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Drake Doomkaiser

"Fear is imperative when making decisions. It is a base emotion that all individuals feel. If you weren't afraid from the power I was showcasing before, soon, you will be."
— Drake about to unveil his Lunar Eclipse Eyes

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Drake Doomkaiser







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21 (X796)




162 lbs,


August 7th

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Dragon Gunfire

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Warlock Fist

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Independent Mage



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Team Dragon Gunfire


Jason Gaebolg
Luke Gandor

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Victor Crassus
Constantine Noble

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Alexander Doomkaiser (Cousin)
Malory Doomkaiser (Cousin)
Vennillion Doomkaiser (Cousin)
Ray Doomkaiser (Uncle)
Delilah Doomkaiser (Aunt)


Eye Magic (Lunar Eclipse Eyes)
Shadow Magic
Spatial Magic (Celestial Spirit Magic)
Unison Raid


Adamantine Staff

Drake Doomkaiser is a former member of the independent guild, Warlock Fist, whose goal was to discover the ultimate power, hidden in the Lunar Eclipse World. He's also a member of the Doomkaiser Family. He was considered the ace of Warlock Fist during his time as a member. After the Bellona Alliance War, Drake was permitted to join the Spartoi Program of Dragon Gunfire, with Alexander Doomkaiser having vouched for him. He replaced Alex after he left the guild to become the new Doomkaiser Family Patriarch.


Drake has brown hair and light skin.  Drake's attire consists of a skin-tight body suit, with some shoulder padding.  It's red on the torso and inside of the arm's portion of the suit.  The rest is black.  He also wears a white sash, with red lines on the side and a red picture of a dragon on it.  Most notably is the red blindfold he wears most of the time. This hides his Lunar Eclipse Eyes, which have red irises and black sclerae, like all Lunar Eclipse Eyes. The removal of his blindfold, and reveal of his magical eyes, also causes his hair to spike up.


Drake usually is quiet, but whenever his associates are off task he's the one to get them back on track.  Drake was also the only member of Warlock Fist that didn't join Constantine to help him further his goals, doing so in order to further Drake's own goals of becoming the patriarch of the Doomkaiser family, by killing Alex.  In cases where Alex is involved Drake becomes extremely enraged, but will only pick a fight when Alex himself is involved.  Drake's one goal in life was to prove his superiority over Alex by killing him. Since the Bellona Alliance War, Drake has since stopped trying to kill his cousin, but still believes in his own superiority. He still strives to be the best, and the strongest Mage he can be, to both show his superior strength over Alex, and to help show his gratitude to the guild that kept him out of prison. He ignores any ridicule he reserves for his past transgressions, and instead displays his sense of honor through fair combat and mercy, instead of brutal attempts at murder as he did against Alex. He will insult the intelligence of others on some occasions though, more specifically when someone insults his own strength.


Although Drake seemed anti-social and angry at first, Drake managed to become close friends with his younger cousin Alex during their childhood. However, when Alex was chosen over Drake to become the next patriarch of the Doomkaiser Family, he became obsoletely livid over the choice.  He did everything he could to prove his superiority over Alex. He mastered the Doomkaiser style of Shadow Magic, learned Qui, and even unlocked his own Lunar Eclipse Eyes. His path to power eventually led him to Warlock Fist, where he became the guild's strongest member, and the only one aware of Constantine Noble's Sweet Song spell, and the only one that wasn't a member of the guild to further Constantine's own objective of discovering the Lunar Eclipse World.


