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Kanji 翼族の幻獣(ドラゴン)
Rōmaji Doragon
Additional Information
Primary Ability Magic
Dragon Scales
Dragon Slayer Magic (Hyperresonance)
Gekirin (Outrage Mode)
Transformation (Compact Regression, Dragon Promotion)
Dragonar Mode
Located in Earth Land

Dragons (翼族の幻獣(ドラゴン), Doragon lit. Cryptid of a Wingedkind) are extremely powerful and flight-capable legendary creatures that are a strange mixture between serpentine, reptilian and avian traits that live in Earth Land; their origins being a complete mystery. Despite their rather beast-esque appearances, dragons are known to be extremely intelligent and are capable of speech, written language, and understanding other forms of tongues. While in the manga's timeline, Dragons are extinct, leaving the species to be remembered as little more than a myth, in the Sun Trilogy timeline, after the Dragon Civil War, most dragons went their separate ways and scattered across the globe, some dragons regularly resurfacing to interact with other races and fight when necessary, but mostly, they keep to themselves. Chronologically, the Dragon of Dragons is the very first dragon and their leader as well as the strongest of dragonkind.

According to records hosted in the Magic Council, "D. R. A. G. O. N" (DRAGON, Doragon) is an acronym for Destroying Replica Aggressor Ginormous OrgaNism; though it should be noted that Alexis Tenjouin, the one who wrote said records, isn't terribly bright despite being the head of the council; though she claims that the "destroying replica" part refers to their uncanny ability to kill their own kind through their special magic. The overwhelming vitality and power of dragon is instinctively understood by all the other species, and as such, they are referred to as an "embodiment of power" (力の具現, ryoku no gugen).

Biology and Traits

Dragons are peculiar creatures; typically, they're a strange mixture between serpentine, reptilian and avian traits; their sizes range from large dragons that exceed a total length of one hundred metres to smaller dragons that are roughly fifteen to twenty metres long. They can be said to be a mythological representation of a reptile. In antiquity, dragons were mostly envisaged as serpents, but they always seem to resemble a lizard that have countless rigid plates that grow out of their skin to provide protection, as well as a an exceptionally powerful toothy maw, the fangs of which are able to tear all sorts of alloys in twain. All dragons consistently possess at least a pair of lizard-type legs so they're usually classified as a bipedal, but in many cases, especially for Western Dragons, dragons have two pairs of legs, causing them to be classified as a quadruped. Lastly, alongside a tail of variable length, more often than not, a dragon possesses enormous bat-like wings growing from its back with a highly variable wingspan; with a single flap of these wings, a dragon is able to ascend to the skies, achieving flight at astounding velocities. Indeed, as one may have guessed, dragons are extremely varied in appearance; though one thing remains the same—they all have reptilian traits. Various Dragons come in different colours; from crimson (Igneel and Atlas Flame) to white (Grandeeney and Weisslogia) to black (Acnologia and Skiadrum). However, it is well known and documented that many dragons are capable of utilizing Transformation in order to alter their form to suit the environment. Although they may seem to have male or female-like traits such as reproductive organs or personalities and sometimes refer to themselves with male or female pronouns, with those who know them following suit, dragons are said to be a sexless race - yet they can still produce offspring through laying eggs, it seems.

A dragon's vocal cords are referred to as Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai) which are known to produce a much louder sound than regular human vocal cords- they also give a dragon outstanding lung capacity and amplify any sound and vibrations that a speaker is the cause of. Due to the volume of a dragon's voice thanks to the Dragon Cords, it gives off the appearance that they are constantly shouting- which is the basis of the hyperresonance technique; which is more commonly known as the Dragon's Roar - the hyperresonance brings power of any and all forms into shouts. Dragons are extremely intelligent; they are able to speak the language of humans which is usually rendered as English or Japanese, but in human language, most dragons seem almost uncomfortable with the dialect, as many of them speak short, direct sentences with rough grammar- some even referr to themselves in third person; however, the official language of dragonkind is referred to as Dragontongue (竜語, Ryūgō), the script of the dragontongue is quite similar to cuneiform; and to an outsider, dragontongue sounds similar to gibberish and made-up sounds- then again, what language doesn't? But even so, dragontongue is quite difficult to learn as one would be required to forget everything about language and learn it from the ground up in order to fully comprehend the weight and true meaning of the words spoken. Because the dragons are capable of speech, they can thus impart upon them their knowledge, as well as communicate with them. Some, however, do not seem to be happy with making contact with humans, who they consider to be inferior, and ignore altogether. Some Dragons even think of humans as one of their food source.

Dragons are said to be the embodiment of ultimate power, seemingly the mysteries of the arcane manifested within the mortal plane - and as such, they are revered and feared by all who know of their existence, even though they have seemingly been run to extinction during the olden times of four centuries ago. It can be said that as magic is amplified significantly by the thoughts and feelings of those who are capable of utilizing it, Dragons are so enormously powerful because of their immense amounts of dedication towards a single task- for those who disliked humanity and simply wished for carnage, it was the thrill of the fight; and for Dragons who wished to coexist alongside humanity, it was to fight until that equality was reached. It was perhaps because of this that the Dragon Civil War was one of the bloodiest battles in the history of Earth Land, resulting in the remaining Dragons forming Magna Carta with humanity, agreeing to watch over them as they create the future. Known for their fierce temperaments, Dragons can lose their shit at damn near anything that proves to get in the way of these magical reptiles living their lives however they please- and of course, doing so is a grave mistake. Their physical might compared to a natural disaster, which is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of Earth Land, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes, to the point that they can be classified as corporal entity with god-like abilities, causing reality warping disasters, as they create, change, destroy, and even alter the very fabric of reality with every motion in the heat of combat.

In part due to their amazing power, a Dragon's Magic Origin is drastically different than any other race's; it is referred to as the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, a magician's body could be considered a machine which created magical energy, a Dragon's magic origin acts as living power plant which created magical energy, serving the purpose of an enormous magic core with tremendous capacity that generates all sorts of elemental energy that's independent from their body through the simple act of breathing. Because of this power, each Dragon has a unique biological structure; as their blood works with their unique Magic Origin to manifest an element of choice at birth; and this allows their blood to grant them lungs capable of spewing elemental energy, scales that grant protection against elemental energy, and nails covered in elemental energy; this is the very origin of Dragon Slayer Magic; and dragons are extremely powerful creatures, so powerful, in fact, that this "power that kills dragons" had to be downgraded and bestowed upon humanity to combat rogue dragons during the Dragon Civil War. To anything that isn't a dragon or a Dragon Slayer, however, the blood of a dragon is known to be highly poisonous, which also extends to their breath, saliva, or some such (not to be confused with the actual Poison Dragon Slayer Magic). Often, this will kill the one who slew them after they kill it. However, in some cases, if a fighter is able to endure the poisonous properties of the dragon's blood, it grants special powers such as invincibility. The Factor of the Dragon, alongside their status as "power embodied", allows a dragon to tap into the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power that only dragons and Dragon Slayers are capable of harnessing.

Their scales are so strong that, aside from Dragon Slayer Magic, seemingly no other form of Magic or Curse can pierce through them; these scales also provide incredible resistance to the arcane while instilling an effect that's similar to super armour, allowing a dragon to negate the kinetic and supernatural energy of a number of strikes thrown their way before any of their attacks get interrupted and they take damage from the opponent's actions by the dragon scales reducing the kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move from its stillness to zero, nullifying the motion and thus the force of the blow while breaking apart the combination between magical energy and eternano into their constituting elements, rendering them harmless - however, a dragon also receives double the damage from powers that specifically target dragons; such as the attacks of Dragon Slayers and legendary weapons which were said to have slain dragons such as Gram, which was the sword that Sigurd used to kill the dragon Fafnir in Norse Mythology. This conceived notion does not, however, apply to the Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon, who were unaffected by both regular and Dragon Slayer Magic; and of course, dragons can also be wounded by their fellow Dragons; while as their name would make one assume, a God would be stronger than a dragon, but seeing as a a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic slew a god in a single punch, it's unclear who's more powerful, especially considering the dubiousness of that god's divine status. In addition to these weaknesses, Soul Armours, fighters empowered by fighting spirit, and the Zero Effect can trash them like nobody's business; the reason for which is because they are "OOParts", things that were never meant to enter Earth Land, and such the laws of physics don't apply to them.

There are known to be two distinct cultural traditions of Dragons; one for the eastern part of Earth Land that's occupied by a very large peninsula called Ishgar (大陸(イシュガル), Ishugaru lit. Continent) which is surrounded by scattered isles of differing sizes, and another for Alakitasia (西の大陸(アラキタシア), Arakitashia lit. Western Continent), the western part of Earth Land which is much more monolithic compared to Ishgar, with few islands. The two categories are Western Dragons (洋龍, Yōryū), which are the most common type as represented by a large, fire-breathing, scaly, horned, lizard-like creature as stereotyped in all sorts of myths; the creature also has leathery, bat-like wings, four legs, and a long, muscular prehensile tail, and Eastern Dragons (東龍, Tōryū), which are known to be ever-so-slightly rarer in comparison. Western Dragons are gigantic lizard-esque creatures which are bipedal, normally possess a single set of leathery wings protruding from their backs, and have a long tail that can be utilized as a fifth limb for all sorts of purposes. While Western Dragons are known to be normally associated with fire, which they often breathe as an attack and are generally exceptionally powerful close-range combatants, on the other side of the spectrum, Eastern Dragons are more serpentine in bodily structure, with a long, slim form that has four legs and no wings- they seem to float through some sort of magical energy manipulation, symbolizing potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods and serving as a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. Western Dragons seem to rely on brute force as a sharp contrast to the finesse of Eastern Dragons. Eastern dragons have a place in the Eastern Zodiac, come from different traditions and as such aren't technically the same dragon as their Western counterparts; the people from Alakitasia who encountered stories and images of Ishgar's ryū and Serpens' lóng sprung on the similarities to the Western dragon and couldn't think of anything better to call them; but in a happy coincidence, both Western and Eastern dragons consider themselves the same thing.

