"You turn yourself responsible for everything you do."

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Seven's Tournament Arc

Not Giving Up

His arm hit the ground a few times making noises, blood going out of it, Damon himself face-hit the ground below him after being attacked by one of the strongest spells he ever saw. The councilors looked horrified as they dodged the aftermath of the spell with quite difficult. However what they did fail to notice was that Damon's skin still had a black'ish tone although not completely, Dealok looked down at his defeated opponent while turning his back to the fallen mage. The council members looked at the ripped arm of the younger mage only to not find it where it was supposed to be.

One would think everything ended, the council members gasped comicaly although seriously in shock as Dealok turned to see what was happening. Blood dripped out of Dealok's mask, noticeable since his mask was pure black while the blood was scarlet and could be seen due to the sunlight hitting on it. Damon had raised his head slightly to look at Dealok with a creepy grin, Damon's ripped arm was bypassing through Dealok's stomach, clearly cutting through the Ace's flesh as blood came out of his mask and big wound.

Damon let out a grunt in joy as he had finally hit Dealok, the latter though didn't show any signs that he was fazed or even bothered by it. The Ace dashed in the blink of an eye while succesfully delivering a kick to Damon's jaw from below, action which made the dragon slayer fly slightly due to the impact. Still with the arm pierced through his stomach Dealok moved against Damon as the latter moved to delive a destructive punch to Dealok's bust.

The councilors gasped again at the sudden movements, also surprised at both speeds again despite of what they were capable earlier. Now it seemed as if Damon had succesfuly hit the Ace in the throat but the Group Leader could see everything due to his skill, Dealok had stopped Damon's fist which was just below the former's jaw, he did stop it by grabbing Damon's forearm and completely tossing it aside, literally forcing it though it wasn’t broken. The councilors would think Poor Damon, since the latter already lost the right arm, the left was gonna be broken as a shadowy aura was going out of Dealok quickly like steam "That is...Drive?" One of the members wondered.

Damon opened his closed fists, succesfully hitting Dealok's cheek with a claw attack as the former's hand was very near the latter's face "Outta my way" Dealok said as Beast Damon could only sense pain in his stomach as he saw Dealok distancing himself from him. No, Damon was thrown by Dealok who took out the arm piercing his stomach quickly and pierced Damon's own with it provoking a powerful shockwave in the area since everything seemed paralyzed. Damon would just fly away violently while his vision was slow, even though he was in that Blood Thirsty state, he beared a very shocked or innocent expression on his face as blood dripped out of his mouth, arm wound and stomach wound.

Damon went passing through the cointainers finally in a very violent and quick speed, he was already out of the docks area though his expression stood the same. He quickly arrived at where the colisseum was, hitting through the debris and through the remaining colisseum's walls, destroying it almost completely provoking another explosion, probaly landing near to where Red Hawk team was.

"Hmph" Dealok sighed suddenly while taking a look at the wound on his stomach and also at the ground which was almost completely destroyed by their final clash "You were pretty good...but not enough for now, Hybrid Dragon Damon" Dealok cleared the blood near his jaw with the straps of his clothes turning his back again to the Council Group who couldn't do much since they were beaten up quite badly "You guys...I'd say you either heard or saw much" Dealok's shadow extended at the back-side of his feet through all the members.

They all gasped in shock as they were being sucked in by the big shadow just below their feet "Hey, what're you--Don't do that!" The leader screamed in horror trying to use his fire magic in order to make the shadows deform away although he hadn't success. Dealok was capturing them through his shadows, the latter said because they've seen much although that didn't seem the case "Please don't do that to us!!" He continued to scream although Dealok didn't even bother and continued to draw them in.

"Even if you dared to say you'd give me what I always wanted, I wouldn't leave you guys out" Dealok started to walk towards to where Riku and that Caribou guy supposedly were "Offering is not the same as giving" Dealok said to them without looking as he had those scarlet-blood like shining eyes instead of the normal ones, they'd just scream while being completely engulfed by the shadows.

"Ugh agh hel-" The leader finally gave up being completelly swallowed as Dealok's shadow went back to it's normal size and shape below the Ace's feet. Dealok stood with the same gaze as he continued walking, continued walking with a hole in the area of his stomach.