New Generation of Leaders

Grand Magic Games X805

Magic and Abilities

Qui: A variation of Magic Alteration that involves the manipulation of one's internal magic to suit their needs, effectively making it Internal Magic Alteration. He can use it to sense the energy of every living thing, whether it uses magic, Curses, or is even an individual without magic from Edolas.  He can simply feel everything happening around him, and can even fight with his eyes close, or blindfolded.  Drake sees different variations of magics in different colors. He can even see ambient eternano in the air, which appears as a light blue. When looking at an object that possesses no magic power in it whatsoever, it instead appears as a blank spot, allowing him to still react to it in the sea of ambient eternano that surrounds him. The only exception to his sensory capabilities is users of the Magic Stealth, or are otherwise in another dimension.  Another aspect of this magic is the fact that Lucio can manipulate it to do practically anything he wants.  He can use it to increase physical capabilities, recover from injury at an accelerated rate, attack his opponents internally, or phase through multiple opponents to strike them in a line.  When attacking through the latter method, blue blasts of energy are seen exiting his target's body, while still being detrimental others who touch it. Drake can even fire beams of his magical energy or manipulate them into different shapes, such as spheres or daggers.  Any projectile that Drake creates has the same capability as his physical attacks.  Another interesting ability is his magic's ability to diffuse other forms of magic.  While not as effective as wave, Drake can use his own magic to weaken other spells it makes contact with, and hopefully overpower them.  This skill also allows him to touch those who can normally become intangible, such as with Elemental Body techniques or density shifting, allowing him to effectively strike said individuals. This also is an excellent defensive skill, as he can create barriers or coat his body in his magic, possessing the same effect as his actual attacks. His attacks can be channeled through materials to attack from behind walls, or travel up conductible materials (which is anything that isn't magic proofed or Curse powered), to shock opponents with his magic.  The aura of his magic even ensures that he doesn't need to directly touch his target to give them the force of a punch. As long as he can get within a one foot radius of his target, the target will still feel the full power of his strikes. The smallest touch from his attacks cause immediate muscle fatigue from internal damage. Prolonged, or direct damage to the body of his targets can even prove fatal. His Qui can even be used to maintain homeostasis, allowing him high resistance to heat and cold based attacks, as well as the ability to survive in extreme temperatures without the aid of any special kinds of clothing. Qui even has magnetic properties, allowing him to stick to walls, people, and other objects, not letting go until he negates the charge himself. This can even be used to walk on water or other non-solid surfaces. The final one of Lucio's Qui abilities is the ability to transfer magic power to others through direct contact with his magic, either in the form of a blast or direct physical contact. This can be done selectively, so it could pass through and damage an opponent, while merging with a teammate to increase their power. Through transferring all his remaining power into an ally, he can increase their power exponentially. In terms of using Qui, Lucio displays an eidetic memory, able to utilize and copy Qui skills from just witnessing them a single time.

