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Dimension King Style (次元覇王流拳法, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō, alternatively Dimension King Style Fist Way) is the style of hand-to-hand combat developed by Jonas, the Exalt of Earth Land at an unspecified time and place- it is known by very few people in history due to the fact that it has only passed on from master to apprentice. The Dimension King Style seems to allow the practitioner to suspend the laws of physics when fighting, giving them access to theoretically impossible (and more importantly, impractical) attacks such as hurricane kicks and jumping uppercuts; most notably, the upside-down kick. By using fighting spirit in conjuring with their moves, the Dimension King Style grants the user the ability to create unique and dynamic attacks that deal destructive damage upon their targets, making the user a fierce force to be reckoned with in combat.

The only people that Jonas has taught the Dimension King Style to are Elucifer Mercury, his son, whom left before completing his training, Giselle Mercury, his daughter, whom utilizes a sword-based variant before the martial art was changed to solely focus on unarmed combat, and Tsuruko Sejren, his granddaughter, who incorporated core aspects of the fighting style into her Anything Goes Tsuru-Style; interestingly, Tsuruko taught Hikari Zanna, her little sister, the Dimension King Style: Spinning Break attack half-jokingly. In Dusk, Clarissa Kilekion, Tsuruko and Excellen Kilekion's adopted daughter, utilizes the Dimension King Style.


The Dimension King Style, commonly referred to as "the martial art rooted as an art of saving lives" (活人拳をルーツとした格闘術, katsujinken o rūtsu toshita kakutō jutsu) was first developed by Jonas Mercury when he was living in Aether as a master martial artist – however, due to that world lacking the essence of the supernatural for the longest time in comparison to Earth Land, Edolas, and the other world, the Dimension King Style, then referred to as Cross-Style was just a "good martial art", but other than that, there was nothing special about it. However, as Jonas and other humans were directed to a Dimensional Gate due to having to escape as Dzerve Sejren and Devius were fighting to save Aether, which would transfer them to Earth Land, Jonas' latent fighting spirit unlocked and Magic Origin formed from nothingness through his first exposure to the Philosopher's Stone which he found and took with him influenced the martial arts known as Cross-Style to evolve in accordance to becoming the newly-christened Exalted One of Earth Land, forming the Dimension King Style, named for his effective dominance over the world referred to as Earth Land and new status as its "official god" of sorts. From here, amazed at what his fighting style, Jonas began to adapt the Dimension King Style to his new nature as a divine being, leading to the Dimension King Style as seen today.

Dimension King Style is commonly referred to as the "Strongest Martial Art of All Time" (常最強の武道, Tokosaikyō no Budō), a claim not unwarranted as it was born from Jonas continuously improving his physical prowess and battle instincts through near-endless analyzing of every preexisting form of martial arts known to man in Aether, Earth Land, and Edolas, including both mundane ones and the more exotic ones which incorporate the supernatural – befitting his role as the Exalted One of Earth Land and the need for the official protector and deity of the world to look over all beings and races equally, Dimension King Style can be said to be the embodiment of Jonas' role as the Exalt as the style is constantly evolving and accepts successful elements from any and all known fighting styles, becoming greater and greater as the ages pass by, being forged through countless millennia of battle in order to push the Dimension King Style to what is quite possibly perhaps the greatest fighting style of all time, as its moniker indicates. The mechanics work through the very basis of being alive – the wielder's fighting spirit brings out the latent energy of their body which empowers and dramatically augments their attacks, while their burning ambition allows them to suspend the laws of physics for each and every one of Dimension King Style's moves.

Because it possesses such incredible levels of power, as well as the fact that Jonas is a bit of a recluse and prefers to work from behind the scenes, the Dimension King Style has been known by very few people in the entire history of Earth Land due to the fact that it has only been passed on from people whom Jonas deems worthy. Even those whom do know of its existence, whenever they manage to meet Jonas by chance, generally ask him to mentor them in the Dimension King Style, leading him to have been asked to train quite a few budding martial artists over the near-countless years of his life ever since he became the Exalted One of Earth Land, which more often than not ends with him turning them down. The reason for this is that those whom Jonas deems to be worthy inheritors of the style must be pure of heart, constantly stressing the importance of wielding the power of this supreme martial art in the name of helping people, whereas most whom wish to utilize its incredible might just want the incredible power to improve their social standing, acquire wealth and luxury, or obtain political power. While the Dimension King Style is geared towards protecting the innocent and defenseless, its might ensures that a practitioner is capable of using it in order to slay individuals whom they deem to deserve death.

Upon training in the way of the Dimension King Style, the user's body and mind limiters are removed, allowing them to utilize their full potential in order to master the style with more ease; but more importantly, typically, a normal being no matter their origin, race, or power utilizes only thirty percent of their body's potential strength, but a master of the Dimension King Style can tap into the remaining seventy percent as well due to their limiters being removed. Not only that, it is said that during the training process and the removal of the limitations on their mind and body, any chosen hopeful wielders of the Dimension King Style begin to learn exactly why Jonas only teaches the martial art to those whom are pure of heart, as doing so allows them to receive an impressive amount of insight regarding the condition of those whom are sentient – mortality is rooted in relativism, and there's no real absolutism in the concepts of "good" and "bad"; for example, somebody whom is seen as "good" might possess a various number of beliefs that may not mesh with those of the user of the martial art, all without necessarily being "wrong" in a sense – the practitioner themselves is just like anyone else, and there's no such thing as a perfect being. This higher level of insight alongside the full potential of the body and mind allows the Dimension King Style to reveal itself to the user as what truly is the strongest martial art as nothing is absolute.

The Dimension King Style is the embodiment of the concept of "the fist that gives life" (活人拳, Katsujinken), which is the belief that martial arts are not meant to kill the opponent but use skill to an unrivalled determination in order to get the user's opponent to back down, and to save and protect lives – however, it also means that one should never hold back in order to achieve the goal of defeating the evils of the world. Originally, the Dimension King Style was designed to function in conjunction with the art of wielding a weapon, specifically that of a sword in a style similar to that of the Fu Style Bāguàzhǎng, resulting in a mish-mash of hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship to create a deadly combination, however, it was rather quick that Jonas realized that the aim of defeating an opponent without killing them while also using a sharp pointy weapon sort of trampled the entire purpose of the art, and thus, over the years, it was adapted to focus on utilizing just the user's fists, feet, and the body. Due to the Dimension King Style being mainly taught to the Mercury/Sejren/Tenjouin/Kilekion family line, it's somewhat of a legacy and heirloom amongst the family's members and is traditionally handed down to the master's child, with a few exceptions.

