical Combat
5/10 Durability
Hand-to-Hand Combat
8/10 Stamina
Close Weapons Combat
9/10 Intelligence
Ranged Combat
8/10 Diplomacy

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