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"Kaze you can come out now" Nagisa Mizore said as she was sitting on dead monster the size of a small house. "I killed the target and now I'm slightly bored again" Nagisa said as Kaze popped out from his hiding spot in her boobs.

"Sorry i just get scared when i see monsters you know how i am" Kaze said as he looked up at Nagisa's face. Kaze seemed to be wearing a necklace today. The necklace swayed causing his fluff to sway with it slightly. "by the way why are we in this dangerous forest again?" Kaze asked Nagisa.

"this is the last place that Asa was at and i want to know where the heck she went, she hasn't been gone 'long' but i worry about her and I am tired of taking care of her City" Nagisa said getting up and beginning to walk around again looking at all the trees. "I'm starting to think she got lost in another dimension but proving that is really hard since i can't prove that at all."

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