  • Qui Blast Cannon: Drake focuses his magical energy into a blast that he can use as an internal shockwave to injure his opponents. The beam generally moves in a linear fashion, but can be used to blanket the area in front of him instead. He generally uses his staff to focus the energy, but he can also use his other appendages, most notably his arms. This spell can also be used by focusing his energy into a sphere. He then holds out in front of him and fires a large, fan-shapeded beam of his Qui instead of a straight laser-like beam as he normally does.
  • Almighty Shock: Drake places both of his palms on his opponent and attacks them with an internal shockwave of his magical energy. Although he generally attacks through the hands, this spell can still be performed using any part of his body. This spell is incredibly dangerous and has the potential to kill the victim, causing them to cough up blood from the injury to their organs. This spell can be continuously used as long as he's in contact with his target. Using a different form of Qui manipulation, Drake can also use this spell as a defibrillator, giving life instead of taking it as this spell normally is used for.
  • Spirit Fountain: Drake places his fist on the ground, quickly discharging his energy from his fist into the ground. This then causes his Qui to explode outwards from around him, similarly to an upside down fountain. The beams appear similarly to long streams of water, blocking attacks, and striking opponents with the normal effects of Qui. This acts more as a defensive move than an offensive one, bombarding whoever is foolish enough to get too close to him with his Qui, and damaging them greatly. This spell is even capable of shredding magic circles as an extra defensive measure, preventing them from going off in the first place.
  • Sacred Rain: Drake creates a sphere of his Qui in his hand, with it held aloft above his head. He then fires the Qui ball into the air, which bursts open and mixes with the air. Through this, hundreds of raindrop-sized Qui blasts rain from the sky for an extended period of time. These Qui blasts are incredibly sharp, acting to lacerate the target internally and externally, damaging them more and more, bit by bit until they're easy prey for Drake to defeat. Drake can also use this spell to heal allies through them absorbing the Qui drops, and can even have both of the effects at the same time, syncing the ball so that the drops will react differently to different magical signatures. The range of this spell is dependent on the size of the ball when Drake sends it into the air.
  • Soul Excalibur: Drake creates a blade of his Qui. It appears similarly to a double-edged sword with a cross guard. and it just as long as his staff. The features just appear more rugged, or undefined. The blade is capable of only cutting what Drake wants it to cut. It can phase through shields or clothing in order to directly lacerate skin, or even bypass skin in order to damage one's internal organs. Drake can also throw the blade, with it maintaining the same effects, but it will dissipate soon afterwards. In this event, Drake can simply create a new blade to fight with instead.
  • Deo Cannon: First Drake holds his hands out in front of him, fanned out. Next Drake then pulls his hands back next to him, as he charges his Qui into a small sphere. He then fires an incredibly large blast of his magical energy towards his opponent.  The beam then proceeds to constantly bombard anyone struck by this spell with his magical energy, even passing through walls, without destroying them, to reach his target.  The blast is much wider than the person, and Drake can move his hands or body in order to target an opponent that isn't remaining stationary. Drake can only use this spell after a long time of passive charging.  The process for charging is passive, meaning that Drake only has to put minimal effort into charging this spell, only needing to gather the energy into the proper point. The best part is that, as this spell is charged while Drake fights, it doesn't use up any extra magic power when used. If Drake ends up winning a fight before using the Deo Cannon, Drake will need to offload the energy through a brief dispersal of his magic from his body. Otherwise, this extra energy could prove harmful to his body. The energy is only becomes dangerous if held in for a whole day, however.
  • Avatar: A supportive technique to enhance Drake's offense. By using his Qui on the inside of his body, instead of propelling it outside of it or using it as a covering, this temporarily increases his physical strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, as well as the potency of his spells and defenses. This increase is five times the amount of power that Drake had available to himself at the time of usage. However, while this skill is incredibly useful, it has several drawbacks to prevent Drake from overusing it. Drake can only safely use this spell for five seconds. Using it for even one second more begins to wear down his body from the excessive surge of magical power inside his body. Even though he'll be stronger as a result of using it longer, as soon as he deactivates it, the damage done will immediately catch up to him, making an unwise trade off. Also, upon being used, this spell has a twenty second cool down, meaning that he can't use it again until twenty seconds have passed after deactivation. Using it again before the cool down has ended will yield the same results as if he had tried using it for more than five seconds. However, as long as he stays within his five second time limit, and doesn't use it during the twenty second cool down, he'll be able to continue using the spell without any problems.

Lunar Eclipse Eyes: Drake unlocked the Lunar Eclipse Eyes a year after Alex left in order for him to regain the status as heir to the patriarch position of the Doomkaiser Family. Drake wields his eyes at a Second Stage Level, making them superior to someone at a First Stage form, but his eye are unable to be turned off. By making direct eye contact, the Lunar Eclipse Eyes are capable of instilling fear into anyone, whether it be a person or a beast. This direct eye contact can actually be from any distance, as long as his eyes are visible to them, his target will feel fear. Anything with emotions, or at one point had emotions, can be affected by this magic, as long as they can see. This gives the blind an advantage against his eyes, as long as they are still capable of fighting without their eyesight. The fear is often so intense, that it is paralytic, preventing the target from moving if they are not able to at least somewhat conquer the fear. Otherwise, it will create a flight or fight reaction, with the target normally choosing flight. Individuals may try to shield their eyes to prevent the fear from taking place, but this leaves them open to attacks from Drake's other magics and the Eclipse Beams, especially if they aren't use to fighting without their eyesight. The eyes can also be blocked by reflective lenses, sun as sunglasses or barriers created by Barrier Magic, as long as the barriers are capable of refracting light instead of acting more like glass. Drake himself is immune to all other Lunar Eclipse Eyes, as users of the Lunar Eclipse Eyes are not affected by those who also use them. The eyes are so potent they are capable of instilling so much fear that he can even drive his target to insanity without using the Lunacy spell. When using it however, the effects can be detrimental to the mental health of the one affected. These eyes also give him free access to the Lunar Eclipse World, which he can access through a specific ritual.

