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Dragon Slayer Magic (滅竜魔法, Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and last but not least, a Slayer Magic that grants the wielders of its power the ability to transform the physiology of their body into those of a dragon, which are extremely powerful and flight-capable legendary creatures that are a strange mixture between serpentine, reptilian and avian traits that live in Earth Land; through Dragon Slayer Magic, the caster is capable of wielding a power that's beyond the potential of normal magicians, bestowing upon the user a noticeable asset in battle. The title bestowed upon this magic, "Dragon Slayer Magic" makes its existence quite the oxymoron- it's a magic utilized to slay dragonkind...utilized by none other than dragonkind itself. However, it is not a title born from hypocrisy - the sheer power of a dragon enables it to wipe away an entire continent in the blink of an eye, leaving naught but sadness and ruin as the dust settles- it is partly because of this immense power that humanity feared and revered these draconian beings. Thus, it was well known that their power was leaps and bounds above any other kind- and no other kind of power existed in this world- that only a dragon could defeat another dragon; a classic case of "takes one to kill one", hence the name of "Dragon Slayer Magic".

Wielders of Dragon Slayer Magic are referred to as Dragon Slayers (滅竜魔法使い(ドラゴン・スレイヤー), Doragon Sureiyā lit. Dragon Destroying Magician), and along with God Slayer Magic, Devil Slayer Magic, Spirit Slayer Magic, and Phoenix Slayer Magic, Dragon Slayer Magic is one of the six rarest forms of Lost Magic of all.


As briefly mentioned above, Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and last but not least, a Slayer Magic that allows its users to transform the physiology of their body into those of a dragon, a species of legendary creatures whom are oftentimes regarded as the strongest of all monsters with immeasurable power and intelligence dwelling within their bodies – dragons can be said to be less of an organic creature themselves but rather, an embodiment of the greatest power of all, and as such, these beings are revered and feared by all whom are knowledgeable of their existence, the mere mention of them causing shockwaves that radiate throughout the lands, magicians of all ranks and walks of life quivering at their name. More importantly, as "ultimate power made physical", they would need an "ultimate magic" to suit their very nature as power manifested in the mortal plane of existence; something that would be far above most magicians in the era that they made their mark on mankind. They could be thought of as "Elemental Magic made manifest and brought to its absolute zenith", though while a personification of the strongest power imaginable; the chains known as a "mortal body" that bind them to the dimension referred as Earth Land do not hinder their performance in battle in the slightest – in fact, their mortality and physical form allow them to utilize their unique Magic Origin which is referred to as the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi); indeed, the dragon's origin produces a unique magical power that transcends what could be achieved by normal humans. Normally, a magician's body could be considered a machine which created magical energy, a Dragon's magic origin acts as living power plant which created magical energy, serving the purpose of an enormous magic core with tremendous capacity that generates all sorts of elemental energy that's independent from their body through the simple act of breathing, capable of serving as a power source to power countless appliances – all this works in conjunction alongside the perks that their biology normally gives them; and through application of magical manipulation, grants them the ability to reinforce the sheer power of their own body with their signature element which is assigned to them as birth; generating limitless quantities of their element with an absolute dominance over said element, bestowing upon the wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic fearsome power in the heat of combat.

However, that isn't to say that the might of Dragon Slayer Magic isn't an extraordinary power that's a racial perk to these already quite overpowered gigantic flying lizards; no, it wouldn't be fair to assume that dragonkind are so selfish as to keep one of the greatest forms of magic to themselves – taking a budding magician under their wing (literally!), a dragon begins to educate this small child on the biology and powers of their kind, all ending with them passing on a slightly lesser version of Dragon Slayer Magic to their protégé. Through their mastery over the arcane and the supernatural particles that are strewn about through this world of whimsy and wonder, the dragon reaches inside the humanoid's soul, searching for that otherworldly organ referred to as a Magic Origin and from there, making a few changes here and there as to alter the process of how the Magic Origin functions and its properties, therefore transmogrifying their Magic Origin into a strange hybrid between that of a Factor of the Dragon and a Magic Origin, possessing the traits of the former but the arcane storage capacity of the latter, effectively causing their body to be bestowed with the magical powers of a Dragon - otherwise known as Dragon Slayer Magic. Continuing with this process, the user's magical power acts alongside the natural energy of the body in order to catalyze a variety of bodily processes when younger, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the user has adopted some physical traits and the element from the dragon whom taught them everything they knew. These changes in their biological traits and structure range from rather unnoticeable things such as enhanced senses, which are a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception, such as olfaction to the point that they can smell blood on a shirt even if it's been through the dry-cleaners or discover a forest fire even from several thousand kilometers away, audioception, which grants them a minor form of extra-sensory perception that allows them to detect movements through a form of clairvoyance, and ophthalmoception, bestowing upon the wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic the ability to see things with pin-point accuracy even if it's a fair distance away and gain a form of night vision, allowing them to see in low light conditions.

Despite the boons bestowed upon the user, those traits above can be said to simply be side-effects of having the physiology of a dragon; indeed, the greatest ability of a wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic is also its signature power – calling upon the assets of a dragon even if their bodily structure isn't one-hundred-percent the same as the beings from which this magic originated, the caster is capable of inducing a metamorphosis of their body structure as to take upon traits of a dragon instantaneously which is done in conjunction with the activation sequence of their particular element, bestowing upon the user of Dragon Slayer Magic; draconic lungs and enhanced vocal folds that are capable of spewing elemental energies, rigid plates known as scales that grow out of their skin which are laced with elemental energies as to provide protection against said element, and fierce claws and nails which are enshrouded with elemental energies, specifically attuned to dealing incredible amounts of damage – all of this combined, results in the physiology of a Dragon Slayer transforming their entire existence into that of a make-shift weapon whose ownership is unique to them and them alone, wielding the element harnessed by their dragon and passed down to them alongside the natural physical superiority of a dragon in combat, utilizing offensive ability, stamina, and vitality, to transmogrify themselves into the greatest weapon of all, thus dramatically increasing the damage inflicted upon anything that they come into contact with using the sheer force of their strikes in all ranges – however, as one may have suspected, close-combat is where Dragon Slayer Magic usually shines thanks to the overwhelming physical might of a dragon. The form of Elemental Magic that the wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic commands, whether it be one of the classical elements, which are the rudimentary, simplest or essential parts/principles of which nature consists and were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances or something more abstract such as turning into something out of goddamn H.P Lovecraft's wet dreams is theirs to command and at its absolute strongest when harnessed by a Dragon Slayer.