Within these two categories of Eastern Dragons and Western Dragons, there are almost countless other subspecies which also exist. In most, if not all cases, a dragon's colour is indicative of their personal element- as Igneel and Atlas Flame have shown the ability to use Fire Dragon Slayer Magic (presumably in the case of the latter, but fire/flame = tomato/toemaetoe); though this can be mixed up a bit as both white dragons displayed the power to utilize Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and White Dragon Slayer Magic for Grandeeney and Weisslogia, respectively. As such, a dragon's subspecies is named to correspond to a specific element that represent the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances - each of the four elements and thus their dragon represents one of the four fundamental states of matter, with fire representing plasma, water representing liquid, earth representing solid, and air representing gas- even further, these four elements have draconic representation in the Fire Dragons (火竜, Karyū), Water Dragons (水竜, Suiryū), Earth Dragons (土竜, Doryū), and Sky Dragons (天竜, Tenryū) respectively, though many other elements exist- it is said that there are as many types of element dragons as there are elements that a Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of displaying.

Alongside the main Eastern and Western Dragons, they are a variety of draconic subspecies, which is either a taxonomic rank subordinate to species, or a taxonomic unit in that rank. A subspecies cannot be recognized independently: a species will either be recognized as having no subspecies at all or at least two (including any that are extinct). For one, there are Miniature Dragons (小型ドラゴン, Kogata Doragon), which are small Dragons of questionable intelligence that originate from the abdomen of the Dragon Motherglare. They lack eyes, do not have discernible teeth (rather, their bodies appear to be made of metallic scales, which run along the "gums" of their mouth in the form of jagged edges), are bipedal instead of quadrupedal; they additionally lack wings, however their claws are extremely sharp. Additionally, other subspecies includes Wyverns (飛竜(ワイバーン), Waibān lit. Flying Dragons), which are exceedingly large and ferocious draconian creatures that are considerably weaker than "true" dragons, typically residing in areas that have a temperate climate, such as forests, and there are also white, herbivorous wyverns that reside in areas that have a cold climate known as Blizzardverns. Lastly, there are such things as Wyrmborgs (人工機竜(ウィルムボーグ), Uirumubōgu lit. Manmade Machine Dragon), unique hybrids between dragonkind and the Machias, which are a species of organic metal beings that are the "jewels" hewn from the Magic Council's Manmade Dragon Project (人工竜・プロジェクト, Jinkōryū Purojekuto), which, as the title of the plan would ever-so-subtly indicate, was an experiment in the hopes of creating dragons once more.

There are also Gem Dragons (宝石竜, Hōsekiryū), a special type of dragon whose element involves rare minerals, which are a naturally occurring substance which is represented by a chemical formula that is usually solid and inorganic and has a crystal structure, more specifically crystals, which are a solid material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, which are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions; their bodies are rather crystalline and have all sorts of jewels embedded within them- they are related to the Earthen Dragons; the Gem Dragons came about when the Earthen Dragons' elements came into contact with natural gemstones when they were absorbing the earth. Some Gem Dragons are also known to be skilled smiths of any and all types of item forging, and they are also known for harvesting Lacrima for numerous uses from Aer Springs which shoot from the earth in Infinity Mountain, sometimes also called the "Gem Special Crop." A few Gem Dragons, notably the Ruby Dragon Volvagia, have been shown to be interested in archaeology. Finally, there are Dark Dragons (闇竜, Anryū), which, as their classification indicates, are dragons who are more attuned to dark instincts and powers such as the Black Arts and Curses than any other dragon- they could be considered the dragon equivalent of Dark Magicians more or less. Many Dark Dragons are known to be aggressive and territorial, much moreso than other dragons, with the Dark Dragons attacking anything that isn't their own kind, and even then, Dark Dragons are known to pick a fight with their own kind if something about the offender irks them. Due to the violence of clan, most of the Dark Dragons have made brutal adaptations in order to stay alive, although some are merely exceedingly mischievous. Despite their title, none of the Dark Dragons are predominantly black in texture. A single Black Dragon (黒竜, Kokuryū) is born into the tribe every four hundred years; they are destined by their rules to become their king. On this note, if a human who was taught Dragon Slayer Magic undergoes the process known as dragonification through slaying enough dragons with ill intentions, then there is a big chance that they will transform into a Dark Dragon, as shown by the greatest villain of the Dragon Civil War.


Dragon Hellion, Yaldabaoth.

The precise origin of dragonkind is unknown, though before their official appearance, the entire concept of dragonkind seems to have the steps of its creation retraced to a single source - the Dragon Hellion, Yaldabaoth (憑魔龍型・自己宇宙序曲(ドラゴン・ヘリオン・ヤルダバオト), Doragon Herion, Yarudabaoto lit. Possessing Evil Dragon-Type, Egocentric Cosmic Prelude), the "magnum opus" of Devius, being a supreme Hellion that was a mish-mash of organic and synthetic, reinforced by Joachim Edelweiss' nanomachine technology to serve as a failsafe in case Signa were to break from Devius' control, Yaldabaoth created to mimic the power of Signa. Although it was believed by Joachim that the "god-killing dragon" he was developing was tackle the Hellion threat once and for all, Devius revealed his true colours to Joachim and from there corrupted the Yaldabaoth Program with negativity, transforming the program into the Dragon Hellion. They are believed to be one of the side-effect of the Old World undergoing the Universal Reboot, with incomprehensible amounts of despair and hope in said dimension seeping out and affecting Earth Land as well as the other two dimensions; hope and despair combined seemingly resulted in the "Beginning of Magic", where Magic came into being on Earth Land through the opposing emotions from the Old World contacting the dormant Ley lines, resulting in an enormous surge of magical energy that washed over the world that induced a rapid evolution of the animal kingdom, blending their Deoxyribonucleic acids with that of the despair energy created by the Hellions, specifically that of Yaldabaoth, to mutate their existences into that of dragonkind.

However, that's simply one interpretation of their origin story. Because of the way that dragonkind was created, they are specifically attuned to the flow of space and time itself. Originally, they were indigenous to the continent of Serpens (サーペンズ, Sāpenzu), a small peninsula about the size of Magnolia Town, where they laid low for several millennia until eight hundred years before Daybreak, as they slowly rose to prominence, the first dragon, Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur (無限光龍神・アッシュール, Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru), the Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God); met up with the rest of her brethren, with all of dragon-kind going about their business however they pleased; Ashur was elected to be the Dragon King due to her absolutely incredible combat prowess and her element- she was capable of defeating the then-entirety of dragonkind rather easily. Once she had claimed supremacy, Ashur elected seven other dragons to serve as her most trusted subordinates- namely, the Five Elemental Dragons, the Black Dragon Níðhöggr, and the Gemstone Dragon Ambrosius. Ashur gave each one of them a position of leadership above other dragons of their kind, with each Elemental Dragon having power over dragons who had a similar element to theirs, Níðhöggr ruling Dark Dragons, and Ambrosius being the leader of the Gem Dragons.

However, one day, an Emerald Dragon happened upon several humans. Instead of doing anything about it, surprised, he flew back to the pack, informing the others. As the other dragon learnt of the existence of other sentient life, a debate broke out amongst themselves. Ashur advocated that dragonkind should attempt to establish peaceful relations with mankind, hoping to achieve an equal existence despite the vast differences between the two races in almost every way. The Elemental Dragons took Ashur's side, whereas Níðhöggr and his faction wanted to exterminate them, seeing humans as a threat to their superiority. Ambrosius remained a neutral party, though he had his doubts about humanity. Ashur and Níðhöggr argued for days on end, as for the very first time, the two could not come to an agreement; with two factions forming between dragonkind, leading to a civil war. Discreetly, Níðhöggr's evil aura seeped into the mind of Ambrosius, transforming him into a corrupted state that took Níðhöggr's side of exterminating humanity. During the end of the civil war and the lead-up to the Human-Dragon War, Ashur and the Elemental Dragons confronted Níðhöggr, with Ashur attempting to reason with her friend one last time. As Ashur let her guard down, the Elemental Dragons were wounded in a sneak attack by Ambrosius in his corrupted state- Ashur attempted to retaliate, turning her back on Níðhöggr for the briefest of moments. Ambrosius and Níðhöggr then attacked the Dragon of Dragons with their Dragon's Roars, before Níðhöggr seemingly finished her off with Absolute Darkness Exaflare, forcing her to utilize Compact Regression to hide her identity moments before the crash into the forest; suffering so much damage that she contracted amnesia.

With that done, Níðhöggr forcibly conscripted the Dragon of Dragons' allies into his anti-human faction, forcing them to serve as soldiers for his conquest of everything that stood before him, which he dubbed the Dragon King Festival (竜王の祭, Ryūō no Matsuri). Some humans were taught magic by the Dragons who escaped; and these certain humans became known as a warrior known as a Dragon Slayer (滅竜魔法使い(ドラゴン・スレイヤー), Doragon Sureiyā lit. Dragon Destroying Magician). With his army, Níðhöggr razed numerous cities, at one point single-handedly burning the continent of Bosco to the ground, killing untold amounts of people. Disgusted with his actions, several dragons defected to the side of humanity and began to teach them how to kill their own kind- however, Níðhöggr simply slaughtered anyone that came into conflict with him, even his former comrades. At this point, it became apparent that all he wanted to do was either wipe everything out, or rule no matter the cost. Three years after that, two ordinary humans, Rosa Dimaggio and Mr. E, lost their families at the hands of dragons during the Human-Dragon War; while Rosa and E were ever-so-coincidentally sent to the same orphanage. While E was scared of everything going on and just wanted to get away from the war, Rosa was angry at the world, and to that extent, she searched high and low for a dragon to take her anger out on. Who she met was the Shining Courage Dragon, Valerious, who took her in, expressing regret at what had happened to the child. Over time, Valerious taught Rosa everything that he knew while modifying her Magic Origin to enable her to become a user of White Dragon Slayer Magic. However, the life of the dragon ended in tragedy during Níðhöggr's attack on him, as he was struck by Níðhöggr's Black Megaflare. With his dying breaths, Valerious wished for Rosa to not try and fight the Black Dragon. E presumably went through a similar process, as when the two met up once more several years later, he had access to Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Rosa and E began to use their new powers without any restraint, letting the power of a Dragon Slayer to go to their heads; massacring friend and foe alike, bathing in their blood as they turned into Dragons themselves; Rosa became Berserk Light Dragon Indra, and E became the Tyrant Dragon Vritra; collectively, the two were known as the Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon (陰陽の双龍王, Inyō no Sōryūō). While he heard of the Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon, two Dragon Slayers who had become dragons themselves from murdering every dragon they could, Níðhöggr did not see them as a threat, continuing his conquest.

