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Earth God Slayer Magic



Do no Metsujin Mahō


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Earth God Slayer Magic (土の滅神魔法, Do no Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, obviously a Slayer Magic, and last but not least, a form of God Slayer Magic which is focused upon the transformation of the physiology of the caster's body into those of what could be considered to be gods, perceived by life on Earth Land as legendary creatures that are of natural or supernatural nature, considered divine or sacred worshipped by various religions with important roles to play in mythology which are seemingly the strongest among all species in the world, all attuned to this particular element, resulting in Earth God Slayer Magic revolving around the generation, manipulation, and consumption of all types of the element that's known as soil, which is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and countless organisms that together support life as well as most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state such as a mountain, a boulder, sand or dirt, and many more.

This iteration of Earth God Slayer Magic was obtained through the utilization of the Take Over subspecies which is known as Take Over: God Soul, specially that of the spell referred to as God Soul: Tudigong, which enables the one whom harnesses its power to wield the very powers of Tudigong (土地公(チュヂゴング) Chudigongu lit. Lord of the Soil and the Ground), an ancient Joyan God whom governed over the lands.


In order to learn God Slayer Magic in the first place, the hopeful wielder must have their magic "modified" by an outside source - typically, just like how a Devil Slayer learns the Devil Slayer Magic from one of the Books of Zeref, which contain notes on how to obtain Magical Barrier Particles as to produce a Devil Slayer, a God Slayer will learn their God Slayer Magic from a peculiar type of grimoire known as a scripture, which are texts which various religious traditions consider to be sacred, or central to their religious tradition, used to evoke a deeper connection with the divine, convey spiritual truths, promote mystical experience, foster communal identity, and to guide individual and communal spiritual practice - these scriptures have undergone an infusion of holiness through the blessing of the God associated with the sacred text, bestowing the holy book with properties not dissimilar to the god themselves, which would allow the learning process to take place. Indeed, the scripture which passes on the element of the God and the holy energy to the user modifies the user's magical origin with the book's own holy energies, inverted by the paper to not harm the user, which changes how magical energy circulates within their body, therefore causing their magic origin and own magical energy to become "holy" in nature; thus a portion of their own power changes the user's magical power into that of a God Slayer; unlike the catalyzing process of God Slayer Magic which can kill the hopeful user if even the slightest misstep occurs, this process of obtaining God Slayer Magic is known to be relatively harmless, with the only requirement being an immense quantity of magical energies dwelling within the caster's body to enable the process in the first place. Through continuous reading, the knowledge embedded within this magical tome will become permanently engraved within their mind as the now-harmless holy energies contained within the scripture will be put into action alongside the energy of the user's body to catalyze a variety of bodily processes automatically, therefore allowing the morphing of their physiology to a point where the individual has adopted some physical traits, as well as the type of Elemental Magic, from said book; or rather, the individual that the book is centered around - the God. In the case of a wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic, the user focuses the voluminous quantities of arcane energy that are dwelling within their Magic Origin before pulsing said energies outwards into the environment, causing an interaction with the eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere while the user focuses upon the surface beneath them, surging the combined energies into the soil while using the fact that they gained their powers from an overwhelmingly powerful earth-user in order to exert dominance over the earth, soil, and anything related to it in any way that they deem to be suitable even without directly touching it, using mental commands and the like in order to momentarily weaken the earth's strength and composition from being tougher than a metal to softer than clay, all in accordance to their thoughts and feelings, manipulating not only the preexisting surrounding earth, but also generating it.

Effectively, this grants the user of Earth God Slayer Magic the ability to call upon the assets of the divine even if their bodily structure isn't one-hundred-percent the same as the beings from which this magic originated, the caster is capable of inducing a metamorphosis of their body structure as to take upon traits of a god instantaneously which is done in conjunction with the activation sequence as mentioned above, bestowing upon the user of Earth God Slayer Magic lungs and enhanced vocal folds that are capable of spewing vicious torrents of highly sharp stones, defenses which are laced with compressed earth as to provide protection against anything considered hard and inorganic, and fierce claws and nails which are enshrouded with dense concentrations of earth, specifically attuned to dealing incredible amounts of damage, overall incorporating the element of earth into their body – all of this combined, results in the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic transforming their entire existence into that of a make-shift weapon whose ownership is unique to them and them alone, wielding the element of earth that was harnessed by their patron deity and passed down to them alongside the natural physical superiority of a god in combat, utilizing offensive ability, stamina, and vitality, to transmogrify themselves into the greatest weapon of all, thus dramatically increasing the damage inflicted upon anything that they come into contact with using the sheer force of their strikes in all ranges; though close-combat is where this form of God Slayer Magic usually shines; as the magic massively bolsters the power of their unarmed blows with the user unleashing powerful close-range strikes that manifest countless stone pillars in the wake of their movements in order to pulverize anything in their path and lash out at their defenses with relative ease, and with the power of Earth God Slayer Magic, the caster possesses an absolute dominance over anything considered to be a byproduct of the earth and is solid in composition, not limited to but including most solid objects; mountains, boulders, sand or dust, dirt, soil, rock, and mud as well as bones; however, they are unable to manipulate the bones of living beings; but they are able to minutely control these abilities such as forming larger objects into more complicated ones or by changing the materials' elemental makeup – as long as it has some traces of earth held within it, the possibilities are endless, both in what the caster is capable of, and how much pain their enemies will be in as they let their magic run wild upon them. This dominance gives off the impression that the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is capable of a minor form of reality warping, a supposedly almighty power that allows the user to create, change, destroy, and even alter the very fabric of reality through nothing but their thoughts.