The strikes of Dimension King Style, even though they are completely unarmed, thanks to the user's physical limiters being removed, allowing them to display their full strength in conjunction with the channeling of the fighting spirit through their body allows their arms and legs to possess an almost impossible sharpness that is unmatched even when going up against bladed weapons, slicing through bare flesh, supernatural defenses, and all sorts of alloys known to man, even if those alloys have been specifically made to be completely indestructible. This is best shown when Elucifer Mercury casually pierces through the Sema meteor attack launched at him by Leanne Rockwell, the strongest of the Ten Wizard Saints, and later effortlessly penetrates her Defenser barrier with a knife-hand thrusting strike along with breaking her High-Frequency Blade in a single kick; during his time fighting the Human-Dragon War, he tore through dragons and humans alike with his bare hands, decapitating several with each swings of his hands and feet. Another example is when Jonas was training Tsuruko, and a missed swipe from his hand tore a deep crevice across the ground that ended in a mountain which instantly collapsed. Tsuruko later used the same properties to rather mundanely give herself a haircut.

In any case, the removal of these bodily and mental limiters through the teaching of the Dimension King Style allows the user to obtain beyond superhuman speed and agility, as well as such an enhanced sense of perception that they obtain a form of pseudo-clairvoyance referred to as "Authority of the Mind's Eye" (心眼通, Shingantsu) which is effectively the ability to "see" the entire world by combining all of the superhuman attributes unlocked in the user's body to sense the flow of energy of all kinds in the environment, allowing a user of the Dimension King Style to avoid their opponents' attacks by millimeters with very little effort in order to counter the very instant their foe's strike misses when alerted by their senses of any potential danger that could be inflicted upon the user by the enemy's attack represented by a tingling sensation ringing in the back of their head, the severity of which depends on the power of the opponent's attack. The stance of the Dimension King Style is referred to as the "Heaven Breaking Stance" (天破の構え, Tenha no Kamae); in this fighting stance, the user's left hand is cocked back, close to their face- specifically, adjacent to their cheek in a clawed gesture, elbow pointing back as their fingertips point downwards. Their right hand extends outwards relatively, bent to have their hand pointed to the left as their fist is curled into a ball as their knees are crouched slightly. The versatility of the Heaven Breaking Stance allows it to be applied to all martial arts known to man no matter its origins albeit with some minor modifications to suit the particular-styled attack that the user is about to attack with - for example, the Heaven Breaking Stance can be used for both wushu, which originated in the Eastern regions of the world, and boxing, a fighting style most associated with the West, with virtually no need to shift the user's body in order to accommodate, meaning that a user is capable of unleashing a wushu-styled striking or a boxing-inspired punch from the same stance; for this reason, the Heaven Breaking Stance is deemed to be a position of utter perfection, with the user of the Dimension King Style utilizing it to prepare for almost anything that's thrown their way, whether it's physical or supernatural in nature.

The Dimension King Style incorporates the usage of an essential concept in Chinese Martial Arts (中国武術, Chūgoku Bujutsu), this concept is referred to as Qi ((チー), Chī lit. Life Force), which is capable of being defined as bio-electric energy of the body which gives life to everything that possesses it dwelling within, though its definition is highly variable from source to source – the word "qi" can be used as various terms, such as proper skeletal alignment and efficient use of musculature or as a shorthand for concepts that the martial arts student might not yet be ready to understand in full- however, these meanings are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In terms of martial arts, there are a multitude of ideas regarding the control of qi to such an extent that it can be utilized and the target can be affected in a similar manner to that of acupressure. Qi is typically harnessed through the Qigong 気功(チーゴング), Chīgongu lit. Life Force Cultivation) holistic method, which is a practice that involves coordinated breathing, movement, and awareness, serving as a concept which does exactly what the kanji that composes the name of the method says, to cultivate qi, granting the user the capability to achieve a greater realm of awareness and invoke an awakening of the true nature of life, enhancing the user's potential greatly. Not only this, they can utilize the Nèigong (內功(ネイゴング), Neigongu lit. Internal Skill) method, which involves the user coordinating their movements alongside their breathing, harmonizing their energies, both outwards and inwards; whereas the Qigong method works together with the qi in order to achieve its goal, the Nèigong method is much wider than the former and is a process that involves the transformation of the user's inner being, taking the user backwards in evolution before reaching the original state of being.

However, in the case of the Dimension King Style (and the Sun Trilogy), qi and fighting spirit are effectively interchangeable, the Dimension King Style allows the user to draw out their fighting spirit/qi from their body and manifest it in a visible form that can be utilized for various purposes using the Nèijīng (內勁(ネイジン), Neijingu lit. Internal Force) method, whereas previously these energies were limited to simply shrouding the user in an aura when they became determined. However, instead of being consistently accurate, the fighter's fighting spirit/qi augments the force of their blow, enabling the user to transmit their fighting spirit/qi through a medium in order to shift the point and force of impact wherever they deem it suitable, striking the opponent no matter where the user lands their attack. This augmentation usually takes the form of ever further dramatically enhanced strength which can blow the opponent away, but in some cases, it takes the tangible form of a blast of pure energy which can serve as a projectile of sorts, all depending on the user's skill with the Dimension King Style martial art; these energy blasts can be used to strike targets at long range, or, to defend the user from opposing techniques that are launched their way – the strength is derived from the fighter's fighting spirit and relies heavily on the successful execution of powerful strikes achieved through manipulating their fighting spirit in order to overwhelm the opponent by releasing large amounts; because of this, a user of the Dimension King Style is shown to have almost any physical attack be rendered pointless against them, as it becomes incredibly easy to dismantle some attacks and use them against their opponent, given they do not surpass their own reaction time or power, and negate them; a user of the style is shown to be extremely versatile with this.

When using Dimension King Style, the user projects their blows using their fighting spirit itself as a perfect fulcrum, even if it doesn't belong to them or if it's in the field of their vision. This grants the user's fingers and hands the ability to further transfer the fighting spirit gathered through a suitable medium, ranging from solid objects of various compositions such as wood and metal, liquids like water, and even the air itself; this generally functions by having the user transfer their burning spirit now located within their hands and fingers through a fulcrum in order to induce a multitude of effects- for one, against solids, by shooting their fighting spirit through them, a user can either reinforce the object or blast straight through it as if it weren't even there, carrying the fighting spirit through it as to attack an enemy. As an example, this technique can be used to strike an enemy in another room by striking a wall, causing the fighting spirit to transfer through and attack the enemy as if there were no wall between them and the user. By doing so, this can allow the user to strike from afar even without launching a projectile-type attack (or by doing so), but since the user's fighting spirit courses through the user's arms and hands, the user can focus their fighting spirit into their fingertips and bones underneath the skin, reinforcing the density of the bones a hundredfold and bolstering the strength and speed of their strikes, while granting the user the ability to burst Soul Metal (and by extension, Soul Armours), and burst straight through all forms of elemental bodily transformations and the like. This makes sure that there's very few chances of any supernatural defense measures that can hold off the attack—as when utilizing Dimension King Style, their fighting spirit allows the user to view any offense or defense via magic, racial traits, fighting styles, or anything else as just "one thing", and thus, it treats the foe's own strike as a medium for the attack; the power is pure, and it doesn't feel the need to manipulate and control anything that the user or the foe can utilize.