As dragons are "elemental energy made manifest", a trait that's embodied in their Dragon Slayer Magic, this property is passed down to any wielder of their magic and ensured by the morphing of their physiology, a wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic has absolute dominance over any form of their element, and as such, a wielder can control their respective elements that are not generated from their own Magic Origin, but are already preexisting within the environment; this is achieved through intense mental focus and the mere act of having the element that's brought into existence through their magic wash over the preexisting source, causing the affected area to have its coding modified to obey the will of the caster, thus bolstering their already incredible power to higher and more versatile levels – a good example of this is how a user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, if geared towards offense like its Gale Dragon Slayer Magic subspecies, is able to shift the atmospheric air in order to suffocate their opponents. Not only this, any other form of the wielder's specific Elemental Magic, if it isn't from another user of Slayer Magic or a greater magic manipulator than the Dragon Slayer whom would naturally take precaution and add in countermeasures, is immediately put under their thrall, and even if the user simply doesn't absorb it, a Dragon Slayer Magic is able to smother the elemental energies and using their eternano and magical makeup in order to increase the speed, power, and scope of the currently manifested spell. To the extremes, a Dragon Slayer is capable of incorporating the activation sequence of Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic into their form of Dragon Slayer Magic, integrating their element into their very existence, absorbing their element into their flesh and fusing it with their body as to undergo a full-body transformation into said element; such as the Fire Dragon King transforming into a mass of flame using his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic; they can change their physiology into their element either partly, or completely. Doing so offers the user of Dragon Slayer Magic something akin to nigh-invulnerability, as they can be damaged in almost any way imaginable such as being shattered, split into numerous pieces or dissipated - but as long as the user of Dragon Slayer Magic is in their elemental form, they are capable of reforming their bodies without injury with physical-based attacks simply passing through their corporal form.

Indeed, Dragon Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the element formed through simple magical manipulation and reinforced through the power of a dragon – the colour of the element is able to be altered freely, its properties which aren't limited to to but include temperature, the smell that it emits, its taste, and overall "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to the user's own personality and ambitions; the type of damage that the element inflicts upon anything that it comes into contact with is able to be changed at will such as Fire Dragon Slayer Magic changing from inflicting "blunt" damage that feels like being hit with a sledgehammer to a stream that burns anything in its path through inducing a minor form of phase transition as to grant it corporality and switch back. Of course, as the highest form of elemental manipulation around, a wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of harnessing their magic in any manner that they deem to be suitable, commonly changing between offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary potencies in accordance to the situation at hand; but generally, as long as the Dragon Slayer is able to imagine their element being used in a particular manner and it doesn't break the laws of physics or conflict with any established limitations, then the sky is the limit, more or less. As magic is fuelled by the thoughts and feelings of the wielder, and dragons, as embodiments of power would have their emotions affect their magic on a greater scope than most, Dragon Slayer Magic is able to adapt and evolve through a wielder's emotions, gaining certain abilities and qualities as the caster becomes stronger. Referred to as Subspecies Abilities (亜種能力, Ashu Nōryoku), a Dragon Slayer Magic can take upon characteristics that are unique to the caster's iteration which comes with certain sub-sets of spells; though these can be created both intentionally and unintentionally – a good example of this is the Element Forge ability, which allows a Dragon Slayer to shape their element in a manner akin to Molding Magic by using Shape Transformation on the element manifested as to forge it in the shape of constructs, which can be utilized in various manners, these tools and familiars used for offense and defensive maneuvers to keep the opponent on their feet. Additionally, the strongest attacks are known as the Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts (滅竜奥義, Metsuryū Ōgi), which generally cost more magical energy than the usual spells to cast.

It is known that certain Dragon Slayers have been able to consume elements other than their own, allowing them to combine both elements into one inside their bodies and use them to increase their abilities; this is known as a Dual Element Dragon Mode; not only this, by means of the Dragon Soul Seal, a parent dragon is able to bestow upon their protégé all of their power, allowing the caster to enter Primal Dragon Mode. While all elements manifested from Dragon Slayer Magic are exceptionally powerful and versatile, it's known that certain elements, such as Sky Dragon Slayer Magic and Water Dragon Slayer Magic, are more suitable for supplementary purposes such as defense and healing. However, a user of Dragon Slayer Magic is incapable of manipulating a preexisting element if it is in another one of the four fundamental states of matter that overlaps with an alternate Dragon Slayer Magic, such as a Fire Dragon Slayer Magic being incapable of manipulating heat, the energy that spontaneously passes between a system and its surroundings in some way other than through work or the transfer of matter if a wielder of Vermillion Dragon Slayer Magic or Gehenna Dragon Slayer Magic is controlling it – however, if either of those forms of Dragon Slayer Magic aren't in play currently, then by all means a Fire Dragon Slayer would be able to fight using heat. As per the nature of Slayer Magic, a Dragon Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and can consume external sources of their element to replenish their strength, both stamina-wise and magic-wise. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own element that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies - a Dragon Slayer cannot consume the element that they produce themselves - it should be taken into consideration that Dragon Slayer Magic also bestows upon the wielder immunity to effects related to their elements as well. For example, a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic is unaffected by various temperatures as their body heat is constantly regulated thanks to their magic.

A drawback of Dragon Slayer Magic is that simply by having it within their Magic Origin, a wielder will always suffer from a certain form of motion sickness no matter if they're travelling on Magic Vehicles designed to traverse the earth, the seas, or the sky – this sickness is caused by the large gap between a dragon's visual acuity and the perception of a human's semicircular canals; but even so, various forms of Healing Magic are known to lessen this effect, even if only slightly. Despite all of its amazing strengths and advantages that are bestowed upon the wielder, Dragon Slayer Magic does have one very disadvantageous weakness, one that's much more serious than wanting to puke when somebody enters a vehicle; or maybe it isn't a weakness, depending on how one looks at it – the side-effect most debilitating was one that took root within the souls of the Dragon Slayers, referred to as the Dragon Seed (竜の種, Ryū no Tane), a small infectious agent driven solely by the essence of those tangentially related to the magic's power source such as other Dragon Slayers and Dragons themselves, replicating throughout the caster's body by the user bathing in and absorbing the blood of a dragon just as Sigurd once did after slaying Fafnir in Norse Mythology. While this not only has the effect of enhancing a Dragon Slayer's power, it caused the Dragon Seed to dramatically accelerate in terms of growth, the signature physical characteristics of a dragon emerging upon the user's body marking the final moments of dragon-blooded warriors as members of humanity and begin the transformation into more dragons. Through continuous usage of Dragon Slayer Magic, a slow, but steady change will take place; flesh perforated and replaced by scales, their back marred by a pair of wings and a tail tearing out of their skin, horns jutting from their forehead, and their biological structure is embiggened (it's a word, look it up) as an entirely new bone structure is created through this gradual yet forcible metamorphosis into the existence known as...a dragon through a process that's referred to as "Dragonification" (竜化, Ryūka); while the inevitable is foreshadowed from the very beginning thanks to a Dragon Slayer immediately gaining distinctive characteristics and features such as slitted pupils and noticeably sharper teeth, the realization that they'll be mutated into a gigantic flying lizard irreversibly doesn't kick in for a long time. Many Dragon Slayers are unable to handle the process of dragonification, commonly losing their minds and control of their power as they become forever trapped in a walking nightmare, without any conscious control of their actions, devolving into nothing but a mindless beast. However, in rare cases, a Dragon Slayer with strong enough willpower is able to reverse the transformation and regain their sense of self, gaining the ability to transition between their human and dragon form in the process through the likes of Compact Regression plus Dragon Promotion as well as ordinary Transformation and an advanced form of Dragon Force known as Final Step: Dragorize. So in a sense, Dragon Slayer Magic can be considered to be similar to a virus that the dragon infects their protégé with, and after transforming into a dragon, said protégé infects another hopeful, forming a never-ending cycle as what's derisively nicknamed the "Curse of the Dragons" is passed on endlessly, this draconic pathogen bringing nothing but power to the wielder and ruin to those whom oppose them in defiance.