The black tint of the earth produced by this magic are a result of the properties of divine and sacred being imbued within the element as to produce a supreme existence which possesses a transcendent priority, displaying the ability to transcend normal area-of-effect of close-range combat strikes, God Slayer Magic cannot collide with, clash with, cancel out, or be cancelled out by other attacks, even other priority-oriented attacks of a similar nature such as Ice Devil's Zeroth Destruction Bow, allowing the user's attacks to bust everything in their path to shreds, even smothering other forms of Elemental Magic of any tier - this is shown when the black flames produced by Flame God Slayer Magic were capable of ripping straight through the ordinary flames of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. Silly things like protection such as Defenser and Barrier Magic are as good as shitty papier-mâché when the blackened elemental might of God Slayer Magic is bowling down upon them. The body of an opponent, unless they themselves are a wielder of God Slayer Magic cannot handle a large amount of god-enhanced elemental energy due to a difference of affinity, not a matter of potency; if the human body forcefully does absorb a large amount of blessed magical energy, the person would suffer severe damage. Large concentrations of the element of a wielder of God Slayer Magic can have highly dangerous effects on the world in the form of a natural disaster, which is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of Earth Land, such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other geologic processes - however, in the case of Earth God Slayer Magic, countless earthquakes and sandstorms are whipped up with every attack unleashed, causing the earth to tremble in fright with each and every one of the user's strikes while a myriad of propagating disturbances roar outwards from the point of contact, dealing mass devastation to anything in sight while wielding the absolute might of those whom had hewn the earth with their bare hands. When the basic power of geokinesis is harnessed through the might of a god as is done here, the earth possesses properties of a darker and detrimental nature; as such, the blackened earth is capable of doling out astounding amounts of damage to destroy anything in its path that it comes across, devouring everything that would usually serve to obstruct the geokinetic blows from landing properly damages, fully wielding the hazardous and destructive side of earth, which in turn ignores most of the limitations and weaknesses of more "normal" geokinetic-type magics such as Earth Magic, the Molding Magic subspecies known as Earth-Make, and perhaps even a geokinetic-type Dragon Slayer Magic, the transcendent properties of the divine earth producing an overwhelming offense.

The user's Earth God Slayer Magic usually manifests itself in the form of large, cylindrical pillars of rocks, which can be shaped from the ground, greatly elongated and even twisted, allowing the user to use them for both attack and defense; these structures can also be given more elaborated and intricate forms, mirroring humanoid figures and even architectural elements; going further than this, by inducing a process that's not dissimilar from the Molding Magic known as Earth-Make or Photonic Forge for Photon Dragon Slayer Magic, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is capable of manifesting countless weapons of all kinds as well as creatures that function in a similar manner to Celestial Spirit Magic or Familiars, including vertebrates such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals as well as invertebrates such as mollusks, arthropods, annelids, cnidarians, and sponges; of course, at greater levels of skill, phantasms which are universally a cut above the rest, legendary creatures, can be manifested, two notable examples being dragons and phoenixes. The caster can manifest armour to bolster defensive capabilities, body parts, or even for more miscellaneous purposes such as more mundane, everyday items such as chairs, tables, and for espionage purposes like creating exact replications of keys or scanners in order to access previously unavailable areas; the caster can form almost anything, whether said objects formed happen to be living or not – while the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic oftentimes generates these constructs away from their body, like Iron Dragon Slayer Magic and Metal Phoenix Slayer Magic, the user is able to induce the creation of earthen weaponry and tools upon the user's body, displaying a finer control over the element, whereas normal God Slayer Magics simply place a mass of the element on the caster's body parts and let them strike with it. Given how Earth God Slayer Magic grants the wielder absolute dominance over anything considered to be "earthen", the user is capable of utilizing the spells of other earthen-element magics no matter their tier such as Sand Magic, Dust Magic, Earth Magic, Earth-Make, Sand Dragon Slayer Magic, and many more simply by flawlessly replicating the activation sequence of these magics and modifying some aspects of it as to attune these spells to their own magic in addition to being able to magnetize their own limbs to any type of stone in a manner that resembles Magnetism Magic. Infusing their earth with explosive energy, a wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is able to launch exploding bombs of earthen material at their enemy. In comparison to other forms of God Slayer Magic, Earth God Slayer Magic is known to stand out for the incredible defensive parameters it grants the wielder when the God Slayer is up against physical attacks, transmogrifying their existence into a living barricade or shield that shrugs off almost anything that happens to attempt to do battle with them. Additionally, because of the properties of the rocks and ground that the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic harnesses in battle, movements can be very cumbersome; the God Slayer can occasionally completely miss with a lot of the more powerful attacks integrated into this form of God Slayer Magic, some of their spells possessing relatively low accuracy for a Slayer Magic. Another weakness that Earth God Slayer Magic (and in many cases, geokinesis-type powers in general) is known to possess is that because the magic's powerset is rooted in the manipulation of soil, it occasionally makes it difficult to ascend beyond the ground in spite of the fact that a wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is an extremely powerful combatant when remaining upon the earth's surface or even below. Additionally, due to God Slayer Magic's intricate connection to the divine, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is capable of performing a specialized form of divination, which is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultic, standardized process or ritual. Combining their blackened earth with the sacred properties of God Slayer Magic, the God Slayer is able to utilize abacomancy, which is a form of divination based on the interpretation of the patterns in dust, dirt, silt, sand, or the ashes of the recently deceased, enabling them to gain insight into countless situations and questions before them by reading the patterns in each soil-forged structure to discover various symbols and pictures, using interpretation to use these symbols and pictures to discover what is going to happen in the future, bestowing upon them with a limited form of clairvoyance to enable a sixth sense of sorts - more is detailed in the subspecies abilities section below.