The true power of the Dimension King Style lies not in precision nor some secret ancient mumbo-jumbo, but rather, the user channeling their qi/fighting spirit into a single blow, more often than not striking one of the enemy's "Meridian Channel Hidden Points" (経絡秘孔, Keiraku Hikō) in the human body which are effectively a meridian path through which the energy of life flows – there are over seven hundred Meridian Channel Hidden Points in total; the Meridian Channel Hidden Points are alternatively referred to as acupuncture points; with the Dimension King Style, the user strikes the opponent's Meridian Channel Hidden Points as if they were performing acupuncture, a form of alternative medicine involving thin needles inserted into the body at acupuncture points – on the reverse end, they can utilize Pressure Point Sealing (秘孔封じ, Hikō Fūji) in order to resist attacks of all kinds on the pressure points and cure themselves of all sorts of ailments. Originally, as a martial art which was developed to save life, Jonas utilized the Dimension King Style in order to affect a target's Meridian Channel Hidden Points and from there inflict positive effects upon those whom he encountered, allowing him to heal them of physical and psychological wounds and rid them of all sorts of ailments, such as allowing a crippled man to stand and walk once more or returning a blind woman's sight, leading to him being referred to as a holy saint, meaning that the martial art was almost purely utilized to protect and bring salvation to those in need.

However, Elucifer Mercury, filled with burning rage towards mankind for their treatment of the supernatural entities that share Earth Land with them, himself and his family included, after learning the Dimension King Style and leaving before completing his training, altered the Dimension King Style to change the striking of the Meridian Channel Hidden Points from something that heals into something which displays exceptional lethality, as by hitting one of the Meridian Channel Hidden Points, he can deal infinitely more damage than he would if he used a normal attack. By striking the Meridian Channel Hidden Points, Elucifer was capable of destroying the opponent from within with maneuvers which allowed him to expand the volume of water within a body, resulting in a gruesome explosion of gore, or just by having the opponents dislocate their bodily joints and cause their muscles to self-destruct. This version is referred to as Murderous Intent: Dimension King Style (殺意・次元覇王流拳法, Satsui: Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō), a evil perversion of what the Dimension King Style embodies. Horrified by his son's invention, Jonas, whom only wanted those whom learnt the style to embrace the peaceful and spiritual aspect of the art, developed a sublimated variation of the Dimension King Style which couldn't be used in such a way which he passed down to Tsuruko Sejren, so nobody would have such a world-changing power.

However, for all its amazing strengths and nearly unmatched versatility to the point of being referred to as a "superman's martial art", the Dimension King Style requires a potential user to possess an abnormally powerful body as the martial art needs immense force and energy to perform many of the techniques and utilize the martial art in the effectively in the long term – as such, unless unprepared, the Dimension King Style can and more often than not will take cumulative toll on the user's body. This means that more often than not, a practitioner will have properly conditioned themselves by developing an extraordinarily toned and highly resilient body, as seen with Jonas and Elucifer Mercury, whom have exceptionally well-muscled physiques in order to utilize the Dimension King Style without suffering from its debilitating side-effects that would normally be felt by regular utilization of the art – however, Tsuruko Sejren, being rather scrawny, initially feels a sense of degradation of her body after first learning the Dimension King Style; at least until her human and Deus Machina sides finally merged, resulting in an exceptionally tough body that could utilize the Dimension King Style as much as she wished without limit. A tendency of the fighting style is to recite the attack name after executing the attack, causing the opponent to feel the effects that the user imbued within their strike after finishing the name of the attack- but it might not be enough to destroy them if they're powerful enough.


  • Authority of the Mind's Eye (心眼通, Shingantsu): The Authority of the Mind's Eye is the ability to "see" the entire world by combining all of the superhuman attributes unlocked in the user's body to sense the flow of energy of all kinds in the environment, resulting in a sort of pseudo-clairvoyance. As a contrast to most other energy-derived abilities, the Authority of the Mind's Eye is constantly active and costs a user of the Dimension King Style absolutely no energy to maintain. It can be said to be "sight beyond sight", it enables a user of the Dimension King Style to perceive any and every action that is taken in their immediate vicinity for an area-of-effect of two thousand kilometers, using their superhuman senses unlocked by gaining the Dimension King Style to "feel" specific pathways of energy particles that are ambient within the atmosphere and thus the flow of battle, with all collections of energy particles and the like resonating with their superhuman senses, granting the user the ability to sense the area around themselves, effectively enabling the user to a synthesize a sensory-derived three-dimensional three hundred and sixty degree sight, helping them notice everything within two-thousand kilometers; "visually", this causes her to "see" everything through a radar of sorts; with Authority of the Mind's Eye, while most things the user "sees" harnessing the ability are somewhat blurry and appear in numerous shades of azurite and orange, it still enables the user to sense the compositions, formations, and locations of everything within their vicinity, and because their senses are so incredible, with Authority of the Mind's Eye, the user is capable of noticing everything that's worth noticing, and the ability allows the user to perceive at an infinitely greater level than they would with just normal sight. With Authority of the Mind's Eye, a user of the Dimension King Style is capable of visualizing where others are no matter their location and how far away they are from their in exact statistics as long as they are in this ability's area-of-effect, what their appearance is right down to their height, weight, and build- though they're unable to visualize expressions. However, with great strengths come great weaknesses – because it helps the user see using the flow of energy particles in the environment, the user is incapable of viewing anything that's behind a screen or locked off from larger concentrations of energy particles, and thanks to the heightened senses granted by the Dimension King Style, the user is incapable of enduring anything that's too severe to their other senses.
  • Nèijīng (內勁(ネイジン), Neijingu lit. Internal Force): The core of the Dimension King Style, Nèijīng is a term which refers to the conscious control of the practitioner's qi or fighting spirit to gain all sorts of advantages in combat. When utilizing Nèijīng, the user of the Dimension King Style builds up the essence of their body in order to ensure a plenteous supply of power, which is transmogrified into qi/fighting spirit that provides a steady source of vitality to their entire frame, enhancing their musculature, bones, organs, as well their mind, being directed in accordance with their thoughts which are themselves dependant on qi for mental capability; being an expression of thoughts, knowledge, feelings, and focus of their mind; a strong spirit results in clear thoughts and perceptions as well as better intent, which all prove beneficial, with the user's intent starting up the physiological changes that opens up the blood flow alongside the qi flow along the path and at the focal point; the increased blood circulation and qi flow results in their musculature obtaining better tonus and tenacity that serves as the starting point of Nèijīng and bestows it with its immense propulsive and hydraulic forces with their fighting spirit being directed mentally alongside their muscles remaining relaxed with zero signs of tension, resulting in the creation of the Nèijīng concept which they can now utilize in any way that they deem to be suitable. Nèijīng is catalyzed by a variety of factors, such as its roots, coordination, alignment, and focus. For one, in order for power to be properly generated, a base which provides resistance to form a base for it to push up against must be there, and a user of the Dimension King Style is capable of building up the base by lowering their body's center of gravity to augment stability and the flawless transference of force from their center of gravity to the ground, with the user lowering their qi to their center of mass to isolate and distinguish their center of gravity. When striking forth, the user of the Dimension King Style coordinates their various joints and muscles in their body, utilizing their center of mass as a base which is supported by an efficient structure which awakens an path for strength to flow forth, which, in conjunction with the proper alignment bones in the user's body that provides the structure by which the force is transmitted and provides a clear path for strength to flow from the point of focus to the ground. All three characteristics brought together awakens the final step – focus, with the user's mind denoting a point where all of their body's potential is directed at and also to the task to be accomplished by the resultant force. This allows a user of the Dimension King Style to harness their fighting spirit in order to drastically increase their offensive and defensive power to inhuman levels and emit their fighting spirit through the next step.
    • Fa Jin (発勁(ファ・ジン), Fa Jin lit. Internal Energy Release): An extension of the Nèijīng concept, Fa Jin allows the user of the Dimension King Style to discharge their fighting spirit in an explosive manner. When inducing Fa Jin, the user of the Dimension King Style takes the appropriate stance, creating a spiral from the sea of energy referred to as their soul towards the limb or body part such as their shoulders, head, or hips that plays a role in performing the technique – doing so links the fighting spirit swirling around in the user's soul to the appropriate limb which serves as a release port of sorts, as the user loosens their entire body to generate all of the fighting spirit throughout their very existence, focusing it into a stream and then directing it through the point of impact upon the body of their opponent, with the user's qi penetrating the user's muscle harmlessly, opening up a gateway for qi to be unleashed upon their helpless foe with an explosive force behind the blow. This fighting spirit, when released, not only augments the user's strike to superhuman levels of strength and durability by reinforcing the muscles and bones of their body, it can also be released in a tangible form resembling that of the classic "ki attacks" from fiction or just energy blasts. Generally, the inner qi energy produced by the attacks depends on how much fighting spirit the user utilizes in combat, being directed in accordance to their will as a semi-invisible force. When the user of Dimension King Style strikes an enemy, through clever application of their qi, they can inflict a variety of status conditions upon their opponent, such as obscured senses, heightened state of paranoia, and the feeling that their nervous system was under almost unendurable strain.