Near the end of the war, believing that nothing could possibly challenge him, The Unbreakable Dark decided to attempt to travel to other dimensions, hoping to find a satisfying conquest there as he had destroyed ninety percent of Earth Land by that point. However, his evil ambitions were wounded when a mysterious man appeared before him, warning him that if he continued to kill innocents, then the man would crush him like the ant he was. Scoffing at this, Níðhöggr attempted to blast the man with his Black Megaflare...only for it to have no affect- the man, using an odd belt, had transformed into a white and gold winged armoured figure- he had become a Soul Armour Knight. Brutally and efficiently, the man, Elucifer Mercury, followed through on his word, destroying the Dragon King with his Dimension King Style: Whirlwind Spinning Kick after a swift battle that was solely in Elucifer's favour. After that, Dragons quickly became a mere myth as when Hellions arrived on Earth Land and attempted to devour their souls, the dragons then fled; though numerous dragons who were pro-human decided to mingle amongst humans with the help of Compact Regression, allowing them to take upon human form and live their dream of harmony with mankind.

Unique Classifications

The Dragons are divided into many different classes. There are the normal Dragons, the Five Elemental Dragons, Dark Dragons, and Gem Dragons, who are above the normal Dragons, Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon, who are above the Five Elemental Dragons, and the elusive Dragon of Dragons, who is commonly speculated to be a mere myth.

Dragon of Dragons

The Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God), also known as the Dragon God (龍神, Ryūshin) and the First of the Dragons (始祖竜, Shisoryū), is a class that solely belongs to the hypothetical True Dragon King, the supposed most powerful of all dragons. The Dragon of Dragons is a dragon who is said to have once united the entire Dragon race, leading them to become the community they once were before the Human-Dragon War. However, as the dragons began to resort to in-fighting, the Dragon of Dragons was seemingly killed or it vanished, their whereabouts unknown even to this day; though some claim that the Dragon of Dragons was simply a myth all along. The remnants of dragonkind, even now, wait for their rightful king to return, still hoping that they will reappear and save them from extinction. While virtually nothing is known about this dragon's powers, or even if it actually existed, but alongside its normal element, it could harness the power of the the Ouranoforce (時空力(オーラノフォス), Ōranofōsu lit. Time-Space Power), a strange magic which seemed to allow it to manipulate time and space in regards to the properties of its own attacks. The sign of the Dragon of Dragons was the Shining Trapezohedron (究極戦刃王竜剣(シャイニング・トラペゾヘドロン), Shainingu Torapezohedoron lit. Ultimate-Battle-Blade-Dragon-King-Sword); an extremely powerful sword that represents ultimate authority, so it was not a weapon that can be swung by an average dragon. The Shining Trapezohedron was said to have the power to manifest a door to subspace from which there was no return, consigning the opponent to oblivion through it. Finally, it is said that it had access to a Dragonar Mode level beyond Dragoacension referred to as Beyond the Dragoascension (極龍神化・最態(ビヨンド・ザ・ラゴアセンション), Biyondo Za Doragoasenshon lit. Apotheosized Ultimate Dragon: Final State).

As a side note, an unofficial title for another phenomenally powerful member of dragonkind exists - the Genesis Omega Dragon (G・O・D(ジェネシス・オメガ・ドラゴン), Jeneshisu Omega Doragon) is the name of a dragon who has transcended all limits and become an existence that's supposedly equivalent to the Dragon of Dragons; the title is gained upon a dragon absorbing another form of Dragon Slayer Magic that's the polar opposite of their own in terms of properties and element yet equal in power, while both magics being the best of the best, forming a special Dual-Element Dragon Mode that's beyond all others. Only two dragons are known to have achieved the moniker; the first holder of the title was in Daybreak, where the Black Dragon, Níðhöggr, whose clone, Níðhöggr Replicant had hoped to assimilate the Photon Dragon Slayer Magic into his Black Dragon Slayer Magic to gain dominance over yin and yang by taking it from Charlotte Merquise, the daughter of Ashur, but instead, Rosa Dimaggio was absorbed due to the latter pushing the former out of the way, combining her Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic with his own dark energy element to produce an incomplete final state that was referred to as Hopeless Aurageyser Mode. While Hopeless Aurageyser Mode was inconceivably powerful, Níðhöggr putting most members of the Tsuruko Faction as well as the Magic Council on the ropes, the Hopeless Aurageyer Mode was a pale imitation of the power of the Dragon of Dragons, with Tsuruko Sejren managing to slay Níðhöggr with her Victorize Dragon Kick. Later on, in the Ragnarok Arc of Fairy Tail: Dawn, Mr. E managed to absorb the Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic of his old friend and fuse it with his Solar Dragon Slayer Magic to produce a dual-mode that was alignment of the dual cosmic forces that govern the flow of the universe, embodied in a Dragon Slayer Magic and integrated within his very existence, resulting in the release of power beyond one's wildest imagination - this was his Beyond the Dragoascension, Beyond the Dragoascension: Exculpate Cosmologia, though he was later slain by Chakravartin, the Exalted One of Edolas.

The author also confirms that the Dragon of Dragons would be slightly below the level of power of an Exalt if this mysterious dragon were to appear within Daybreak.

Dragon King

The term Dragon King (龍王, Ryūō), by itself with no further prefix, refers to a Dragon with powers that rival Magius; and are considered to be the two strongest Dragons of all time. There are technically two categories of Dragon Kings, with one referring to natural-born Dragons who have defeated the rest of their type and are considered to be an existence similar to the Dragon of Dragons. The other type of Dragon King refers to Dragon Slayers who have bathed in the blood of dragonkind, transforming their bodies into that of dragons themselves and generally posing a threat to all types of dragons and slayers.

The Dragonlord (龍皇, Ryūkō) is the term used by dragonkind to designate their current leader- it is a dragon who can beat-down the entire pack, no matter the type or elemental advantage. The Dragonlord, as a title, is different than the Dragon of Dragons, who is the very first dragon. The holder of the title of Dragonlord has changed quite a bit, with an unknown dragon holding the title before their defeat at the hands of the Black Dragon Níðhöggr (黒龍・ニーズヘッグ, Kokuryū Nīzuheggu) of the Dark Dragon tribe, who has been regarded as the Dragonlord in general in the annals of history.

Vritra and Indra, sun and moon, an eternal cycle.

The Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon (陰陽の双龍王, Inyō no Sōryūō) were originally not Dragons, however, but rather, humans who obtained the ability to kill dragons from dragonkind through the power of Dragon Slayer Magic and let that power go to their heads, massacring friend and foe alike, bathing in their blood as they turned into Dragons themselves. The Two Dragon Kings are the strongest of the strong; through their killing sprees, they had obtained absolute dominance over their elements and can easily control those elements generated by other dragons; their forms of Dragon Slayer Magic are considered an oddity among other forms in that they are not taught per-se, but rather, they were obtained through a one-in-a-million phenomena known as Dragonic Resonance, where their elements interacted with the immeasurable might of Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, the so-called strongest form of Dragon Slayer Magic harnessed by the Dragon of Dragons to transform their standard elements into powers that embody the power of the sun and the moon, resulting in their Dragon Slayer Magics possessing much more strength and versatility than other, more ordinary elements as they wield the full might of the star at the center of the solar system and one of the largest natural satellites in the solar system respectively.

The Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon are known as Berserk Light Dragon, Indra (荒れ光竜・インドラ, Arekōryū Indora), wielding Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic and Tyrant Dragon Vritra (覇龍・ヴリトラ, Haryū Vritora), wielding Solar Dragon Slayer Magic, old friends whom had both lost everything dear to them during the Dragon Civil War, causing them to become embittered and angry at the world, seeking revenge against the winged cryptids who turned their lives upside down. After the Dragon-Human War, the whereabouts of the Twin Dragon Kings were unknown, however, they had recently resurfaced, having utilized Compact Regression to become Rosa Dimaggio and Mr. E respectively. For some reason, the two seem to be against one another as of current, forming an eternal cycle of revenge that will supposedly exist as long as they are able to influence the quartet of dimensions and gather more pawns to play their little "game", with Mr. E taking up manipulating the Independent Guild known as Akatsuki in order to fulfill his agenda of revolutionizing the world, and Rosa Dimaggio leading the Zodiac Knights, a group of Hellions in order to snuff out Mr. E while knocking down any authority figures that would impede her progress. Jason LaHote and Tsuruko Sejren seem to suffer the most from their schemes, strung along by Mr. E and Rosa respectively, though the latter has managed to cause Rosa to have a slight change a heart through their genuine friendship.

The powers of Solar Dragon Slayer Magic and Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic do not only respectively embody the sun and the moon, but they can be said to be an apotheosis of what's known as the shield and spear paradox, a contradiction that's a form of the omnipotence paradox, which is a simple demonstration that challenges omnipotence: "Can God create a stone so heavy that even God is not strong enough to lift it?" The shield and spear paradox is essentially what occurs when an immovable object meets an irresistible force, resulting in the effect coming up because it rests on two incompatible premises: that there can exist simultaneously such things as irresistible forces and immovable objects. Following the philosophical book, Han Feizi, where a man was attempting to sell a spear and shield, and when asked about the quality of both, he answered that the former could pierce any shield and the latter could defend against all spear attacks; yet, he did not have an answer as to what would happen if the two were to collide. The "paradox" is flawed because if there exists an irresistible force, it follows logically that there cannot be any such thing as an immovable object and vice versa – this represents that Vritra and Indra will always be in conflict until the cycle of revenge is broken by an outside force greater than irresistible and immovable.

