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Dimension Crossing Magic



Sunpō Kōsa no Mahō


Holder Magic


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Dimension Crossing Magic (寸法交差の魔法, Sunpō Kōsa no Mahō) is a Holder Magic that allows the user to open doors to different dimensions and locations that only users of the magic can see.


Similar to other key-related magics, Dimension Magic requires the use of keys to open up doors to different worlds and places. The keys themselves have a special enchantment on them that allow the user to see the doors that exist to allow them to go to different locations. Users can also make their own keys that take them to doors in buildings they use a blank key in the lock. This allows them to enter these locations instantly by turning the key in the air which creates a psuedo-door that takes them through the pre-recorded door. Attacks can also be reflected by opening doors to blank dimensions, locking them and opening them again to return the attack.

These keys however, cannot take the user to worlds that specifically require Spirit Keys, such as the Celestial Spirit World. Attempting to do so would result in the key destroying itself. Specific places that are only accessable by certain spirits also cannot be entered.


Basic Spells

  • Dimension Unlock: The basic spell used to unlock dimension doors via use of a Dimension Key.
    • Dimension Unlock - Earthland: Takes the user to Earthland via the Earthland Key
    • Dimension Unlock - Home: Using a pre-recorded key, it takes the user to the location they defined as home.
    • Dimension Unlock - Blank Space: Takes the user to an empty dimension via a blank key.
  • Dimension Lock: The basic spell used to lock dimension doors via the use of a Dimension Key.
    • Dimension Lock - Earthland: Locks the door to Earthland via the Earthland Key
    • Dimension Lock - Home: Using a pre-recorded key, it locks the door to the location they defined as home.
    • Dimension Lock - Blank Space: Locks the door to an empty dimension via a blank key
  • Skeleton Key: The spell used to record a location onto a blank key. This is done by putting the key in the lock of a door and incanting the words: Key and lock become one. Blank space becomes filled, the contract done.


  • As I don't know about all the dimensions in fanon wiki, I am not able to put any restrictions on dimensions other than the Celestial Spirit World.
  • If you have any dimensions I should add, suggestion is welcome.
  • The ability to see doors that take you to different areas is inspired by the House at the End of the World in the Redemption of Althalus.
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