Broken Coliseum

Hershell jumped from the high bleachers straightly towards the entrance as he found Reggie near to a splitten Anorak. Reggie looked like he was crying but at this moment he was just apparently waiting something "Hey Reggie, what the hell happened here?!" Hershell almost shout while Reggie stood quiet "You guys went faster and jumped before I did, then a sudden shockwave threw me back" Hershell looked around and suddenly found one person looking like him on the ground and with a missing arm.

"Don't be surprised Hershell" A voice suddenly said to the Exceed and the blond man, the former raised his head and his mouth was slightly shaped in a o while the latter gasped a bit. Both of course wondering from where the voice came, not from who this voice pertained to because they already knew.

The ground which was brick textured beneath them gained golden eyes and a mouth full of human teeth. The face tried getting itself out of ground as two hands suddenly popped up next to it. He tried going out of the ground as his bust was alredy out. He was still covered in the brick texture as he only had a feet inside the ground "Earth Phasing" He now was entirely out and wasn't covered in brick's texture anymore.

"Anorak!" Hershell shout as the younger mage stood up and cleaned his clothes a bit while looking at the Anorak in the ground who was splitten up "But..." Then the Anorak in the floor acquired a brick texture while cracking up a bit.

"I probaly was the only who saw or noticed Damon was in another state" Anorak sighed while searching for some cigarettes on his pocket, not finding any "I didn't have time to tell you guys, so I decided to ensure my safety, made a Carbon Copy of me which is why I didn't reach and hidened inside the ground" Anorak gave up on searching for his cigarettes as he looked at the Hershell on the ground without an arm "I also did one for you since I didn't see you falling with us"

"Thanks for that, though you should've done that for Reggie and the women" Hershell said with slight disappointment and anger evident on his tone "Though I am surprised you know not only Earth-Make but Earth Magic! That's CRAZY!!" Hershell tightened his biceps while shouting and making a weird pose.

"We didn't need any help!" Meredy suddenly shout up and went out of nowhere, followed by Samantha of course. Anorak frowned and Hershell tilted his head in surprise, Reggie as well turned to look at both women "C'mon, you guys didn't figure it out?" They didn't answer and Meredy grunted "Ugh, Sam and I used a combination of our magic in order to create a powerful shield which almost blocked Damon's shockwave"

They all nodded to the explanation, not so much surprised at the girls' deed. Anorak moved to only get rid of the remaints of his and Hershell's clone. Too bad they couldn't react, most because Carbon Copy pretty much was a picture of one's stance, in other words you created a clone or copy of someone or something taking into the account the stance the originals had. Pretty much like taking a picture and making a Action figure of it, only that it looked realistic. Anorak could only make it seem to move due to the fact he could control earth, but that applied to one copy only and it required concentration while he was already digging into the ground.

"For the We arrived out of nowhere part, 'Marry' is capable of creating invisible texturized barriers" Samantha explained as Meredy gave off a confident smile while creating a I. Barrier around her wrist, making it seem like she hadn't one and also that her hand was flying "It basically adapts to the environment, anyone inside it can hide in as you boys saw." That all and Meredy did not mind her new nickname.

Now they seemed surprised at the least, Reggie smiled off while Hershell frowned. Anorak didn't react to it still getting rid of the copies, he looked bored at the best. But people who really knew Anorak, would know that he was just worried, about his boss and comrade.

Suddenly they felt a little quake which made the entire place tremble, they could also see some bright light probaly produced out of fire that shone up the colisseum. They would suddenly see something coming from the sky directly towards the arena.

They all gasped at the scene while the unknown thing hit the remaining walls and seemingly was smashed into them. The Red Hawks rushed to see what it was as the smoke faded away from the spot. They could see him, that was Damon! He was no longer in Dragon Force state, evident as his skin wasn't black anymore but the normal tone.

A white sash could be seen wrapped around his shoulder and torso, it had a green bright but soon the green light disappeared from it as the object loosened from where it was wrapped. It was the Holy Wrap, that mysterious healing artifact which was given to Damon, it's healing properties were said to be very great although it came at a cost.

"That's the Holy Wrap!" Reggie shout approaching the wall Damon was forced in, the artifact dropped to the ground and went on to it's little size form "'s bright disappared...that means it healed a lot of damage..." Reggie looked with worry towards Damon who now had a visible long yet thin scar coming from his right shoulder to his right hip.