Indeed, as part and parcel over their absolute dominance over soil and anything that soil could constitute, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic has displayed that they are capable of utilizing their expert level of geokinesis in order to create, shape, and manipulate dust, which consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil, dust lifted by weather in an Aeolian process, volcanic eruptions, and pollution. Dust in homes, offices, and other human environments contains small amounts of plant pollen, human hair and animal fur, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells, burnt meteorite particles, moon dust, and many other materials which may be found in the local environment in addition to sand, which is a naturally occurring loose, fragmented or granular sedimentary material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles; overall, this enables the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic the ability to utilize both dust and sand in a manner not dissimilar to the likes of Dust Magic and Sand Magic respectively, only applying their expert level of geokinesis in order to bolster their properties to the scope of a God Slayer Magic. In order to invoke the power of Koniokinesis, through this aspect manipulation, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic doesn't require the usual activation sequence of their magic, but rather, they simply focus, delving deeply into their mind as to subconsciously look at the contents of their Magic Origin and their Earth God Slayer Magic in particular. From here, the caster goes off of the fact that Earth God Slayer Magic focuses on earthen elements in general, it isn't limited to a single element like Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Ice Devil Slayer Magic for example, which could be vastly more useful if they were "Heat Dragon Slayer Magic" and "Cold Devil Slayer Magic" respectively – indeed, through mental commands alone and the incorporation of alchemic processes, the caster is able to break the earth manifested through the power of their Earth God Slayer Magic into dust and/or sand and from there manipulate them as if the user had access to Dust Magic and/or Sand Magic respectively. Indeed, when harnessing the dust, the properties of the dust can differ significantly from those of soil into their attacks, causing their spells to become accompanied by dust particles which can not only increase the power of their spells by manipulating the density, speed, and sharpness and reinforcing the hardness of the earth to add more strength and durability to their strikes, but also manipulate these grains rather minutely alongside the earth produced by Earth God Slayer Magic, focusing upon the silicon particles saturated upon the earth and directing it in accordance to their willpower, each moon dust particle possessing a high degree of sharpness to the point that they effectively function as microscopic blades of grain that can rend alloys in twain and strip flesh from the bones of a human – the addition of dust into their arsenal also allows them to induce granulation in order to transform anything their blows come into contact with through the cutting and shredding capabilities of the dust into, well, more dust, ranging in size from relatively rough to fine dust which is then added to the already collected sum of dust – once enough dust has been gathered, it automatically shapes itself into a permanent asymmetric dust cloud that resembles the planet itself. Additionally, when harnessing the sand, the user is able to release quicksand, set off sandstorms, and absorb all sorts of liquids, oftentimes shaping it into a variety of forms for different purposes, with the most prominent being sand-made bullets or waves being the most common attacks. The sand seems to inflict damage due to the sheer blunt power granted it by the amount of material used each time.

In the heat of battle, the user of this magic is commonly seen producing earth from their very existence, before shaping it mentally and setting it upon their enemies to inflict maximum damage with ease; through the reinforcement of soil and shaping their element using nothing but mental commands. In addition to manipulating the strength and composition of the earth they control, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is able to change its density, making it heavier or lighter. To a user of Earth God Slayer Magic, the earth around them is similar to an extension of their body as in they're capable of manipulating a pre-existing earthen construct's movements and structure, subjugating it to their will. As part of their peerless control over anything that's considered to be a "soil", the God Slayer whom harnesses the immense power of Earth God Slayer Magic has absolute control over the pedosphere, which is the outermost layer of Earth Land that is composed of soil and subject to soil formation processes that exists at the interface of the lithosphere (including the planet's crust and uppermost mantle), atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, being able to induce a variety of processes such as creating mountains and other landforms including hills, canyons, and valleys. Adding on to Earth God Slayer Magic's dominance over anything considered "earthen", the user is capable of controlling all of the earth in the surrounding area, splitting it into boulders and sending it all flying at the enemy in a powerful avalanche in a manner not dissimilar to telekinesis, this aspect of the magic also allowing them to levitate entire buildings and tear extremely large pieces of stone from the earth. The user can also create fissures with a simple stomp, turn soil and dirt into quicksand, and of course, tunnel through the ground at astounding speeds to resemble burrowing to not only get around swiftly, but also set up proceeding strikes of all kinds and defenses; not only this, they are capable of liquefying the ground to make it downright impossible to move upon for anyone in the vicinity with the exception of the user themselves oftentimes turning large portions of ground below the target into liquid, subsequently raising them in "waves" to envelop and crash foes, with the ground acting like quicksand. The liquefied ground itself has enough blunt power to destroy a large building when struck. Such softening power hasn't uses for offense alone, and has other avenues for usage, with the user being capable, for instance, of making the ground cave in by liquefying it, generating holes that can serve as shelters for them or their allies. Generally, the caster uses Earth God Slayer Magic in order to assault their enemies by modifying the terrain around both themselves and their enemies through the process of terraforming, while simultaneously protecting themselves by the same measures; rather than create, the caster has shown the ability to totally alter landscape; this miraculous power also enables the user to induce geokinesis on a scale vast enough to move entire landmasses by using their Earth God Slayer Magic in order to manipulate tectonic plates, which are seven large plates and a larger number of smaller plates of Earth Land's lithosphere, with the user able to move and change all tectonic plates on Earth Land to devastating effect.

