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""The world can be a dark place, so can the people. This is not a light in the dark, this is where we make everything else brighter."
— Hotoke's view on the guild.

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Dryad Locks

Dryad Hair


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Legal Guild



Dryad Locks is a Legal Guild who was orignally located at the capital of Fiore. It is a rather recent guild, but it is rising quickly in both popularity and power after Hotoke Boneweaver took over as the guild master. Hotoke's goal with this guild is to make it into the family it once was. Hotoke gladly accepts anyone who wants to join.

Location and Design

Originally in the capital of Crocus, Dryad Locks has now moved it's location to the city of Magnolia. Just at the outskirts of the city, one will find the guild hall of Dryad Locks. The guild hall is a three leveled building with a basement. The first floor is greatly inspired by Fairy Tail's construction, but instead of a bar it is more like a resturant in which the guildmates can socialize, gossip and talk about all of their adventures and good deeds as well as taking on missions. On the second floor is a vast library for any Dryad Lock to indulge in. There is a separate section, limited for those that has either achieved S-Rank or have become a part of the guilds female elites: The Night Witches. On the third floor is the S-rank hall. It is a privilige to be permitted up there and has been stated many times over to be the most fun thing in the guild.  In the basement there are rooms with beds for those Dryads who do not have a home of their own or would rather prefer to live in the guild hall.


Dryad Locks was never a strong guild. It was more of a tight knit group of people who were as close to being a family as one could be without having the actual blood connection. They never cared  much for being one of the grand guilds, nor about having power or any of the like. After the death of Miki Wood they didn't even have that left. DryadLocks became weaker than ever. But everything changed when Hotoke stepped up to the plate. By fighting the previous guild master as well as paying off the guilds debts, he took over control of Dryad Locks. After that, the rise in power was astounding. While not quite on the level of the likes of Fairy Tail, Sabertooth and other big-name guilds, Dryad Locks is rising quickly and steadily in might. 


Name Rank Team Status
Hotoke Boneweaver Guild Master None Active
Asher Segenam Guild Ace None Active
Garnett Mitsu S-Class Mage None Active
Kiara Yano S-Class Mage Night Witches Active
Sol Akemi Mage The Twin Celestials/Night Witches Active
Luna Akemi Mage The Twin Celestials/Night Witches Active
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