As an Immovable Shield, Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic has defensive and supplementary properties beyond anything else that could be considered a supernatural power yet does not break the laws of the arcane, providing healing greater than the most skilled of Healing Magic wielders and protective capabilities that effortlessly surpass the likes of Fairy Sphere, defending the caster against anything with no exceptions, whereas on the other side of the equation, being an Irresistible Spear, Solar Dragon Slayer Magic's offensive properties transcend the notions of "attack" and "offense" to result in a force that can annihilate anything that the user wishes using a power that ever-so-naturally surpasses the likes of Fairy Law, with no proper way to protect oneself against it as the speed of the magic exceeds anything else. The two celestial-embodying powers that were forged to slay dragonkind properly countering each other, it's said that if met on the battlefield, the sun and the moon colliding would result in an apocalypse; even further, if the Berserk Light Dragon or the Tyrant Dragon were to obtain the power of their counterpart and combine the might of the sun and the moon inside of their bodies in a Dual-Element Dragon Mode, it would give birth to an immeasurably vast power that's akin to the creation of the universe, the big bang.

As a whole, the Dragon Kings are the Sun Trilogy equivalent to Acnologia, with the Dragonlord inheriting its appearance and powers more or less, and the Twin Dragon Kings of the Sun and the Moon inheriting its origin story.

Five Elemental Dragons

The Five Elemental Dragons (五大龍, Godairyū) are five powerful dragons who are still around to this day; their loyalty is to the Dragon of Dragons and nobody else. They represent a fivefold conceptual scheme known as the Wu Xing (五行, Wǔ Xíng) system of elements, which are the five types of chi dominating at different times, a fivefold conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs, and from the succession of political regimes to the properties of medicinal drugs. As their title blatantly says, they are dragons who command the five major elements in philosophy, specifically Fire Dragon Slayer Magic for Fire Dragon King Bahamut, Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic for Earth Dragon King Typhon, Wood Dragon Slayer Magic for Wood Dragon King, Wawel, Water Dragon Slayer Magic for Water Dragon King, La Sirene, and lastly, Iron Dragon Slayer Magic for Metal Dragon King, Fafnir, controlling these elements and their various side-effects to their utmost limit, with no equal. The Five Elemental Dragons survived the Dragon Civil War because they were friends with the first dragon who called for peace, placing their hopes in their friend before it all came crashing down. After the war, the Five Elemental Dragons decided to travel around the world, helping those in need and teaching their dragon-killing powers to those they deemed worthy.

As per author's words, each of the Five Elemental Dragons is the Sun Trilogy counterpart of one of the dragons as seen in the manga's timeline in terms of personality; Bahamut is more or less Igneel, Fafnir is Metalicana, Wawel is Grandeeney, Typhon is Skiadrum, and La Sirene is Weisslogia; however, in terms of abilities, only Bahamut/Igneel and Fafnir/Metalicana match up.

Every year they meet up to play poker.

Gem Dragons

The Gem Dragons (宝石竜, Hōsekiryū) are a draconic subspecies. Just as their name indicates, the Gem Dragons are a special type of dragon whose element involves rare gemstones whose element involves rare minerals, which are a naturally occurring substance which is represented by a chemical formula that is usually solid and inorganic and has a crystal structure, more specifically crystals, which are a solid material whose constituents, such as atoms, molecules or ions, which are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions; their bodies are rather crystalline and have all sorts of jewels embedded within them- they are related to the Earthen Dragons; the Gem Dragons came about when the Earthen Dragons' elements came into contact with natural gemstones when they were absorbing the earth. The Gem Dragons live in a close-knit community within their the Infinity Mountain in Draconia, led previously by Gemstone Dragon Ambrosius (珠玉竜・アンブロジウス, Shugyokuryū Anburojiusu) before the Human-Dragon War, and previously by Eternal Spire Dragon, Fafnir (不先塔竜・ファヴニール, Fusentōryū Favunīru) after the former's self-imposed exile - however, after Fafnir departed to Serpens and served as the Guardian Dragon of the Dragunity Knights before teaching Elraine Ardygun his particular form of Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic in his dying moments, the Gem Dragons have no leader. Generally, the Gem Dragons are very close and respectful to others of their own kind, and often refer to each other as family, welcoming outsiders with open arms. The Gem Dragons are known to be pacifists by nature, refusing to fight despite their powers- the reason for which is because during the Human-Dragon War, the Gem Dragons, under the lead of a corrupted Ambrosius, committed various atrocities, which shocked a majority of them, leading to the majority defecting and helping the Elemental Dragons fight the Dark Dragons and their own leader. At the end of the war, Ambrosius came to his senses, exiling himself in shame as Fafnir stood up to take leadership and responsibility, signing a non-aggression pact. Some Gem Dragons are also known to be skilled smiths, and they are also known for harvesting Lacrima for numerous uses from Aer Springs which shoot from the earth in Infinity Mountain, sometimes also called the "Gem Special Crop." A few Gem Dragons, notably the Ruby Dragon Volvagia, have been shown to be interested in archaeology.

Dark Dragons

The Dark Dragons (闇竜, Anryū) are a draconic subspecies. As their classification indicates, the Dark Dragons are dragons who are more attuned to dark instincts and powers such as the Black Arts and Curses than any other dragon- they could be considered the dragon equivalent of Dark Magicians more or less; they can be considered to be less members of dragonkind but more the likes of Demons whom have taken upon the form of dragons. Said to be the most vicious and brutal of all subspecies of dragons, Dark Dragons are known to consider non-dragons to be weak minded for the most part, and they have an incredible hatred of other races, especially humanity, with their mindset towards anything smaller than them seeing everything below them as being merely a food source for them. Many Dark Dragons are known to be aggressive and territorial, much moreso than other dragons, with the Dark Dragons attacking anything that isn't their own kind, and even then, Dark Dragons are known to pick a fight with their own kind if something about the offender irks them. Due to the violence of clan, most of the Dark Dragons have made brutal adaptations in order to stay alive and are generally feared by all races due to their incredible power and savage behaviour, although some are merely exceedingly mischievous or don't even want to attack others, as seen with Kyrie Ingvalt's foster parent, Blood Dragon King, Shiva. Despite their classification and their utilization of elements such as Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic, Darkness Dragon Slayer Magic Blood Dragon Slayer Magic, and many more, none of the Dark Dragons are predominantly black in texture. A single Black Dragon is born into the tribe every four hundred years; they are destined by their rules to become their king- and as such, the Dark Dragons answered to Black Dragon Níðhöggr (黒龍・ニーズヘッグ, Kokuryū Nīzuheggu) during the Human-Dragon War, and Black Dragon Beelze (黒龍・ベエルゼ, Kokuryū Beeruze) in the present. Generally, the Dark Dragons are a somewhat reclusive species that do not take well to outsiders on their territory, which constitutes the whole desert area of Draconia; though not without a leader aside from the Black Dragon, they've constantly been depicted as uneducated brutes by the other members of dragonkind. The Dark Dragons appreciate talent when they see it and do accept non-Dark Dragons among their ranks if they manage to prove themselves, however.


The Dragon-blooded (竜血, Ryūketsu) refers to the offspring of a union between any other humanoid race and dragon; they are also called a dragon-human (竜人, Ryūjin). They are a subspecies of dragon that is, well, it's fairly obvious how it happened. In any case, a dragon-blooded human is born when a humanoid from another race and a dragon who utilized Compact Regression mate; the resulting offspring generally possess the same enhanced physical power and abilities, developing their abilities far more easily than normal humans. However, it is unclear if these hybrids possess a naturally greater potential than their full-blooded parents. Charlotte Merquise has shown at least equal power to her mother, the Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur; and Alice is said to be as strong as her mother, Leviathan. However, Charlotte is nearly equal to Tsuruko Sejren in power (and to be fair, Ashur is the strongest dragon of all), and Alipheese Terrisra LaHote is a hybrid between a Heavenly Saint Esper and a Dragon, which would naturally make her extremely powerful.

Powers and Abilities

Magical Abilities

A Dragon of the element of light surging their Magical Aura.

Masterful Magical Energy Control: Dragons, as a whole, as the embodiment of "ultimate power", are shown to possess a natural affinity for utilizing both magical energies and eternano in any way that they deem it to be suitable - as long as they are capable of imagining it being done, effectively, the sky is the limit, with their arcane skill resembling the likes of Arc of Embodiment or considered akin to reality warping, a supposedly almighty power that allows the user to create, change, destroy, and even alter the very fabric of reality through nothing but their thoughts. The raw arcane power output of a dragon is truly immense, bordering on being a living a tactical nuclear device to the point that a dragon entering the battlefield in a war prompts a signal for everyone, friend and foe, to get the hell out of dodge. Their Magic Origin is completely different than that of any other races'; indeed, it is referred to as the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, a magician's body could be considered a machine which created magical energy, a Dragon's magic origin acts as a factory which created magical energy. It functions as an enormous magic core with tremendous capacity that generates energy independent from their body simply through breathing, and as such, a dragon has an easier time collecting stray eternano in environments with higher concentrations of it such as the area where a vicious battle between others has progressed; thanks to their method of creation, a dragon is said to be in-tune with the essence of magic itself, through their eyes, magic is simply an extension of their willpower. Their body stores energy actively within their soul as an energy pattern that is linked to their body's Factor of the Dragon. This energy powers most of the dragon's magical abilities, giving them an enormous boost in her magical capacity over other races. Because of the Factor of the Dragon, to a dragon there is no difference between simple eternano and their own magical energy as a source of power. They are capable of bringing out the power of their own magic-enhanced attacks to the utmost maximum as well as stunt their enemy's own magical prowess with naught but thoughts. They are capable of drawing in ambient eternano from the atmosphere, and instead of absorbing it into their magical origin, a dragon is able to manipulate the eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that the dragon wishes; enabling them to harness their magical power more efficiently and utilize it in a variety of different ways; all of which incorporate the focusing of magic power into certain areas in order to achieve numerous and highly varied effects such as increased attack, defense, and speed, or feeding extra eternano into attacks to give them an enormous boost in power. Even when worn-out in battle, a dragon can continue fighting effectively while still using their magic to their fullest extent; being a juggernaut who, most of the time, is unable to be impeded unless it is via the strongest opponents. The pressure released by their magical energies like a bottomless well from which their energy springs- it never seems to run out, and theoretically, they could fight for extremely long periods of time without rest; it is so great it can be felt from a great distance and it has the tendency to make people perspire in fear, regarded as immeasurable, that any individual that tries to sense the depths of their power will only find themselves lost in its vastness. A dragon's eternano prowess functions as a defense against all kinds of illusions, including Illusion Magic, due to their sheer mastery over it, making them all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications; and even then, they are capable of shrugging them off effortlessly. In the case of the strongest dragons, their mastery over the arcane results in them possessing complete immunity to the likes of Memory Control and other manipulation-type magics, including Dragon Supremacy Magic, a non-existent magic that allows the user to dominate the will of a Dragon, effectively making them their subordinate.