As with all forms of God Slayer Magic, Earth God Slayer Magic has virtually unlimited customization options in regards to the element formed through simple magical manipulation and reinforced through the power of a god – the colour of the earth produced by the magic is able to be altered freely, its properties which aren't limited to but include temperature, the smell that it emits, its taste, and overall "feel" is capable of being modified to the user's liking for countless different effects and powers, more often than not being attuned to the user's own personality and ambitions; the type of damage that the air inflicts upon anything that it comes into contact with is able to be changed at will; in its normal state, Earth God Slayer Magic seems to have a "piercing" effect to it, seemingly causing penetrative damage alongside the user's rocky will given a corporal form in their element. The earth which is produced by Earth God Slayer Magic is stronger than normal earth, capable of shrugging off anything thrown their way. Of course, as the highest form of elemental manipulation around, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is capable of harnessing their magic in any manner that they deem to be suitable, commonly changing between offensive, defensive, evasive, or supplementary potencies in accordance to the situation at hand; but generally, as long as the God Slayer is able to imagine their element being used in a particular manner and it doesn't break the laws of physics or conflict with any established limitations, then the sky is the limit, more or less. As per the nature of Slayer Magic, a God Slayer is immune to the effects of their own element, and in this case, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic can consume external sources of earthen materials no matter their source to replenish their strength, both stamina-wise and magic-wise. They are also naturally immune to the effects of their own earth that came from both their own person and to those from other sources, but must consume it through their mouths if they are to actually absorb it into their bodies; the user can't eat their own earthen material, or things given earthen properties by themselves in order to reinvigorate themselves; though unlike other types of earth-based Slayer Magic, a user of Earth God Slayer Magic is capable of absorbing any trace of earth in the immediate vicinity, and/or use the correct reactions in order to produce earth continuously. In terms of weaknesses on the elemental chart, just as how Flame God Slayer Magic is weak to Earth God Slayer Magic and a hydrokinetic-type God Slayer Magic, Earth God Slayer Magic has as many weaknesses as a naturakinetic-type God Slayer Magic, being vulnerable to hydrokinetic-type magics such as Water Dragon Slayer Magic, naturakinetic-types such as Green Magic, cryokinetic-types such as Ice Devil Slayer Magic, and finally, ferrokinetic-types such as Metal Phoenix Slayer Magic.

Subspecies Abilities

  • Magic Skill: Earthen Sight (内魔導・三百六十程振導関数視覚(マジック・スキル・アースエン・サイト), Majikku Sukiru: Āsuen Saito lit. Internalized Magic Art: Three-Hundred-and-Sixty Degree Vibration-Derivative Vision): Magic Skill: Earthen Sight is a special function of Earth God Slayer Magic that the original user of the magic developed after months of experimenting with their magic, aiming to serve as a secondary form of sight. Earthen Sight is unique in that it could be considered a Magic Skill instead of a spell proper; thanks to being simply a manipulation and extension of the basics, as opposed to using magic to create a new function entirely; this is due to the fact that Earthen Sight is constantly active and costs the user absolutely no magical energy to cast or even maintain. In any case, Earthen Sight constantly functions by both consciously and unconsciously utilizing the user's mastery over the land in order to naturally sense even the tiniest of vibrations within the earth and other structures which are rooted into the ground such as buildings, trees and vehicles- this can extend to ants marching through the earth several hundred kilometers away. Due to this, the Magic Skill known as Earthen Sight has granted the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic a three-hundred-and-sixty degree field of vision comparable to omnipresence- effectively, as long as it touches upon the solid ground, the user is capable of visualizing where others are no matter their location and how far away they are from them in exact statistics, what their appearance is right down to their height, weight, and build- though they are unable to visualize expressions, which could be said to be the cause of their shitty personal skills, but the original user of Earth God Slayer Magic was egotistical even before they were blinded. Despite the fact that the loss of their eyesight was something they moped about for a few weeks, through the heightened senses bestowed upon them by Earthen Sight, the user had gained a unique form of clairvoyance which enables them to sense incoming dangers no matter the type as long as they are properly standing upon the ground- with this ability, a hindrance was turned into a distinct advantage in the heat of combat as they could now predict attacks as they began and react correspondingly. However, to keep Earthen Sight active, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is required to maintain a constant footing upon the ground without anything in-between, thus allowing them to tap into the sight of the earth.


