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Djinn Magic
Kanji ジン魔法

Jin mahō

Rōmaji Jin Mahō
Type Ancient Spell

Lost Magic

Caster Magic

Weapon Magic

Molding Magic

Elemental Magic

User Vanidas Zephos

Zeke Strider

Aladdin Hasan

Djinn Magic (ジン魔法, Jin Mahō; lit. ") is a Caster Magic and a one-of-a-kind type of Lost Magic that grants the wielders of its power the ability to use the magic abilities of the fabled race of wish makers known as a Djinn, considered by most as the most powerful of all mythical creatures that exist in the magic world that currently reside in Earth Land; through the use of Djinn Magic, a caster is capable of wielding the power of a genie, magical beings of regarded as 'attendant gods', domestic and nature spirits that inhabit the world, existing on a scale that is all their own. A power said to go even further beyond, wizards can tap into their Djinn's abilities, using their unique powers and unleash it to it's fullest and greatest extent, amplifying their powers in unimaginable ways, literally allowing them to annihilate anything int heir path as they manipulate the natural forces of the world.


Before one can use this power, one needs to understand what these beings are in question, as they are neither a demon, angel, or other typical supernatural entities of the like, rather, they are an odder entity: a Djinn. Djinn (ジン, Jin), also anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of demons), are supernatural creatures in early mythology and theology. Said to be made of a smokeless and "scorching fire", but are also physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and likewise be acted upon. The Djinn, humans, and angels make up the three known sapient creations of God. Like human beings, the Djinn can be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent and hence have free will like humans. It has been described that they are akin to Demons in terms of serving others who have the capacity to control them, and have the powers to create miracles and other wishes like Angels in Christian tradition, but the Djinn are neither angels or demons, as a clear distinction between the two creations has been made through their unique physiology and the full scope of their abilities. Described as "good and rewarding gods," the Djinn spirits were thought to inhabit desolate, dingy and dark places and that they were feared, meaning that finding one in this current day and age is next to impossible, as they are more difficult than finding an actual Dragon. Dinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire by God as humans were made of clay, among other things. Dinn have free will, and they have been known to have abused this freedom in front of God by refusing to bow to Adam when God ordered angels and jinn to do so. For disobeying God, the Djinn were sealed into objects in the form of spirits rather than remain in physical form, hence their formless shape and form. The power and overall abilities a Djinn has is divided into three category's of power: Marid (the strongest type), the Ifrit, and the Shaitan. A Marid (マーリド, Mārido; lit. "Dive Spirit Embodied") type Djinn has the sufficient power and magic capacity to create miracles and grant a single wish to those who can dominate them. Marid (Arabic: مارد‎‎ mārid) is an Arabic word meaning rebellious, which is sometimes applied to supernatural beings. It is found as an attribute of evil spirits and every rebellious devil; it is said to be applied to an evil Djinn of the most powerful class, but this distinction is by no means universal. In this current era, it is believed the Djinn to be generally "ignorant, untruthful, oppressive and treacherous." The Djinn account for much of the "magic" perceived by humans, cooperating with wizards to lift items in the air unseen, delivering hidden truths to fortune tellers, and granting anything they desired is they were able to prove themselves.

Widely considered as one of the strongest creatures that exist in Earth Land, the Djinn has one power that no other mythical creature has: the ability to grant wishes. This power and capacity to use magic is unrivaled, and given the fact that they are a race of beings that have existed since times of myth and legends, they are easily stronger than any Dragon or mythical deity (Angel, Demon, etc.) that reside in this world, existing on a level that go's beyond being a simple SSS-Class beast, rather, he falls under the strict classification of a God-Class (神クラス, Kami kurasu) creature, on par with Gods and other near divine bodies. Unlike popular belief, only the strongest type of Djinn has the capacity to grant wishes, simply finding one and rubbing their so called "lamb," doesn't necessarily ensure they'll get their wish granted; in reality, one has to defeat them in battle in order to lay claim to their sovereignty. Before and after the age of Dragons, Djinns are still regarded as the ones closest to God, beings that transcended the boundaries between Angels and Demons and rose above them. Considered to be one of the rarest forms of Lost Magic one is able to attain, it is only learnable through a Djinn, as they are the only creatures alive with the source of information regarding it's use in all of Earth Land. As such, there is no other possible way to obtain use of this magic ability, not even through the use of magic books or other spells. Djinn Magic is the ability to draw on the powers of these genies, creatures with the capacity to grant their masters any wish they desire, as well as create miracles by accessing their enormous magic and abilities; however, if used for more proactive measures, they are capable of bringing absolute catastrophe and ruin to the human world in the form of near-divine magic. The type of magic particles that user's produce is unlike anything found naturally in the world, being dubbed as Djinn Particles (ジン粒子, Jin Ryūshi), an exclusive form of ethernano, much like Demon Particles produced by Demons, these particles are the source of a Djinn's power; used to change the magic composition of whatever spell that uses them, violently altering them into something drastically different than anything Ethernano is capable of producing, Djinn spells are notably much more powerful compared to ordinary magic arts used by other wizards. Capable of manipulating or destroying several aspects of nature itself, increasing their destructive capabilities or widening their range of elemental control, Djinn Magic puts the very forces of nature at the user's beck and call. In order for human beings to access and use Djinn Magic, they need to challenge and dominate a Djinn in battle, proving their sovereignty and right to rule them, thus earning the right to become their master. Afterwards, the Djinn is stored inside their master's body of any particular tool or weapon they desire in the form of a Djinn Spirit (ジン精神, Jin Seishin), thus enabling them to mentor them in the ways of their magic, teaching them their styles and spells with the purpose of allowing them to use it in battle by manifesting it through their body as a living conduit.

Djinn Magic, for all intents and purposes draws more parallels with the ability to alter and manipulate the flow of natural magic through their source, channeled through it's user, enabling one to control what form or shape it can take depending of the Djinn type at their possession. The mere act of housing a Djinn as a vessel requires an unparalleled level of energy to do so; to possesses a Djinn requires a great deal of stamina and magic energy to use, making it very common for wizards to use a single Djinn in their possession. As one of the most powerful of magic creatures with an incredible gift to achieve anything they desire, they possesses a sense of strength and knowledge said to be unparalleled and unmatched – Djinn, considered as one of the most difficult to find creatures, are beings shrouded in mystery and are a living enigma, their very existence has been labeled as nothing but myths and legends that date back even further than Dragons in comparison, quite easily dwarfing even their rarity and impact to that of a miserable lizard in the face of a God. Easily the most sought after beings to exist, their capacity to fulfill wishes makes them one of the most impactful and revered race, said to embody all the dominant traits in relation to magic, they have inspired thousands of years worth of adventurers to risk their lives in the pursuit of their power, founded the golden age of adventures spamming hundreds of tales and stories surrounding them, and being labeled as "magic of myth personified." Their unique type of magic earned them their reputation as the Wish Makers (ウィッシュメーカー, U~isshu Mēkā), said to possesses "absolute divine magic," anything and everything is within their grasp, nothing is beyond them in scale and size; as absolute beings said to encompass absolute magic, they are known to be considered as living Gods that reside in the human world. Their very word is the law that all others obey if their masters desire it – in return for the use of Djinn Magic, wizards must forfeit their right and ability to request them to grant any wish, forfeiting it in return for them to teach them their magic. A wish can be described as a hope or desire for something to happen, a supernatural demand placed on the recipient's unlimited request. By sacrificing such a grand opportunity to have anything they desire, the magic energy that would've been used to grant this request is used to enhance and transform the Djinn into a more suitable "being" capable of allowing their new masters to withstanding their near limitless, unfathomable magic to be transferred to them, thus granting them the capability to use their magic. Known to be immortal beings, with a physical capacity residing on a higher plane of existence, these qualities are the primary reason as to why they are the only creatures with the capacity to use such massive spells with the capacity to later or reshape the concepts that exist in the mortal plane. However, basing their own bodies to that of humans, they too possesses a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen); a Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power which the user can project through in the form of spells.