  • Ley Line Connection (竜脈・連結共鳴(レイ・ライン・コネクション), Rei Rain Konekushon lit. Dragon's Vein Connection Resonance): Ley Line Connection is an uncategorized "spell" of sorts that's permanently activated but can be turned on and off in accordance to the user's willpower - it's an ability that's exclusive to Dragons and Dragon Slayers, allowing the fighter to tap into the alignments of places of significance in the geography or culture of an area, often including man-made structures known as the leylines, the conduits of supernatural energy that surround the planet. As existences that were born from the dormant leylines reacting with the opposing emotions from the Old World and the resultant surge of power, the dragons and their kin are capable of accessing the Ley lines (竜脈(レイ・ライン), Rei Rain lit. Dragon's Vein), a virtually untapped, raw source of magical power that has filtered through the depths of the earth for years on end- they are alignments between places of magical power; normally, only Dragons and Dragon Slayers can tap into them to gain extra powers whenever they wish, but other beings with immense quantities of magical energies such as the Magnus Magus are able to replicate this feat. The ley lines are in the older sense, ancient, straight trackways in the landscape, or in the newer sense, spiritual and mystical alignments of land forms. Through tapping into the ley lines, the dragon is capable of bending the mystic forces of the world to their will, altering the landscape and climate in accordance to their thoughts and feelings, controlling the environment through the process of terraforming, which is the hypothetical process of deliberately changing the environment of an entire planet, moon, or asteroid to an entirely new environment which the caster deems to be more suitable in regards to the situation at hand in a manner not dissimilar to Universe One, with the dragon's movements and actions allowing them to remake surrounding areas however they see fit, modifying the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology of a world to be similar to the biosphere of Earth or other habitable worlds, in order to make it habitable to other species. The effects produced by their connection to the Ley lines forcibly alters the geography and environment of the lands deliberately through Ley line manipulation vary from creating new paths, drying up rivers to create more terrain, freezing enemies or reducing the movement of those stuck on the ground and increasing the movements of those who are airborne- at it strongest form, by utilizing their power, the caster is capable of terraforming an entire mountain range and causing lava to erupt forth from beneath the earth, which, of course, can melt damn near everything that it comes into contact with. By manipulating the very geography of the ground itself, the user of the Ley lines can alter the landscape by compressing the land, while given the ability to purposely send certain things or people to certain locations, and in a similar manner to Terrain Effect Magic, the caster is able to change any type of terrain to any other type, for example turn a mountain into a sea, desert to jungle, hill into a lake, etc, shaping the environment in accordance to their imagination as if they were utilizing Molding Magic. Areas that can be manipulated by Ley line manipulation are highlighted by glowing orbs of various colours on the battlefield; these orbs are only visible to dragonkind.

Dragon Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法, Metsuryū Mahō): Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and last but not least, a Slayer Magic that allows its users to transform the physiology of their body into those of a dragon. A Dragon, as mentioned above, is to be the embodiment of ultimate power- and as such, they are revered and feared by all who know of their existence. More importantly, as "ultimate power made physical", they would need an "ultimate magic" to suit their very nature as power manifested in the mortal plane of existence; something that would be far above most magicians in the era that they made their mark on mankind. They could be thought of as "Elemental Magic made manifest", though while a personification of the strongest power imaginable; the chains known as a "mortal body" do not hinder their performance in battle in the slightest- in fact, their mortality and physical form allow them to utilize their unique Magic Origin alongside the perks that their biology normally gives them; their biological structure has been perfectly attuned to how their Factor of the Dragon functions; more specifically, since with every breath, a dragon generates energy independent from their body simply through breathing; which, through application of magical manipulation, grants them the ability to reinforce the sheer power of their own body with their signature element; generating limitless quantities of their element with an absolute dominance over said element, bestowing upon the wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic fearsome power in the heat of combat.

As a result of the magic's mechanics, the dragon can transform their body with features of their respective element, utilizing both offensive and defensive styles, resulting in lungs capable of spewing elemental energy, scales that grant protection against elemental energy, and nails covered in elemental energy; effectively giving them the ability to use their element in any manner that they wish alongside their bodies in combat, transforming their very form into a make-shift weapon unique to themselves, thus greatly increasing the damage of their blows in all ranges- though close-combat is where Dragon Slayer Magic usually shines thanks to the overwhelming physical might of a dragon. Going even further than this, a dragon is capable of incorporating the activation sequence of Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic into their form of Dragon Slayer Magic, integrating their element into their very existence, absorbing their element into their flesh and fusing it with their body as to undergo a full-body transformation into said element; such as the Fire Dragon King transforming into a mass of flame using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; they can change their physiology into their element either partly, or completely. Doing so offers the user of Dragon Slayer Magic something akin to nigh-invulnerability, as they can be damaged in almost any way imaginable such as being shattered, split into numerous pieces or dissipated - but as long as the user of Dragon Slayer Magic is in their elemental form, they are capable of reforming their bodies without injury with physical-based attacks simply passing through their corporal form.

As per the might of Dragon Slayer Magic, a wielder can control their respective elements that are not generated from their own Magic Origin, but are already preexisting within the environment; this is achieved through intense mental focus and the mere act of having the element that's brought into existence through their magic wash over the preexisting source, causing the affected area to have its coding modified to obey the will of the caster, thus bolstering their already incredible power to higher and more versatile levels. A good example of this is how a user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, if geared towards offense like its Gale Dragon Slayer Magic subspecies, is able to shift the atmospheric air in order to suffocate their opponents. However, a user of Dragon Slayer Magic is incapable of manipulating a preexisting element if it is in another one of the four fundamental states of matter that overlaps with an alternate Dragon Slayer Magic, such as a Fire Dragon Slayer Magic being incapable of manipulating heat, the energy that spontaneously passes between a system and its surroundings in some way other than through work or the transfer of matter if a wielder of Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic or Gehenna Dragon Slayer Magic is controlling it. A dragon with Dragon Slayer Magic is also capable of invoking the Dragon Soul Seal in order to conceal their soul and Magic Power inside the body of their foster children, which preserves their life force as well as provides antibodies for the Dragon Slayer to prevent the process of Dragonification.

Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the element formed through simple magical manipulation- the colour, properties (not limited to but including heat, smell, and taste), and "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to the user's own personality and ambitions; their "type" can be changed at will, and they can even be given a material consistency; they are capable of utilizing the element in any way they wish, whether for offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary techniques- as long as they can imagine it being doable, then the sky is the limit, more or less. As per the nature of Slayer Magic, a Dragon Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength, both stamina-wise and magic-wise. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies - a Dragon Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves - it should be taken into consideration that Dragon Slayer Magic also bestows upon the wielder immunity to effects related to their elements as well. For example, a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is unaffected by various temperatures as their body heat is constantly regulated thanks to their magic. While all elements manifested from Dragon Slayer Magic are exceptionally powerful and versatile, it's known that certain elements, such as Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Water Dragon Slayer Magic, are more suitable for supplementary purposes such as defense and healing. The title bestowed upon this magic, "Dragon Slayer Magic" makes its existence quite the oxymoron- it's a magic utilized to slay dragonkind...utilized by none other than dragonkind itself. However, it is not a title born from hypocrisy - the sheer power of a dragon enables it to wipe away an entire continent in the blink of an eye, leaving naught but sadness and ruin as the dust settles- it is partly because of this immense power that humanity feared and revered these draconian beings. Thus, it was well known that their power was leaps and bounds above any other kind- and no other kind of power existed in this world- that only a dragon could defeat another dragon; a classic case of "takes one to kill one", hence the name of "Dragon Slayer Magic". As the dragons are known as the stone from which Dragon Slayer Magic was hewn, a dragon is capable of accessing all subspecies abilities as well as spells associated with Dragon Slayer Magic, only attuned to their personal element, with the power of their particular form of Dragon Slayer Magic being as powerful as a Dragon Slayer when Dragon Force is invoked at the very least - indeed, certain dragons are said to have their Dragon Slayer Magics classified as weapons of mass destruction, raining down naught but absolute ruin upon the lands.

  • A Dragon of the element of light charging up their Lumen Erga.

    Hyperresonance (竜鯨波(ハイパーレゾナンス), Haipārezonansu lit. Dragon Battle Cry): Hyperresonance, more commonly known as Dragon's Roar (龍の咆哮, Ryū no Hōkō) when utilized by a Dragon or Dragon Slayer, is the ultimate proof of a Dragon; while Dragon Slayers can utilize a Dragon's Roar without knowledge of dragontongue, it is well-known that with mastery of the language of dragonkind, it can do much more than "shoot an elemental blast from the mouth". When utilizing hyperresonance, the user, no matter they be Dragon, Dragon Slayer, or a member of the Dragunity Knights, utilize their attribute of being in touch with their own magical power and their tremendous lung capacity in order to induce the Elemental Consumption Method (要素消式, Yōsoshōshiki); which, as the name would ever so subtly indicate, allows them to consume elemental energies through their mouths to replenish magical power, become stronger, and restore their stamina; this is only made possible due to a dragon-influenced being's tremendous lung capacity, which enables them to devour things that would be hazardous to any other race. This allows them to gather and condense ambient eternano from within the atmosphere and store it momentarily within their mouth- from here, the user attunes the eternano gathered by merging them with their energy in order to induce the usual fusion to being power into the current realm; for Dragons and Dragon Slayers, this allows them to transform the magical energy produced into their own element which varies from user to user. Once this is done, in order to unleash the magical energy, the user utilizes the Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai), a dragon's equivalent of vocal cords which produce a louder and harsher sound while amplifying anything emitted from their mouth tremendously, resulting in a massive blast of energy spewing forth from their mouth towards the target; the properties of each blast can be modified as much as the user wishes, meaning that no two hyperresonance beams are the same. Thanks to their knowledge of dragontongue, Dragons are capable of utilizing their mastery over the dead language as "words of power" by vocalizing them through the hyperresonance technique in order to creature powerful magical effects which range from projecting blasts of all elemental energies like fire and ice; or just by shouting, they can unleash a sonic wave which deals immense concussive damage, sending enemies hurtling away- there are more exotic uses, such as shouting the name of a place where one wants to go, resulting in teleportation towards that area, and to reinforce their bodies. It is said that there are countless applications of the hyperresonance because of this- it is a deadly power which, by itself, can bring ruin to an entire country.