Basic Spells

  • Earth God's Bellow (土神の怒号, Dojin no Dogō): Earth God's Bellow is a variant of the God's Bellow spell which is the God Slayer's equivalent to the Dragon Slayer's Roar and Devil Slayer's Rage spells, attuned to the element of earth - as such, it works best with Earth God Slayer Magic and is as such considered a basic Earth God Slayer Magic spell that involves the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic quickly gathering and releasing a vast quantity of earthen energy from their mouth in the form of an enormously powerful torrent of sharp stones that perforate anything in their path. In any case, when performing Earth God's Bellow, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic focuses intently as they inhale ambient eternano which is saturated within the atmosphere, condensing it to its utmost limit while they store it momentarily within their mouth - from here, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic attunes the eternano gathered by merging these particles with their energy in order to induce the usual fusion to being power into the current realm; this results in the user utilizing their magical energy in conjunction with their willpower in order to cause an interaction with the particles of eternano which are ambient within the atmosphere before they invoke the activation sequence of their magic by focusing upon the surface beneath them, surging the combined energies into the soil while using the fact that they gained their powers from an overwhelmingly powerful earth-user in order to exert dominance over the earth, soil, and anything related to it in any way that they deem to be suitable even without directly touching it through thought alone, transforming the state of existence of these energies into that of a myriad of sharpened stones; they draw more and more soil into their jaws jaws from which no flying, talking cats have ever seen the light of day until they have gathered enough to the point that just by propelling it outwards, they could cause a landslide that covers an entire continent; along with this, the user adds their own magical energy into the mixture to serve as a propellant to the earthen elements gathered, charging it up for a split second. Once this is done and an adequate quantity of arcane energy has been charged and thus the power of this spell has been bolstered to a level that the caster deems to be appropriate, Earth God's Bellow is ready for utilization – in order to unleash the impressive quantities of energies that have converged within their mouth, breathing outwards harshly to imitate a furious bellowing voice of the divine, the caster quickly decompresses the stones within their mouth as they unleash this exceedingly simple yet deceptively powerful spell in the form of an positively enormous torrent of sharp stones being spewed from the mouth of the wielder all aimed towards whoever would be foolish enough to stand in their way. This attack embodies the idea that quantity has a quality all its own; the stones released can be mentally stopped and pointed in another direction if the opponent dodges, drawing a beautiful geometric curtain of death, piercing the target and damaging them enormously. The curving aspect of this spell makes the slabs of stone miniature heat-seeking missiles, but instead of locking on to heat, they target whatever enemy they have; making it impossible to avoid or escape from—a certain hit is an inevitability, giving the opponents little to no chance to escape unless it is physically impossible to harm them or a serious obstruction is in the way. These stones are incredibly sharp; able to pierce through buildings as well as all sorts of supernatural defenses- in some cases, the slabs launched from the user's mouth are confused for gigantic blades. Upon firing them, the caster can allow them to pierce the ground after striking the target- by melding them with the ground, the stones are capable of being consumed, effectively granting the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic the ability to utilize Earth God's Bellow constantly. The wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is also able to compress the countless stone slabs launched from their mouth into a gigantic boulder, at least as big as a house which they then fire at their opponent- this version focuses on dealing smashing damage which can bust through and completely flatten anything and everything in its way.
    • Additional Attack Number One: Earth God's Resounding Reverberation (追加攻撃・一号・土神の鳴残響, Tsuika Kōgeki Ichigō: Dojin no Nazankyō): TBA
  • Earth God's Bursting Fist (土神の岩烈拳, Dojin no Ganrekken): Earth God's Bursting Fist is a basic Earth God Slayer Magic spell which also incorporates knowledge of Earth-Make into the utilization and mechanics of this spell – Earth God's Bursting Fist can be seen as equivalent to Fire Dragon's Iron Fist of Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and Iron Dragon's Hard Fist of Iron Dragon Slayer Magic where the caster creates a gauntlet which is completely made of earth and punches the target, thus inflicting pulverizing damage. In any case, when performing Earth God's Bursting Fist, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic focuses the voluminous quantities of arcane energy that are dwelling within their Magic Origin before pulsing said energies outwards into the environment, causing an interaction with the eternano that's ambient within the atmosphere while the user focuses upon the surface beneath them, surging the combined energies into the soil while using the fact that they gained their powers from an overwhelmingly powerful earth-user in order to exert dominance over the earth, soil, and anything related to it in any way that they deem to be suitable even without directly touching it; all the while, the caster performs the pose that's typical of Earth-Make, focusing more magical energy into the formation of their Magic Seal while envisioning a pair of gauntlets and drawing power from the atmosphere - during the summoning process of this earthen gauntlet, the caster's magical energies flow from their own body and entwine themselves with everything else put into action through the activation sequence, resonating visually as a pulse of amber energy as the desired creation spawns from the glyph of energy accompanied by a swirling hurricane of earthen energies - indeed, what emerges is a pair of gauntlets, which are protective gloves used as a form of armour that are composed entirely from earth, encapsulates the user's fists and arms up to their elbow joints, overall resembling the plate armour type of gauntlet as used by soldiers and knights; these gauntlets are relatively ornate, with an abundance of fins jutting out in various places as well as rings that enclose these gauntlets at the user's wrists and an extended cuff covering part of their forearms. At this point, Earth God's Bursting Fist is ready for utilization, with the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic launching their clenched fist forward with a swift, bullet-esque motion that appears almost untraceable to the untrained eye and can be thrown towards the target from near-all positions imaginable – but in any case, when the earth-clad fist impacts upon the form of the target, it strikes with the force of being struck in the face with an solid iron anvil, with the earthen elements amassed around their hand releasing at the point of contact which deals multiple strikes of damage in order to induce an effect which isn't dissimilar to that of a drill that's utilized for the purpose of excavation grinding into their body as if the drill was eating away at bedrock little by little, finishing its journey towards its target with a powerful punching force that inflicts major damage upon the caster's opponent and launches them several meters away if their bodily constitution isn't capable of handling the forces associated with the Earth God's Bursting Fist. To those whom witness the process of the user launching the Earth God's Bursting Fist which impacts upon the opponent, it visually appears as if the user has made the slightest of movements forward and from there, the enemy was struck with the force of a cannon shell, being sent careening across the landscape near-instantly. Something that should be taken into consideration is that Earth God's Bursting Fist is capable of being adapted for almost any situation through being followed-up by a variety of attacks; which are all detailed below; these are known as Additional Attacks (追加攻撃, Tsuika Kōgeki) and are numbered as Additional Attack Number _ (追加攻撃・_号, Tsuika Kōgeki _gō), followed by the name of the spell; it is well-known that each attack can chain into another, most, if not all proceeding strikes involving the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic unleashing another attack with their earthen fists; however, it should be noted that each of the additional attacks are able to be launched independently without any follow-up properties.
    • Additional Attack Number One: Earth God Fist (追加攻撃・一号・土神拳, Tsuika Kōgeki Ichigō: Dojinken): TBA
    • Additional Attack Number Two: Earth God's Land Reclamation (追加攻撃・二号・土神の築地, Tsuika Kōgeki Nigō: Dojin no Tsukiji): TBA
    • Additional Attack Number Three: Earth God's Pebble Stern (追加攻撃・三号・土神の礫厳, Tsuika Kōgeki Sangō: Dojin no Rekigan): TBA