However, unlike other creatures and humans, a Djinn's magic origin is refereed to as simply as a Djinn Origin (ジンの起源, Jin no Kigen); unlike other magic origins, they have no need to absorb ethernano from the atmosphere in order to recharge, rather, they can generate magic indefinitely, mass producing an infinite supply of magic energy to supply their spells. The quality and sheer volume it has is more than 10x's purer and stronger than anything produced by Earth Land or human beings; when these qualities are passed on to a human who uses them in their magic, it enables them to use Djinn Particles, causing them to unleash the highest extent of their spells to the surface, unleashing it's full potential while refining it at the same time.The spells produced become unrestrained, unhinged in nature as they will try to exceed their capabilities when in use, and when directed toward an opponent, their ferocity will put the user at an advantage. A noticeable benefit of having these particles circulate inside the user is their regenerative and restorative abilities. They can the heal the user from even the most fatal of injuries, keeping their body functioning even when near death. This is primarily due to the particles giving the wizard a body that is very much similar to that of a Djinn, rendering them very durable and difficult to kill as a result. Another important detail is their capacity to increase the user's ability to use their own magic power instead of having to rely on atmospheric ethernano, making them more independent from having to rely on an outside source. With such a massive level coursing throughout their body,these particles are more akin to adrenaline than simple energy, pumping so much of it, it can radiate off the user's body in the form of an enhanced Magical Aura with a capacity to significantly reduce any magical damage one would face. With the concept of self producing magic energy in effect inside the user's own body, magic arts that deal in stealing or absorbing magic power like in the case of Metsu are rendered useless, as they are unable to absorb the constant, unending flow of energy emitted by their body. With their magic origin serving as a nearly limitless resource of independent magic power not tied to any outside ethernano, the sense of harmony that exists within them grants them the ability to apply this energy however they see fit; from amplifying their physical abilities to near superhuman levels, elevating the destructive traits of spells, and lastly heightening the level of elemental control to the point of bending the very forces of nature to their every whim, transforming them into a devastating force of unbridled fury the likes very few ever live to tell about it.

As mentioned before, most wizards typically use a singular Djinn in order to use this magic, primarily because of the strain it puts on ones body. However, to the even stronger beings and greatly talented, they can use even more, such as dominating multiple Djinns in order to broaden the scope of their abilities and overall capacity to use multiple magic arts adjacent to the genie in their possession, such as using multiple elemental magic arts, creating multiple suits of armor, or shaping themselves into weapons. Although the overall cost of activating multiple versions of Djinn Magic may come at a heavy cost (higher stamina drain, vast magic depletion, etc.), the user's overall maximum abilities are heightened exponentially as a result, from increasing the size of their magic power to augmenting the physical conditioning their body's have, the benefits tend to outweigh the negatives. The exact effect and relationship the Djinn spirit has on it's vessel also works positively to benefit the user; with the user having more than the usual type of soul/spirit in them, it grants them the strength to become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when they come in contact with, are near or are in the possession of the Djinn's soul, unlocking abilities related to their natural affinity and thus enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the Djinn soul, enabling them to recover stamina and energy whenever in critical conditions. While this grants them several powers the Djinn in their possession has, users of this magic art become the living container that houses their magic spells, giving them direct access to all of their skills; this can typically be found in the form of the user having supernatural abilities on a god-like level. The user gains incredible power by channeling the essence of their Djinn's power source through their body, thus gaining access to a special kind of power within one's body and access to such abilities, knowledge and individual traits that makes them unique from other diverse variation of uses. Wizards that use this magic are essentially a living host, vessel, and or conduit to their Djinn in which they can exert their will, thus the wizard has the capability to channel/harness any powers in their surroundings, within themselves, others, etc., and utilize it towards a myriad of possible ways one is capable of manifesting their own hidden potential. The user draws power from an independent source of energy outside themselves, such as using their genie's magic rather than ambient ethernano. Gained power can either be based on the user's to draw from the source, or be stored in the user's cells for future use.

The user establish a powerful connection with their Djinn, creating a bond that is thought to be unbreakable, much less tamperable through the use of Telepathy or other invasive magic arts. When this bond becomes stronger, the user and his/her Djinn can hit impressive levels of strength, heightening both of their abilities to such extensive levels that they themselves would normally be unable to achieve while separated. Users can perform powerful combined attacks with their Djinns in a similar fashion to a Unison Raid, albeit much more ferocious in terms of strength; this is due to them being able to synchronize their magic and their feelings together to such to an extent that surpasses anything producible with another wizard, as the symbiotic relationship between Djinn and master makes them truly one. As a result, At least part of the user's power exists as an independent being, with the Djinn's exerting its own mind and body that exist mainly inside the user's mind/soul and manifests as it wants or when summoned. Sometimes this link is usually represented by a physical object that they can embed into, such as a sword, personal trinket, or part of their very own body that the Djinn spirit can infuse itself into. The Djinn can help the user to push their hidden strength within themselves and amplify it, gaining much untold power due to their incredibly strong force of will and connection they share, thus enabling them to bypass all limitations they've possessed on their offensive and defensive capabilities along with their overall abilities, increasing them to the fullest extent, whether it be from the heart, mind, soul, etc., using it to awaken their innate hidden potential. Djinns, as a magic race, often require a master to use their full powers; as an enigmatic force of nature, wizards adept in the use of Djinn Magic can manipulate these particular beings to their own desires. By definition, this particular magic art is essentially a sentient power that chooses a host or a being which controls this power only if they are worthy enough to do so. Attributed powers and singled-out power levels vary from chosen partner and appear to be ambient, presumably adapting to meet the demands of an area's point of devastation and the peril oneself is faced with, such as in the face of danger, when facing off against powerful foes, or when one feels as if their life is in jeopardy. However this magic has preset abilities that do not depend on the host, but rather on the distinct characteristics belonging of the Djinn itself, such as using elements in their normal attacks or creating objects to use as weapons. With this type of relationship, it becomes in-tune with the partner and drastically enhances the individual host's powers and abilities if they are active; the host themselves may already have reached massive levels of force and energy without the Djinn's aid, which only serves to enhance their capabilities even further. Other abilities provide an appropriate set of powers to every host, though the magnitude of the powers may or may not vary.

Some this magic can only be used by those it chooses as necessary or deems worthy, or give them powers to teach them a lesson in it's use, making in one-of-a-kind in it's characteristics to act as a living being. Djinn Magic only remains active and in the user's possession till the current host dies, meaning that so long as they live, they are immune to all magic-altering powers aimed directly at them. Additionally, this power cannot be absorbed, negated, erased, changed, copied, etc. New powers can still be developed and existing ones strengthened, but only through the use of their own abilities with conscious choice being put by them. This gives the user an advantage in certain situations when there are attempts at absorbing their abilities/powers, as they can render themselves singular in terms of power possession. This ability is a result of a unique existence made exclusive due to the requirement being that a user possesses a Djinn Spirit, making them absolutely a one-of-a-kind user; this entails that Djinn Magic cannot be replicated/cloned, or have it's powers mimicked, or be copied by shapeshifters or illusionists, etc. There is no other version of this magic art in the entire world, thus is immune to any attempts at copying or replicating these abilities and can render themselves singular in terms of power possession. As it is usually up to the magic itself to choose a host, this is most definitely a style of magic that can strike anyone out of nowhere with no obvious catalyst beyond the power itself, requiring that a viable being with the right amount of strength and worthiness be near a Djinn to use. As a user, they have a supernatural connection with the spirit, allowing them to actively search through their mind, sense emotional turmoil or danger, and above all, become an extension of its life-force. The user and the Djinn are both organically and spiritually connected; therefore as long as one lives, the other will live, but if one dies, the other will die as well, making this a dangerous connection to have but at the same time more beneficial for both. If the user forms a stronger bond with the other being, their power over it will enhance exponentially; the user's connection can be so strong that the user could control everything about the Djinn with just a thought. User can concentrate the power of the spiritual being that lies within their body and manipulate it for various effects, including extra physical strength, mental protection, magical powers, more energy, etc.

