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Dragon Wing



Draconus Skydrail

S-Class Mages

Frank Chromatius, Voyd Shadowmare, Drake Skydrail, Wyverna Skydrial.


Legal guild


Dragon Wing Guildhall, Permafrost

Dragon Wing is a growing yet lower ranking guild in Iceberg that has it's guildhall close to the capitol city of Permafrost (Just making this name up, no info on what the capitol is named), however despite it's small size it has some strong and loyal wizards in it.


"We are Dragon Wing wizards, and we fly together no mater what." ~ Dragon Wing motto


The Dragon Wing guildhall is in an old building located on top of the mountain behind Permafrost city.

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The guild has been in it's hall for about 50 years now, started by Draconus when he was younger, it has till this day always been a small but tight-nit guild. The guildhall once belonged to a warrior guild before it was abandoned.

Events/Role Plays

A Day In The Life Of A Dragon Wing Member.

S-Class trials

  • First test: The mage must have a score of [research needed] on a magic power detector like the magic counsel's guard use.
  • [WIP]
  • [Number unknown] test: The mage must last ten minuets in a fight with a S-Class wizard in the guild picked at random.
  • [WIP]


Name Rank Magic Team Status
Draconus Skydrail Guild Master Draconian takeover magic None Active
Frank Chromatius Ace Wheel of the elements magic None Active
Voyd Shadowmare S-Class wizard Shadow demon slayer None Active
Drake Skydrail S-class wizard Draconian takeover magic? None Away long-term
Wyverna Skydrail S-Class wizard Draconian takeover magic? None Away long-term
Kennith Frost Wizard First generation ice dragon slayer The Dragon's Wings Active
Vyronica Shadowmare Wizard Plasma demon slayer None Active
Terra Yukimura Wizard Second generation (lacrima) earth dragon slayer The Dragon's Wings Active
Jacobi Bronzeson Wizard Machine Summon Magic The Dragon's Wings Active
Ailbhe Mason Wizard Bone-make None Active
Hatomi Grace Wizard Item holder, magic harp The Grace Sisters Active
Isabella Grace Wizard Dance Magic The Grace Sisters Active
Peria Wizard Weapon user, magic spear The Dragon's Wings Active
Terry Blaze Wizard Fire magic, solar magic The Rising March Active
Creed East Wizard High Speed, Teleportation Magic, Telekinesis The Rising March Active
Ryan Lion Wizard Telekinesis, Gravity Magic The Rising March Active
Dimitri Fangblade Wizard Sword Magic, Barrier Magic, Counter Magic The Rising March Active
Jack Direwave Wizard Seven Seas Pearl Mermaid Magic, Sea Dragon Slayer Magic, Beast Tailed Spirit Magic (Jackwerewolf OC) Active
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