All that happened while that Shin guy himself just appeared out of some wreckage in the colisseum, taking hold of a uncouscious Nazar. Most looked at him in surprise because he and the blond were still alive. Shin had a bit of a depressed face, this all happened and he was blocked out by the wreckage of the arena, he couldn't do anything, he and Nazar were saved out by the Announcer Alonsa who held out some rocks which would crush Shin and Nazar.

Shin felt really horrible as he couldn't help Alonsa on taking hold, and just freed out with Nazar. Previously while trying to go out of the rocks, Shin indeed heard people shouting about someone who had stole the prize and all. Not that he knew everything, he just knew the prize was stolen "Fuck" He thought with even more depression, now he couldn't save someone and wouldn't get the desired prize.

Samantha moved to help them briefly, as she used her Healing Magic alongside her Wood magic in order to heal both quickly. Shin put Nazar down resting on the floor as they were cured by a sweating Samantha, since she had used good part of her magic, although she would need to hold it for using in Damon as well. Shin just nodded as Samantha left them.

Hershell and Anorak were already grabbing Damon and giving their shoulders to sustain his body, due to Holy Wrap though, Damon had regained a bit of his counciousness. Both blondes moved Damon near to Samantha who was already prepared to heal him up even more. That all even though they were all supposedly slaughtered by his rampaging mode, even though that happened they were still comrades right? Yes, pretty damn right.

Damon gained much more counsciousness with Samantha's help, the latter looking very worried to him. The slayer tried to sustain himself up as he looked around for his comrades, all of them looking to him as well, he looked in a certain direction, all of them wondered why.

Damon's eyes widdened a bit as he remembered what happened while he was on that changed state. He clenched his teeth as he began to run in the direction he was facing. Each member of the team had their eyes widdened as Damon went off "Hey, you can't run off like this! You're hurt!" Meredy shout at him with apparent slight worry on her tone.

"I can't lose time! Sorry guys but he is going off!!" Damon shout by looking back slightly while still running. He dodged some rock which was on the way since most of the city was hit with a certain spell.

"He, who?" Anorak shout back at him, no one else shout, mostly because they were probaly gonna ask the same thing. Thanks to Ano, they wouldn't need to. Even

Damon looked back to them again "AND I CAN'T LET HIM ESCAPE!" Shouting again, Damon continued to run seemingly towards an area inside the docks, his figure would slowly not be seen by any of them anymore.

Shin blinked a few times during this all, as his eyes widdened as well. He was probaly the only one to understand what the Hawk had said. He quickly got up as well while checking up his magical bag which had his battling stuff. Shin held out a big slingshot which was almost his size, and a pair of strange boots which he would quickly put on. Said boots had fire lacrima embued on them at the moment, they weren't actual boots but skates which would now be boosted by a weak fire rocket as Shin dashed in the same direction as Damon.

"I'M GONNA HELP YOU WITH HIM AS WELL!!" Shin shout serious and determined as he was skating in order to catch up with Damon. Everyone looked confusion at the mention of he again, Meredy opened her mouth to ask it but couldn't since Shin was nowhere to be seen as well.

Each team member gave a look to each other, confused expressions in their face alongside a bit of worry for their boss' state. Then, they all looked to where Damon was headed to and shout with angry face faults "BUT WHO'S HE?!"

Early Conflict

Caribou was shown then, near to a big ship, he was standing on the wood while the ship was obviously on the sea. He fixed his clothes a bit while throwing the chest with the rubys inside the ship's deck, many black-cloth wearing men gathered in order to hide it somewhere inside the ship under Caribou's order. He looked around while thinking "I didn't think that would happen" As he recalled his battle with Riku, the Dragon Slayer.

This area of the dock was a bit full of people, but luckily there wasn't any riot like there should be. Secon Island was divided into two close islands, Se Island and Con Island, each had just a few of meters of water between their lands. The colisseum was located in Se Island and even though that explosion of before was quite big, Con Island is always festive, most didn't notice it happening in Se Island.

For those reasons, Con Island wasn't much of a rucus as Se Island was. Caribou took advantage of that for sure, he merely escaped from that fight, but hey at least he did. Caribou had a smile on his face, now he would just need to leave Secon Island and go to Thir Island, to complete his mission. His bosses had a base there, where he would need to safely leave and protect the Rubys for a few time before they arrive, that should be easy. At least he wouldn't need or receive similar missions considering the rubys since they only appeared once a century.

