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Dragon Soul



Doragon Sōru




Genghis Breningoch


Dark Guild


Dragon Palace Castle

"We need more douchebag Dragon Slayers anyways."

Dragon Soul (龍の霊魂(ドラゴン・ソウル), Doragon Sōru) is a notorious Dark Guild that is primarily comprised of Dragon Slayers who operate under the banner of dismantling the Magic Council and taking over the country of Ishgar.


Dragon Palace Castle

Dragon Soul - Dragon Palace Castle

The main headquarters of Dragon Soul, the Dragon Palace Castle.

The Dragon Palace Castle (竜宮城, Ryūgū-jō)


In X775, several Second Generation Dragon Slayers managed to escape the Magic Council after being experimented on for the sake of a project known as the "Hybrid Theory". Amongst those Dragon Slayers was one known as Talbot, More Coming Soon...



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Name Rank Team Status
Talbot 1st Guild Master None Deceased
Genghis Breningoch 2nd Guild Master None Active
Dealok Guild Ace None Active
Razia Sultana Dragonar None Active
Araf Dragonar None Active
Athrun Dark Mage None Active
Butch Magnus Dark Mage None Active
Cyrus Drone Dark Mage None Active
Jadis Lissandra Dark Mage None Active
Mamoru Minamoto Dark Mage None Active
Nicholas Evans Dark Mage None Active
Riku Tsuchi Dark Mage None Active
Sahara Patagonia Dark Mage None Active
Seiken Uragimi Dark Mage None Active
Dressia Dyavtsku Dark Mage None Active
"Asura" Dark Mage None Left Guild
Annis Pendragon Dark Mage None Left Guild
Carwen Khapree Dark Mage None Left Guild

Magic and Equipment


  • The symbol used for Dragon Soul was designed and provided by Liza.
  • The name "Dragon Soul" originates from a technique within Dragon Quest VIII under the same name.
  • In Japanese folklore, the Ryūgū-jō (竜宮城, lit. "Dragon Palace Castle") is the undersea palace of Ryūjin, the dragon god of the sea.
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