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Lightning disturbance
Disturbance of Lightning



Kaminari Gairan

Parent Magic

Lightning Magic


Kaito Mizushima

Disturbance of Lightning (雷外乱, Kaminari Gairan, lit. meaning Thunder Noise) is a Lightning Magic spell used by Kaito Mizushima.


This one of Kaito's best spell's. He uses it when his opponents are really strong. He avoids to use it because after use, it leaves heavy drain of magical power and he may go numb for a while. Kaito likes to call it a last resort spell. To use this spell, he needs to put a crazy amount of eternano that he modify into electrons. The first thing he needs to do is to put his lightning eternano into his hands. He then slaps them and lightning sparks fly around his hands. After he does this, he puts his hands on the ground below him. The lightning eternano in his hands is transferred into the ground and lifts it up a little. After this Kaito then puts all of the magical power from his hands into the ground so that from the earth can be formed pillars of it. These pillars can be moved by Kaito as he wishes, but they lose their structure at the same time when Kaito runs out of magical power. The weakness of this spell is that the pillars cannot move fast enough for very long ranged attacks. Another weakness is that it can be blocked by brute force. Which means if someone is strong enough he can block this attack with his strength, but that can rarely be seen because the force of this attack is so strong that can even crush a giant rock.

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