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Dragon Heart
Dragon Heart Valentine day card
Name Dragon Heart
Kanji ドラゴンハート
Rōmaji Doragonhāto
Symbol Dragon Heart Valentine day card
Master Mei Anara
S-Class Mages Cindy Nakahara

Uchiki Kietsu

Robert Monar

Eric Minthearst

Type Legal;Mage
Location Fiore
 Dragon Heart (ドラゴンハート Doragonhāto) is a legal mage guild.


According Uchiki Kietsu, the guild was found by Mei Anara. She made the guild at first as an orphanage, but soon made it a guild after seeing potential in many children's magic power.

As more and more children poured in, Mei taught them about magic, and helped them utilize it. As the years went on, stronger, much more powerful members joined, making it a above average guild.


Name Rank Team Status
Mei Anara 1st Guild Master; Founder None Active
Cindy Nakahara Guild Ace S-Class Mage Team Freeze Active
Uchiki Kietsu S-Class Mage None Active
Robert Monar S-Class Mage None Active
Eric Minthearst S-Class Mage Team Freeze Active
Aislin Kimari Law Mage Team Kayden Active
Harrison Auris Mage Team Kayden Active

Kayden Law

Mage Team Kayden Active

Kayden Lawin

Mage None Semi-Active
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