As mentioned before, the exact number of Djinn spirits sharing the same body can differ under various circumstances, with the user being the primary factor that determines the maximum number of Djinns they can use at a time. Usually the spirit or spirits take up residence in the user's sub-conscious mind, however, they can be can take up a more physical residence for a more "direct approach; Djinns can be fused with physical objects in order to infuse their natural abilities with the natural quality and trait of said objects, or in rarer cases, be placed inside the physical limbs of their host in the form of limbs, organs, bones, etc. Some Djinns will gladly aid the user while others might seek to kill the user, requiring them to defeat them in battle to use, but under some circumstances the relation between the user and the Djinn is symbiotic, making them soul-bound to each other until death do them part. For the better part, Djinn Magic is the ability to use a Djinn's magic power and manifest it into one of the four possible classes that they befall. Additionally, by incorporating the user's powers, Djinn are able to use all the magic spells and abilities belonging to the user, even capable of generating their own unique spells if the user allows them to roam around freely with absolute freedom. Unlike normal living creatures, they are able to use magic to their absolute fullest, without suffering any form of negative impacts on their health; since these beings are composed of the most powerful aspects of the user's ability to fight. Much like the connection they share in body mind and body, when a wizard summons their Djinn, they take a small fraction of the user's magic energy in order for them to store inside their bodies with the purpose of casting spells. The amount that can be given can be predetermined, allowing for the Djinn to house an even greater level of magic energy in order to use even more powerful spells. Wizards that possesses vast levels of magic energy are known to be able to give such enormous quantities of their magic in order for them to function and fight without any sense of restriction in magic usage, able to cast massive numbers of spells without running out of energy. Magic abilities that tend to affect the user's body can also function in the same way for their Djinn.

Djinn Types

Much like people, Djinn come in many shapes and sizes, with each possessing their own variation of Djinn Magic that separates them from one another. Djinn Magic is separated into four different categories, each with their own strengths and advantages that gives the user, depending on their fighting style, an advantage.

Jann Type

Fighting Djinn Variation (ジンの変動との戦い, Jin no Hendō to Notatakai), or simply known as the Jinn Type, is considered as the most common type of Djinn that exist and is often the most well-rounded Djinn in terms of attack, defense, and supprot roles in battle. Their primary ability consists of the user creating/summoning their Djinn spirit in the form of a guardian that exists in the physical form, with their appearances varying greatly from humanoid (with various weaponry and skills) to animals or even mythical beings, depending on the Djinn's original appearance, and will protect the user at all costs, and fight on their behalf. The guardian's strength may be driven by the user's force of will or physical movements, or by it's own independent will. The user may be able to summon portions as opposed to the entire entity, such as an arm alone, in order to reduce the energy consumption and space occupation. The Djinn may either appear next to the user, allowing the user to stand on top, or surround the user in the form of armor, which can also be used to protect others. Djinn Body basically allows wizards to create or summon a Djinn that is completely comprised of their own and user's magic powers. Acting in the role of a guardian with the task of protecting the user at all costs, blocking and deflecting incoming attacks, and fight on their user's behalf, casting their own spells and using magic to provide support. The Djinn's strength is reflected upon the user's force of will and determination to succeed, these factors in turn help increase their physical prowess. The Djinn gives the user a greater sense of comfortability when fighting alongside them, attacking and launching spells in tandem with the purpose of steamrolling and overwhelming their enemy. Extremely skilled masters are able to exhibit even greater control over their Djinns by being able to summon portions of their body as opposed to the entire entity, such as an arm alone, in order to reduce the energy consumption and space occupation. The Djinn's exact positioning can never truly be predicted, as it is able to either appear next to the user, allowing the user to stand on top, or surround the user while on standby mode, which can also be used to protect others.

Able to travel incredible distances in order to reach their designated target, interact with the environment in incredible ways, and provide defensive cover should the user be incapacitated, tied up, constrained, or bound to an object against their will. As powerful as they seem, a Djinn cannot be separated greatly from its user's side, it will dissipate if it is too far away from the user. Acting with a mind-set and fighting with it's own unique fighting style, it is done so in order to throw off the opponent into trying to read it's movements and predict the next course of attack. This spell art is mainly used by wizards wishing to add a little confusion to mix, confusing and overwhelming the opponent with double-teaming against a common foe through the use of combined magic attacks. This ability is mostly used to provide additional limbs to attack or block multiple attacks from directions or angles that the user are unable to do by themselves, or simply heighten their ability to inflict even greater damage by calling in back-up, effectively transforming a one-on-one fight into a 2-v-1 fight. Excelling greatly at close-range combat, Djinns of this type focus solely on powering through an enemies defenses by rushing at them with maximum force, inflicting massive damage and channeling powerful attacks that harness an incredible level of destructive power and speed that completely overwhelms their capabilities. However, since they focus exclusively on close quarter combat, they are only able to move small distances from their users without leaving them vulnerable, as such, they tend to possess short-range attacks with a limited radius of effect. However, there are some Djinns that are capable of overcoming this limitation and move at long-range spaces. Djinns of this nature tend to be used by wizards specializing in hand-to-hand combat and possesses an even greater ability to obey their users' will.

Although Djinns of this nature are rather common to encounter, they do not however fall into the other categories, as each has the capacity to be developed and trained in a variety of ways that best suits the user's needs. This is type is considered as the vaguest category for a wizard to have. In this category, Djinns possesses powers and abilities that are completely unique, and are even capable to defy the logic of nature through their distinct magic. A notable example of what a Jann-Type is capable of doing is their ability to alter and manipulate the form that magic is capable of taking. As a result, they possesses a unique ability that is only exclusive only to them, hence is the magical manifestation of the Djinn's truest, most innate and personal power as an individual, this ability is completely unique to each Djinn, as no two abilities exist among their race, since each Djinn is unique and distinctly different from one another. With the effects varying greatly from user to user, the exact nature of one's ability is characterized as a representation of a particular aspect of the Djinn and user.

Ghul Type

Djinn Weapon Variation (ジン素子ばらつき, Jin Soshi Baratsuki), or simply known as the Ghul type, are Djinns with the power to be transformed into weapons or tools with the capacity to be used to inflict monumental levels of damage while taking the the form of a weapon that best suits its user's needs and fighting style, allowing for great comfortability while in use and the capacity to use a weapon of such grand power. Djinn and master can team can combine their respective powers to become near unstoppable in battle, using the Djinn to become a tool in which they can exert their skills and experience in weapons, opting one to use the farthest extents of one' natural fighting abilities with a weapon made to reflect their innate gifts. The weapon they desire to create is completely dependent on the user's desire and preferred style of combat that involves the use of a specific type of weapon; depending on the level of connection the user has with their genie, they can also make each other stronger by working together, making the bond between weapon and master a strong and close one. In order to work together properly, the user must shape the Djinn's spirit and materialize it into a brand new form that the user can best utilize in tandem with their magic arts and efficiency in battle, thus bringing out the best, dominant qualities of inside them to the surface. When perfectly in sync with each other, they can become a lethal force with the power to destroy anything standing in between them and their target, regardless of the force trying to oppose their march. With such a tight-knit relationship between them, the user and Djinn can fight flawlessly without any type disruption or off-placed synchronization between them.The weapon they produce can unleash and manifest a variety of special abilities that further heightens their capacity to fight and overpower their opponents in the heat of battle, and can even change its physical form, such as extending it's blade, growing larger in form, becoming lighter and more compact, or simply reshaping it altogether into something more suitable for the situation they find themselves in. The level of power that can be obtained is achieved through the synchronize of their souls with each other, establishing a powerful exchange between magic that runs from the user to the Djinn, much like a wire transporting an electrical current; the greater the magic input, the greater the damage output. While in this state, both of their thoughts, reactions, and natural instincts are both synchronized so that the two of them are attuned to the other's needs and physical condition, making them much more aware of whats happening to the world around them.

