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It was an average day at the Phantom Breaker Guild, the members were drinking and playing around and Alex was blushing while looking at Kat from a far. Alex then remembered he needed to pay the rent for his dorm in the guild. He runs up to master, Jayapura Marshand says "Hey does the guild have any new jobs for me?"

Jayapura was in his normal table, eating up a storm as he looked over to Alex before swallowing and wiping his face with a napkin, "Hmm, well some minor jobs here and there, but nothing big" He replied handing over some papers to Alex that he recent received from the tribunal. 

Alex looked at the board then he let out a sigh then walked towards the board and chose the mission wih the biggest reward. "I am going on a mission now." He shouted to the master but before walking out the door he gets stopped and Taichi Marsh appears before him. "Taichi? What do you want?" Alex was confused.

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