List of Techniques

Shared Attacks

Punching Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Holy Fist Punch (次元覇王流拳法・聖拳突き, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Seiken-zuki): The basic technique of the Dimension King Style and its main punching-style attack – Holy Fist Punch is a simple punch forwards that involves the user transferring their fighting spirit into the target upon impact. When performing Holy Fist Punch, the user of the Dimension King Style doesn't assume a single stance or make any movements in preparation – though if they're already in a stance, it is capable of being initiated from that position, showing that Holy Fist Punch is a technique that can be released in any situation – but from here, the user clenches their fist before launching their balled hand forward in a smooth and seamless motion with a majority of their weight packed into the thrust forth – upon contact with a target of the user's choice, the user harnesses the Nèijīng method in order to take the internal forces powering the motion forward and expel it into the target, releasing the user's fighting spirit in a powerful expulsion that vibrates upon contact with the enemy at over a thousand times per second, spreading out in a chaotic manner like a surreal flurry of shockwaves that smash upon the helpless frame of the opponent simultaneously, resulting in an attack of supreme offense as the force can be likened to be struck in the body with a cannonball, with everything that has even the slightest of connections with the point of contact with the user's fist being brought to ruination as the shockwaves annihilate everything and anything in their way in a powerful surge that grievously wounds them from within; the attack is actually derived from Chinese martial arts, devastating the unlucky recipient with relative ease. However, this attack can be stopped if the fighting spirit cannot travel through the user's arm or hand, essentially resulting in a blunt strike that, while powerful, does only one third of the damage that it normally would. Interestingly, the user is capable of turning around to the opposite direction while charging Holy Fist Punch up; allowing the attack to do slightly more damage, but it has a slower release time due to the extra seconds needed to turn around. However, when charging up, the Holy Fist Punch has a simple yet glaring weakness—it requires a precious few seconds to charge up and release, during which, the user's opponent could attack, thus interrupting the strike. Because of this, the user normally prefers to use the technique when the opponent is restrained or unguarded. Otherwise, Holy Fist Punch can just be unleashed near-instantly and immediately with no real drawback. Thanks to the Dimension King Style being naturally adaptable, there are numerous variations on this technique, with about six alternate usages, two notable ones being a rising strike that appears as if it were a snake ascending from the floor almost at an extremely low height, as well as a rapid fire serial of strikes which seem to land simultaneously, thrown at the user's opponent's eyes to create a blur in their face, effectively removing their capability to see their other-handed strike shooting towards them from behind the vicious flurry of blows.
    • Dimension King Style: Holy Fist Punch – Twin Piercing Lances (次元覇王流拳法・聖拳突き・双衝槍, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Seiken-zuki - Sōshōsō): Dimension King Style: Holy Fist Punch – Twin Piercing Lances is a variant of the Holy Fist Punch attack where the user launches two fists forward towards the opponent, resulting in twice the damage and a chaotic array of shockwaves flying around at the point of contact. When performing Holy Fist Punch – Twin Piercing Lances, the user focuses briefly, before the user clenches their fists before launching their balled hands forward in a smooth and seamless motion with a majority of their weight packed into the thrust forth – upon contact with a target of the user's choice, the user harnesses the Nèijīng method in order to take the internal forces powering the motion forward and expel it into the target, releasing the user's fighting spirit in a powerful expulsion that vibrates upon contact with the enemy at over a thousand times per second with both fists releasing fighting spirit at once, resulting in a force that can only really be described as two opposing river streams converging at a singular point to get more out of the water which rushes forth even faster than usual at such a rapidity that anything caught within it is completely and utterly overwhelmed. The serial of shockwaves released upon the opponent's helpless frame rebound off of one another continuously upon reaching the target as two shockwaves colliding splits into four and so on with each successive shockwave collision empowering and enhancing the destructive force dealt by the attack by the exchange of energy between each other, aiming for nothing less but utter decimation of the opponent – this entire process takes a split-second, giving off the impression of the user of the Dimension King Style striking the opponent with a two-fisted punch before they're blown away near instantly.
  • Dimension King Style: Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist (次元覇王流・蒼天紅蓮拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Sōten Gurenken): The second punching technique of the Dimension King Style, Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist is a rising strike which involves the user leaping upwards in the form of an ascending uppercut. When performing the Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist, the user focuses their energy intently, before they focus the majority of their body's weight into their feet in order to kick off the ground at twice the speed of sound, leaping upwards in a spiralling motion, with their fist extended from the ground to the heavens in an arcing motion all the while – sometimes, this strike will catch their enemy in her grasp, but most of the time, it serves as a beginning for the attack as the user rockets upwards a moderate distance off of the ground with some horizontal movement as well – during the first few moments of the attack's preparation, the arcing fist swipe seems to do more damage than the rest of the ascension phase of Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist – as the user shoots forth, they reveal the attack's nature as a highly powerful jumping uppercut where the user spins and rockets upwards with some horizontal movement as well, knocking the opponent to the ground with much damage. This initial strike has the user spinning around as they deliver the uppercut; which works similar to a vacuum; if the foe is caught by the initial blow; then they will be struck the successive eight times while damaging all the foes in the radius of their fist. The Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist is known to be rather powerful attack that can be utilized as a counterattack against almost any move whether it's physical or supernatural in nature as the ascending motion often punches an incoming strike away; though the trade-off for this is that when using it, the user is completely vulnerable to attack when falling back to the ground and for a split second after landing. If this attack connects with the opponent at the deepest point of impact (i.e. while the user is still standing on the ground), it will inflict substantially more damage. The Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist also covers a lot of horizontal distance, allowing the user to strike an airborne opponent from several meters away.
  • Dimension King Style: Meteor Spiral Fist (元覇王流拳法・流星螺旋拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Ryūsei Rasenken): The Meteor Spiral Fist is one of the more powerful Dimension King Style attacks; it is a multi-hit rapid-fire barrage that rends the heavens and the poor bastard unlucky enough to get in the way. When performing the Meteor Spiral Fist, the user focuses their fighting spirit into their arms, condensing it upon their fists specifically. Once this is done, the user unleashes a flurry of over one hundred punches towards the opponent, striking at a speed beyond the sight of the untrained eye; as the user fuels more and more of their fighting spirit into the attack, more fists may strike, until they reach the speed of thunder crashing, or, in some cases, a velocity beyond even that, beyond any mortal comprehension. The fists land so fast that, after a volley, they seemingly connect simultaneously. The massive circles of air bursts from the punches surrounding the user resemble actual meteors, bombarding the opponent relentlessly. The Meteor Spiral Fist, thanks to its multi-hit feature and the sheer velocity at which the fists land upon the opponent's helpless body, like its fellow punching techniques Holy Fist Punch and Blue Sky Crimson Lotus Fist, Meteor Spiral Fist incorporates the Nèijīng method in order to take the internal forces powering the motion forward and expel it into the target, releasing the user's fighting spirit in a powerful expulsion that lands twenty times a second, resulting in countless shockwaves impacting upon the user's enemy – by targeting the enemy's Meridian Channel Hidden Points, the shockwaves begin to rend the opponent to nothingness as they bounce off of each other and multiply indefinitely, serving the purpose of a strike of an absolute destruction – even if the enemy manages to survive the flurry of punches launched their way, the shockwaves would rebound continuously and feed off of the enemy's own spirit, eventually vaporizing the opponent on an atomic level. The attack itself, even when not used against a humanoid opponent, has shown to be able to smash a building to pieces, reducing everything that the user's soaring fists come into contact with to atoms with very few defenses being feasible against the attack. Out of the techniques of the Dimension King Style that aren't Secret Arts, the Meteor Spiral Fist is the one most commonly used as a finishing attack, with Tsuruko adapting it to become Gaiki's Limit Break, Chaser Smash, and Elucifer making it Magatsu's Limit Break, Godfist Smasher.