  • Earth God's Ōkuninushi (土神の大国主(オークニヌシ), Dojin no Ōkuninushi lit. Great Land Master): Earth God's Ōkuninushi is a basic Earth God Slayer Magic spell which involves the caster setting off a centralized ground-shaking movement which resonates outwards in a pattern of the user's choice before erupting into countless spires of earth which impale the caster's opponent and slash anything else to pieces. In any case, when performing Earth God's Ōkuninushi, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic focuses intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, before releasing the voluminous quantities of energy outwards from their body ever-so-slightly, reacting with the arcane particles that are known as eternano that are saturated throughout the atmosphere as to induce the fusion between eternano and magical energy that's ever-so-common with the formation of all forms of magic, all while the caster focuses upon the surface beneath them, surging the magical energies that dwell within their frame into the solid earth and soil below through the motion of slamming their bare hands down into the ground while using the fact that they gained their powers from an overwhelmingly powerful earth-user in order to exert dominance over the earth, soil, and anything related to it in any way that they deem to be suitable; at this point, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic induces the reinforcement of soil and changing its structure using their willpower alone, the form of the pillars which shoot from the ground are refined and excessively sharp; while they can take upon the visage of cylindrical pillars, resulting protrusions from the ground that resemble, well, stalagmites, which are an upward-growing mound of mineral deposits that resemble spikes. As per being oriented towards offensive measures, the stalagmites generated through Earth God's Ōkuninushi are known to possess immense slashing power if used in such a manner, and can pierce all sorts of defenses, whether they are natural or supernatural in nature, ranging from Magic to Curse-derived; the strike which is aimed towards the caster's body that touches the stalagmites is brought to a screeching halt as its kinetic energy is reduced to zero- this can works against magic, bullets, explosions, and other projectiles; effectively, in the short time that it is active, the strength of such formation is shown to repel enemy attacks, being strong enough to completely negate the effects of a Heavenly Body Magic spell, with the clash between the two moves sending a gale all over the surrounding area. Generally, the caster harnesses Earth God's Ōkuninushi by launching it towards their enemies- by simply stomping upon the ground, they release two pulses of magical energy from their feet, resulting in fissures erupting from the earth, travelling in the direction of their opponent- while in motion, the fissures generated cause the earth to shake violently with a force akin to a minor tremor that ends with absurdly sharp pillars of stone erupting in a continuous row while they rush towards their opponent like a multitude of sharks submerged within the earth, leaving only their fins visible, chasing the enemy until certain doom is met. The caster is capable of manipulating such stalagmites at their will, bending and twisting them to better guard themselves or their allies from enemy attacks; in addition, they can split them into their constitutive elements, which they can freely move in midair and employ for offensive purposes, and they can defend the caster from high-tier spells such as Abyss Break with relative ease as these numerous pillars of earth can immobilize and pierce their opponents. The caster can also create pillars from the ground that form multiple walls in a straight line, blocking incoming attacks in a manner not dissimilar to the likes of Defenser and Barrier Magic – if an attack even so much as manages to pass through a single wall, then the next one in line will surely negate its power; this process will continue for as long as there are layers of walls left. When under the effect of the Ley lines, the stalagmites generated through Earth God's Ōkuninushi are capable of transforming into incandescent sharp stones coated with lava that spring from the ground; if the top edge hits an opponent, it will result in an explosion. Ōkuninushi is the name of a divinity in Shintō whom was believed to be originally the ruler of Izumo Province until he was replaced by Ninigi, though as compensation, he was made ruler of the unseen world of spirits and magic. Ōkuninushi is the god of nation-building, farming, business, and medicine. This lives up to the divine theme of God Slayer Magic, likening it to the Flame God's Kagutsuchi spell as displayed by Flame God Slayer Magic as well as the Sky God's Boreas spell of Sky God Slayer Magic.
    • Additional Attack: Megalithic Rock Wall (追加攻撃・巨石岩壁, Tsuika Kōgeki: Kyoseki Ganpeki): TBA
  • Earth God's Dancing Sand (土神の舞砂, Dojin no Busa): TBA
  • Earth God's Earth Destruction (土神の大地崩壊, Dojin no Daichi Hōkai): Earth God's Earth Destruction is a basic Earth God Slayer Magic spell which takes a considerable amount of influence from the Cavern Dragon's Earth Destruction spell of Cavern Dragon Slayer Magic to the point that it can be considered an equivalent or an "evolved" form of said spell; with Earth God's Earth Destruction, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic slaps the ground beneath them with both hands, annihilating the earth's terrain in a giant burst of stones and rocks, completely obliterating the ground in a vast radius that resembles an thunderous earthquake which resonates outwards, striking everything the caster deems to be a suitable target. In any case, when performing Earth God's Earth Destruction, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic focuses intently as they intensify the volatility of the magical energies that are dwelling within their Magic Origin as to excite them exponentially, before releasing the voluminous quantities of energy outwards from their body ever-so-slightly, reacting with the arcane particles that are known as eternano that are saturated throughout the atmosphere as to induce the fusion between eternano and magical energy that's ever-so-common with the formation of all forms of magic, all while the caster focuses upon the surface beneath them, surging the magical energies that dwell within their frame into the solid earth and soil below through the motion of slamming their bare hands down into the ground while using the fact that they gained their powers from an overwhelmingly powerful earth-user in order to exert dominance over the earth, soil, and anything related to it in any way that they deem to be suitable. At the moment in which the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic finishes the first portion of the spell's activation sequence, a pair of pulses of earthen energy in its purest form erupt from their palms. The setup for Earth God's Earth Destruction having been completed, the surface on which the caster and anything else within the mortal realm begins to shake, fearful of the overwhelming blow which is about to be unleashed upon those the caster deems to be their adversaries. This tremendous shaking instantaneously evolves into an overwhelmingly powerful earthquake, which is the perceptible shaking of the surface of Earth Land, resulting from the sudden release of energy in Earth Land's crust that creates countless seismic waves, waves of energy that travel through Earth Land's layers, giving out low-frequency acoustic energy. The seismic waves unleashed by Earth God's Earth Destruction are known to possess properties of all three body wave types and the surface waves, travelling through the interior of Earth Land, travelling across the surface as they decay slowly, their particle motion being phenomenally large so that they can cause tremendous amounts of damage. The earth shaking violently in fright, fractures in the ground occur as countless structures are split in twain, dislodging buildings and defenses of many kinds, displacing the ground as all secondary effects associated with earthquakes are manifested upon the mortal plane to deal even further damage. The enormous radius of Earth God's Earth Destruction is known to fling countless enemies around as if they were ragdolls, their bodies suspect to the power of the spell no matter their actual strength level even if they were a member of the Ten Wizard Saints or the Spriggan Twelve, capable of destroying even entire cities. The initiation of the spell also releases a flurry of propagrating disturbances over a relatively large, explosive radius, racing outwards at astounding velocities to decimate anything else that wasn't totally annihilated by the might of Earth God's Earth Destruction. As a side note, when combined with a hydrokinetic-type magic such as Water Dragon Slayer Magic or just ordinary Water Magic through the utilization of a Unison Raid in regards to the former or a Combination Spell in the case of the latter, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic has the option of relocating the epicenter of the earthquake released by Earth God's Earth Destruction offshore, thus causing the seabed to become displaced sufficiently, resulting in an enormous tsunami, which is a series of unusually powerful waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a large volume of water, dealing even further damage as the scale of Earth God's Earth Destruction becomes apocalyptic in nature.
  • Earth God's Quagmire Crush (土神の泥濘砕, Dojin no Deineisai): TBA

