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Salamance (セーラマンス seeramansu): Is one of the most powerful Celestial Spirits and one of the rare Black Gate Key Spirits, his key that opens his gate is the Gate of the Apocalypse for he is know as the Apocalyptic Dragon. He is currently in the possession of a young girl name Kana Hime as her most powerful spirit in her possession.


Salamance is a tall, muscular humanoid dragon with long black hair and pure white eyes. His face covered by his scales that appears as a crown almost like a mask. He has a dark grey beard.

His body is covered with red and grey scales that spikes at the sides of his arms and legs. He has razor sharp claws on his hands and feet. on his hands his scales appears as a type of gauntlets with a golden plate on the back of the hands. He has huge wings capable for flying and a long razor sharp tail with the end of it being a sharp blade.


Salamence is a serious and aggressive spirit, he only cares about fighting challenging opponents, he cares little about the destruction he causes or what happens to his Celestial Wizard. He has a huge pride over his great power and feels he is to powerful for his key to be in the hands of a child like Kana Hime so he ignores any orders given to him by her. If he is summoned to fight opponents he feels are to weak for him he refuses to fight and will just go right back to the Celestial Spirit World despite his users wishes.


Magic and Abilities

Fire Magic:

Enhance Durability: With his scales Salamence can easily withstand attacks with hardly a scratch. He can block a kick from a powerful wizard with his arm and not feel a thing. His wings can also be used as shields to protect him from attacks he thinks are powerful but his wings are not as strong as his body when it comes to defense, the damage caused to his wings will prevent him from flying for a shot amount of time due to the pain.

Enhance Strength:

Flight: With the help of his wings Salamence is capable of flying into the air at great speed however with his pride to battle he will not use it to trick his opponent or to evade them in battle. His wings can be used as shields to protect him from powerful attacks but the pain will prevent him from flying for a short amount of time.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant:

Keen Intellect:

Night Vision:

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