Ddraig shifting elements.

Illegal Change: Multiscale (滅竜禁内魔導・数要素代竜力形態変化(イリーガル・チェンジ・マルチスケイル), Irīgaru Chenji: Maruchisukeiru lit. Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Internalized Magic Art: Multiple Elements Dragon Power Altering Morphology): Illegal Change: Multiscale is an exceedingly rare and overwhelmingly powerful ability that's associated with certain Dragons and forms of Dragon Slayer Magic; to put it as simple as possible, Illegal Change: Multiscale allows a Dragon Slayer to shift the properties of their element in order to take upon characteristics of other elements. Illegal Change: Multiscale is sometimes referred to as the "Forbidden Move" (禁手, Kinjite) as it is indeed akin to the various fouls that a sumo wrestler might commit that will cause him to lose the bout; exceedingly dangerous to the caster yet exceptionally beneficial if managed to be pulled off just right. Illegal Change: Multiscale is something that has been highly sought after, but even so, very few are capable of obtaining such an incredible surge of strength. It is said that no two forms of Illegal Change: Multiscale are the same due to very few people who obtain this type of ability handing it down to possible successors or releasing details about it to the public. Thus, it is something that can definitely and accurately be referred to as "one in a million". In order to utilize Illegal Change: Multiscale in the first place, the user is required to concentrate; momentarily shutting out the interference of anything else that could be considered a 'distraction', and focus solely on the elemental attack in front of them; which is normally unleashed by the opponent; It should be noted that this is a 'high risk, high reward' type of power — it's both dangerous to the user and their opponent. Working through the concept of symbolism and placing a large emphasis upon scientific methods in regards to how the power that kills dragonkind is handled as a contrast to the "pure will and design" that regular usage of magic runs off of, Illegal Change: Multiscale incorporates alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics, in order to function properly, Illegal Change: Multiscale requires the Dragon Slayer to have a high level of skill in and use a transmutation-type magic (preferably Enchantment upon their element while exploring the scope and limitations of what their element is capable of achieving, not only turning to alternative forms of fiction, but searching for any meanings their element would have in different beliefs in order to transmogrify the core aspect of their power to an extent that fantasy undergoes the shift to reality; this ability can only be used by a Dragon Slayer whose physiology is similar to an organic adapter, a device that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system, but instead of allowing the Dragon Slayer's body to bond more easily with Lacrima when implanted within themselves in the vein of the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar, God Serena, the shifting of elements allows their Magic Origin to properly adjust to the switch in properties of power. Because the method of activation can effectively be referred to as a Combination Spell, which is, well, a combination between two magics, not dissimilar to that of a Unison Raid; however, it is notably somewhat weaker than a Unison Raid thanks to the user being the only magician who unleashes the spell. Indeed, Illegal Change: Multiscale is somewhat of a paradox in that it both is and isn't a Dragon Slayer Magic skill. Referred to as a bug, Illegal Change: Multiscale upsets the balance between the different elements of Dragon Slayer Magic; whereas previously, there was no "superior" form of Dragon Slayer Magic as all elements were equal, when Illegal Change: Multiscale came into the picture, certain types of Dragon Slayer Magic began to dominate all others - indeed, Illegal Change: Multiscale is known as the most powerful manifestation of all Dragon Slayer Magics and its ultimate form of a Dragon Slayer Magic. Through Illegal Change: Multiscale, the wielder is capable of shifting the properties of certain aspects of their element in order to wield more than one or two elements at once; for example, through phase transition, a user of Water Dragon Slayer Magic can transmogrify the properties of their magic into the other three states that water is able to transform into through the phase transition process, such as ice for solids, and mist for gas, resulting in the Water Dragon Slayer wielding a mimicry of Ice Dragon Slayer Magic and Mist Magic respectively; in another example, a user of Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic, since they control soil, they can also take control of anything that composes these soil particles such as sand as to mimic Sand Dragon Slayer Magic. In yet another example, through the symbolism born from the fact that every gemstone has symbolic properties and various virtues that they represent, Elraine Ardygun is capable of casting Enchantment upon the crystals manifested through her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic in order to alter their composition, inducing a shift in the properties of the minerals manifested by her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic into seven gemstones which represent the seven colours of the rainbow and symbolically possess ties with other forms of Elemental Magic which each correspond to the seven colours of the rainbow, allowing her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic to take upon the properties of other elements; though the other magics are still referred to as their composite magics for simplicity's sake - this is the Seven Colours Arts. In addition, the user is now able to transform their entire body into the shifted element, and dispel the element with ease. However, it is also not-well-known that Illegal Change: Multiscale is capable of being utilized by the user if they have a corresponding form of Elemental Magic, simply absorbing their own magical energies shifted to the element in question and undergoing the usual processes in a manner similar to Elemental Body. As such, Illegal Change: Multiscale allows Dragon Slayer Magic to function in a similar manner to Arc of Embodiment, meaning that it runs off of the ingenuity of the wielder. However, with great strengths, come great drawbacks. Utilizing Illegal Change: Multiscale is a terrifying and exhilarating experience; keeping the elemental energy in check is fairly difficult during the first manifestation it, as the different element reacts poorly to being manifested through the Dragon Slayer Magic the very first time, threatening to implode in defiance and as such they will experience an enormous drain in their magical power and stamina—the reason for this is that most of their power is used to remain in complete control of the harnessed power; however, once an alternative form of their element has been developed, it is capable of being called upon on a whim with the caster simply bringing about this alternative phenomenon through their mental commands. However, Illegal Change: Multishift is only capable of being invoked by the Dragon Slayer Magics that represent the four fundamental states of matter and any of their deriative types of Dragon Slayer Magic (such as Fire > Purgatory or Sky > Gale), with Fire Dragon Slayer Magic representing plasma, Water Dragon Slayer Magic representing liquid, Earth Dragon Slayer Magic representing solid, and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic representing gas; however, an exception to this rule is the Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic of Elraine Ardygun. As another drawback, doing so breaks the taboo of Dragon Slayer Magic, disregarding the true intentions of the style of magic that harnesses the power of the almighty dragons by removing the limits on its might - as a punishment, the wielder is deemed doomed to a gradual yet quickening form of dragonification, meaning that every time that the caster utilizes their Dragon Slayer Magic for more than ten minutes at a time, the closer they become to transforming into a dragon, losing their humanity.

Transformation (変身魔法 Henshin Mahō): Transformation is a Caster Magic that enables the user to change their appearance. While Transformation Magic is a deep and complex art, basic Transformation Magic is relatively easy for all sorts of magicians to learn. High-level magicians are known to be capable of performing this Magic easily in all of its levels. As mentioned, there are different levels of Transformation, three in total. The first level, also known as Basic Level (新米順位, Shinmai Jun'i lit. Beginner Rank), allows the Caster to change his or her outward appearance into that of another person. However, it doesn't allow the Caster to change clothes or additional features such as his or her voice. The more a Mage knows about this level, the easier it is to perform. After becoming accustomed to this level, they will often move on the next one that is known as Intermediate Level (名人順位, Meijin Jun'i lit. Expert Rank), which outside of the similarities to the basic level, grants the user the ability to not only change their outward appearance, but their clothes and voice as well. It should be noted that changing clothes with this magic is different when compared to that of Requip. Finally, the last level within Transformation is Advanced Level (妙手順位, Myōshu Jun'i lit. Master Rank), which in addition to all the previous abilities from the past levels, grants the caster the ability to acquire additional physical features such as wings or gills, and can even change size. However, in the case of a dragon, transformation is part and parcel of their incredible arcane potential and thus it could be considered a natural part of their physiology alongside their Dragon Slayer Magic, by transforming one or more of their limbs into parts of their dragon form upon chosen parts of their body at will, simply by mental command. This allows a dragon to harness a portion of their draconic body's power for countless attacks; and hitting with the tip of the manifested limb deals more damage- they can harness this property to augment their own hand-to-hand blows. The ability to transform at any time makes for a very wild and unpredictable fighting style, especially compared to the imitations known as later forms of Dragon Slayers. Many of the dragon's attacks are done by sprouting a dragon limb for an alarming boost in range, confounding anyone expecting an area of effect limited to another form; the caster often uses their reptilian tail in order to trip their opponents up, stab them, or turn into a worm-like beast, and their nails extending certain distances at high speeds to take her enemies off-guard with motions akin to Claw Magic. With Transformation, a dragon is able to form and reshape almost any part of their body into various weapons; this is done by stimulating their biological structure with their magical power; which causes their entire body to submit to the user's will; granting the user complete control over their body, allowing the dragon to turn almost any part of their body into various objects, preferably weapons or tools used for combat as to further bolster the adaptability of their fighting style. The caster usually utilizes their hair for transformation and attacking in a similar manner to Hair Magic, occasionally using their arms and feet as mentioned above; their hair capable of assuming a myriad of odd shapes, as slightly detailed below, and their hair can also bolster their flight capabilities by transforming into wings. When nothing else is within reach, a dragon can form their body or limbs into claws, blades, guns, hammers, etc. In short, their arsenal is limited only by their imagination, creating weapons to attack their enemies, generate armour to defend themselves, and many more purposes. Additionally, the dragon can alter their density to be as malleable or as hard as they deem to be suitable, and they can manipulate and alter skin, nails, fat, muscles, blood, nerves, etc., allowing their to freely alter and manipulate themselves; and they can manifest additional appendages and body-parts, remove or otherwise manipulate bodies, in visible, chemical and cellular/sub-cellular levels. This power over Transformation also extends to fully morphing their body into a humanoid form and back again, as detailed below.