Intermediate Spells

  • EarthGSPerBurst

    A user of Earth God Slayer Magic invoking Grounder Burst.

    Grounder Burst (天神聖力演・奮闘土力(グランダー・バーストング), Gurandā Bāsuto lit. Heavenly God Holy Power Amplification – All-Out Earth Power): Burst is an uncategorized God Slayer Magic spell that's an Magic-amplification technique and equivalent to Dragon Slayer Magic's Drive; Burst brings out the true power of their capabilities as a user of God Slayer Magic, excluding the power boost granted by God Force, yet, at the same time, seemingly enhancing the user's physical prowess to a degree, particularly the user's speed. The Burst spell, unlike its draconic equivalent, Drive, which is exclusive to Third-Generation Dragon Slayers, is known to be capable of being harnessed by any user of God Slayer Magic as long as they possess the power necessary to induce its effects and the knowledge of how to do so. This version of Burst, titled "Grounder Burst", is exclusive to Earth God Slayer Magic and is attuned to the element of earth. In any case, when invoking Grounder Burst, given that a user of God Slayer Magic is capable of calling upon their patron deity through strong feelings in the first place, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are able to do so once more at any time, if only to a limited extent this time. Channeling the power of their patron deity whom bestowed upon them the ability to utilize their godly element in the first place in a roundabout way, the caster frees their mind as to mentally invoke a complete absence of emotion and peace of mind, with the caster separating godly properties of their wind from the ordinary earth, thus separating yin and yang, also interpreted as positive and negative arcane potential respectively. When the yin and yang collide together to become whole again as their patron deity sends a portion of their power downwards – the God Slayer opens up a narrow pathway from their fingertip; as well as up to their arm to the stomach. The Magic Origin of a magician is located within their stomach- and as everyone knows, the Magic Origin is the source of supernatural power within the body. The way that the magic works requires that the winds sent down enters the user's stomach; in contrast, if it passes through the user's heart; more than half of the time, the result is fatal for God Slayer. Once the godly energy has entered the user's stomach, their magic origin activates; the magical energy being constantly pumped into the user's limbs takes ahold of the godly energy, and breaks down the eternano and energy that it's composed of with the God Slayer's Magic Origin resonating with such to distribute the God Slayer Magic Particles sent down at a swift pace, accelerating the output and flow of magic from the godly energy to the user's body in order to enhance all of their fortes, increasing the strength, speed, and potential that the user possesses tenfold, allowing them to take on even foes much more powerful than themselves; entering a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability; physically, Grounder Burst has the caster's appearance alter ever-so-slightly as to have their eyes become obscured, leaving only their blank irises shown as black masses of earth channel and compress upon their arms and legs to mimic armour, cloaking around their body. When Grounder Burst is invoked, the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic is able to mimic the Elemental Body ability of Elemental Magic, which allows the user to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through their body when they're transformed, thus enabling them to transform into the earth itself in order to completely negate the strength and effects of any opposing attacks coming their way by reducing both the arcane and kinetic energy of incoming strikes to zero, thereby invoking an effect not dissimilar to the likes of super armour as seen in fighting games, nullifying the motion and thus the force of the blow while breaking apart the combination between magical energy and eternano into their constituting elements, rendering them harmless.
  • Ayers Rock (荒野断碑又跳獣(エアーズ・ロック), Eāzu Rokku lit. Wildland's Broken Stone Monument, also Kangaroos): Ayers Rock is a powerful Earth God Slayer Magic spell which involves the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic utilizing their godly geokinesis in order to terraform the immediate vicinity into a perfect replication of Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation located in the greatest country of all which ascends, impaling all in its path as kangaroos leap down from the rock, violently kicking everything caught in the summoning process to death.