Kicking Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Whirlwind Spinning Kick (次元覇王流拳法・旋風竜巻蹴り, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Senpū Tatsumaki-Geri): When performing Whirlwind Spinning Kick, the user jumps and rotates their legs, spinning around at high speeds, causing a slight pull on nearby opponents while emitting a small tornado that devastates everything three meters from all directions around the user. If the enemy is caught, the user's high-powered leg swing keeps the opponent trapped until the move ends. This makes escape via directional influence difficult. While powerful, it is known to be erratic; more often than not catching the user's foe off-guard while dealing a multitude of strikes; it is enhanced by the wind generated by the spiral formation that they spin around in; and thus it traps foes in a vicious cyclone of kicks which deals up to ten hits while damaging all the foes in the radius of their foot. When Whirlwind Spinning Kick is finished, the last hit dealt causes slightly more than moderate knockback, but can be very dangerous if used in the air, as while descending, the user is helpless due to the sheer momentum generated by the initial Whirlwind Spinning Kick, which had tired them out, leaving them completely vulnerable. Whirlwind Spinning Kick can be controlled, allowing the user to move in any direction while using the attack, and moving instead of remaining causes the user to extend the amount of time that they spin around. While using the Whirlwind Spinning Kick in the air, if all strikes make contact, the final blow is capable of knocking the opponent even higher into the air. This attack can be used for recovery as well. It gains great horizontal distance on top of some vertical distance, especially if the user jumps before using the attack. However, something to note is that the user will bounce off of the ground rather than returning safely if the enemy manages to strike them while they are in the tornado.

Throwing Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Iron Mountain Leaning (次元覇王流拳法・鉄山靠, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Tetsuzankō):

Emission Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Sparkling Surge Bullet (次元覇王流拳法・波動光弾, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Hadōkōdan): Dimension King Style: Sparkling Surge Bullet is the most basic fighting spirit emission style move of the Dimension King Style, being a grave departure from the normal close-combat attacks of the style; being similar to a "ki attack" from fiction that launches a sphere of fighting spirit towards the user's opponent. When performing Dimension King Style: Sparkling Surge Bullet, the user focuses the qi dwelling inside of their body at a singular point using the Nèijīng method as the user loosens their entire body to generate all of the fighting spirit throughout their very existence, focusing it into a stream as to allow it to flow into and through their palms and then directing it through the point of impact – aiming at the air itself as a medium as they thrust their palms outwards the target, the user then releases their fighting spirit which is transmitted through their fingertips in the form of a surging wave of fighting spirit that possesses immense punching force towards their target which shoots through the air in the direction of the target. Typically, this wave of fighting spirit has an appearance that is variable in accordance to the user's thoughts and feelings, but in its most basic form, the Sparkling Surge Bullet takes upon the visage of an azurite arrow-shaped mass of energy that appears to be continuously spinning around while in motion like a drill, possessing a darker coloured center in contrast to the light-blue outer portion of the projectile. Typically, the Sparkling Surge Bullet moves at a rather swift speed, ripping through the atmosphere, moving faster than the untrained eye can perceive as to allow the user to attack outside of their normal reach, and landing upon the target of the user's choice near-instantly – while the force of the impact of the Sparkling Surge Bullet varies from user to user, it more often than not just busts the target to shreds in a powerful detonation and sends debris scattering everywhere; against a living target, the impact of the attack blows them away with enough power to send them crashing through a building. Interestingly, the Sparkling Surge Bullet is shown to have two settings—a version that emits a higher-velocity sphere with enough momentum to breach defenses; but the damage dealt to the target without penetrating a defense is significantly reduced due to its lower power transfer; it will pursue the enemy and surely hit; the other version is akin to a classic beam attack: this variation has less velocity and, while less penetrating, quickly transfers the force of the attack to the target upon impact, reverting back to fighting spirit and attacking the target from within; commonly causing them to explode with a release of an energy that resembles the formation of the Big Dipper. The Sparkling Surge Fist, more often than not, is ineffective at dealing enormous amounts of damage in its most basic form, but it is good for racking up damage at range, useful in combos, and can be used as a option to wall off opponent's approaches, albeit being less effective than other projectiles.

