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"I, who is about to awaken, am the Heavenly Dragon who...."
— The traditional beginning of the chant that activates Draconic Sovereign.
Draconic Sovereign
Draconic Sovereign



Dorakonikku Soburin


Alternative Mode

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Dragon Slayer Magic

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Ley Lines


Dragon Slayers (First & Third Generation)

Draconic Sovereign (神殺竜(ドラコニック・ソブリン), Dorakonikku Soburin; lit. "God-Killing Dragon") is a Dragon Slayer ability used by Dragon Slayers who possess a Dragon Seed within their body that allows them to briefly access the true power of a Dragon, being classified as an evolution of Dragon Force.



  • Dragon Seed can play a part within invoking this form.
  • Ley lines would also fit with invoking this form, specifically as a catalyst to progressing a "Controlled Dragonification".


  • For First Generation Dragon Slayers (初代滅竜, Shodai Metsuryū), those who have been taught their Magic by an actual Dragon, to gain access to Draconic Sovereign, they must form a miniature magic brand upon their body, which is forged for the sole purpose of containing the blood of their dragon parent. When the user goes to activate Draconic Sovereign, they will first consume a large amount of their element, as to activate Dragon Force, at which their magical aura flares up and into the magic brand, causing Draconic Sovereign to activate immediately.
  • For Third Generation Dragon Slayers (三代滅竜, Sandai Metsuryū), those who have not only been taught by a Dragon but also have Dragon Lacrima implanted into their body, in order to manifest Draconic Sovereign, they must achieve Dragon Force and Drive simultaneously, causing the magic uprise to be channeled into their blood, causing the transformation to initiate.


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