Since a wizard can carry more than one Djinn if sufficiently powerful enough, there is no restriction on how many weapon-type Djinns one can carry and manifest as offensive tools to be used in battle. In better depth, the user is able to build, summon or create a weapon that is an extension, manifestation, and/or part of their own soul and that of their Djinn. Each weapon is likely to have their own abilities and powers embedded deep inside, meaning that magic arts such as Sword Magic and other similar arts are very compatible with it's use, but this depends on the amount of magic power user has in their weapon, as well as the abilities/power they already have. Note that since the weapon is part of their soul infused with their Djinn, thus giving it it's shape, it is possesses a level of sentience as well as their own interests and goals that might not be similar to that of the user, making it that much similar for the two to work hand-in-hand in order to defeat a common enemy. This also means that the user can summon the weapon from anywhere at anytime, even if it is faraway at some unknown location, as the two possess a link that allows one to call upon the other, so losing the weapon is never an issue. Additionally, this connection also ensures that the user, while wielding their weapon, can never leave their side unless they will it to do so, negating the possibility of them being disarmed or having the weapon get knocked out of their hands in the middle of battle. Since the weapon is basically the Djinn's spirit transformed into a physical weapon, it still possesses the powers and abilities the entity has, making it that much more durable toward other magic arts; as a result, the user of this type of ability is able to create and wield spiritual weapons capable of destroying, injuring, and attacking ethereal beings, be ghosts, demons, angels, etc. Depending on the power and strength the user has, these weapons can even be powerful enough to destroy deities. Depending on what the weapon's shape becomes, it can posses a variety of abilities and be very effective in both offensive and defensive combat. By using their magic to enhance the corporeal material and alter the nature of the base component, the weapon itself possesses a level of durability said to rival even the most fabled blades of mythology. With the intensity in which they can burn their magic, the energy the weapon emits gradually increases as it is compressed around the edges or part of it used to attack, easily able to melt through the strongest of metals like butter. Interestingly enough, the weapon has upon it several powerful magic "locks" that keeps foreign magic out of it's base body, making it powerful enough to resist the effects of magic spells that negate or alter the form of it's attacks, such as Nullification Magic, Dispel, and Disassembly, giving it special properties that make it harder for other spells to interact or defend against with each blow it inflicts, easily able to slip past magic barriers and split projectiles in half, absorbing the energy used to throw it in order to harden the weapon's structure and density to alarming levels.

What truly makes it unique is the fact that it can hold it's own against God Class (神クラス, Kami kurasu) weapons and objects similar to itself in combat, easily able to cut mythical materials such as Mythril and Orichalcum without any need for the user to exert any real effort on their part, gifted with the capacity to destroy, gouge, cut, or slash virtually any form of matter to pieces whenever they touches it with their weapon. From cutting through Barrier Magic spells, to stopping a point-blank shot of Crash, the defensive quality these weapons is nothing short of legendary. Due to the nature and otherworldly powerful magic cast on it by the Djinn, it cannot be destroyed through conventional means, absorbing whatever attack or hostile spell heading towards it and negating it, breaking it apart and consuming the Ethernano used to create it. By it's sheer ferocity in power alone, the weapon allows it's user to compete and battle God-Class weapons and foes, defending against their power and giving them a chance to fight back, as the weapon cannot be destroyed. As such, the weapon will be maintained and strengthened while unleashed, making it an incredibly deadly weapon, able to slash it's way through anything in it's path and destroying all obstacles in it's path. As stated, only God-Class weapons are able to clash with this weapon, being the only tools to be able to resist the rounds fired from the barrel that would normally pierce their way through nearly all materials and objects. It possesses the passive ability of allowing the user to channel immense levels of magic energy that their body would normally be unable to do so, giving them an even greater capability of casting spells of tremendous power, increasing their potency 10x's their natural input. Through physical contact with the the weapon, the user's ability to manipulate magic is amplified to monumental extremes, allowing them to focus all of their will on the execution of a desired effect they wish to achieve through the use of Ethernano. Ordinarily, the weapon on itself can be used in order to boost the natural effects of their spells if they desire it, however, a masterful use is utilizing this weapon to combine it with their other magic spells in order to produce magic attacks of such horrific magnitude, that the damage alone will kill most targets on impact.

When running through the air or magic spells, they feed on the Ethernano and contaminate it, causing anyone or anything with magic properties to become lethally poisoned, as well as have their Magic weakened. Regardless of mass, density, or material, there's is no object powerful enough to provide sufficient resistance or opposition to counter the weapon's swing, much less deflect them with other weapons or spells; the sheer momentum and velocity channeled inside each attack it creates allows for the energy to build up to critical levels until bursting out in an explosion aimed at whatever or whoever his target is. Even with the use of magic or magic barriers, the weapon will simply go right through them and continue moving at the same rate of speed, not even slowing down when piercing through, moving as if it were non-existent. Should a powerful wizard channel their immeasurable magic energy, there is no force or obstacle he can't cut his way through, shattering diamonds, melting metal, and annihilating other enemy spells, effortlessly; even able kill ethereal and non-physical beings. of a material lost to the sands of time, the metal can absorb the kinetic and magic energy that makes immediate contact with the weapon, with the user capable of using the steel of the weapon to absorb an energy blast before returning it to the sender via counter-shot, compressing these energies into new beams of energy. The sheer concentrated quantity of magic energy produced per each attack makes it impossible to absorb, regardless of what or how its done, if any where to attempt to absorb the Djinn Weapon's magic attacks, it would only end in tragedy, resulting in either the object breaking or the user suffering fatal injures. While considered to be the most basic of Djinn variations, the weapon type does inflict the highest level of physical damage in a short amount of time during it's use, and with it's compatibility with a wizard's main method of armed combat, it is easily the most used style among users.   

Shaitan Type

Djinn Armor Variation (ジンアーマーバリエーション, Jin āmā Bariēshon), or simply known as the Shaitan type, is a Djinn with the capacity to transform into armor or other types of equipment with the intention of providing enhanced defense from other offensive means. Considered the polar opposite to the Ghul Type, a shaitan Djinn encompasses most of it's powers into fabricating armor with the ability to use absolute defense to reject damage entirely to the best of it's abilities, shielding the user from any incoming attacks while they counter with other magic arts. When activated, the user manifests their Djinn's spirit into a physical form that best compliments their body and shape, created from solid spiritual energy for protection and physical boosts. With training, the user can shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs to imitate the properties of other weapons or elements. When activated, the user can form armor around their body instantaneously by materializing the Djinn soul into tangible state instead of its normal conceptual and formless state. The materialized soul can be forged into a corporeal form; shaped into an object that best personifies the person or be chosen by the user themselves either by imagination or enforced power of will. The object of power could be literally anything the user is aware of or can imagine in proportion to the power and properties of the user's soul. With the Djinn being the core piece of this object, anything forged with this power will always have a highly specialized effect in addition to its normal function, for example, the specialism is always unique to the user, meaning that no two abilities can exist withing another wizard. The user of this power can create either separate pieces, such as simple gauntlets or multi-sectional armor pieces or simply generate an entire suit of armor with enchanted magical properties, complete with its very own special abilities that can even be used to resist certain attacks or spells due to the unique magical aura that surrounds the suit, as well as the special powers it is endowed with through the user and Djinn. The user can even utilize magical spells from their armor for attack or defensive purposes in any way, shape, or form. The user can produce/create armor of any shape or form, with specific design or symbols embedded or the user's particular taste in armor. They gain abilities related on the type of armor worn, although this may be connected to their personal opinions, cultural connections, etc. that defines the power they receive and the magic abilities that come with it.

Once produced, skilled users can come to wield otherworldly powerful objects of various forms of enchanted weaponry that suits their needs in battle, whether they be offensive or defensive.The armors they create are capable of being powered by or creating a wide variety or magical powers that often yield impressive results, such as reflecting attacks, absorbing them, or simply negating damage received from enemies. Due to the weapons being powered by magic, they also act as a blank slate for different kinds of weapon-based magic abilities to be fused with, such compatible magic arts in the form of Sword Magic, Barrier Magic, or simple Elemental Magic to give them new characteristics and heighten their base capabilities to astounding new levels. With the user being empowered by the magical energies belonging to the Djinn, the armor is by far incredibly difficult to destroy, much less scratch even against the strongest of adversities or foes; in terms of of overall protection, even S-Class spells like the forbidden Abyss Break are unable to breach it's outer shell, often requiring another Djinn user to face such a powerful defense. Users of this variation can embed magical energy to enhance themselves and achieve this power. The user can create a suit of armor with entity-like characteristics and abilities, giving the armor a life-like feel that gives the user an even heightened advantage by providing healing, sharing magic energy, and instinctively acting on their own behalf to maintain the user's well-being. Although they take on a different form from their actual selves, the armor still retains the original powers and abilities belonging to their Djinn, and as a result, enables them to use their abilities to the fullest without dulling their magic's true potential. The overall purpose of this variation of Djinn is to remove or seal away any type of physical weaknesses that a living body has, including the need for rest, sustenance or other physical requirements; additional advantages lie in the armor's capacity to dull any sense of pain, and keep the users body in top physical condition, such as negating the possibility of succumbing to status ailments or debilitating effects.