The precise origin of dragonkind is unknown. They are believed to be one of the side-effect of the Old World undergoing the Universal Reboot, with incomprehensible amounts of despair and hope in said dimension seeping out and affecting Earth Land as well as the other two dimensions; hope and despair combined seemingly resulted in the "Beginning of Magic", where Magic came into being on Earth Land through the opposing emotions from the Old World contacting the dormant Ley lines, resulting in an enormous surge of magical energy that washed over the world that induced a rapid evolution of the animal kingdom, blending their Deoxyribonucleic acids with that of the despair energy created by the Hellions to mutate their existences into that of dragonkind. However, that's simply one interpretation of their origin story. Because of the way that dragonkind was created, they are specifically attuned to the flow of space and time itself. Originally, they were indigenous to the continent of Serpens (サーペンズ, Sāpenzu), a small peninsula about the size of Magnolia Town, where they laid low for several millennia until eight hundred years before Daybreak, as they slowly rose to prominence, the first dragon, Infinite Light Dragon God Ashur (無限光龍神・アッシュール, Mugenkō Ryūshin Asshūru), the Dragon of Dragons (天穹覇龍神(ドラゴン・メイク・ドラゴンズ), Doragon ofu Doragonzu lit. Heavenly High Ruler Dragon God); met up with the rest of her brethren, with all of dragon-kind going about their business however they pleased; Ashur was elected to be the Dragon King due to her absolutely incredible combat prowess and her element- she was capable of defeating the then-entirety of dragonkind rather easily. Once she had claimed supremacy, Ashur elected seven other dragons to serve as her most trusted subordinates- namely, the Five Elemental Dragons, the Black Dragon Níðhöggr, and the Gemstone Dragon Ambrosius. Ashur gave each one of them a position of leadership above other dragons of their kind, with each Elemental Dragon having power over dragons who had a similar element to theirs, Níðhöggr ruling Dark Dragons, and Ambrosius being the leader of the Gem Dragons.

However, one day, an Emerald Dragon happened upon several humans. Instead of doing anything about it, surprised, he flew back to the pack, informing the others. As the other dragon learnt of the existence of other sentient life, a debate broke out amongst themselves. Ashur advocated that dragonkind should attempt to establish peaceful relations with mankind, hoping to achieve an equal existence despite the vast differences between the two races in almost every way. The Elemental Dragons took Ashur's side, whereas Níðhöggr and his faction wanted to exterminate them, seeing humans as a threat to their superiority. Ambrosius remained a neutral party, though he had his doubts about humanity. Ashur and Níðhöggr argued for days on end, as for the very first time, the two could not come to an agreement; with two factions forming between dragonkind, leading to a civil war. Discreetly, Níðhöggr's evil aura seeped into the mind of Ambrosius, transforming him into a corrupted state that took Níðhöggr's side of exterminating humanity. During the end of the civil war and the lead-up to the Human-Dragon War, Ashur and the Elemental Dragons confronted Níðhöggr, with Ashur attempting to reason with her friend one last time. As Ashur let her guard down, the Elemental Dragons were wounded in a sneak attack by Ambrosius in his corrupted state- Ashur attempted to retaliate, turning her back on Níðhöggr for the briefest of moments. Ambrosius and Níðhöggr then attacked the Dragon of Dragons with their hyperresonance attacks, before Níðhöggr seemingly finished her off with Absolute Darkness Exaflare, forcing her to utilize Compact Regression to hide her identity moments before the crash into the forest; suffering so much damage that she contracted amnesia.

With that done, Níðhöggr forcibly conscripted the Dragon of Dragons' allies into his anti-human faction, forcing them to serve as soldiers for his conquest of everything that stood before him, which he dubbed the Dragon King Festival (竜王の祭, Ryūō no Matsuri). With the war shifting to the side of the anti-human faction that was led by a nutjob who wanted to just kill everything that managed to piss him off, the pro-human faction decided to enact a risky gambit – gathering up a group of humans whom had immense arcane potential, the dragons began to teach their special magic to the humans they sought to coexist with. Although the war between humanity and dragonkind shifted in favour of the pro-human faction, the dragons managed to fuck up pretty badly; some of the humans that were taught this special magic began to slay not only enemy dragons, but allied ones as well, causing the entire war to devolve into a gigantic clusterfuck where everyone was punching somebody and Dragonification abounded, resulting in a continuous fluctuation of the dragon/human ratio participating in the conflict. It can be said that besides being optimized for combat with dragonkind in the first place, this is perhaps where the moniker of Dragon Slayer (滅竜魔法使い(ドラゴン・スレイヤー), Doragon Sureiyā lit. Dragon Destroying Magician) originated, turned against their theoretical masters, the distinctive line that was drawn between the differences of dragonkind and humanity began to become blurred. Even in the present, Dragon Slayers still abound.


There are only two ways in which a magician is capable of learning Dragon Slayer Magic. The first way, and perhaps the most common method appearance-wise, is where the hopeful magician is taught by an actual Dragon, whom personally induces a biological change in their Magic Origin in order to accommodate for the alterations their physiology and arcane organ will undergo in the process of learning Dragon Slayer Magic – the ones who learned their Dragon Slayer Magic through this method are referred as First Generation Dragon Slayers, using First Generation Dragon Slayer Magic (初世滅竜魔法, Shosei Metsuryū Mahō); on the opposite end of the spectrum, through a relatively complex and rather dangerous surgical implantation process that can only be successful if a potential wielder has an incredible quantity of magical energy dwelling within their body, a user's body is able to accept a Ryū no Lacrima (竜の魔水晶(リュウ・ノー・ラクリマ), Ryū no Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal of Dragons); which is a rare and extremely expensive Lacrima; a magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas; this Ryū no Lacrima gives individuals artificial Dragon Slayer Magic when implanted into their body, making them a Second Generation Dragon Slayer, whom utilize Second Generation Dragon Slayer Magic (二世滅竜魔法, Nisei Metsuryū Mahō); normally, a user can only have a single Ryū no Lacrima implanted within themselves, but those with an already unique Magic Origin which functions akin to an adapter are capable of infusing four at once, granting them four special dragon-killing powers, as seen with the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar, God Serena. There is also another way which is a combination of the above two methods: ones who both learned their Dragon Slayer Magic by receiving the teachings of a Dragon and also having Lacrima implanted into their body. The ones who learned how perform Dragon Slayer Magic by utilizing both methods are referred to as Third Generation Dragon Slayers whom use Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic (三世滅竜魔法, Sansei Metsuryū Mahō).

