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Another day in Fiore. A quiet town, a calm sea, all was quiet. Lina leaves the Guild to complete a Job, leaving his brother and Faust in their own fight.


Meanwhile, Lina finds a boy lying on the floor. "I wonder if he's okay." Lina whispers to herself with a worried look. The boy wakes up and is embarrassed to see Lina. "Who are you? Ah, sorry. My name is Seya Tarumi. What is your name?" The lost boy asks.

"My name is Lina Graner." Lina replied. "So what are you doing in the forest?" Seya asks. "I'm a Mage, from the Guild Giant Wings. I'm on a mission." Lina replies. "Giant Wings?" Seya asked again. "Yes, it is a Guild that my brother Wall created." Lina replied.

"So, this Guild has many hot girls like you!" Seya exclaims. "But there's only me, my brother and another guy." Lina replies. "What!?" Seya exclaims in a comedic fashion. "By the way, do you want help on your Job?" Seya asked. "Okay, come on. You don't seem to be a harmful child." Lina replies.

"So, what shall we do?" Seya asks. "We need to catch a Vulcan!" Lina replies back, surprising Seya. Suddenly, a horde of Vulcans surrounded them. "We're unable to escape now!" Lina exclaims. "Hey, have you already saw a Dragon Slayer? Now you'll see one." Seya whispers to Lina.

Seya then launches Lightning Dragon's Roar, defeating the horde. Lina then uses a large net to capture the Vulcan. After completing the mission, Lina invites Seya to join the Guild and he reluctantly agrees. The two came back to the Guild with the captured Vulcan.

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