The user utilizes a specialized suit that is capable of adapting to a variety of situations to prevent damage from being inflicted to them by direct contact from weapons or projectiles, usually during combat, or from damage caused by a potentially dangerous environment or action (e.g., hazardoes landscapes, dangerous locations, etc.). Much like it's counter-part the weapon variation, the durability of the armor is designed to last and endure any situation the user may encounter; it's defensive power even allows it to resist and deflect the impact of a God-Class (神クラス, Kami Kurasu) weapon head-on without so much as stumbling or cracking, outweighing the offensive damage through defensive power that is several times larger than the weapon in question. When dealing with the damage inflicted upon them in question, Djinn armor has the unique ability of using the damage sustained to better enhance the armors armor, absorbing at least 50% of the overall damage sustained to strengthen themselves in a variety of different, such as strengthen their powers, physical capabilities, or elevating their already impressive defense. This is the armor Djinn's secret power: manipulating the nature of damage and re-purposing it's every aspect inside their armor. The damage can be used positively for more benevolent purposes, such as making themselves stronger, faster, more durable based on the overall level of harm they have received. However, it's greatest advantage lies in it's single-most unique skill of allowing the user to fuse or mix varying styles of magic with their armor for extraordinary effects, regardless of the nature of type that it is.

Ifrit Type

Djinn Element Variation (ジン武器のバリエーション, Jin Buki no Bariēshon), or simply known as the Ifrit type, these Djinn's are known for their ability to produce, manipulate, and control an element that they naturally possesses. Naturally, Djinns are regarded as nature spirits that inhabit the world, and as such, it is not uncommon for some of them to incorporate the abilities and distinct characteristics belonging to the elements that make up the natural world. Ranging from ordinary elements such as Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind; rarer elemental Djinn do exist throughout the world that can uses even rarer elements such as Light, Darkness, Lightning, Ice, etc. Much like Elemental Magic, the user has the capability to move, alter, and mixing existing elements by pulling ethernano together and creating a single ethernano particle from many others, which is then accelerated into their element of choice. The user of this type of Djinn can generate their element from themselves or from it's natural environment, taping into it to further increase their sense of control. In even rarer cases, elemental Djinns can produce these elements without having to exert to much effort on their part, since it is elemental energy being created by their Djinn, thus enabling them to perform their magic without the aid of any type of magical energy source, applying only the power of their will to enact any and all actions. The elements produced by a Djinn is in no way ordinary in comparison to other elements produced either magically or naturally, this is due to the unique magical particles that they use to infuse their element and magic together. As such, the elements produced are often dubbed as Djinn Elements (ジン要素, Jin Yōso) due to their special properties, an element produced by any Djinn is incapable of being consumed or absorbed by Slayer Magic due to the lethal nature that Djinn particles have with living beings; an attempt at consuming these elements would only result in a lethal overdose of magic particles, instantly killing them in a matter of minutes. An additional benefit and of this Djinn type is in it's unique ability to use the same mechanics of Molding Magic, giving the user the ability to not only produce an element from their body but also shape it, manipulate it, and reform it in any way they can imagine.

In terms of definition, Molding Magic allows users to mold something, like an element, into different shapes. Using two hands with this Magic produces more stable creations. Using the faster one-hand style can cause creations to have less stability and power. In order to utilize Molding Magic, the user must understand the inherent structure of the properties about to be reproduced; including the flow and balance of magical energy within, before using their magical energy in order to perfectly replicate the structure of the identified material, using their magical energy to cause the manifested item in a more malleable state, completely unlike its regular version, as to allow it to be easily reshaped into a new form, reforming the material into a new shape. The hand gestures that one takes is a conduit which focuses and dictates the flow of magical energy, tapping into the magical energies that already exist within the earth and matter; representing the cyclical flow of eternano and turns that power to manipulable ends; allowing the user to form their element faster—however, some users are shown to be capable of performing Molding Magic without any hand gestures. With core Molding Magic, the user is capable of manipulating eternano so precisely that they can modify how eternano binds together to affect the size and shape of items, even their chemical composition, enabling the user to gain an advantage over foes as to keep them guessing as they bond raw materials to manifest something which is brand new, or even reshape a pre-existing item. However, to even utilize pure Molding Magic, the user is required to use their own magical aura as the catalyst for the modification, thus requiring them to be within physical range of the item wishing to be changed. Molding Magic has been described as an "unrestrained" type of Magic, with the shapes created reflecting the personality of the user. Therefore, creations tend to be different from user to user, even if the users happen to be proficient in the same element. Interestingly, thanks to how Molding Magic works, it can be almost certainly assured that Molding Magic is possibly the magic with the most subspecies; however, certain masters of the style are shown to be able to use Molding Magic in its purest form to manipulate and shape eternano.

Since these type of Djinns are the living manifestation of their natural element, this characteristic is inherited by the user, endowing them with the capacity to control their element with absolute supremacy to the point of drawing sustenance and power from any and all pre-existing elements in their environment via absorbing them through their Djinn, thus fortifying their elemental power to an extraordinary new level, increasing the overall magic output over 10x's the ordinary level. What truly makes this such a fearsome ability is the simple fact that the user can alternate between the key aspects that their magic power can take, switching out of from being defensive, offensive, or supportive, taking whatever role their magic has to take in order to aid them in whatever situation they find themselves in. In terms of how powerful or how intensely they can burn their magic, this is all determined by the connection the user has with their Djinn and just how deeply synchronized they with one another, effectively granting the user astonishing new powers and accomplishing extraordinary feats that heightens their element's effectiveness and quality.

A well known advantage of using this type of Djinn naturally renders the user invincible to any and all forms of elemental attacks or spells that incorporate the effects of their own element, either from any enemy or other natural sources. Additionally, the user is also immune to effects related to their elements as well, rendering the next to useless against them. Ideally, an elemental Dinn's greatest ability lies in it's capacity to affect the user's environment, using their combined magic energies to spread and adopt the characteristics of a virus, infecting the natural elements nearby in unprecedented, unnatural ways, resulting with negative effects that impact their surroundings. This effect becomes notably much more evident when a wizard is using their magic when combined. They have the innate ability to mix Djinn Particles with nature that reflects their choice in elemental magic, meaning that if a a wizard uses a fusion of their magic to interact with the natural elements around them, they can manipulate the very fabric of the natural world without so much as casting a single spell. From bending it, breaking it, and summoning it to their will through the use of the Djinn Particles in their body, they can control their elements however they desire it to be. The process responsible for this unique ability is the abominable power that an elemental Djinn has, being able to influence and control the both the energy and magical structure inside an element, molding it and shaping it in whatever way pleases them, even being able to avoiding it completely if desired. This ability becomes extremely useful when a wizard faces an opponent using the same type of magic as them, as it would be nearly impossible for the enemy to land a single strike on them as the user will either manipulate the element or incorporate it into their body.

Marid Type

Divine Djinn Variation (神ジン変動, Kami Jin Hendō), or simply known as the Marid type, is considered by far as the strongest type of Djinn that exists, as it is the Marid type Djinn's that are typically known for their capacity to grant wishes and manipulate core aspects of the world around them. In terms of wizard use, these Djinns have the capacity to influence specific aspects of the world that go's even beyond simple elements or mere weapons, as their power have embody the ability to encompass that of concepts rather than baser traits. A concept is an abstract idea representing the fundamental characteristics of what it represents, basically, it is an idea/definition for anything concrete or abstract (E.g.: Concept of Time and Concept of Space) in the universe. Concepts arise as abstractions or generalisations from experience or the result of a transformation of existing ideas. The concept is instantiated (reified) by all of its actual or potential instances, whether these are things in the real world or other ideas. Concepts are treated in many if not most disciplines both explicitly, such as in linguistics, psychology, philosophy, etc., and implicitly, such as in mathematics, physics, etc. In informal use the word concept often just means any idea, but formally it involves the abstraction component. In metaphysics, and especially ontology, a concept is a fundamental category of existence. Wizards that possesses a Djinn of this category, typically have the power to control the relationship between subjects and objects of knowledge, the fundamental language of power that enables one to use prediction, inference, decision making and in all kinds of environmental interaction that best allows them to control a concept in their possession. By creating manipulating it, the user is able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways or change existent concepts like reality or energy to enhance it or decrease its effects in various scales, able to mold, reshape, break, or ignore their natural template in the material and ethereal world. These abilities manifest in the form of magic that has the capacity to manipulate core concepts such as space, time, matter, energy, destruction, creation, life, death, etc., the user in possession of a Marid type Djinn has the ability to manipulate one existent concept in any way they desire and create new ones or even change those concepts and their definition, but only to a certain degree.