In terms of specifics in regards to the different properties that all three generations of Dragon Slayer Magic possess, generally the First Generation Dragon Slayers are known to be a sort of a jack of all trades yet a master of none, or because it's a Dragon Slayer Magic, a master of all in comparison to other forms of Elemental Magic, and a user of First Generation Dragon Slayer Magic is capable of harnessing all forms of power-ups that Dragon Slayer Magic is associated with unless specified otherwise; for example, a First Generation would be unable to utilize Dragon Dance, a power-up that's exclusive to the Second Generation. On the note of wielders of Second Generation Dragon Slayer Magic, they're generally regarded as the weakest yet still above most ordinary elemental-wielding magicians, as the scales and the like that are manifested whenever they utilize their magic are slightly flawed in nature, capable of being shattered by a powerful enough spell, whereas the scales of a true Dragon Slayer would be completely unbreakable. In regards to Third Generation Dragon Slayers and their magic, normally seen as a balance between the other generations, they have a terrible reputation due to two prominent users of this form of Dragon Slayer Magic being beltway pansies that are about as threatening as a pug. However, it's universally agreed that the Third Generation is powerful, especially with the Drive ability that induces a synergy of both power sources to provide a boost that's less stressful than Dragon Force to maintain yet almost as efficient. As a side note, Second Generation and Third Generation Dragon Slayers can fashion their Ryū no Lacrima in the form of an armour and wear it over themselves, and magicians whom are powerful enough are able to infuse a Ryū no Lacrima within themselves while using the magic their dragon taught them in order to use a subset of Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic known as Dual Element Dragon Slayer Magic (二元的要の滅竜魔法, Nigentekiyō no Metsuryū Mahō).

Finally, there is a fourth generation, one that had merely existed as a simple pipedream for the most skilled of Dragon Slayers it became apparent that Dragon Slayers that had become Dragons would eventually supplant all other members of dragonkind. After killing enough dragons and fellow Dragon Slayers, their personalized form of Dragon Slayer Magic will evolve as the Dragon Seed within the Dragon Slayer will accelerate to the point that their body, soul, and magic will become corrupted, resulting in their Dragon Slayer Magic transmogrifying into a supreme form of magic that enables the consumption of all forms of Elemental Magic indiscriminately. To this type of Dragon Slayer, the simple concept of an "element" is something deemed completely unnecessary - indeed, they possess an absolute dominance over all forms of arcane manipulation, regardless of classification, meaning that even fellow Dragon Slayer Magics aren't safe from the consumption power of this particular iteration of the almighty power that slays dragonkind unless specified otherwise. Their consumption method could be likened to a black hole that devours everything classified as a form of magic instead of simply a single element; resulting in no form of magic having any effect on the Dragon Slayer. However, this form of Dragon Slayer Magic results in the user's eventually turn to the path of darkness as if they had a prolonged exposure to the Black Arts or the more sinister forms of Black Magic, a dragon of demise - an "Evil Dragon" (魔龍, Maryū); as the kanji may or may not indicate, the character for "evil" is the same as the kanji in both Magic (法, Ma) and demon (悪, Akuma); thus, it may be more accurate to call this type of Dragon Slayer a "Magic Dragon". However, this generation of Dragon Slayer Magic has long theorized to be naught but a myth and no users seem to exist - even so, through subspecies abilities and supplementary abilities such as Drive and Dual Element Dragon Mode, with enough skill and the right element, something similar is capable of being achieved.

Common Subspecies Abilities

  • Element Forge (偽性・素子の造形滅竜術(エレメント・フォージ), Eremento Fōji lit. Pseudo-Element Forging Dragon Slayer Skill): Element Forge is one of the most common – if not the most common – forms of Subspecies Abilities capable of being manifested by a Dragon Slayer Magic; in essence, Element Forge is considered to be extremely similar to the likes of Molding Magic – other than simply using their element to bolster their capabilities in close-range combat, a user of Dragon Slayer Magic is able to shape their element into the form of a variety of structures and familiars in order to assist them in battle. In any case, when harnessing Element Forge, the caster focuses for the briefest of moments, before inducing the activation sequence of their specific element, all working in accordance with their imagination as the user's thoughts help their energies arrange their element into a form that's suitable to the situation at hand – the process in which this takes place is oftentimes less than a second, and the element can be formed into any object of the user's choosing: the only limitations are their own imagination, and occasionally, outside factors such as air temperature for Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and an ice-element Dragon Slayer Magic determines how long their formed spell will stay functional- though the latter can be nullified slightly through liberal application of magical power manipulation. Unlike most forms of Molding Magic, the user does not have to hold the element physically with their hands in order to shape it; making them a cut above most other forms of structure-creation magic; indeed, the only limitations are the user's own imagination, and it requires no prior movements which are all in-born with Molding Magic, instead, the user can form countless items simply by shaping their magical power and thinking about it, not even using the proper modification technique known as Shape Transformation in order to bring their thoughts into reality; for this reason, it can be said that Element Forge is far more effective than bog-standard Molding Magic or powers similar to it; indeed, a skilled user is capable of creating countless amounts of objects for a multitude of uses, granting the user of Dragon Slayer Magic a capacity to create that is virtually unmatched. Just like Molding Magic, there are known to be two types of Element Forge, each distinct from one another. The first one is called Static Element Forge. This type of Element Forge is characterized by the creation of inanimate objects, such as all sorts of weapons, or by affecting the environment around them. The second type is called Dynamic Element Forge. This type of Element Forge focuses on creating animate elemental sculptures, usually in the form of animals which act in a similar manner to that of familiars; though human body parts and the like can also be formed. Dynamic Element Forge is said to be more quickly cast than Static Element Forge. While both styles of Element Forge have their own pros and cons, there is no clear "superior", leaving the matter of which style is "stronger" up to how much both versions evolve.
  • Ddraig shifting elements.