Defensive Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Cherry Blossom Counterattack (次元覇王流拳法・桜花迎撃, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Ōka Geigeki): The Cherry Blossom Counterattack is one of the most useful Dimension King Style techniques; it is an all-purpose counter that absorbs the kinetic force of an opposing blow and redirects it at the enemy alongside the user's counterattack. When performing the Cherry Blossom Counterattack, the user focuses their fighting spirit into their entire body, resulting in them gaining an aura which momentarily shrouds their body, causing them to gain an immunity to flinching and taking less knockback from a powerful strike; meaning that the user can resist a single hit before they affect them as normal, which can let the user resist attacks that would usually be devastating; this also allows the user to begin charging up a powerful punch. After about one second or when the opponent foolishly strikes, any attack other than a grab which the user utilizing the Cherry Blossom Counterattack is struck by will turn them invincible for the duration of their retaliating strike, leaving the enemy open for a follow-up attack. If the attack is a projectile, it will simply be deflected behind them and upwards at about a thirty degree angle. It's worth noting explosive projectiles can still explode and will still do damage if they are struck when the invincibility ceases.

Other Techniques

  • Dimension King Style: Doppelganger Variant Shadow (次元覇王流拳法・分身差影, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Bunshin Saei): A supplementary Dimension King Style attack; when performing Doppelganger Variant Shadow, the user focuses their fighting spirit, before conjuring various intangible clones of themselves which lack substance; in order to maintain their existence for the briefest of moments in which they are useful, the user must evenly distribute their fighting spirit among each duplicate to keep the charade going for as long as it can. Generally, the illusions manifested by this attack are completely indistinguishable from the real thing to the naked eye and simple sensory-type magic, though those who have dealt with illusionists before can distinguish the two. While it is possible to manifest more than simple copies of the user, it is the easiest to perform. The user can also use the technique in conjunction with their attacks, allowing them to mix up the fake with the real, allowing them to hold up enemies and create greater opportunities to launch their own attacks, causing feints of a sort to distract the opponent from the real deal. Even so, Doppelganger Variant Shadow requires a considerable amount of mental focus in order to continue stabilizing the illusions, even moreso per fake manifested, making it extremely difficult to sustain for longer than a few seconds per utilization, though it does not cost much energy. Since the replicas themselves don't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other attacks.
  • Dimension King Style: Super King Electric Shadow Bullet (次元覇王流拳法・超級覇王電影弾, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Chōkyū Haō Den'eidan): When performing the Super King Electric Shadow Bullet, the user intensifies their fighting spirit by convergence and acceleration, before letting out this energy envelop their body, resulting in them becoming engulfed in a powerful fiery sphere of fighting spirit; the colour of which varies from person to person. This allows the user to move at speeds where the human eye can no longer track them- it can be theorized that they can keep up this speed as long as they wish. When a user in this state collides with anything, the sphere of energy simply eradicates the obstruction and against living opponents, it can result in a quite devastating impact that can stun creatures as large as Dragons. Performing this attack also appears in certain situations to make the user unaffected by attacks: it allows the user to pass harmlessly through most magical attacks without any side effect, and it can also attract nearby energy, causing the user to absorb it and add it to their own aura, allowing them to use the attack for longer duration. When the user has gained enough speed, they will gain a blue, funnel-like aura. The apparent drawback of the attack however, seems to be that it requires a significant amount of energy to be performed. This spell also allows the user to destroy or damage any opponent in their path for as long as they have fighting spirit remaining. While the user is unable to activate this move while in midair, they can still keep it active when they jump during activation of this attack. The user can utilize this attack to fly in like a meteor, dealing damage as they move. Only Jonas and Elucifer have been shown utilizing this attack.

Tsuruko's Attacks

  • Dimension King Style: Rock-Breaking Fissure-Opening Leg (元覇王流拳法・破岩裂開脚, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Hagan Retsukaikyaku): One of Tsuruko's better combo-openers; when performing the Rock-Breaking Fissure-Opening Leg, Tsuruko focuses her fighting spirit into one of her legs, and in the briefest of moments, this energy becomes tangible, as she slams her leg into the ground- when she does, a pulse of energy erupts from her leg for a moment and the sheer force of the movement causes the earth before her to split in half, a crack then travels long the ground and towards the opponent, possibly extending for miles; as this is going on, the earth shakes violently while the crack pulverizes the ground at the point of contact, causing ground quakes and sending out a powerful shockwave to blow away unsecured objects and destabilizes nearby foes; if the opponent falls into the fissure generated, the ground closes back up, trapping the opponent in the earth. If the opponent is trapped, then their powers and abilities are disabled until they are freed, as being stuck only lasts for the briefest of moments; while buried, the character cannot be grabbed. The amount of time a character remains buried is dependent on that character's stamina; the less stamina they have, the longer they will be stuck in the ground; and enemies can only be buried if already standing on the ground; otherwise, the Rock-Breaking Fissure-Opening Leg will simply smash opponents to the ground. While the Rock-Breaking Fissure-Opening Leg is plenty powerful on its own, it is far more effective as a combo-attack-starter, as the briefest of seconds that the opponent is trapped in the earth allows Tsuruko to quickly close the distance and unleash a flurry of blows.
  • Dimension King Style: Burst Wave Fist (次元覇王流拳法・波動列帛拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Hadō Reppakuken): Burst Wave Fist is the third attack of the Dimension King Style- it is also something that is a grave departure from the normal close-combat attacks of the style; being similar to a "ki attack" from fiction. In order to harness the power of the Burst Wave Fist, Tsuruko first forms fighting spirit upon one of her hands, before applying the Ardor Flame (闘気火炎 (アルダー・フレーム), Arudā Furēmu lit. Fighting Spirit Blaze), which is channeling her fighting spirit for an offensive purpose, causing her burning spirit to manifest in the form of hyper-intense flames hotter than any fire-based supernatural power; comparable to solar flares; causing flames to engulf Tsuruko's entire right forearm. Once this has been done, Tsuruko smashes her burning fist at the ground, causing a minor tremor as the flames are released from her forearms, launching a wave of blazing flames towards the target at astounding speeds; the blazing red fires deal multiple hits before exploding upon hitting an opponent; the first hit doesn't make the opponent flinch, making it possible for them to shield the rest of the attack. In addition to this, Tsuruko can move faster than the attack itself, allowing her to fire multiple blasts from different directions. Indeed, Burst Wave Fist is capable of travelling great distances in an instant, making it increasingly difficult to evade, though it is at its most powerful at the start; as the generation of the flames cause a brief shockwave of power. If the enemy attempts to defend against it, Burst Wave Fist is capable of shattering most defenses. The reason that it quickly obliterates any defenses is the amazing speed behind the multiple hits of the charge which quickly wears away at the opponent's defenses. Indeed, it is possible for Tsuruko to constantly fire the blast while approaching foes from the air.
  • Dimension King Style: Spinning Break (次元覇王流拳法・旋衝破, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Senshōha): The Spinning Break is a unique countering defensive technique that Tsuruko utilizes against all sorts of projectiles, whether or not they're supernatural or physical. In order to initiate the Spinning Break, Tsuruko targets a projectile of her choice, no matter the size or power, using her fighting spirit to accelerate it more rapidly until it becomes a point. Then, she uses her hand-to-hand combat prowess in addition to her fighting spirit to "guide" the attack and redirect it. Essentially, taking an attack, but its power is accelerated into a drill that she then guides with his hands, spinning around and returning it the velocity of an projectile just as it contacts with her, before clutching it in her hands. Twirling it around, Tsuruko throws it back at her opponent at twice the speed and force. However, Tsuruko is still subject any secondary effects the attack could have. Furthermore there is always the danger that the attack could explode upon deacceleration as well. The Spinning Break is capable of freeing Tsuruko from seals and all sorts of supernaturally restraining abilities. As such, due to this attack, binds and shields are useless against Tsuruko, as it is a "catch-and-throwback" ability that does not break the opponent's attack.