A concept is an idea/definition for anything concrete or abstract (E.g.: Concept of Time and Concept of Space) in the universe. By putting a concept at their disposal, the user is able to define its fundamental bases and apply it for several ways or change existent concepts like reality or energy to enhance it or decrease its effects in various scales. concepts and conceptual structure falls into the disciplines of linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science. In the simplest terms, a concept is a name or label that regards or treats an abstraction as if it had concrete or material existence, such as a person, a place, or a thing. It may represent a natural object that exists in the real world like a tree, an animal, a stone, etc. It may also name an artificial (man-made) object like a chair, computer, house, etc. Abstract ideas and knowledge domains such as freedom, equality, science, happiness, etc., are also symbolized by concepts. It is important to realize that a concept is merely a symbol, a representation of the abstraction. The word is not to be mistaken for the thing. For example, the word "moon" (a concept) is not the large, bright, shape-changing object up in the sky, but only represents that celestial object. Concepts are created (named) to describe, explain and capture reality as it is known and understood. As beings with the capacity to make any desire a reality, no matter how impossible or exaggerated it is, Marid Djinns can give their masters the ability to control, alter, create, and manipulate anything and everything related to the concept they command; in other words, giving them the true position of command and authority in it's direct use. Since many concepts exist in our world, the overall number of Marid type Djinns that do live in Earth Land are far and near, however, since these type are considerably the most powerful, their powers and abilities make them next to impossible to defeat in battle, as they have the disposition to use the core aspects of the world's natural laws to fight against anyone trying to gain control over them, making them otherworldly powerful and difficult to tame. However, if one does manage to defeat one, they are bound by their the honor to be of service to their new master until death, giving them access to their magic and arsenal of incredible abilities.

Subspecies Abilities

  • Djinn Spirit Container (ジン精神コンテナ, Jin seishin kontena): Just like spirits that inhabit any object or place with a significant value to them, this technique allows the user to store their Djinn inside a physical object of the user's choosing, ranging from simple weapons, tools, items, and even vital organs such as flesh, bones, or body parts in which they can inhabit. Regardless of the object chosen, they are commonly referred to as a Djinn Spirit Container, a device that houses the spirit of these mythical creatures. Although most choose to keep their Djinns housed deep inside their bodies and minds, the number of advantages that come from using a physical object as the connection between the Djinn and the material world are far in between; objects chosen to undergo this process to willingly house such a powerful being as their personal guardian to take residence inside an object renders them unbreakable as a result of the magic infused into it, achieving a near form of absolute invulnerability toward damage. As the living vessel that holds their spirit, this ensures that the object used to contain them be maintained and repaired whenever it sustains significant damage, thus making them incapable of being frozen, melted, smashed, crushed, shattered, or be removed from the user's side via disarment or even while trapped in another dimension such as in a separated space. With a Godly being used as the magic template to form the core, these objects represent a Djinn's metaphysical form in the mortal plane, an object acting as the main form to house their soul, thus making them virtually unbreakable. When applied toward living objects such as limbs or organs, these effects become exponentially more apparent depending as to what and where it is being used; when used on limbs such as an individual's arm or hand, said limb becomes immensely more powerful and stronger, able to achieve feats that it would be incapable of producing naturally, as well as enhancing any spells fired from that limb. Not only that, but that particular limb or organ's primary function is elevated to unnatural degrees, making them superhuman with the ability to use magic at an even greater degree while at the same time making it impossible to remove, damage, or affect through conventional attacks or magic that alters it's condition. Additionally, a Djinn that inhabits a physical object is incapable of being removed through magical, physical, or supernatural means, signifying them to being to be eternally bound to their master's side. Magic arts that deal with manipulating or slaying spirits such as Exorcism Magic, a magic art specifically designed to removing spirits, is unable to remove them from any object they've chosen to house their spirit.


Although it rarely happens, and is a rare occurrence even among the most veteraned of users, a Djinn does have the capacity to evolve and ascend to a higher level than it's original form. Wizards who have spent nearly all of their life training and honing this ability are able trigger a magic-induced transformation that pushes both the wizard and Djinn's powers to a whole new level, unlocking their dormant powers in order to drastically increase their powers to unimaginable new levels. Not only are all of their original abilities increased and improved upon exponentially, but they are both bestowed brand new abilities that dwarf their originals, powers that they could never obtain naturally. In this state, the Djinn's form and appearance changes drastically in order to better compensate for the immense energy obtained through the entire process. While in this form, the Djinn's magic powers evolve in ways that create whole new variations to their spells, creating new and more advanced ways to use them while improving their capabilities to unprecedented heights of efficiency.

This ability basically allows them to adapt and evolve beyond the natural limits placed on them by nature itself, pushing and breaking the magical boundaries inside themselves in order to become a being at the pinnacle their magical development, effectively transforming them into more magically perfect being. The powers gained in this form vastly surpass anything they could ever achieve through natural means or anything beyond that level, effectively outmatching their previous form in every possible way imaginable, specifically in terms of magic energy and physical prowess. While fighting in this in this form, their power is quite capable of dwarfing most opponent face in continuous battle, upgrading them into more powerful physical changes and enhancements. In conventional use, wizards who can achieve this ability have been known to only achieve a single form, often requiring an immense level of experience and personal growth in order to activate. These forms are often simply labeled as Stages, with each one of them heightening their abilities dozen of times over.

Djinn Fusion


Djinn Fusion (ジン融合(ジンの精神が引き継ぎます), Jin yūgō; lit. "Magic Fusion of the Wish Granter") is an incredibly unique form of magic enhancement made exclusive solely to Djinn Slayers; As it's physical vessel and spirit holder, the user has access to his Djinn's massive magic reserves, said to possesses a base magic power level that is rendered nearly infite in size; with their tutelage, users can learn to access this magic with their help and take it by force, thus enabling them to forma special form a symbiotic relationship with with the Djinn that resides inside them, only taking enough in order to heal and replenish their strength. Djinns tend to give magic to their masters without them even knowing about it, either to simply to protect the user and, by extension, themselves, or to give them the extra boost needed to emerge victorious. In addition to the magic reserves, a user also gains certain abilities unique to the Djinn inside them; like all Djinns, each has a particular element or ability hey can control and dominate in any way fathomable. As such, a wizard can further increases the power and the overall scope of their abilities by absorbing key aspect of their Djinn's persona and body, allowing it to manifest itself in the real world, thus inducing a unique transformation. As a duel relationship existing between them, each user has the potential to control their Djinn's power, requiring several years of training to do so and a deep level of understanding between them; sheer willpower and a powerful sense of spiritual synchronization is needed in order to properly wield it, commanding the divine power to obey their every whim. However, by drawing out too much of his energy, some aspects of Djinn's personality and psyche will fuse along with theirs, leaving a residual after effect that often causes them to change minorly. With the utmost highest level of control and mastery over it, it can bestow a wizard a greater degree of abilities they can combine with their primary way of combat, and deal even greater damage than they could ever do by themselves. This is primarily manifested in their ability to strike and attack ethereal beings such as ghosts, angels, demons, Gods, and wizards using elemental intangibility. As an advanced  Djinn technique, the level of discipline and magic energy needed to use is horrifically large, as it is a powered-up states that a experienced users can attain when possessing an expert level mastery over this magic art; while int his state, it amplifies every aspect of their powers in all categories applicable to the individual. When a Djinn Magic user enters this ability, they effectively turn effectively adopt the characteristics of their Djinn, from altering the shape, form, and magic composition, they are made to look and embody the physical body that the Djinn once had before being transformed into a spirit.