    Illegal Change: Multiscale (滅竜禁内魔導・数要素代竜力形態変化(イリーガル・チェンジ・マルチスケイル), Irīgaru Chenji: Maruchisukeiru lit. Dragon Slayer's Forbidden Internalized Magic Art: Multiple Elements Dragon Power Altering Morphology): Illegal Change: Multiscale is an exceedingly rare and overwhelmingly powerful ability that's associated with certain Dragons and forms of Dragon Slayer Magic; to put it as simple as possible, Illegal Change: Multiscale allows a Dragon Slayer to shift the properties of their element in order to take upon characteristics of other elements. Illegal Change: Multiscale is sometimes referred to as the "Forbidden Move" (禁手, Kinjite) as it is indeed akin to the various fouls that a sumo wrestler might commit that will cause him to lose the bout; exceedingly dangerous to the caster yet exceptionally beneficial if managed to be pulled off just right. Illegal Change: Multiscale is something that has been highly sought after, but even so, very few are capable of obtaining such an incredible surge of strength. It is said that no two forms of Illegal Change: Multiscale are the same due to very few people who obtain this type of ability handing it down to possible successors or releasing details about it to the public. Thus, it is something that can definitely and accurately be referred to as "one in a million". In order to utilize Illegal Change: Multiscale in the first place, the user is required to concentrate; momentarily shutting out the interference of anything else that could be considered a 'distraction', and focus solely on the elemental attack in front of them; which is normally unleashed by the opponent; It should be noted that this is a 'high risk, high reward' type of power — it's both dangerous to the user and their opponent. Working through the concept of symbolism and placing a large emphasis upon scientific methods in regards to how the power that kills dragonkind is handled as a contrast to the "pure will and design" that regular usage of magic runs off of, Illegal Change: Multiscale incorporates alchemic theory, which is a philosophical and protoscientific tradition that aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects into its mechanics, in order to function properly, Illegal Change: Multiscale requires the Dragon Slayer to have a high level of skill in and use a transmutation-type magic (preferably Enchantment upon their element while exploring the scope and limitations of what their element is capable of achieving, not only turning to alternative forms of fiction, but searching for any meanings their element would have in different beliefs in order to transmogrify the core aspect of their power to an extent that fantasy undergoes the shift to reality; this ability can only be used by a Dragon Slayer whose physiology is similar to an organic adapter, a device that converts attributes of one electrical device or system to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system, but instead of allowing the Dragon Slayer's body to bond more easily with Lacrima when implanted within themselves in the vein of the strongest of the Four Gods of Ishgar, God Serena, the shifting of elements allows their Magic Origin to properly adjust to the switch in properties of power. Because the method of activation can effectively be referred to as a Combination Spell, which is, well, a combination between two magics, not dissimilar to that of a Unison Raid; however, it is notably somewhat weaker than a Unison Raid thanks to the user being the only magician who unleashes the spell. Indeed, Illegal Change: Multiscale is somewhat of a paradox in that it both is and isn't a Dragon Slayer Magic skill. Referred to as a bug, Illegal Change: Multiscale upsets the balance between the different elements of Dragon Slayer Magic; whereas previously, there was no "superior" form of Dragon Slayer Magic as all elements were equal, when Illegal Change: Multiscale came into the picture, certain types of Dragon Slayer Magic began to dominate all others - indeed, Illegal Change: Multiscale is known as the most powerful manifestation of all Dragon Slayer Magics and its ultimate form of a Dragon Slayer Magic. Through Illegal Change: Multiscale, the wielder is capable of shifting the properties of certain aspects of their element in order to wield more than one or two elements at once; for example, through phase transition, a user of Water Dragon Slayer Magic can transmogrify the properties of their magic into the other three states that water is able to transform into through the phase transition process, such as ice for solids, and mist for gas, resulting in the Water Dragon Slayer wielding a mimicry of an ice-element Dragon Slayer Magic and Mist Magic respectively; in another example, a user of Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic, since they control soil, they can also take control of anything that composes these soil particles such as sand as to mimic Sand Dragon Slayer Magic. In yet another example, through the symbolism born from the fact that every gemstone has symbolic properties and various virtues that they represent, Elraine Ardygun is capable of casting Enchantment upon the crystals manifested through her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic in order to alter their composition, inducing a shift in the properties of the minerals manifested by her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic into seven gemstones which represent the seven colours of the rainbow and symbolically possess ties with other forms of Elemental Magic which each correspond to the seven colours of the rainbow, allowing her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic to take upon the properties of other elements; though the other magics are still referred to as their composite magics for simplicity's sake - this is the Seven Colours Arts. In addition, the user is now able to transform their entire body into the shifted element, and dispel the element with ease. However, it is also not-well-known that Illegal Change: Multiscale is capable of being utilized by the user if they have a corresponding form of Elemental Magic, simply absorbing their own magical energies shifted to the element in question and undergoing the usual processes in a manner similar to Elemental Body. As such, Illegal Change: Multiscale allows Dragon Slayer Magic to function in a similar manner to Arc of Embodiment, meaning that it runs off of the ingenuity of the wielder. Through Illegal Change: Multiscale, the caster can also consume other elements depending on which type of element their Dragon Slayer Magic has been attuned to; however, doing so results in the caster having strength and stamina restored at one fourth at the rate they would have if it were their natural element, and unlike their normal element, the user is still subject any secondary effects the attack would have, such as Poison Dragon Slayer Magic possibly poisoning them. Going further in regards to this power's weaknesses; with great strengths, come great drawbacks. Utilizing Illegal Change: Multiscale is a terrifying and exhilarating experience; keeping the elemental energy in check is fairly difficult during the first manifestation it, as the different element reacts poorly to being manifested through the Dragon Slayer Magic the very first time, threatening to implode in defiance and as such they will experience an enormous drain in their magical power and stamina—the reason for this is that most of their power is used to remain in complete control of the harnessed power; however, once an alternative form of their element has been developed, it is capable of being called upon on a whim with the caster simply bringing about this alternative phenomenon through their mental commands. However, Illegal Change: Multishift is only capable of being invoked by the Dragon Slayer Magics that represent the four fundamental states of matter and any of their deriative types of Dragon Slayer Magic (such as Fire > Purgatory or Sky > Gale), with Fire Dragon Slayer Magic representing plasma, Water Dragon Slayer Magic representing liquid, Earth Dragon Slayer Magic representing solid, and Sky Dragon Slayer Magic representing gas; it's known that an exception to this rule is the Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic of Elraine Ardygun. As another drawback, doing so breaks the taboo of Dragon Slayer Magic, disregarding the true intentions of the style of magic that harnesses the power of the almighty dragons by removing the limits on its might - as a punishment, the wielder is deemed doomed to a gradual yet quickening form of dragonification, meaning that every time that the caster utilizes their Dragon Slayer Magic for more than ten minutes at a time, the closer they become to transforming into a dragon, losing their humanity.