  • Eclipse Beam: The signature move of Lunar Eclipse Eyes users. Drake is also capable of using the eyes to fire a beam of energy from them. The beam can either be piercing or concussive in nature. The piercing effect is capable of even breaking through enchanted steel, and structures erected using Barrier Magic. The concussive blast possesses a great deal of blunt damage, launching back opponents great distances with the power of this version of the spell, and crumble large stone structures in a single blast. The beams can either be fired with either one from each eye, or he can combine them into a more powerful attack. Drake's own Eclipse Beam is strong enough to easily overpower that of Alexander Doomkaiser in a beam struggle. Drake can also combine the power of this spell with his Qui, causing his irises to turn momentarily blue, and the beam transforming into the same color. This gives it the same internally damaging effects of Qui.
    • Super Eclipse Beam: After absorbing enough energy into his eyes with New Moon, Drake can fire off an even more powerful version of the signature Eclipse Beam. It's capable of destroying large boulders in one blast, and kill a large beast by easily piercing its body. This spell is five times as strong as the normal Eclipse Beam, allowing for feats at a proportionately greater strength than the previous eyes. This variation can also be combined with Qui.
  • New Moon: Drake is capable of absorbing all of the light in an area into his eyes, creating zones of pitch black, where only hiss eyes are visible, and the collected light is spilling out of them. Using this spell, he is also capable of absorbing any variation of Light, Fire, or Lightning Magic into his eyes, as well as any other normal light source. Drake, himself is the only one capable of seeing when this spell is active. Like all Second Stage Lunar Eclipse Eyes users, and lower stages, he cannot maintain the energy in his eyes for too long, but Drake can use his Qui to stabilize the energy and keep it inside his eyes for a longer period of time with less negative effects. With the eyes being the only thing visible for some time, it also affects the potency of the fear induced by the eyes. As more energy leaks from the eyes, the more everything else will become visible again.
  • Lunacy: By making the usual direct eye contact, Drake instills even more fear into his target with this spell. This instills the target with the same level of fear that the eyes normally instill in a target, but then it doubles, causing whatever reaction the target would've had to the fear to intensify tenfold. This causes the affected individual to begin to suffer from any number of fear-induced symptoms. It can cause hyperventilation, insanity, and even heart failure to the more easily frightened.

Shadow Magic: Drake is well versed in the usage of the Doomkaiser Family's style of Shadow Magic, appearing as a master of the art. Despite no longer utilizing it as his primary form of offense in combat since learning Qui, Drake's skill in Shadow Magic is still beyond that of fellow Shadow Magic master Alexander Doomkaiser. In their battle, Drake was capable of using his own shadow tendrils to block all of Alex's attacks (the latter of which was also using his own serrated tendrils), as they were unable to pierce his shadows. All the while, Drake hadn't even moved his body during the onslaught. Drake was even able to get the drop on him, ensnaring his feet and tripping him, while still blocking Alex's attacks. He uses this to ensnare and cut his opposition. His Shadow Magic is also capable lifting and throwing heavy objects, such as stones, for him, and cut through objects just as dense. Drake's shadows were capable of easily lifting his body as well, able to walk high off the ground on four spiderleg-like tendrils to traverse the battlefield. They can even restrain full grown men, and even restrain those the caliber of Jason Gaebolg and Julius Kaizar. His shadows can move discreetly across the battlefield, having no sound, allowing Drake to ensnare a target before they even know that the shadows have wrapped around them. Drake can also enter his shadow in order to move across the battlefield and attack opponents. When like this, it eradicates his scent, and he can move around silently, as long as he doesn't speak. In his shadow form, all of Drake's senses are drastically enhanced, giving him temporary immunity to Sleep Magic, and allowing him to effectively track and attack enemies in his Shadow Form. Drake is capable of manipulating his shadows over a large distance, even being capable of completely covering the area he's in with them, but the shadows need to be connected to his body in order to be manipulated. Even more impressive is that Drake can use minimal, or even zero movement to manipulate his shadows. However, they can still be touched by others, even while Drake is in his shadow form. Drake can also combine this magic with his Qui, making his spells more dangerous with the incredible effectiveness of the magic. This causes his shadows to be surrounded by a blue hue. The Qui can also serve to stabilize his shadows, allowing Drake to detach them from his body, unlike any other Doomkaiser.