Caribou had a big smile on his face at the moment. He looked at three of the special members, they were triplets, he didn't recall their names but for the time being Caribou would call them as Jan, Jon and Jen, the Triple J "Lame" Caribou thought while looking at them. But then, his smile slowly faded as he heard some voices, he knew those voices as veins slowly popped up on his forehead.

"AND WHY WOULD YOU COME?! LEAVE ME ALONE" Someone with wavy yet a bit spiky black hair shout while he was running, Caribou see him and another figure carrying something like a slingshot. People around them looked with confused expressions as they dashed through the crowd albeit without giving harm to anyone.

"THERE HE IS!!" Damon shout as he took sight of the red-headed man who could only sigh at the two men coming right towards him. He looked at his men back in the ship, making a signal for them to continue the work while he himself took care of the threats. "Shin, I will beat him up! Catch the other guys!"

"Don’t order me around" Shin replied in a funny angry face fault as he looked at Damon while running. Shin put his hand inside his pocket as he brought it up alongside a little gray ball “There! Go kick his ass!!” Shin threw it in the ground right in front of them, the impact causing a lot of smoke to be released as it blocked off everyone’s vision.

Caribou tsked as he continued calmly walking through it all, as some of the smoke faded away, the red man would only see a punch coming to his chest. It was a succesful hit, Caribou was thrown aback slightly by the impact as the attacker revealed himself to be an angry Damon. Moving his hand slightly, Caribou would try to do something but was soon stopped by the Black-haired man who punched him in the face.

While thrown aback, Caribou was hit by two more punches to the face followed by one to the chest. Shin ran past this scene towards the ship, Caribou turned himself to look at the Young mage, Damon took advantage that the man wasn’t looking and prepared to delive another powerful punch to his face. However, even with his attention on Shin, Caribou easily blocked the blow with his palm “You punch like a bitch” He said calmly while smacking the Slayer’s head, making him hit on the ground.

Shin horrified by the impact could only scream as he stepped out of his fire skates which flew backwards "Damn...I forgot I used almost all of my magic...too tired" Damon thought as he tried to get up in the same second.

Caribou quickly dashed towards Shin with a bored face, the later in horror and instinct, turned himself backwards. As he did so, Shin tried to delive a weak punch to the man’s chest, the impact didn’t make him even flinch. "Both punch like Bitches" Caribou slapped Shin’s face, action which sent the boy flying to nearby of the ship. Blood dripping as he raised his head from where he had hit.

"Do we? Huh?" Damon smiled widely as he took hold of Shin’s flaming skates, Caribou looked boringly at him. Shin only gasped as he just noticed his skates weren’t on his feet anymore. Damon brought them over to near his mouth as he opened it, the fire slowly flying towards it.

"Oi Damon! I don’t think we have a chance agaisnt this guy! Our punches are so far useless! He doesn’t has a unique scratch on him!!" Shin screamed at Damon, telling the latter back away due to the lack of chance they possessed against the red man.

Then, the fire continued going out of the skates to Damon’s mouth, he was eating it. His throat could be seen shining slightly as the flames continued going on, it was after a few seconds that the skates were normal and no flames were inside them anymore. Damon swallowed it all while giving a deep breath as he cleaned his jaw, a smile printed on his face as he looked over Caribou while preparing a right-handed punch.

"You think that’ll change anything? This is physical warfare, regaining magic won-" Caribou stopped as suddenly blood splashed through his vision, he could also see teeth flying, lots at this point. His eyes widdened as he noticed Damon’s blackened arm which had just hit his jaw and seemingly blew it away.

Caribou was violently thrown aback towards the ship as his body pierced through a part of it and went inside, drawing smoke and dust out from the impact. The men in the deck of the ship gasped at the scene and Shin’s eyes widdened greatly while his jaw touched the ground almost. Nearby people had their eyes widdened at so as well.

"Yeah sorry...I was punching like a bitch indeed" Damon said in a rather serious tone despite possessing a grin on his face. His hair covering some part of his eyes. He stomped his right foot on the ground while stopping his movements, Damon’d then go back to a normal standing position as he looked towards the ship.