Common Spells

  • A Dragon of the element of light charging up their Lumen Erga.

    Hyperresonance (竜鯨波(ハイパーレゾナンス), Haipārezonansu lit. Dragon Battle Cry): Hyperresonance, more commonly known as Dragon's Roar (龍の咆哮, Ryū no Hōkō) when utilized by a Dragon or Dragon Slayer, is the ultimate proof of a Dragon; while Dragon Slayers can utilize a Dragon's Roar without knowledge of dragontongue, it is well-known that with mastery of the language of dragonkind, it can do much more than "shoot an elemental blast from the mouth". When utilizing hyperresonance, the user, no matter they be Dragon, Dragon Slayer, or a member of the Dragunity Knights, utilize their attribute of being in touch with their own magical power and their tremendous lung capacity in order to induce the Elemental Consumption Method (要素消式, Yōsoshōshiki); which, as the name would ever so subtly indicate, allows them to consume elemental energies through their mouths to replenish magical power, become stronger, and restore their stamina; this is only made possible due to a dragon-influenced being's tremendous lung capacity, which enables them to devour things that would be hazardous to any other race. This allows them to gather and condense ambient eternano from within the atmosphere and store it momentarily within their mouth- from here, the user attunes the eternano gathered by merging them with their energy in order to induce the usual fusion to being power into the current realm; for Dragons and Dragon Slayers, this allows them to transform the magical energy produced into their own element which varies from user to user. Once this is done, in order to unleash the magical energy, the user utilizes the Dragon Cords (竜帯, Ryūtai), a dragon's equivalent of vocal cords which produce a louder and harsher sound while amplifying anything emitted from their mouth tremendously, resulting in a massive blast of energy spewing forth from their mouth towards the target; the general output of a hyperresonance attack is roughly equivalent to a nuclear weapon, specifically that of a thermoneculear weapon, as during the casting sequence, the hyperresonance undergoes a process similar to nuclear fission in order to compress and ignite a secondary nuclear fusion reaction, resulting in the production of immeasurable quantities of energy that far surpasses the likes of Satellite Square: Etherion, annihilating everything that the Dragon Slayer targets without remorse, reducing defenses and structures of any strength level to ash and causing an explosion that echoes outwards for several thousand kilometers or more, the impact of the powerful surge causes a large mushroom cloud to quickly rise upwards at the point of casting the spell, leaving naught but scorched earth and darkened skies in its wake. Of course, just like Dragon Slayer Magic in general, the properties of a hyperresonance can be modified as much as the user wishes, meaning that no two hyperresonance beams are the same; even at its weakest, a hyperresonance is capable of blasting through even magical forms of defenses, as the movements of the dragon's roar swaths through the barriers, and supernatural defenses erected in vain to protect them, striking the foe formidable might, dealing immense damage that can compared to an atomic bomb. Thanks to their knowledge of dragontongue, Dragons are capable of utilizing their mastery over the dead language as "words of power" by vocalizing them through the hyperresonance technique in order to creature powerful magical effects which range from projecting blasts of all elemental energies like fire and ice; or just by shouting, they can unleash a sonic wave which deals immense concussive damage, sending enemies hurtling away- there are more exotic uses, such as shouting the name of a place where one wants to go, resulting in teleportation towards that area, and to reinforce their bodies. It is said that there are countless applications of the hyperresonance because of this- it is a deadly power which, by itself, can bring ruin to an entire country.
  • Dragon Soul Seal (竜魂の封印, Ryūkon no Fūin) is a Dragon Slayer Magic spell that allows the parent dragon to enter their protégé's soul, serving as a defense of sorts until their departure. The Dragon Soul Seal, unlike many other forms of support for the supposed dragon killers, is a purely supplementary spell. It is proof of a parent's love for their child- that undying devotion taking a supernatural form. The Dragon Soul Seal works by the dragon abandoning their physical body, compressing all of their physical and magical power into their soul, turning their cells into raw magical particles and compressing it into their soul; the soul is compatible with those who have learnt from the dragon- only a magician whose physiology has been altered by the Factor of the Dragon (竜の因子, Ryū no Inshi), which is simply the magician's body taking on draconic qualities, can accept the soul into their very being. In any case, when the protégé of the dragon accepts their parent's soul, they undergo a unique process which merges their existences. This merging results in a slew of benefits for the Dragon Slayer. An example of this is by hosting an actual dragon within their existence, the dragon's soul creates anti-bodies against the Dragonborn status for their child, allowing them to use their ever-so-rare Dragon Slayer Magic as if it were simply a normal Elemental Magic with numerous perks instead of the dangerous existence that it actually is. On the dragon's end, it seems that as long as the dragon is inside their child's soul, they can live as long as their child does; though time-related magics and rules such as Jutsu Shiki seem to recognize the Dragon Slayer's age as being a combination of both the parent and child. In addition, the Dragon Soul Seal allows the Dragon Slayer to draw upon the power of their parent, giving them sporadic boosts of power. The dragon can also assume control of the human if they are unconcious. However, the Dragon Soul Seal has one great weakness- that of its length. If the child is in danger, the dragon can exit their "child" in a physical spirit form, taking upon a semi-corporal form. Once this is done, the dragon is locked out of using this magic once more, and their time spent as "alive" is extremely limited, with an hour at most allowed; once the time is spent, the dragon will just fade away, turning into raw eternano and dying for good. However, in their last moments, a dragon is capable of giving their child one final power-boost by utilizing the residual, inert Magic Power of their dragon that was once a part of them, a draconian tattoo appears on their arm that serves as the physical manifestation of the aforementioned Magic Power; granting them a drastic increase in power all across the board, if only for an extremely finite duration.
  • A Dragon Slayer activating Drive.