  • Shadow Clone: Drake enters his shadow, and creates several copies of himself made from shadows. His manipulation of the shadows makes the target unable to differentiate which one is the true Drake under normal circumstances. This spell normally appears two-dimensional. Drake can also use a three-dimensional variation of this technique, wherein he creates multiple shadow clones that appear similar to his normal body. Through proper usage of the shadow body technique, Drake can make it appear as though he's teleporting within a specific area. He can dye the ground black with his many clones, who can each form into a human body, according to Drake's will.
  • Shadow Slash: Drake creates several tendrils of shadows, flowing out from his body. He then moves them in a fluid motion, allowing him to cut through opponents. This spell can easily cut through steel, and other equally durable materials. Any material it can't cut, it'll at least leave a scratch. Drake's shadows seem to work best on magical defenses. Drake can also use this spell with rapid lunges of his shadow tendrils, aiming to impale instead of cut, and can use the tendrils in very rapid succession through this method, ravaging the bodies of his target.
  • Black Sarcophagus: Drake ensnares his opponents in shadows, completely binding and encasing his victim in a cocoon of shadows. The cocoon gives no leverage, making it difficult for one to free them self. It is also rather thick, making piercing through it difficult as well. Drake has noted that the average sword cannot pierce it (when describing the average sword he means magic swords that don't have other specialized properties). This spell is most dangerous in one on one combat, as there is no one to free the target. Even those who use elemental body techniques will still be stuck inside the sarcophagus.

Celestial Spirit Magic: Drake was able to learn to use this magic after finding the key of Efrit: The Behemofh of Venus.  It is a form of Spatial Magic that allows him to summon one of any of the Planetary Celestial Spirits, dubbed Behemoths, as long as Drake has a contract with said spirit.  Drake is currently in possession of one key, which is that of the aforementioned Efrit.  As Drake is a user of Qui, he is much more spiritually aware than most individuals, allowing him to more easily summon his Behemoth. The power of a Behemoth is proportionate to the trust and bond between the key holder and the spirit.  Although the two initially had trouble seeing eye to eye, Elfrit eventually came to respect Drake's drive to be the best, and Drake respected Elfrit's no nonsense attitude.  Together, the two are nearly unstoppable.