Advanced Spells

God Slayer's Secret Art (滅神奥義 Metsujin Ōgi): The God Slayer's Secret Arts are a special classification of God Slayer Magic spells which denote whatever's bestowed with the prefix being the absolute strongest techniques of a God Slayer.

  • Atlas: Venerate Mine (土神覚醒・原界剥離(アトラス・ヴェネレイト・マイン), Atorasu: Venereito Main lit. Earth God Awakening: Detachment of the Primitive World): Atlas: Venerate Mine is an advanced Earth God Slayer Magic spell which is one of the God Slayer's Secret Arts, the strongest spells of a God Slayer – in the case of Atlas: Venerate Mine, it involves the wielder of Earth God Slayer Magic utilizing their godly geokinesis in order to terraform the immediate vicinity, causing a crack to travel toward the target as a pinnacle, which is an architectural ornament resembling a small spire that appears below the target, launching them upwards at horrifying velocities as the caster unleashes a burst of rock flies that forward, smashing their target into the pinnacle, thus resulting in a powerful explosion.
  • Atlas: Basalt Ballista (土神覚醒・千黒曜岩剣の激弾丸飛雨(アトラス・バソルト・バリスタ), Atorasu: Basoruto Barisuta lit. Earth God Awakening: Tempestuous Heavy Bombardment of a Thousand Obsidian Swords): TBA
  • EarthGSPerGaiaForce

    An Earth God unleashing Atlas: Gaia Force.

    Atlas: Gaia Force (土神覚醒・急増線の地熱力(アトラス・ガイア・フォーズ), Atorasu: Gaia Fōsu lit. Earth God Awakening: Proliferating Ray of Geothermal Power): Atlas: Gaia Force is the strongest Earth God Slayer Magic spell and one of the God Slayer's Secret Arts, a series of advanced Earth God Slayer Magic spells which possess power that transcend all other forms of godly geokinesis - Atlas: Gaia Force effectively enables the caster to gather all of geothermal energy within the earth in the immediate vicinity and concentrate it into one spot, in front of their chest, before firing this geothermal energy from the orb in the form of an extremely dense, high-temperature ray of multicoloured pure energy, doling out immeasurable amounts of destruction as the ground itself is affected, exploding around the caster's opponent. In any case, when initiating Atlas: Gaia Force, the user plunges their open palm upon the earth, surging their magical power through it and forming a link with the world's crust. With this, the user gathers geothermal energy, which is energy made by heat inside the Earth's crust, and transfers it to their other hand- which is stabilized by divine ground as per the power of Earth God Slayer Magic, appearing as spiralling blackened heat waves that extend outwards. Using a process not dissimilar to Shape Transformation, the user begins to pour more and more magical energy into their hands in order to counterbalance the geothermal energy to charge up for the subsequent blast; this is visualized in the form of a sphere of pure magical energy focused at a single point a single meter in front of the user, which becomes influenced by the geothermal energies, causing it to turn a smoldering black with fragments of rock embedded within the heat waves. All the while, the caster's chest goes about gathering and condensing stray magical energy from the atmosphere within the sphere. As more and more energies gather, the molten orb of blackened godly heat and earth increases in size until it effectively becomes a miniature black sun, with those in the vicinity beginning to feel dehydrated just by its mere presence- the heat that the miniature sun gives off is enough to evaporate all forms of water in close proximity, and even start fires if objects are too close. Once the spell is ready and it has been charged to the user's liking, the caster then invokes the full potential of Atlas: Gaia Force, decompressing the condensed sphere of black heat and earth in the blink of an eye, causing its properties to manifest at their greatest point - in the blink of an eye, a multicoloured ray of pure heat with fragments of rock shoots forward, zipping towards the caster's opponent in a manner not dissimilar to a laser beam. The ray of molten energy devours anything it comes into contact with as long as the target is within the spell's area-of-effect, annihilating massive amounts of architecture in one shot. Alternatively, Atlas: Gaia Force is capable of being utilized by the caster immediately firing it at the heart of the enemy as a point-blank attack that seems impossible to evade.


  • This magic was originally owned by Ikaruza, but the author took at over as that user hadn't been here for over six months and dramatically improved it.
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