"HOLYSHIT MAN!!" Shin screamed to Damon with sparkle around his face, due to the immense amazement he was feeling. His tongue sticked out to strange proportions and his eyes had stars in them "TEACH MEEEEEE MAAAAAASTEEEER!" The Young mage cried and jumped towards Damon who could only dodge him while annoyed.

"THE HELL MAN?!" Damon’s teeth were sharpy and his eyes popped out as he dodged Shin coming for him with a sorrowful face...or so. "I have to get him!!" Damon looked back to the ship as he jumped towards it’s inside.

Meanwhile, Shin would go straight and hit some trash, making himself a little dirty at that. He got up from it, looking around as he saw that many people were distancing from the dock area due to the little fight, some were just admiring it while others were possibly calling authorities.

"Heh, the situation got a bit out of control..." Shin scratched his head slightly as he approached his slingshot on the ground, while also cleaning the dirt in his clothes. "I need to catch up with Dam-" As soon as Shin said, a loud crash was heard and Shin barely caught sight of a large black arm which flew past the area.

He could also see that the arm was somehow piercing through someone with it’s index finger. The arm continued on extending itself as it made contact with the dock’s ground, crushing that certain someone as well. It contuined pushing the person even on the streets while doing damage to the ground. The smoke rised as they collided forcefully against the ground, only to stop when it hit a restaurant, making a little explosion from the impact.

The arm was quite bulky but then it went back from where it appeared. It like, shrinked back. Shin looked to the path of destruction but then he quickly turned to the ship and run to it. However, he soon received a stomp to the face dealt by Caribou himself, Shin’s eyes widdened as he took a brief look at Caribou himself.

The red-headed man didn’t have any scratch on his body yet. As he was thrown aback, Shin grabbed his slingshot and quickly fired something, trying to hit Caribou’s head, the latter dodging, action which made the thing pass directly and hit the ship’s wood. Caribou himself jumped back to the ship alongside two of the Triple J.

"Hey Boss! Where’s our brother Jon?" The one named Jan asked as Jen was near him with a confused expression as well.

"A minute ago he was near us!!" Jen said with anger and wrath as he looked around the ship and also the dock area. Worry was evidente in both men’s tones at this point.

"We will worry about him later" While standing in the ship’s deck Caribou brought his right arm backwards, it’s palm open "Jan, repair the ship now" He commanded with a serious tone, ignoring the fact that Jon could be left out of their ship.

"Gh..." Jan complained as he opened his arms widely "Craft!" Using his own magic, Jan could produce off crafting materials and use them in order to constructo certain things. He used in order to repair the destroyed side of the ship.

As soon as Jan did so, Caribou slapped the midair and suddenly a powerful burst of air, released the ship from the dock while also pushing it far away. The sails were released as well as Caribou slapped the air again and another sudden gust of Wind hit the sails, making the ship go at full speed.

Jen, without even being ordered to, went to the front part of the ship, using his own magic as well "Barrier" Crossing his arms in a defensive way, projecting a mid-spherical barrier around the front area, this in order to protect the ship from the damage. What damage? Well, at the current speed the ship was sailing, anything coming into contact would probaly make some damage indeed.

"Don’t worry you two, there is no information about Jon out there, so no one can do something to him" Caribou said calmly entering a room while holding the large ark. The two remaining Brothers sighed as they began to order the other agents around the deck.

"Yeah, like boss said bro., Jon will be back! He is our loved and strong brother after all" Jen gave a smile to Jan who smiled as well and felt more comfortable after it.

Inside said room, Caribou only grinned widely as he opened up the ark to look at the glowing shark teeth-shaped blue jewels in it. His eyes literally sparkled at the sight, the organization now—no, he would be satisfied as he would complete his objective.

Back at the docks, people surrounded the area of the impact and destruction. Some Water-magic Councilors shooting water at some fire in the nearby, the destruction there unfortunately cracked a fire lacrima which fed a restaurant for grilled chicken and steak. Fortunately, the fire was soon stopped.

Shin ran past many people who complained as they were being pushed by him at times. Then he soon arrived to where the person or something, he didn’t know, was pushed to by that long black arm. As the dust faded away, Shin soon localizated Damon in the rumble. But then he took a closer look and noticed that was someone else who kinda looked like the Slayer but shouldn’t be mistaken as the only Damon.