  • Planet Suit: A variation of the Star Dress spell used by Drake, and some other Planetary Celestial Spirit Key holders. Drake can don this powerful piece of attire whether or not he has successfully summoned Efrit, but his power is only a third the strength of his spirit's. Despite this, the power he receives is still great, considering the capabilities of the magics he can wield, and Drake can also still wield all his other magical abilities, and compensate for Efrit's weakened abilities through the manipulation of his other magics.
    • Planet Suit: Efrit Form: This suit bestows upon him the power of the spirit of the same name. Drake also gains some physical characteristics of his Celestial Spirit, granting him enhanced strength, enhanced durability, and greater magic power. Of course, this magic also grants him the magic of Efrit. It appears as a black suit with a red shirt and a black tie, loafers, and dress pants. When wearing his blindfold, putting on the suit does not remove it unless he so chooses. Drake has no trouble fighting like normal when wearing this suit, and it does not restrain his movement.
      • Magma Magic: Drake can use the magma of Efrit in combat with this suit.  It allows him to create magma from either his body, or seals that he summons (they can be placed in locations similarly to Blast Magic). The magma that Drake wields is naturally superior to normal magma, but still weaker than Efrit's own. It can easily melt through steel, and even Adamantine if applied well enough. Only exceptionally heat resistant objects are capable of resisting this magic. The magma he utilizes can either be used as an explosive blast, or a stream more similar to water. It is so hot that it can even damage Flame Element Slayers, burning them to do magma's superiority over fire. He can even harden his lava in order to create dense, stone structures from his hardened magma. He generally only uses this to make blunt weapons such as clubs. These weapons are about as dense as weapons created by Earth Magic, such as the stone hardened by Jura Neekis. Drake's magma becomes stronger the more emotional he becomes, and he can also use combined assaults with Efrit in order to compensate for Drake's lack of power with this magic. Unlike Efrit, however, his magma doesn't have the same pleasurable effects, and although he has a great resistance to heat, he doesn't have the same immunity to almost all forms of Heat Magic. He is immune to the effects of Efrit's Magma Magic, and all levels of Magma Magic at a similar level.
        • Love Eruption: Drake creates a magic seal below his opponent, or himself (as he is immune to the effects of the magma). The magma then generates a powerful eruption from below, trapping them in a column of lava which continuously burns the target the more they're stuck inside. As this spell can be cast anywhere within Drake's line of sight, this technique acts as an excellent surprise attack, or even a defensive skill when used on the area that Drake's occupying himself.
        • Lustful Run: Drake collects magma in his hands, before forcing it out, and creating a gigantic wave of magma to cover his foes. It appears similar to a river, meaning that it can be redirected by creating a pathway, but is somewhat uncontrollable. Even Efrit, the inventor of this technique and its original creator, can't fully control the power of this spell, and due to its dangerous flow, and burning ability, makes this an incredibly dangerous spell to friend and foe alike. Fortunately, Drake is immune to the effects of this spell, along with his other spells and Magma Magic.
        • Sex Meteor: Drake collects magma on both of his fists before pointing them skyward. He then unleashes a barrage of meteor-like magma blasts into the sky, which then rain down upon his opponents. This spell has a wide area of effect. When the meteors make contact with the ground, they burst, spreading magma even further along the area, giving this spell the largest area of effect of all of Efrit's spells.
      • Crash: A magic that smashes everything the user comes into contact with into pieces. It can even be used to both crack Magic into pieces, nullifying its effects, as well as to reduce the Magic's power and to deflect it. Although, like with his Magma Magic, this magic is only a third the strength of Efrit's, making it easier for certain objects to resist this magic (mostly incredibly sturdy materials or powerful magical entities).  The effects of Crash occasionally manifest themselves as the target being separated into cubes; interestingly, should Crash be directly cast on another living organism, the recipient is separated into numerous, doll-like versions of themselves. After some time, the target should revert to their original form, however, should Drake wish, he can manually change them back. Like with his Magma Magic, Drake can combine his magical powers alongside Efrit's to compensate for any lack of power he possesses with this magic.
        • Crash Cue: Drake charges up his staff with Crash Magic, increasing its overall striking power. Drake can then use the staff to slam into his target. This can be used to break apart nearly anything the staff makes contact with, just like anything this magic normally hits. Unlike normally however, when Drake strikes a living object with this spell, it instead acts as a powerful shockwave, capable of traveling through his target's body, and then destroying the landscape behind them, and tossing away other enemies. All the while, this spell destroys the internal structure of the initial target, dealing immense physical damage. This spell can destroy one's physical body, weapons, and even spells. Drake generally uses this as a finisher, as it also serves to destroy any form of defense his target has. Drake can also give his staff to Efrit to use this spell, which is even more powerful in his hands, but lacks the same internal damage.
        • Disassembly Net: This spell take advantage of Crash's ability to disassemble objects and people as well. Drake touches his fingers together, dragging them apart, and creating the threads for the net. They then automatically link together. Drake finishes this spell by throwing the net in front of himself, which will transform any spells or objects it comes into contact with into blocks, or any people or animals it touches into hundreds of doll-like versions of themselves. When used on a sentient life form, it can take two to five minutes for one's magical container to reform, based upon the magic power of the target. However, during this time, his opponent is in mental disarray, their consciousness being spread out amongst hundreds of smaller versions of themselves, and unable to properly focus for a counterattack. Efrit is capable of using this spell on his own, and he can combine it with Drake's Disassembly Net in order to create a much larger, and powerful net, possessing the same characteristics and casting as before.
        • Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Megiddo: This is Drake's strongest spell, exclusive to him as it requires the power of Qui. Drake begins the spell by cloaking his fist in a combination of Qui and Crash, giving it a light blue color. Anything that so much as touches this hand while Drake is using this spell will be completely obliterated. Drake then quickly runs up to his opponent, and deals a crippling blow to their torso. This spell is similar to Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Empyrean, as that it only possesses the damage, but this is even stronger due to the Qui combined into the spell. This Qui also serves to help the spell deal as much internal damage as it does externally, completely destroying a person's organ's and cardiovascular system. Out of all of Drake's spells, this one possesses the most killing potential.