    Drive (三代竜力演(ドライブ), Doraibu lit. Third-Generation Dragon Power Amplification): Drive is a uncategorized Dragon Slayer Magic spell and a type of Magic-amplification technique used by wielders of Third Generation Dragon Slayer Magic and is exclusive to them in most cases; Drive brings out the true power of the caster's capabilities as a user of Dragon Slayer Magic, excluding the power boost granted by Dragon Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing the user's physical prowess to a rather extreme degree, particularly the user's speed. In any case, when invoking the power of Drive, as the name would ever-so-subtly indicate, the caster invokes a specific mechanism of the Ryū no Lacrima (竜の魔水晶(リュウ・ノー・ラクリマ), Ryū no Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal of Dragons) which has been infused within their frame; the Ryū no Lacrima is a rare and extremely expensive Lacrima; a magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas; this Ryū no Lacrima gives individuals artificial Dragon Slayer Magic when implanted into their body - which, when combined with the teachings of a Dragon, enables Third-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic. With a single mental command, the wielder of Dragon Slayer Magic forces the draconic arcane crystal within their body to distribute magical energy that has traces of draconic power that was previously stored within the crystalline orb at a velocity that's much quicker than usual, accelerating the output and flow of magical energy from the Lacrima to the user's body, evenly spreading it throughout their body while a continuous release rapidly magnifies the quantities of energy dispersed, reaching the user's arms, legs, torso, head, and neck in order to dramatically enhance all of their physical fortes - all the while, the caster focuses the energies that are dwelling within their frame intently, as they begin to surge the arcane powers within themselves outwards ever-so-slightly while inducing the activation sequence of their particular form of Dragon Slayer Magic's elemental might, resulting in a tremendous upsurge of arcane power as their element becomes infused with their bloodstream before reaching their brain, resonating with adrenaline they are experiencing during combat, entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability as a shroud of elemental energy cloaks around them before completely transforming them into their element in a manner not dissimilar to the Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic, which allows the user to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through their body when they're transformed; the activation of Drive has a notable amount of startup invincibility, so if their opponent is attacking the user while they are activating the skill, the user will be capable of counterattacking immediately as to turn the tides instantly. The power of Drive increases the strength, speed, and potential that the user possesses tenfold, allowing them to take on even foes much more powerful than themselves as the user demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of their Dragon Slayer Magic without exhausting themselves. This state grants the user the ability to perform new spells; as well as making their pre-existing spells far more powerful, with various users only employing several skills only while in Drive. The Drive spell harnesses "the power that kills Dragons"; at least according to the words of the first users, the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth; some loser and a slightly smaller loser, both members of a whole group of losers whom are actually noted to be hilariously pathetic compared to their First-Generation counterparts or any other Dragon Slayer in general, even children. However, in the hands of an actually capable Dragon Slayer, the Drive spell would be capable of allowing the user to dish out some serious damage. However, just like most forms of magic-amplification type spells associated with Slayer Magic, the uprise of magical energy could easily obliterate the user or severely damage their body, if harnessed for too long. In the case of a wielder of Dual-Element Dragon Slayer Magic, whom are modified Third Generation Dragon Slayers, the Lacrima embedded within their body would only enhance their natural element, meaning the one taught by the dragon. Interestingly, some Dragon Slayers have displayed that they are able to invoke Drive even without a Ryū no Lacrima integrated into their body; most wielders of this version of Drive generally have an element that's related to minerals - for example, Elraine Ardygun is capable of invoking Drive by shaping several Ryū no Lacrima around her through her Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic's Lacreation subspecies ability and then activating the inducement process.

Dragon Force

Dragon Force (竜の力(ドラゴン・フォース), Doragon Fōsu lit. Dragon's Power) is an advanced Dragon Slayer Magic spell that's often regarded as the most basic powered-up states that a Dragon Slayer can attain, being a state that amplifies their prowess all across the board by tenfold the amount. When a Dragon Slayer enters Dragon Force, they effectively turn into a humanoid Dragon, gaining reptilian scales and traits, such as further elongated, and sharper, canines and scale-like patterns on their skin. According to Zero, Dragon Force is the final, most powerful state a Dragon Slayer can attain; granting them power comparable to that which a real Dragon possesses: the power to utterly destroy everything. When engaged, as per most general "powered up states", Dragon Force greatly increases the damage done by standard Dragon Slayer spells, their physical and magical attributes, and grants the user access to more advanced, powerful attacks.

Tapping into this power which is said to be the "true power of a Dragon Slayer" also drastically enhances the user's physical prowess, making them far stronger, more resistant to damage, and faster, to the point that with Dragon Force activated, the caster's strength and speed have increased to the point that they are able to punch an Etherious with enough force to shatter their body by just having their fist come into contact with the artificial devil while sending the demon careening across the landscape, knowing them down the road with little effort in doing so. Their strength has been enhanced to the point that with a simple clap of their hands, the caster is capable of manifesting a violent tremor that obliterates the ground it comes into contact with and knock their foes away; in addition, the strikes unleashed both unarmed and with a weapon are positively overwhelming and can be bone-shattering. The sudden boost in strength upon activating the form allows the caster to break free of binding-type spells which would normally restrict their bodies and impair their movements through nothing but sheer force of will. With Dragon Force, the caster can grab a blade with their bare hand without feeling any of the exerted force, though said force could do considerable damage to the surrounding area. In addition, their endurance has been upped significantly; enabling them to receive damage like it was nothing and ignore all senses of pain—though it should be noted that this varies on the factor of how powerful the blow is. Finally, the user's naturally immense swiftness is augmented to the point that they can forgo any need for speed-enhancing techniques, enabling them to outstrip almost anyone in a contest of pure speed. Dragon Force increases the user's moving pace to one high enough where simple melee attacks can have great power, a Dragon Slayer using Dragon Force the ability to move at a rate of acceleration and maximum speed in excess to that of normal optimal human capacity. With their speed, the user has plucked an arrow out of the air from a standing start, and has dodged machine gun fire; and the user has created cyclone-like gusts of wind regardless of their actual element, which are able to knock a hoarde of wyverns off of their feet.

While in this state, a user of Dragon Slayer Magic demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing, and it amplifies the powers of their signature magic without exhausting themselves; activating the skill, however, has a notable amount of startup invincibility by using the boost in magical energy gained by invoking its power as a rippling aura that shrouds their body from all conceivable directions while inducing a similar effect to Nullification Magic as it renders anything and everything that could count as doing damage to the caster null and void by reversing the energy output and freezing the motion of the energies, so if the caster's opponent is attacking them while they are activating the skill, the caster will be capable of counterattacking immediately as to turn the tides instantly. Activating Dragon Force results in a rather considerable amplification of the magical power dwelling within the body of the user, causing the energies and the caster's Magic Origin to effortlessly replicate the magical energies and the Factor of the Dragon of the phantasmal crpytid that taught them everything they know about fighting like a dragon, causing the powers exuded by their body to reach critical levels in both output and potency, thus causing their magical energies to take upon a violent corporeality fashioned into the visage of an actual dragon that, when exuded at its fullest potential, becomes visible and begins to interact with all sorts of particles that are saturated throughout the atmosphere, causing a multitude of chemical reactions in regards to what's compatible with their element - for example, a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic will have their flames superheat the surrounding air; the heating of the air causes the particles to split due to reactions; thus causing a combustion with the atoms of hydrogen to induce a serial of explosions that they can shape in any way that they wish; this also allows the user to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through their body when they're transformed, with their structural makeup transmogrifying into that of their element more or less. While for Second Generation Dragon Slayer Magic, Dragon Force is part and parcel of Dragon Slayer Magic and thus it's activated the moment they begin to use their magic, and a wielder of Third Dragon Slayer Magic can unleash it on a whim, the exact conditions required for a First Generation Dragon Slayer to achieve Dragon Force are currently unknown, but it's usually achieved through the consumption of various arcane-rich mediums such as eternano-infused air for a user of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. However, accessing Dragon Force also accelerates the pace at which a Dragon Slayer transforms into a dragon, meaning that it's somewhat of a double-edged sword.