That man’s body had a hole in it, precisely in the chest "Damn, right in the..." Shin thought as he looked to where the blow was dealt. Feeling a bit tempted to vomit from the lots of blood that were out of it as he put his hand on his mouth. It apparently didn’t Pierce through the body but made a hole which with sunlight, the things inside would be seen.

Then, from literally below the man’s body, Damon rised like from the shadows themselves. Shouting food since he felt the scent coming from the restaurants. He then beared a serious expression as he pushed the guy’s body away. Shin looked at him only to ask "Who is-"

"Someone called Jon apparently" Damon said tilting his head a bit as he recalled two other men very similar to this one calling for his name as Damon entered the ship. He didn’t give much care about it, nor for the fact he used the man as a shield.

Shin had a sweat-drop at the thought, indeed he thought the same as the narrator. Though he was partially sad, even when he didn’t know anything about that Jon guy. "Ah well..." Shin sighed as he looked at Damon only to be smacked comically in the forehead. The brown man would only make na annoyed poker face at the action.

Damon, the one and only one, was the one smacking the younger mage’s head as he shout "YOU LET THEM ESCAPE!!" The dragon slayer’s eyes were popping out of his head while his tongue was sticked out in a reptile’ish way.

The younger mage could only react by a burst of anger "YOU WERE THE ONE BATTLING HERE!! YOU WERE TAKEN OUT OF THAT SHIP!! NOT ME!!" Shin viciously smacked Damon’s forehead while bearing a funny face as well. The two continued the argument while smacking each other, which drew people’s attention.

A councilor soon approached them as he looked to the corpse "Damon ‘Diot Draco and Shinstupid Shinri, correct?" He questioned as both nodded, having stopped their brawl, instants later they frowned at the pronunciation of their names "A friend of yours entitled Supah Gorgeaus Melody explained the entire situation to me, and I will give a report to the Council" The man frowned as he recalled what the pinkette told him.

At the name, Shin imaginated a very gorgeous pink-haired woman wearing a bikini, her body being given the spotlight by it. While drooling, he also blushed at the thought of such a woman. Damon at his side however, while scratching his chin, imaginated an angry Meredy-like woman with red horns, eyes , that breathed fire, she also had the word "Sexy & Gorgeous" printed on her shirt. Shin took a look at Damon’s and scream in horror as his own imagination was destroyed.

"Anyway..." The councilor had a sweat-drop at the scene "As I said, she explained everything to me, from tournament to the robbery of the Jewels. And as for this corpse, I will only need the person’s name and..." As soon as he finished, a blond haired man came running in between them, though he stopped a step afterwards.

"And I thinking I wouldn’t find you guys"Anorak breathed heavily due to the intense running he had done. Indeed, Anorak only found them because of the impact caused by that large arm. Otherwise, he probaly would spend a bit more time searching for the two idiots. The Councilor sighed as he was interrupted, the blond-haired mage noticing it "Oh, sorry, continue"

"His name and any other basic information" The man finally finished.

"Dear John is the name" Damon gave off two likes with his thumbs as he looked to the man with a poker face. Shin laughed hard at the joke. The Councilor frowned at the disrespect for the dead person but ah well. Anorak scratched the back of his head as he giggled nervously while quickly kicking the back of Shin’s and Damon’s head.

The councilor only frowned and continued to take on annotations as Anorak furiously dragged both stupid Damon and Shin. They were stuck below each arm of Anorak, complaining as to how rude the blondie was being. Damon though mostly complained on how much he wanted to follow Caribou and beat the crap out of him. He was dragging them back to the group. They needed to discuss a lot of things which happened.

Damon by himself tried to get off Anorak's grip, only for his neck to expand as his body stopped moving but his head still went on with the blond man. Some people looked stunned at it with face faults as they got surprised. Damon made a poker face as suddenly something got to him. Sweat rolled over his face as he panicked "DAMNITT!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THOSE TWO GUYS!!!" The figure of both Riku Tsuchi and Dealok appeared in Damon's imagination as Anorak's eyes widdened though he didn't know whom Damon was talking about. Damon only recalled off them via Dragon Force, though he couldn't control himself, he still could see most things happening.

At this, Anorak began to use his Back Kick in order to travel faster in the air. He kicked the mid-air violently in a rush as they indeed needed to discuss what was happenning at all. That and they needed to talk about who Damon had forgot. "Damn, this idiot recalls the important things only on the last hour" Anorak sweated as well as he travelled through the air, Shin amazed by it while Damon was annoyed.