Unison Raid: An extremely powerful ability that allows two Mages to unite two kinds of Magic, similar in nature, together, thereby creating an even stronger attack.  Although a seemingly difficult ability to master, Drake is easily capable of doing a Unison Raid, seemingly, whenever he wants to. Although, it is evident that whenever he activates one, he is fighting with someone close to him, or at least someone he respects. Drake can utilize a Unison Raid with any member of the Spartoi, Victor Crassus, Alexander Doomkaiser, or his Behemoth Efrit.

  • Dual Disassembly Net: A Unison Raid done with Efrit, and a combination of their two Disassembly Nets. The two cast the Disassembly Net like they normally do, but then combine each other's Nets, creating a giant net which has the same effects as the normal Net, but is twice as large, and has twice as much power, making it much more difficult, if not outright impossible to block. The net itself also seems to move even faster.
  • Deo Thunder Cannon: A combination of Drake's Deo Cannon, and Victor Crassus' Thunder Cannon. As he utilizes his Thunder Cannon, this technique can can only be utilized when Victor is in his Monster Soul form. While Drake charges his Thunder Cannon in the normal hand position, Drake charges his Deo Cannon as well. The two Mages then fire their respective spells at the same time, which combine into a rotating vortex of magic and lightning. This spell has the shocking and paralytic effects of the Thunder Cannon, while also having the dangerous effects that the Deo Cannon's Qui is infused with, allowing it to simultaneously internally and externally damage the target with both the shocking damage, and the Qui's normal effects.
  • Flame Pressure Debris Flow: A combination of Drake's Lustful Run (with him wearing his Planet Suit, as the spell is actually that of the Behemoth Efrit) and Victor Crassus' Flame Pressure. First Drake casts the Lustful Run, sending out a large stream of difficult to control magma from his body towards his target. Victor then follows up with his Flame Pressure, collecting the magma in Victor's spell, which then proceeds to carry it towards the target at an accelerated pace. The heat of the two spells also combines, making this spell not only more dangerous to the target, but much simpler to control for the two casters than the ordinary Lustful Run, which is ordinarily a very difficult to control flow of lava, even to the spell's original creator Efrit.
  • Umbral Storm: A combination of Drake's Shadow Magic and Victor Crassus' Shadow Magic. This Unison Raid can only be performed while Victor is wearing his Shadow Bar Armor, as that is the only medium through which he can use Shadow Magic. Victor and Drake transform into their Shadow Forms simultaneously, moving across the ground at a breakneck speed, before ending just below their opponent. They then reform, shadows collected on their hands, and move their arms in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, respectively. This generates a massive tornado of shadows, bombarding the target with multiple lacerations from the shadows, and forcing the target high into the sky.

Keen Intellect: Drake is an incredibly intelligent individual. He can easily recognize attack patterns, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, and strategize ways around his opponents' own skill in a short amount of time. Using his intellect and magical prowess, he can often defeat enemies that are actually stronger than him. He's also somewhat of a scholar, uncovering the fact that the Lunar Eclipse Eyes do not necessarily need to be inherited, and can be unlocked. Not only has he used his intelligence to unlock and master his Lunar Eclipse Eyes, but also become the most skilled user of the Doomkaiser style of Shadow Magic from his generation, and even learned and mastered the highly complex magic, Qui. He now uses Qui as his primary form of combat. During the Grand Magic Games of X805, Drake stated that he was the most intelligent member of Dragon Gunfire's team, something Jason Gaebolg, the strongest member of their team, believes to be true.

Master Weapons Specialist: Drake has shown excellent usage of his staff, using it as his primary mode of attack, even enhancing it with his magic. His skill is great enough that he can easily overwhelm opposition with blows from his staff. His accuracy even allows him to strike pressure points with it, taking down enemies in only a few blows. His skill not only includes using it directly as a melee weapon, but also as a defensive object through spinning it at high speeds, and he can even use it to pole vault. On top of that, he also has immense skill with the sword he creates using his spell, Soul Excalibur, having the same accuracy and skill with the long blade as his staff. He can even use the two weapons together in tandem for masterful maneuvers and assaults.

Master Hand to Hand Combatant: As a user of Qui, hand to hand combat is the most useful to Drake. Even when separated from his staff, he has no issues fighting in melee combat. His style revolves around evasion, and using the momentum of his targets attacks against them while simultaneously dealing a flurry of fast blows to his target's vital areas. The striking of these vital points makes his Qui all the more dangerous. His fighting style is also very acrobatic, using his great flexibility to make unpredictable movements to strike and block opponents.