  • Compact Regression (コンパクト・リグレッション, Konpakuto Riguresshon): Compact Regression is a form of Caster-type Magic unique to Dragons; after the Dragon-Human War, hundreds of dragons learnt the magic in order to intermingle with the human society. Compact Regression is a spell unique to Dragons. It allows them to save themselves in times of injury by using all their remaining magical power to transform into a humanoid form. This works as a genuine physical transformation, altering their bodies to be somewhat similar to humans, and it heals their body of wounds. Compact Regression is a permanent transformation, which would explain this spell's use as a last resort. Dragons who use Compact Regression also have their power cut quite a bit, to further adjust to their humanoid shape, as a human body cannot fully endure the power of a dragon without breaking down. Despite being a spell unique to Dragons, not every Dragon is aware of the spell, and many who are have too much pride to use it.
    • Dragon Promotion (竜変化・命還(ドラゴン・プロモーション), Doragon Promōshon lit. Dragon Metamorphosis: Life Return): Dragon Promotion is a Compact Regression spell; instead of being confined and exclusive to a single element, it can be utilized by any Dragon who had used Compact Regression to transform into a human guise. Essentially, Dragon Promotion enables the user to transform back into their draconic form. Dragon Promotion is considered to be a forbidden art amongst dragons; even though many of them wish to return to their roots, the risks involved have caused many to swear off of attempting to do so with this spell. Dragon Promotion works by the user releasing the restraints that Compact Regression forces upon them completely for a few minutes at a time, effectively dispelling it and enabling them to take upon their original form. The release of Compact Regression is only temporary, as spending too much time in their dragon form makes them a relatively easy target in this day and age, but the results are all the same- the moment that the user releases the effects of Compact Regression, they regain all of their former strength, speed, durability, and magical power, at the top of their form once more.

Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur powering up through the blood and energies of those whom she has slain.

Gekirin (降臨の逆鱗(ゲキリン), Gekirin lit. Advent of the Imperial Fury): Gekirin is a peculiar magical ability which can be accessed by any and all of dragonkind; it is the ability to become stronger through harvesting the blood of their enemies. Gekirin is perhaps the power that burnt their presences into the minds of humanity even before the Dragon Civil War - but after which, it was soon forgotten as their Dragon Slayer Magic took prominence over it. The Gekirin stems from a difference in how dragonkind was seen from two different continents- in the west, dragons were considered monsters, in the east, dragons were a god-like existence; but even so, they had a rather terrifying defect- out of the eighty-one Dragon Scales, a single scale is inverted; digging into their skin, while normally it's something that can be brushed off, if this irregular scale is so much as touched, then a dragon would immediately lose their already ferocious temper, flying into a rage which seems impossible to calm- this resulted in the dragons receiving a rather noticeable boost in power, enabling the dragon to greatly increase their own power through simply killing somebody of supernatural origin. By their own claim, they will continue to grow stronger the more that they kill, regardless of what form the life actually takes—however, it will not work if they kill humans who are not users of Slayer Magic; as the Gekirin has an aversion to the magical energy of human bodies. Interestingly, the Gekirin works in order to increase both physical and magical power—upon landing a kill, the dragon's Magic Origin, their Factor of the Dragon absorbs their victims' energy into their dragon scales, absorbing the diminishing magical power of those who they kill by breaking it down into simple eternano, allowing them to use their mastery over their magical energy to command the eternano into their Factor of the Dragon, which finds its way into their body and enhances it, increasing their physical strength while the remaining eternano will be sent into their Factor of the Dragon subconsciously, increasing the quantity and intensity of the energies produced by their Dragon Slayer Magic and draconic-related powers. Interestingly, the Gekirin will only raise the dragon's power by twice the amount for every twenty kills, as to prevent them from becoming overly powerful, but it is noted that the changes in power are permanent, with their power only rising and rising. Effectively, the Gekirin drains the life out of everything that the dragon's claws, fangs, tail, wings, and the rest of its body comes into contact with, turning living organisms into dried husks of their former selves and devastating the environment. The Gekirin will not be activated by indirect damage, such as through a projectile spell—the user is required to strike the enemy down in close-combat in order to engage it; the Gekirin is said to be capable of enabling the dragon to devour the souls of opponents that they kill. Once enough power has been gathered, an extension of Gekirin becomes available for the dragon to harness.

  • Tyrant Dragon Vritra activating his Outrage Mode through the accumulation of power from Gekirin to transform into an evolved form.

    Outrage Mode (反旗の逆鱗(アウトレイジ・モード), Autoreiji Mōdo lit. Imperial Fury of the Revolt Banner): Outrage Mode is the expansion of the Gekirin power – it is the idea of "fury empowering this already fearsome existence" taken to the extreme; it could be considered the dragon's version of Dragon Force. As the dragon slays more and more opponents who foolishly continue to attempt to oppose them in the hopes of worldwide recognition, bravery, or just plain stupidity, this scaled creature gains more and more power, with their bodies becoming soaked in the blood of their enemies while the arcane energies of their felled foes seep into their Factor of the Dragon. These energies, after a while, begin to affect the dragon's body, with the dragon absorbing more and more magical energy into their Factor of the Dragon through the inverted scale, causing an evolution that results in the dragon's appearance and attributes changing, making it significantly stronger than it was before, transforming into an expansion of their current form- a temporary evolution of sorts. Despite the extreme modifications to the dragon's bodies, their consciousness remains unchanged. After undergoing transformation, the dragon gains various additions to their form, such as armour or weaponry- or their body may just change completely to the point of being unrecognizable. A dragon can only stay in their transformed form until their energy is depleted, and if a dragon does not absorb enough magical energy needed to maintain the form, it will not be able to retain that form for long and revert to their previous form in a matter of time. However, in many cases, these transformations can be considered a part of the dragon's natural life cycle, transforming as a result of age and experience. If a dragon does not absorb enough magical energy needed to maintain the form, it will not be able to retain that form for long and revert to their previous form in a matter of time. In addition to the initial form that Outrage Mode provides, some dragons can undergo yet another transformation which further bolsters their power. Because of the Gekirin and the Outrage Mode, it was known that people would warn others to simply stay the hell away from dragons as once their rampage had ended, entire maps had to be redrawn. It's been displayed that the Gekirin power effectively shifts the dragon into an alternate form that completely alters the dragon's appearance - the appearance shift is much more than cosmetic and has a significant bearing on the difference in the dragon's capabilities from another; thus, the alternate forms differ in stats depending on their form, with some gaining new spells.After a certain time spent experimenting with their Outrage Mode, a dragon is able to shift between their normal form and their advanced form at will. The name of these two powers, Gekirin (逆鱗, Imperial Fury), can be translated to mean imperial wrath or the wrath of one's superior, and appears in the idiom 逆鱗に触れる gekirin ni fureru, which means to infuriate one's superior. Additionally, term "Reverse Scale" (逆鱗, Gekirin), usually refers to a dragon scale growing in the opposite direction in Japanese and Chinese mythology – it is one particular scale out of eighty-one scales covering the body of the dragon. This scale, unlike others, is inverted. It is said in Japanese legends that if one were to touch the dragon’s gekirin, it would result in the wrath of the dragon.

Dragonar Mode (龍騎化(ドラグナー・モード), Doragunā Mōdo lit. Dragon Knight Transformation): Dragonar Mode is an Ancient Spell exclusive to Dragons and those with dragon-blood. It enables the user to take upon an armoured form. Dragonar Mode is one of the very few powers related to Dragons that was developed after the Human-Dragon War; more specifically, as most Dragons had utilized Compact Regression to hide themselves amongst mankind, Dragonar Mode was developed in order to compensate for the drastic reduction of power while making sure that onlookers would not find out their origins as a dragon. It was hinted that Dragonar Mode was specifically developed in an attempt to mimic the overwhelming power of the Soul Armours, though Soul Armour Knights aside from the Phoenix Knight were a rare sight during those days. Even in an age without dragons due to all of them being slaughtered by the world famous unicyclist known as "Badass McPowerfist", Dragonar Mode is still around, albeit technically "lost"; as almost no Dragons are shown to activate its power in the current time, being known as a "mere myth". Dragonar Mode is also referred to as the "Strongest Dragon Transformation" (最強の龍変身, Saikyō no Ryū Henshin) though this cannot be backed up as a Dragonar Mode user has never properly fought a dragon or Dragon Slayer in any other form.

Essentially, Dragonar Mode is available to a Dragon who used Compact Regression and with the help of an outside source of power; it drags out their true form and compresses it into an armour to enable them to use their full power without transforming into an unwieldy full-body dragon form. However, it requires truly staggering amounts of energy gain, whether magical or metaphysical in nature, taking a small portion of the user's life force with every utilization of the Ancient Spell. Normal dragons are capable of activating Dragonar Mode by will, as long as they allow the form to consume a small portion of their life. However, in rare cases, it is available to a being with the blood of dragons—by raising their "fighting spirit" to its utmost limit (or something like that; the process is ill-defined), a half-dragon is capable of assuming a humanoid dragon form that bears a striking likeness to their dragon parent. However, this form is considered to be "flawed" and is only half as strong as a Dragonar Mode induced by a full-blooded dragon. However, this form is extremely taxing to the point that it can only last five minutes initially even with support, but with proper training, it can be maintained for longer periods of time.