Elucifer's Attacks

As a contrast to his father and his nephew, Elucifer is stated to utilize a different version of the Dimension King Style, referred to as The Fist of Strength (剛の拳, Gō no Ken); which, as the name implies, uses immense physical power to destroy everything it its path, and the greater his opponent is, the stronger he becomes.

  • Dimension King Style: Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand (次元覇王流拳法・崩山托天貫手, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Hozan Takuten Nukite): The Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand is Elucifer's signature attack; while it is technically classified as a Dimension King Style technique, he never refers to it as such. When performing the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand, Elucifer focuses his fighting spirit into just the fingertips of one of his hands, causing that energy to gather and converge, providing both an incredible amount of defense and an overwhelming offensive power, essentially, "shield and sword in one go". Once this is done, Elucifer performs a thrusting motion with his hand at the opponent, enabling him to break through any and every defense while smashing his opponent to atoms. The intensity, size and strength of the technique can be proportionally increased by reducing the number of fingers involved; generally, the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand can blast through malleable materials that would be difficult for even an Orichalcum blade to cut through by dissipating its force; the thrusting motion of Elucifer's hand is capable of releasing a shock-wave which is powerful enough to send opponents in the immediate area around him careening across the landscape. This attack promises immense levels of destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been struck with the force of a powerful cannon shell, blowing them away instantly. At its lowest power, the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand is able to cause the opponent to flat-line.
  • Dimension King Style: Heaven's Command Charge (次元覇王流拳法・天将奔烈, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Tenshō Honretsu): Heaven's Command Charge is one of the few energy-based attacks in the Dimension King Style; it is also one of Elucifer's more powerful attacks. When initiating the Heaven's Command Charge, Elucifer rotates his hands around, infusing them with his fighting spirit, before his thrusting his palms forward swiftly, unleashing his fighting spirit in the form of an enormous bolt of azure energy which drops from the heavens at astounding speeds, striking the opponent if its horizontal momentum has not carried it out of the way -and if there is no obstructions in the way. Upon hitting the opponent, a large shockwave is created with stronger knockback than the energy beam itself. This attack has seemingly infinite vertical range and thus can be often used to score victory when an opponent is in the air; leading to easy wins. The strikes multiple times and has a fair amount of upward knockback; however, the energy portion of the attack is considered a projectile, thought it cannot be reflected back at Elucifer by a Wave magician or absorbed for healing by an elemental absorption magician. The explosion generated upon impact cannot, however. The Heaven's Command Charge can pass through obstructions that are close enough to the point of generation. An interesting property of this is that if this attack connects with the user in mid-air, Elucifer will bounce upwards a bit; and it can create a wall of fighting spirit to prevent a recovering opponent, best if they try to go for an edge. In any case, at higher levels, the power of the Heaven's Command Charge is capable of completely vaporizing the opponent with this enormous strike of energy that ends in a vicious explosion.

Jonas' Attacks

  • Dimension King Style: Biting Rakshasa (次元覇王流拳法・羅刹咬, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Rasekkō): The Dimension King Style: Biting Rakshasa is Jonas' signature attack within Daybreak, and one of the few Dimension King Style attacks that Tsuruko does not know; indeed, it seems that while Tsuruko has learnt the basics and makes up her techniques as she goes, Jonas is the only one of the two who knows how to bring out the style's full potential. In order to perform the technique, Jonas cocks his fist back momentarily, before punching the air in the direction of his opponent—this causes friction with the air pressure as the pressure is condensed at a singular point; causing an enormous explosion at Jonas' target that takes the form of a demon enveloping its prey. This attack has been shown to be insurmountably powerful; a casual use was shown to be capable of breeching the defenses of two members of the Zodiac Knights, destroying Taurus instantly, heavily wounding Cancer –who only survived due to his enormously durable shell- and wiping out an entire army of symbiotes. In another instance of the technique being shown, Jonas obliterated a dragonspawn that attempted to interrupt his and Tsuruko's conversation without even needing to look in the enemy's direction.
  • Dimension King Style: Lost Prison Shramana (次元覇王流拳法・迷獄沙門, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Meigoku Shamon): The Lost Prison Shramana is one of Jonas' most powerful close-combat attacks; when performing the technique, Jonas continuously compresses his fighting spirit while gathering heat and light around both his fist and forearm, intensifying the fighting spirit by convergence and acceleration, turning his fist an immersive purple. After this, Jonas performs a powerful thrust forward in an arc in the form of a one inch punch; using explosive power to generate tremendous amounts of impact force at extremely close distances. When performing this one inch punch, Jonas stands with his fist very close to the target (the distance depends, usually from 0–6 inches). A quick movement of the wrist produces the force needed, the wrist is held with the knuckles facing out on a horizontal axis, the wrist is then moved up and a strike is produced with the bottom two knuckles. This blow is severely augmented compared to a regular one inch punch due to being infused with Jonas' fighting spirit, striking the foe with his fingertips, releasing that heat with explosive power that deals tremendous damage to the foe.
  • Dimension King Style: The Absence of Ignorance (次元覇王流拳法・無無明亦無, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Mu-Mu-Myō-Yaku-Mu): The Absence of Ignorance involves the user striking the foe three times in rapid succession, using the same hand. It transitions from open palm strike, to elbow blow, to finally a powerful knife-hand thrust, which all seem to connect at the exact same time due to the incredible speed at which the user unleashes these blows. Each time, the user discharges more of their fighting spirit into the foe, which increases drastically with each strike; while it does not inflict any physical damage, the fighting spirit which seeps into the foe's body disrupts their ability to utilize any supernatural powers for brief moments; at which time, their parameters are drastically reduced—the strike also may cause the target to bleed from the mouth, weakening the control of their powers and depth of perception of reality. It should be noted that "The Absence of Ignorance" is synonymous with any triad of swift strikes, so in essence, this gives it great 'mix-and-match' potential. On weaker foes, this technique is able to incapacitate them without any hassle.