As the final, most powerful state one can attain using this magic, it gives the user the power said to encompass that of a full-blooded divine Djinn: the power to grant wishes. A powered-up state only achievable by the master-level user's, Djinn Fusion monstrously increase every category of physical ability and magic prowess to a level unmatched by other types of magic, even superseding that of Dragon Force and other enhancement techniques made available to most Slayer Arts. While fused with their Djinn, a wizard can greatly enhance their base skills and abilities to the point of ascending past their initial limits and overall boundaries placed on them, to the point of affecting their magic and physical capabilities as well, granting them evolved spell casting that causes all of their previous attacks to adapt new shapes and forms. Accessing this transformation is the highest achievement anyone is able to accomplish with this magic, and in return, makes them a force of unbridled destruction and creation, causing them to possesses enhanced strength, greater durability to negate damage from a greater range of spells to the point of rendering them null and void; by fusing with a Djinn, a being of immeasurable power, there become very few feats one can accomplish while like this, from moving a speed faster than lightning bolts, decimating entire landscape with single attacks, to completely annihilating entire beings on the scale ranging from humans to demons with a single blow, disintegrating hem through the simple momentum and speed produced by waving a single hand toward their direction. The prowess and exact scope of their newfound abilities is phenomenally greater than anything they could produce individually, going so far as to transforming basic actions (hand waving, kicks, knife-hand gestures) into weapons of mass destruction, literally sowing a violent tantrum of endless destruction wherever they go and however stands in their way; regardless of it's source, be it physical or weapon-based, any attack they throw is going to deal such catastrophic damage even if it is blocked. With the amount of force backing each punch and kick produced while in Djinn Fusion, the shock-wave and impact alone would undoubtedly bypass an opponent's defenses and do equal damage no matter how strong, durable, magically-enhanced or seemingly impenetrable their defense is. This means that blocking alone is equally as useless as trying to outmatch them in terms of brawns, the act of trying to resist a punch coming from the user's Djinn-infused muscles would result in a broken arm or worse: leave them fatally injured and near death in critical condition. Magic arts such as Illusion Magic or Sealing Magic that deals with hindering or disrupting the natural conditions of the user's body are next to useless while fused, as two beings fused together are easily able to wake the other up from any outside influence or binding techniques designed to restrain them.

While in Djinn Fusion, what were once considered dangerous scenarios or situations that would result in immediate death or severe injuries are now unable to affect them in the same way, such as stab wounds delivered by even the fiercest of swords, merely gripping it in order to stop it and shattering it in the same instant, this can be applied to even God-Class (神クラス, Kami Kurasu) weapons such as the Archenemy (不倶戴天, Fugutaiten) owned by Kagura Mikazuchi, a sword said, when unsheathed, is capable of causing a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions, ripping apart everything it comes into contact with; in the face of Djinn Fusion, the wizard themselves are living calamities, and as such, can easily match blow-for-blow with these kinds of weapons without so much as having to fear for their lives when colliding with a weapon of this caliber, negating their so called "cataclysm" by simply exerting their own power to impede them to do so. This is mainly due to the sever increase to their natural sense of durability and resistance toward injuries that they are susceptible to receiving in the heat of battle, negating what would traditionally be life-threatening injuries and attacks by simply shrugging them off without having to divert their attention from what they are doing. Aside from simple strength and resistance, speed is another factor that plays in this entire equation; so long as this fusion is active, the base velocity they can travel is exponentially increased the point of rivaling even Lightning Magic, allowing them to surpass wizards using enhancement spells to augment themselves or increase their capacity to move. Incredibly enough, the amount of time needed to reach terminal velocity is nearly instantaneous, meaning that wizards can immediately travel at super sonic speeds without having to exert much effort on their part, simply dashing in the form of afterimages that are several steps ahead of their opponent, rendering them incapable of processing anything they are doing during the entire endeavor. Additionally, the speed combined they produce by pushing themselves forward, enables them to immediately burst from any location at explosively high speeds resembling that of a a rocket or bullet traveling through the air at immeasurable speeds. This propulsion normally uses a significant level of magic and muscle endurance to accomplish; with a Djinn fusion however, these requirements can be ignored, thus enabling one to augment the speed in which they can move, taking it so far as giving them the capacity to travel through the air and the ability to elevate themselves off the floor in a similar fashion to Wind Magic, without the disadvantage of time restrictions and delicacy. When like this, they are able to perform quick dash maneuvers in which they can slide along the ground without any sense of friction or obstruction stopping their movements, swiftly able to dodge complex attacks without exerting to much force on their muscles. The speed in which they can move ranges between users, with most of them showing a base speed of around 1,200 mph, performing a burst of speed that allows them to move at a capacity so fast, they can create dozens of afterimages, giving them the appearance of having teleported. Able to maneuver at the high speeds with such accuracy and delicacy, their every footstep does not cause any shock or disturbance to the surface they step on. This technique is commonly used to dodge projectiles, move behind enemies, show off speed, get away from a fight, etc. When they want to change direction in the middle of an action, they are capable of performing short "dashes" in mid-air, allowing increased speed and even changing direction in mid-flight, alternating in between directions even at impossible angles or degrees.

And when going on the attack, they can utilize the pressure of the propulsion as an offensive means to release powerful bursts of focused energy contained inside any physical attack they unleash while traveling at high speed. This can release massive bursts of air or be refined into a powerful compressed attack containing a dangerous level of momentum in which they can punch their way through any form of matter in their way. The user can also use the propulsion to boost physical attacks such as punches and kicks to the point of shattering bones and solid steel with a single swing, using their speed to push their attacks through whatever material they make contact with once. This enhanced form of combat has their fist exert a physical strike of greater power than they could ever produce while running; while exerting explosive bursts of speed, their blows become infinitely stronger. This ability to successfully navigate at blinding speeds is primarily thanks to their natural heightened sense of awareness in regards to everything happening around them through the use of reflexes and instinct, aiding them in the entire endeavor as it allows them to process information at a faster rate. With the start-up power gain received, the magical aura produced acts in the force of an enhanced Barrier Magic with the capacity to act in the same way as Dispel or Nullification Magic, negating the overall force and damage the attack possess when said attack heads their way, coming their way the moment it makes contact with the surface of their body. While activated, the overall maximum size and volume of magic their originally had is pushed to even greater extents, enabling for higher use of magic reserves to cast large-scale attacks.

While the users have fused themselves with a their Djinn, their physical attributes with that of the creature or power become merged together, effectively allowing them to mimic the physiology of a genie in human form. The complete acceptance and reliability of the contained power is sometimes required to initiate the ability itself. The ending result is inevitably being the user becoming many times more powerful and achieving enormous levels of energy, surpassing anything achievable by ordinary humans. Users will gain the biological characteristics belonging to their spirit companion being engraved on their bodies, and will also gain weapons to use adjacent to the Djinn's nature and traits; after it is done, it adds said beings' powers and skills to their own, establishing their foothold as the dominant force in their relationship. The resulting merged beings are typically known as either fusions or Gestalt Form (ゲシュタルトフォーム, Geshutaruto Fōmu), defined as "an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts." The does not simply fuse physically, but also merges both of their souls together into either one single soul or vessel. The user becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc, from being fused, unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers, gaining new or enhanced powers that transcends beyond their natural limits. When in a transformed state, users can exchange with or relinquish control of their body or even emulate a fused personality that gives them heightened sense of awareness that is no longer limited to their own conscious mind. Users of this ability are able to transform into a state in which their powers are increased, delivering a wider variety of enhancements as well as new abilities which are mostly gained the moment the fusion is activated, making it nearly impossible to interrupt or stop once done. In some cases, one can acquire the evolution abilities, maximum versions of their powers, entering a state of higher end ascension that is vastly beyond their normal form, that greatly increases the user's power by gaining new abilities and have the previous ones strengthened to a higher echelon of power.