Immense Speed: He can move fast enough to make it look like he had simply appeared next to someone in order to strike them. Drake is fast enough to easily outmaneuver opponents, even others who have enhanced speed. He's fast enough to easily outpace the likes of Alexander and Malory Doomkaiser individually, and easily avoid Eclipse Beams made by Asclepius Doomkaiser. Many aren't even capable of tracking his movements he can move so fast, appearing almost as if he's teleporting. This speed was used in battle against Alexander, who couldn't react in time before being struck with a barrage of Qui-enhanced strikes. He can even keep up with those who utilize speed enhancing magics, such as High Speed or Lightning Magic. Drake's speed and reflexes is often aided by his Qui, allowing him to sense his target's movements, and properly fight foes blindfolded (which he often does at the start of a fight).

Enhanced Strength: Although not nearly as physically powerful as the other members of the Spartoi, Drake has a great degree of physical strength as well. With mere taps of his staff he's capable of creating small craters, and has the physical build to leap across the battlefield with his speed and reflexes without any strain to himself. Most notable is his lower body strength, which is now he can jump so high and far. Through the usage of his Qui, Drake is capable of embruing his body with even more physical might, making up for any lack of natural muscle mass.

Enhanced Durability: Drake is capable of taking powerful attacks from powerful enemies, including Eclipse Beams, and Shadow Slashes from Alexander Doomkaiser, and even the superior blows of Asclepius Doomkaiser. He can even manage to withstand damage from Efrit, without the aid of his Planet Suit, during training sessions. Through the usage of his Qui, Drake can push even further beyond his natural limits through its ability to increase his physical capabilities.

Immense Magic Power: Due to his power, Drake was considered the strongest member of Warlock Fist. He is also considered one of, if not the most powerful member of the current generation of Doomkaisers, exceeding both Dark Mage Disposal Squad Mage Malory Doomkaiser, and current patriarch Alexander Doomkaiser. Drake's skill has even garnered him the praise of Asclepius Doomkaiser, the strongest Doomkaiser to ever live, and someone who rarely compliments others. This speaks leaps and bounds for his immense power. His strength has garnered the respect of a Behemoth, one of the eleven Planetary Celestial Spirits, his being one of the most fickle of these spirits. He can keep his Behemoth on the field for a long period of time, and even don his Planet Suit for an extended period of time without any adverse effects He was even picked amongst all the members of the Spartoi Program to represent Dragon Gunfire during the X805 Grand Magic Games. This is even more impressive considering the fact that the only other Spartoi member chosen was Jason Gaebolg, the strongest member of the Program, and one of Dragon Gunfire's strongest mages. When exerting his magical power, his aura is colored red and black.


Adamantine Staff: Drake wields a staff in combat, which he can wield quite proficiently. He generally uses it in tandem with his Qui in order to strike his enemies even harder, and deal internal and external damage. His staff's Adamantine makeup makes it incredibly durable, and nearly unbreakable, while also making it capable of easily having Drake's Qui flow through the weapon. This staff can also permanently store Drake's magical energy. Anyone, besides Drake, that tries to touch his staff, even when he's not in contact with it, will be zapped by his Qui, unless he has removed his own magical energy from it, or changed it to infuse whoever touches it with power. Through spinning his Qui-imbued staff, he is also capable of effortlessly diffusing energy-based projectiles, such as Fire or Lighting Magic, or simply pure magical energy. In his hands, Drake's staff also acts a magic amplifier, enhancing the power of his attacks through the staff, and conserving energy at the same time. After his battle against Ebisu Zakat, Drake's staff became demagnetized, preventing it from drawing electrical blasts or being affected by magnetism.

Gate of the Behemoth of Venus: Summons the Planetary Celestial Spirit Efrit, the spiritual brother of Ares, and a user of Crash and Magma Magic.


Drake's appearance is based off of Kenshi from Mortal Kombat.

Similarly to how Alex was the youngest Mage in Black Void, Drake was the youngest mage of Warlock Fist.

  • This is even more fitting, considering how Drake was the one that took Alex's place in the Spartoi Program.

Drake's stats are:

Fear Factor
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