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Name Diomedes
Kanji ディオメデス
Rōmaji Diomedesu
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation OmegaThe Dodekathlon
Occupation Dark Mage
Team The Dodekathlon
Partner Augeas
Base of Operations Earth Land
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Alias The Savage
Magic Illusion Magic

Diomedes (ディオメデス, Diomedesu) aka The Savage was a dark mage and member of The Dodekathlon. He represented King Diomedes, owner of the man-eating horses that Heracles had to retrieve. He died in a fight with Tamashi Kui.


Contrary to his personality, Diomedes looked like a kind man with green hair and green eyes. He wore glasses, a beige shirt under a black sweater with a hood under a tan coat, blue jeans and white shoes. His guild mark was on his right hand.


Diomedes was the most sadistic member of The Dodekathlon. By using his Illusion Magic he tortured his opponents and laughed maniacally as they screamed in terror. He used his unthreatening appearance to lul his opponents into a false sense of security then traped them in his illusion.


He grew up in a city where he'd trap and kill people with his illusions in alley ways. The more people he attacked the more confident he became. Since none of the bodies had any outward signs of attack, seeming to all have dropped dead of fright, no one suspected that it was him and he began attacking more and more often. This all ended when Cerberus found him and easily dispelled the illusions. Diomedes eager joined when Cerberus promised that he could use his illusions all he wanted if he were to join. Since then Diomedes has been killing people with his illusions and is even high up on the Magic Council's wanted list, though all of The Dodekathlon is.

More of his past was revealed in The Mares of Thrace.


The Omega Arrives

  • Chapter 1: The Twelve Arrive
  • Chapter 4: At Home in the Destruction

Head North, to Omega

  • Chapter 2: Destroyers of Life, Seekers of Chaos

Life's Alphas and Omegas

  • Chapter 2: The Begining of the End
  • Chapter 8: Creator of the Labyrinth vs The Fallen One


  • Chapter 5: The Heart of the Labyrinth

Magic and Abilities

S-Class Level Magic
Podagros, Lampon, Xanthos and Deinos

Illusion: The Mares of Diomedes

Illusion Magic: Diomedes Illusion was that of four black, wild, savage, fire-breathing, man-eating horses. The horses seemed even more real because Diomedes called them by name and they seemed to respond to the names individually. The names were Podagros (痛風, Tsūfū), Lampon (電球, Denkyū), Xanthos (ブロンド, Burondo) and Deinos (手ごわい, Tegowai).


  • Podagros, from Greek to English, means "The Fast" and "Gout" from Japanese to English
  • Lampon, from Greek to English, means "The Shining" and "Light bulb" from Japanese to English
  • Xanthos, from Greek to English and from Japanese to English, means "The Blond"
  • Deinos, from Greek to English, means "The Terrible" and "Formidable" from Japanese to English
  • The image of the horses is that of Legendary Ebon Steed from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
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