Biological Abilities

Immense Physical Capabilities: Dragons are known to be incredibly strong and hard to kill, to the point that they are more or less invincible; not that people actively seek them out to kill them anyway. Dragons are known for their enormous brute strength - they are powerful enough to smash through buildings no matter their construction method or any types of enchantments placed upon them just by charging at them; even capable of overwhelming even ace magicians with relative ease as seen when the Black Dragon swooped down to assault the Ace of Fiore's strongest Legal Guild and ripped him to shreds in an instant; a testament to their size and strength. The body of a dragon is known to be extremely tough- as due to their usually odd proportions; a dragon's body is more like a weapon itself than any individual body parts mostly due to their magic- due to their generally reptilian bodies, their tails function more like an extremely powerful whip that lashes around with abandon, devastating everything that comes into contact with them easily. Each and every step that they take causes an immense ripple of pure power, which, when it makes contact with a solid surface, results in a transference of a large amount of kinetic energy, which is the energy possessed by any moving object into the point of impact to cause a emission of high-pressure wave of pure concussive force known as a shockwave that travels faster than the speed of sound and can propagate through the point of impact, shaking both the medium and anything around it, causing the objects around the point-of-impact to vibrate erratically in an extremely hard and fast wave, which causes other things that the material touches to vibrate too, resulting in a powerful explosion that does even more damage. Also, despite their odd proportions, dragons are known to be surprisingly swift on their (non)-feet, capable of out-speeding a magician who uses speed-enhancing magics such as High Speed and Slowing Magic as well as the technique known as Reduced Earth, flying around at speeds beyond the speed of sound to the point that a dragon can cross the entire distance of Earth Land, passing over all of the world's continents in nothing but a few hours, while those who stare into the clear azure skies see naught but a blur racing through the heavens, instilling a sense of wonder into the atmosphere. Due to their wings and the velocity produced by kicking off of the ground with their powerful leg/body strength, dragons are also capable of flight at high speeds, their wing-beats stirring up countless gale-force winds as they soar about the atmosphere. Of course, dragons are very durable as well; their scales are so strong that, aside from their own power being turned against them, seemingly no form of Magic with the exception of Dragon Slayer Magic can pierce through them - indeed, their scales have shown that somebody can receive near-fatal lacerations just by touching them, with their durability being greater than the armour that can defend against high-power arcane cannons to the point of effortlessly surpassing the latter — even if the dragon does not simply turn into their element to evade all sorts of attacks, a dragon is capable of shrugging off all sorts of attacks sent their way including being in the epicenter of the blast of Satellite Square: Etherion, a magical weapon of mass destruction said to be capable of reducing an entire continent to nothing. Even their general body strength is capable of withstanding and deflecting spells and physical blows that would normally be extremely damaging - their bodies are simply magic-resistant thanks to their scales. A Dragon has an enhanced sense of smell, at least fifty times more sensitive than a dog's; this has been bolstered to the point that a dragon can sniff out lies so they know when somebody is being deceitful. Their eyesight also gives them night vision and they can see from fourty kilometers away without any assistance, whether natural or not.

Charlotte Merquise's Dragon Scales as Blazer Dragoon.

Dragon Scale (硬化膜金剛不壊鱗(ドラゴン・スケール), Doragon Sukēru lit. Sturdy and Indestructible Hardening Membrane Scales): Dragon Scales are a natural part of a dragon's biology; they can be said to be a "defensive shell that surrounds the flesh underneath"; serving as scales that instill an effect which is similar to super armour, allowing a dragon to negate the kinetic and supernatural energy of a number of strikes thrown their way before any of their attacks get interrupted and they take damage from the opponent's actions. Dragon Scales are known to be a natural strength that all dragonkind possesses and a major reason why many of them are considered nigh-unkillable- there are eighty-one scales in total on a dragon's body. It is touted as a "supreme defense", however, it is born from the effects of their scales when charged with magical power which is a constantly-activated effect due to their Factor of the Dragon; the full power released through a continuous emission of the pressure of their innate magical power outwards, applying a thin layer of pressure onto their scales, the power of their magic is expelled through the thin layer, generating a personal force field around their bodies, extending to about one foot in diameter from their body- this ability is near constantly active, demolishing any attack that comes in contact with the dragon's body. A dragon can use their scales for many purposes, such as preventing physical contact, keeping debris and unwanted materials off of their body, erecting their force field to escape piles of debris easier, and a few other purposes as well. At the very moment that a spell or attack which doesn't originate from the dragon themselves comes into contact with them, the dragon scales reveal their true worth as the paper-thin personal force field, influenced by the dragon's overwhelming quantities of magical energy, induces a reduction effect which involves the dragon scales reducing the kinetic energy, which is effectively the energy that is possessed by any object while in motion and the necessary work that is required for anything at all with a given mass to move from its stillness to zero, nullifying the motion and thus the force of the blow while breaking apart the combination between magical energy and eternano into their constituting elements, rendering them harmless - serving as an absolute defense against both physical and supernatural attacks, the nullification of a technique occurs both suddenly and unexpectedly, with onlookers only seeing the incoming strike immediately stopping upon contact with the dragon as arcane energies are shattered into innumerable particles which then harmlessly scatter to the winds. The power of these scales grant them an immunity to flinching, allowing a dragon to simply walk past anything and everything that's thrown in their direction with the intent of impeding their progress, as the dragon cannot possibly be hurt or knocked down in this form, never getting stunned or reacting to damage. Not only do they provide the specimen with a nigh-impenetrable defense, the scales of a dragon are known to provide extra levels of protection against all sorts of violent releases of energy, whether it be non-arcane influenced or from the likes of Fire Magic and the extension known as Explosion Magic as well as the Bomb Curse, the Curse equivalent. This also includes the side-effects of propagating disturbances known as shockwaves. This effect also extends to sound waves and most sound-derived phenomena such as Sound Magic and even most ballads let out by a magician whom harnesses Song Magic, the scales bestowing the dragon with an immunity to the haunting tunes displayed by the magic – however, there's only a single song that a dragon doesn't have immunity to which is known as "Song of the Ancients ~El Ragna~", and even then, said song is beneficial in nature to dragonkind. Additionally, as their bodies are completely encased in a dense concentration of scales, these scales serve to significantly bolster their offensive power alongside the previously-mentioned defensive capabilities, working in tandem with their personal form of Dragon Slayer Magic to dole out enormous amounts of damage. Throughout their lifetime, a dragon is known to shed and regrow their scales on a continuous basis – the scales return with an increased hardness and sharpness every time that they're regrown; and it's said that after four centuries, the scales will have ascended to the level of the greatest precious metal around; at this point, the scales are capable of being processed and forged in order to make all sorts of extraordinarily powerful weapons as well as other commodities and tools. Eastern Dragons are known to have a special scale that's reversed and can be spotted out from the rest due to exposing their flesh – known as the reverse scale, when touched, this scale acts as a catalyst for the above-mentioned Gekirin and by extension, the Outrage Mode ability. The scales are also particularly resistant to foreign materials in the first place, as they would slide off much faster and more smoothly then it would from the dragon's body alone, due to the fact that they are dragon scales charged with magical power - this allows the dragon to resist magical attacks better than other races due to their natural toughness, casually shrugging off all sorts of high-tier spells even from those who have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of the arcane; though a dragon also receives double the damage from powers that specifically target dragons; such as Dragon Slayer Magic and its many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many supplementary magics as well as anti-dragon weaponry such as Balmung.

A dragon ascending to the skies.

Flight (竜羽ばたき(フライト), Furaito lit. Dragon's Wingbeat): Flight is a natural and permanently activated portion of a dragon's biology; through a constant flapping of their enormous wings, a dragon produces aerodynamic forces facilitating movement through air and other gases, or water and other liquids, moving through an atmosphere or beyond it without direct support from any surface, able to induce various types of aerial locomotion. At any moment, a dragon is capable of ascending to the skies with a single beat of their large wings, producing enough aerodynamic forces in order to facilitate movement as their bodies are lifted off of the ground, instantly accelerating to velocities that shatter the sound barrier which barely gets the chance to increase the dragon's aerodynamic drag and other effects as they approach supersonic speed, producing a multitude of shockwaves that are accompanied by a serial of deafening sonic booms, generate enormous amounts of sound energy that sounds much like an explosion with every flap of their wings. Of course, as one would expect, their wings allow a dragon to travel across rough terrain, moving through areas where flying is the only method of passing through, or even just getting to higher places. The absolute minimum speed that a dragon is capable of moving at while airborne exceeds the speed of sound, reaching supersonic speeds over seven hundred and sixty-eight miles per hour - it's known that a dragon can cross the entire distance of Earth Land, passing over all of the world's continents in nothing but a few hours, while those who stare into the clear azure skies see naught but a blur racing through the heavens, instilling a sense of wonder into the atmosphere. Due to their wings and the velocity produced by kicking off of the ground with their powerful leg/body strength, dragons are also capable of flight at high speeds, their wing-beats stirring up countless gale-force winds as they soar about the atmosphere. When not using their wings to move through the air, a dragon can also use their wings to give themselves a speed boost when moving along the ground, by using them to propel themselves forward at breakneck speeds; a dragon can also use their wings for defensive and offensive purposes, by using them to attack their foes by twirling around, or swinging them like a whip.

List of Dragons

Name Title Status
Ashur Dragon of Dragons Active
Níðhöggr Black Dragon Deceased
Indra Berserk Light Dragon Active
Vritra Tyrant Dragon Active
Bahamaut Fire Dragon King Active
Typhon Earth Dragon King Active
Wawel Nature Dragon King Active
La Sirene Water Dragon King Active
Fafnir Metal Dragon King Active
Ambrosius Gemstone Dragon King Active; exiled
Fafnir Eternal Spire Dragon Deceased
Volvagia Ruby Active
Lythos Jade Dragon Active
Beelze Black Dragon Active
Vicious Darkflame Dragon Active
Chaos Vice Dragon Deceased
Ruin Battle Dragon Deceased
Leviathan White Dragon Active
Scylla Diamond Dragon Active
Charybdis Blaze Dragon Active
Hermos Black Earth Dragon Deceased
Critias Grey Sky Dragon Deceased
Timaeus White Sea Dragon Deceased
Karna Shockwave Dragon Deceased
Angelus Thunder Dragon Deceased


  • Dragons are often referred to as "flying lizards" within Daybreak.
  • The Dracolich of the Esper Excellen Part II arc of Daybreak is different than the normal Dragon, as it is reanimated and could not possibly be considered a proper dragon.
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