  • Final Step: Dragorize (古代滅竜奥義・竜化(ファイナル・ステップ・ドラゴライズ), Fainaru Suteppu: Dragoraizu lit. Ancient Generation Dragon Slayer Secret Art: Turn into a Dragon): The Final Step: Dragorize is an evolution of Dragon Force that's known to be exclusive to Dragon Slayers who bathed in the blood of countless dragons, which resulted in them gaining the ability to transform into a dragon themselves; without the antibodies of their dragon parents provided by the Dragon Soul Seal to keep this seemingly inevitable transformation at bay, Dragorize is all-but-guaranteed. Truthfully, Final Step: Dragorize cannot really be considered a "spell" for Dragon Force or for Dragon Slayer Magic for that matter, but rather, it's a byproduct of utilizing the power of a dragon for prolonged periods of time, and thus, what it really could be categorized as is the taboo of Dragon Slayer Magic akin to a Curse or a member of the Black Arts, but just like both of those types of magic, depending on how one sees it, Final Step: Dragorize is more of a reward than a punishment. When activating Final Step: Dragorize, the caster, as if through sheer willpower alone, surges the magical energies that dwell within their frame outwards while exerting them to their greatest extent - the energies, released from their modified Magic Origin which had been altered during the teaching of the power that kills dragons, wrap around their body and constrict and compress ardently; these energies are attuned to their personal element as a user of Dragon Slayer Magic, resulting in said element manifesting during the transformation as to bind their form - for example, a user of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic will have blazing flames shroud and wrap around their existence while Final Step: Dragorize is induced. From here, using a similar activation formula to that of the basic Transformation magic, albeit altered a tad for full-body and perfect transformation for dragons, all the while instantly accelerating the process of conversion from "humanoid being with the powers of a dragon" into that of a "full-blooded dragon", causing an instant change in the form of the user which blatantly ignores the law of conservation of mass, going from a (comparatively) small human into house-sized dragon in seconds (but hey, it's dragon magic); they can also return <> transform into a dragon in a mere thought at will; the timespan of their existence shifting from humanoid to draconic is even less than a second in most cases. Surprisingly, Dragorize is not taxing upon the user's body or magical reserves, and the moment that the user releases this spell, they gain all of their dragon form's strength, speed, durability, and magical power, at the top of their form - in accordance to their mental commands, the transformation into a dragon results in a draconic appearance that depends on the user's own tastes and preferences, but generally, their dragon form contains aspects of their previous humanoid appearance. As the user has transformed into a dragon upon inducing Final Step: Dragorize, the caster now possesses the ability to achieve high-speed flight; using their large wings to travel over long distances and at high speeds, maneuver high up in the air and perform aerial assaults on those below the user; these speeds allow them to move at three hundred and fourty point three miles per second, which is one thousand, two hundred, and twenty five kilometers per hour – this being the speed of sound, darting around a fair bit above regular forms of speed-enhancing moves – not limited to but including the relatively mundane Reduced Earth, but also the explicitly supernatural High Speed, Slowing Magic, and even Teleportation Magic. Additionally, thanks to their now gargantuan size, the user is capable of easily reducing a house into rubble simply by landing on it after flying high up into the sky. A Dragon has an enhanced sense of smell, at least fifty times more sensitive than a dog's; this has been bolstered to the point that a dragon can sniff out lies so they know when somebody is being deceitful. Their eyesight also gives them night vision and they can see from fourty kilometers away without any assistance, whether natural or not. Their strength is shown to be enough to level small houses with a swipe of their tail, with each and every action that they take for the sake of offense producing an effect akin to the likes of Crash as all dragons have shown to be capable of smashing everything they come into contact with into innumerable pieces, casually busting through even the sturdiest defenses short of Fairy Sphere. In this form, thanks to their immeasurably sturdy dragon scales, the user is shown to be capable of shrugging off many a powerful spell with an effect similar to super armour from fighting games, allowing the caster to negate the kinetic and supernatural energy of a number of strikes and simply press onward with their assault while ignoring any attack thrown their way as if it was naught but a pesky fly buzzing around them, displaying an immunity to flinching that more or less cancels out all sorts of natural and supernatural powers, and their scales are so strong that, aside from Dragon Slayer Magic, no other form of Magic can pierce through them. This conceived notion does not, however, apply to the strongest of dragons, whom are unaffected by both regular and Dragon Slayer Magic; which is supposed to be supremely effective against dragons, more or less rendering the dragon invincible.

Dragon Slayer Abilities

Subspecies Type Users Creator Free Use
Dual-Element Dragon Mode Alternate Mode All Dragon Slayers User:Perchan (also canon) Free Use
Primal Dragon Mode Alternate Mode All Dragon Slayers User:Perchan (also canon) Free Use
Scaleshift: Diabolos Dragon Supplementary Spell All Dragon Slayers User:Perchan Permission Needed
Dragonar Mode Alternate Mode Sun Trilogy Dragons User:Perchan Banned
Dragon Dance Power-Up Second Generation Dragon Slayers User:Perchan Permission Needed
Dragongem Booster Power-Up Fourth Generation Dragon Slayers User:Perchan and User:Copycat 02 Permission Needed
Upsurge Power-Up First Generation Dragon Slayers User:Perchan and User:Copycat 02 Permission Needed
Compact Regression Power Limiter Dragons User:LastationLover5000 and User:Perchan Permission Needed
Dragon Promotion Power-Up Dragons User:Perchan Permission Needed

Known Users

Name Magic Dragon Teacher Generation
Elraine Ardygun Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic Fafnir First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Ashley Briett
Charlotte Merquise
Photon Dragon Slayer Magic Self-Taught (both) First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Avalon Gehenna Dragon Slayer Magic Valonyr and Magara First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Rosa Dimaggio Lunar Dragon Slayer Magic Valerious First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Mr. E
Vivian Starrkewolfe
Exialia Halphas
Solar Dragon Slayer Magic Self-Taught
Inherited (Vivian and Exialia)
First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Third-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic (Vivian and Exialia)
Momoko Sitri Water Dragon Slayer Magic La Sirene First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Níðhöggr Black Dragon Slayer Magic Self-Taught First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
TBA Magma Dragon Slayer Magic N/A Second-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Scylla Diamond Dragon Slayer Magic Self-Taught First-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic
Wendy Marvell Sky Dragon Slayer Magic Inherited Third-Generation Dragon Slayer Magic


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