Two Dragons

Dealok continued walking calmly through the docks of Se Island, that even though the guy got a fucking hole on his stomach area. He took a last look in the colisseum’s direction "Indeed, due to that Holy Wrap, he is probally all good right now, though the side effects will arrive if he does it rushed..." Saying things to himself about Damon as the latter was well known by the Ace, he continued as he arrived on a certain part of the docks.

This part, was apparently like a little battlefield, it was pretty damaged. A long cut could be seen hanging from it’s middle to a severed wood-ship. Some containers were either destroyed or just smashed at all. Dealok took a look around the area and after 3 looks, he soon found a pink color in the middle of his vision.

Dealok instantly realized that was Riku, no way a normal man would dress in a flamboyant pink way. The Ace continued his walk, this time he ws heading the pink figure’s location, which wasn’t far at this point. A bit of blood descended the hole in Dealok’s stomach only for him to clean it with a shadow. Annoyed by the blood, Dealok forced many shadows to cover his wound. As soon as he neared Riku, the latter only burst out in a very loud laugh. "Hehehehehe...HE HE HEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHE!!!" Laughed him insanely, action which made Dealok instinctively hesitate to give another step for an instant.

"Heh, what’s wrong with you?" Dealok asked in an almost serious tone as he slightly touched Riku’s shoulder with his right hand. The Ace looked around for any sign of life other than them, yeah, he kinda wanted to know why the Bane was laughing so maniacally. He was also sure the pink man wasn’t gonna tell him anything should he continue laughing.

"HEEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHE!!! I’M JUST AMUZED!! THAT’S ALL!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!" Riku dropped to his knees at this point as he put a hand on his face. It could look like he was face-palming, but indeed he was trying to cover his laughter. He was recalling his battle with the red-haired man a few time ago.

"Okay, if you’re not gonna tell me, I’m gonna ask you...what happened to the Caribou guy? Don't tell me he escaped..." Dealok said very serious this time as Riku turned around to look at him "Hey, answer" Riku slowly stopped his laugh which became less loud at each second. Riku turned his back to Dealok again only to take off his red-lensed eyes and clear the tears of laughter in them.

After doing so, he put them back on and turned his gaze to his partner again. Sticking his tongue out, Riku happily said "It was amazing" Said he in an almost fanboy tone.

"What was amazing?" Dealok with a sweat-drop at this point asked his partner, even though he highly suspected the man would only continue his fanboyness. "Oi, Riku, still there?" Dealok passed his hands in front of Riku’s glasses, comic and likely to check if he was still alive.

"The way that guy fights!!" Riku said crazily as he looked around himself with a large smile. Dealok knew Riku very well, the man would be in this state only once he experienced amazing battle skills or powers which indeed would peek his interest.

Dealok himself though, wasn’t much interested in this world, for him, it was boring. He would only do a few things he had to do before hiding himself from the entirety of humanity. The Ace most times couldn’t tell what Riku thought definitely about the world and never bothered to ask, though he knows the man for a long time.

"He could be an Illusionist?! I don’t know. I misjudged him. I seemed to hit him at first!! Hehehehehe!!" Riku then opened his arms wide open as he looked down at Dealok. Veins popped up on his forehead, mostly due to the urge to kill or due to the intense amazement he felt. "My conclusion is that...he is fucking interesting" This time, Riku’s tone was a mix of joy, anger and seriousness.

Dealok looked back at his partner and smiled at him, though below the mask. “Wes hall see how Dammy deals with him” Both of them continued to walk as the sunset arrived, they were headed towards the Marine’s Trainstation.

However, seconds later Riku looked at Dealok with a very shocked expression as he screamed "YOU GOT A FUCKING HOLE IN YOUR STOMACH!!"

"If you haven’t told me, I wouldn’t notice...Mind healing me up on the train?" With his thumb, Dealok could only point towards the train which was a bit far from them but visible.

"Hehehehehe! It seems you got a lot of fun!" Riku put his hands in his pockets , continuing to walk as well "Sure mate" The man smiled honestly towards Dealok as they both headed to the sunset.

To Be Continued

In the next chapter, Damon & Cia discuss many things about what they should do on the current situation! They quickly come to a veridct much to everyone's amuzement! What will they do?

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