While in this form, the user possesses an evolved variation of existing powers, allowing them to concentrate/focus the effects of their powers, allowing them to control their magic which would normally be directed towards their target. The power itself is capable of being channeled and focused and not merely the energy inside the power, but every possible application it has, transforming even the most simplest of attacks into fatal blows with the capacity to deal life-threatening damage. The user of this power can focus their energies to any part of their bodies or objects to perform attacks, techniques or spells (magical energy) with an altered twist to it, making normal attacks such as punches and kicks into monumental devastating blows with the capacity to one-shot weaker foes into nothingness. The user can compress their powers into their own body or weapon, rather than letting it flow freely and spread out. This concentrates all the power into a more focused point, greatly amplifying all their attributes and utilization efficiency. The user can also release all the compressed power in multiple powerful shots of melee attacks, inevitable annihilating everything and anything in their path. Users can not only develop new abilities, but even push them beyond their limits by creating new and more advanced ways to use them, improving their capabilities to unprecedented heights of power and efficiency. Freezing abilities could be applied to space-time itself, burning abilities could consume anything without a trace, summoning abilities could permanently enslave any kind of entity, absorbing abilities could steal the powers of godly beings, and more generally any ability could be perfected and amplified way beyond its normal limits. Users could even combine learned abilities to create superior hybrid ones after the fusion is active, thus giving birth to advanced variations and modifications of pre-existing special attacks/techniques using various means, such as charging more power into the technique to boost it's natural lethality. This is done by giving the user the power to amplify the energy they posses, increasing the quantity of its destructive power immensely to the point of giving even God Slayer Magic a run for it's money. The user can enhance the powers of themselves so that they can reach high level mastery and control that can instantaneously go beyond their limits alone. This power can also protect the user against any and/or all ailments that hinders them as well as accelerate their bodies healing process to gain a regenerative healing factor. The user can even apply more than one/all enhancements at the same time, affecting them in both powers, physical and spiritual nature.

When activated, the user can completely recharge refill their used-up abilities after they have been exhausted, completely restoring them to the point that they first started using them, such as transforming a singular-use spell into a recycled resource. The user can enhance, augment, increase and multiply the overall damage of their attacks to several degrees higher than it originally possessed. The user can enhance the physical capabilities of themselves so that they can reach high level mastery and control instantaneously, even reach a level of power that is usually beyond their limits alone, easily giving them the strength to man-handle even the transformed Etherious and most other beasts like Wyverns without actually exerting any real effort into doing so. The user can cause powers of thesmelves to be not limited to a number of times of usage or increase the cooldown time for when using powers, which makes it easy to use the same power for the user. Among other effects, this is accredited to the great number of buffs one receives while using this technique, generically used to describe a positive status effect that affects mainly player or enemy statistics in any RPG:

  • Increase the movement speed of the user.
  • Increase the attack speed of the user.
  • Increase the health points of the user.
  • Increase user's perception.
  • Increase user's physical defense.
  • Heal the user over time for a period of time.
  • Boost the damage output of the user.

While the opposite can be said about debuffs, effects that may negatively impact a player character or a non-player character in some way other than reducing their hit points and frequently lower attributes, hinder the effectiveness of the target's actions, or cause damage over time; wizards under the direct effect of this fusion become more resistant to magic arts that impact or manipulate the status or properties of both their body and magic, commonly found in Arc of Time, Alchemy, etc. The user can decrease and reduce the damage they take, making them harder to defeat or destroy. Additionally, the user can stack any/all different effects, powers and abilities on themselves, either to increase their overall effectiveness or grant entirely new powers from the stacked effect that this ability naturally gives, fusing it with other enhancement abilities. Unlike common wizards, this augmentation can actually enable the user to actually stack the power or effect itself instead of merely doubling its power, this power can increase all parameters of any ability, power or effect such as range, strength, penetration, radius, targeting, duration, etc. The user can enhance any specific set of their physical defenses depending on the situation their in or simply increase them altogether, granting enhanced immunity from ailments and/or diseases/poisons to oneself, thanks to gaining access of physical power from an outside supernatural source that is directly linked to that of their own Djinn. The user also has the ability to grant enhanced speed and agility to oneself, allowing the user to gain access of physical speed that's unnatural compared to that of ordinary humans. Since both the Djinn and user both use a separate set of magic, this ability allows the user to switch from one ability to another, usually seen in the shift from one power to another. In some cases the users have inherent abilities which can be drastically different from one another and can easily shift from one to the next. The user can merge two or more powers to create new abilities, as well as different combinations. As a result of it's use, the user possesses unbelievably massive reserves of life energy, which leads to great amount of life energy that acts as a reliable power source that aids their longevity, power, stamina, and vitality, allowing to withstand and survive the even most strenuous and life threatening circumstances. User can generate their own energy instead of always depending on the energy around them. The energy produced can be utilized for a number of uses such as enhancing their own physical or mental attributes to superhuman level or above.

Additionally, the Djinn's primary ability and magic arts used by the user are elevated to extraordinary levels when the fusion is is enacted

Partial Fusion

A partial Djinn fusion taking over half of the user's body.

By moderately synchronizing their Djinn's magic powers and spirit into their own body, a wizard can create a metaphysical construct of a Djinn's body in the material world using both their own magic and that of the Djinn, merging them together while their body serves as a medium to gain corporeal properties. A partial fusion 'actualizes' the innate power and magic style of a Djinn and allows the vessel to manifest essentially as magical power in the physical form. The new body they are given are composed entirely of their combined magic energies swirled into a singular form and being so, there is still pieces of the two entities separate due to it being a, incomplete, partial fusion. As a fusion of such monumental proportions, a wizard in this state can render most all forms of conventional weaponry useless, as there is no matter or sufficient types of spells or weapon types capable of successfully interacting with them, since the unique properties of their body easily makes conventional firepower unresponsive to their half-Djinn body. While the Djinn spirit can be molded into the user' own body, their exact attributes depend solely upon the spirit's body - or identity, meaning that depending on their original shape or form, their body will adopt the qualities they originally had. Depending on its ego, the Djinn can be molded by the host into any shape or form the wizard desires, enabling the direct display of its abilities to protect the them, such as generating weapons, fabricating armor, or producing new magic arts in the process. While the exact design of a Djinn Fusion depends entirely on the Djinn' true form, a wizard's imagination on the exact shape it will take is also important, as it is used as the medium which best symbolizes the their fighting abilities, such as wizard using a katana, or a gunner using firearms, etc. In regards to strength and integrity, a fusion's durability is proportionate the amount of magic charged, as well as the wizard's level of concentration. Another factor that plays into a successful fusion is the level of understanding, connection, and synchronization that exists between the vessel and the Djinn, the greater the level the longer it will last. It is important for the wizard to keep in mind that although this is a Djinn Fusion, it is still incomplete, meaning that the full range of their true abilities is rather limited, signifying that an unstable fusion that is half complete can only last less than half the proportionate time length it would normally have against summon who has the capacity to use a full body fusion.

The relative mass and form a Djinn Fusion has remains constant, magic is only consumed when the "body" of the fused being is compromised, such as in the form of damage, injuries, and physical struggle that compromises the stability of their fusion. At this juncture, the fusion is charged with the proportionate amount of magic necessary to maintain its integrity, depending on the degree of damage sustained. If an the user absorbs enough damage, it breaks and dissolves along with all magic used in its creation. Therefore, a wizard must consider how much magic energy to charge into their fusion with during each engagement prior before the activating it. The size and shape of a wizard's fusion has the capacity to often change their form in order to adopt to the changes in a situation; this could be attributed to the mental imagery the user uses to envision the form, size and ability of their fusion. A partial fusion tends to be used by those who are less experienced and are unable to achieve a full body fusion, still giving them an incredibly significant power boost nonetheless — masters of Djinn Magic tend to purposefully use a partial fusion in order increase their overall abilities without actually going all out, demonstrating an even greater of disciple by achieving such a feat. The user can partially transform their body, either by transforming certain parts of their body independently of the rest of it or into a "half-state" between two forms. In the case of those who can use a full body fusion, this is largely due to increased control over the transformation.

Complete Fusion

A full body Djinn fusion.

Considered the very highest pinnacle of mastery one is ever able to achieve when using Djinn Magic; when the user is capable of successfully fully merging themselves in both body and soul with their companion, the user is able to ascend/evolve/transcend their condition, powers and abilities to the highest level, allowing them to obtain unparalleled might, becoming an unstoppable force. The user also gains access to the ultimate level of power that is capable of transcending the boundaries of their own species. Most importantly, Djinn Fusion can achieved by those who possess full mastery of their own powers or ones with the utmost potential in the use of Djinn Magic. The user is able to push their hidden strength within themselves and amplify it, gaining much untold power due to their incredibly strong force of will. Users will be able to bypass all limitations they've possessed on their offensive and defensive capabilities along with their overall abilities, increasing them to the fullest extent, whether it be from the heart, mind, soul, etc. The user can transform their bodies or weapons into their true forms if sealed, restrained, or just not activated, unlocking their dormant power in order to drastically increase their regular power. In comparison to an incomplete partial fusion, it doesn't even hold a candle to the sheer power and volume of magic energy the user is capable of producing at this stage.


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