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Āsu Rando

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Earth Land (アースランド Āsu Rando) is a world in the Fairy Tail Universe. It is the main setting of the series.


Most of the known part of Earth Land is occupied by a very large peninsula, with some isles of different sizes being scattered in the sea surrounding it, and the peninsula itself being linked to the mainland, whose geography is mainly unknown.

The known countries in Earth Land are:

  • The country of Isenberg/Iceberg
  • The country of Mins/Minstrel
  • The country of Stella


  • Bosco is first mentioned in Chapter 1 by Bora. Apparently there is a slave trade in this country.
  • Most of the countries in Earth Land are randomly named. As such, Hiro Mashima has stated that he will try to avoid the story's progress to these countries.
  • A map of Earth Land with alternate names can be found here.
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