Secret Arts

  • Dimension King Style Secret Art: The Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens (次元覇王流拳法・奥義・把天壊拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō Ōgi: Hatenkaiken): Also known as The Fist of One's Whole Soul (全霊の拳, Zenrei no Ken), the Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens is one of the Dimension King Style's secret arts. When performing The Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens, the user focuses all of their fighting spirit into their fist, cocking their fist back while winding it up, growing more and more powerful with every second that passes, charging up for this mighty overhead strike. Interestingly, when charging the attack, the user's fighting spirit grants them a small period of invincibility, allowing them to tank hits and punish attacks, effectively stopping the opponent from interrupting the carnage that is about to be unleashed. Once charging has been completed, the user punches forward with insurmountable power which is so overwhelming that it causes friction with the air, creating a large explosion alongside the insurmountable strike that can smash an entire mountain into atoms. It is rumoured that The Fist to Take and Destroy the Heavens could even kill a dragon. Its power is so immense that it lights up the surrounding area with its force for kilometers, sending a powerful shockwave across the area and it has the potential to shatter an entire town. The move can also be fired at such a great speed that not even an opponent using High Speed is able to land their strike before the user throws the punch. The power of the attack causes the kinetic energy of the user's punch to react with the magical energy generators in a foe's limbs and counter-spins them, thus causing their defenses to weaken at the moment of impact; as the explosion dawns upon them, dealing overwhelming damage and blowing them away—the sheer force of the attack at full strength is more than enough to send the foe not just across the room or even across the yard — across town. Sometimes they reach orbit, vanishing like a twinkle in the sky. However, except on utterly defenseless or paralyzed opponents, this attack is very hard to use in combat because it is very slow and predictable; though the overwhelming strength unleashed by its release makes it more than worth using.
  • Dimension King Style Secret Art: Nil-Thought Rebirth (次元覇王流拳法・奥義・無想転生, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō Ōgi: Musō Tensei): The Nil-Thought Rebirth is one of the ultimate attacks of the Dimension King Style; developed by Jonas centuries ago. Besides Jonas, the Nil-Thought Rebirth had never before been fully mastered by anyone in the history of the style. When initiating the Nil-Thought Rebirth, the user focuses their fighting spirit outwards, allowing their life energy to immerse itself within the vicinity, becoming one with the world itself; allowing them to achieve communion with the deathless absolute emptiness of the void. The activation of Nil-Thought Rebirth stimulates the user's muscles, nervous system and well as the electrical impulses from their brain, resulting in the increased speed of their physical body and their neural synapses; absolutely destroying their mental and physical barriers. This allows the user to react faster to danger and to push their physical prowess to the absolute limit in an engagement, allowing for tremendous raw speed and increased physical performance all across the board. When in this state; the user's attributes are drastically enhanced; because, with a simple swing of their arm, the user is capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterates the ground it comes into contact with and knocks their foes away; in addition, their blows are positively overwhelming and can be bone-shattering. Additionally, their endurance has been upped significantly; enabling them to receive damage like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varies on the factor of how powerful the blow is. Finally, the user's naturally immense swiftness is augmented to the point that they forgo any need for speed-enhancing techniques, enabling them to outstrip almost anyone in a contest of pure speed. The willpower, not only becoming tangible, becomes tremendously thick, heavy and dense, and all of their abilities become enhanced due to their own enhancement, which makes every part of the user's battlefield arsenal that much more potent. The activation of Nil-Thought Rebirth enables the user to be at one with the spirits of deceased fighters; and it also allows them to fight even if they are unconcious.
  • Dimension King Style Secret Art: Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist (次元覇王流拳法・奥義・関破天虚拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō Ōgi: Sekiha Tenkyoken): The Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is the ultimate attack of the Dimension King Style; developed by Jonas centuries ago. An 'earth-splitting, heaven-piercing' attack, Sekiha Tenkyoken is a powerful technique whose secret lies in mastering one's fighting spirit while also discovering both the significance and insignificance of one's life. When performing Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist, the user gathers and condenses their fighting spirit upon their fists, beginning to harness the life energy inside of their body. What is unique about this technique is that the life energy is a metaphysical concept inside every living person, with its major focus being in the center of the body; it goes hand-in-hand with other supernatural energies. By drawing their life energy out, an individual is able to manipulate it and use it for performances outside the body; in the case of this attack, the life energy manifests as immense power akin to the flames of a monster. When performing the Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist, the user condenses the life energy within their body to its utmost limit upon their fist, intensifying the output of the very next attack via convergence and accelerating the life energy with their fighting spirit until the fist appears as if it were made out of pure energy—more precisely, it manifests as a thin shell to encase the fist. Suddenly punching forward, the user unleashes the energies upon their fist in the form of an spiritual version of the animal associated closest with them; varying from user to user. The energy animal shoots forward at an extreme speed akin to that of a bullet, blasting forth with overwhelming attributes as the animal releases the built-up energy in an instant, detonating as a massive concussive explosion is unleashed which can be felt a significant distance away, being capable of finishing off the opponent with a single blow as contact results in the attack piercing the opponent's body in the shape of the Big Dipper and erupting every vital point. Its energy is capable of withering the skin, muscle and tissue of any being of pure evil to a quivering mess. Indeed, Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is capable of travelling great distances in an instant, making it increasingly difficult to evade, though it is at its most powerful at the start; as the generation of the monster causes a brief shockwave of power. If the enemy attempts to defend against it, the Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is capable of shattering most defenses. The reason that it quickly obliterates any defenses is the amazing speed behind the multiple hits of the charge which quickly wears away at the opponent's defenses.


  • The Dimension King Style takes some inspiration from the Hokuto Shinken martial art from Fist of the North Star; along with numerous other references.
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