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Tropes Pertaining to the Draco Family in general.


Badass Family: They are a family of independent mages, mages & mercenaries with a variety of magic to use. All of them have a great amount of magical energy and are know to always complete their jobs.

Big Screwed-Up Family:

Family Business: Is hireling, because they are Mercenaries.

Family Honor:

Famous Ancestor: They have Susanoo D. Draco as their ancestor, he did participate in the Dragon Civil War 400 years ago and is presumably the first Draco.

Fantastic Fighting Style: When doing missions of hireling, each member will have a fighting style based around something, if it is a mission, they won't hesitate to kill. Shan runs really fast and hits his opponents with limb-shattering open-palm blows. Daisuke with enhanced-fast blows, though he also uses weapons such as pistols. Dante prefer to finish everything in one blow using his shadows to hit vital spots in his enemies. Hendou delivers fast bone-shattering punches and kicks. Ayase prefers to use her legs to attack and block blows. Lucian uses all of his body in combat, but for quick fights he prefers to sever off his enemies' heads. Jake mostly uses his pipe for painful blows, although he also uses his hands in the form of a phoenix's claw to break bones. Like his older brother, Damon uses his entire body in combat with bone-shattering blows and also cutting blows.



Tangled Family Tree:

The Clan: They are almost a clan due to the amount of active members.

The Family That Slays Together: They mostly do missions together.

The Hillarious Table:

Three Sucessful Generations:


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