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Eastern Zodiac Keys



Tōjūtai Kagi


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Eastern Zodiac Keys (東獣帯鍵, Tōjūtai Kagi) is a branch of Celestial Spirit Magic, which summons twelve Celestial Spirits, in a similar vein to the Golden Zodiac Keys. Much like the Golden Keys, they are rare, and considered invaluable, as well as exceptionally powerful spirits. Ironically, despite the name, the Eastern Spirits don't use literal keys, instead using small jade figurines of their perspective animal that summons them onto the human world from the Celestial Spirit World.


The Eastern Zodiac Keys, as their name implies, originate from the eastern continents of Earth Land, where they were first discovered, and are used to summon the twelve Eastern Zodiac Spirits, Celestial Spirits who have their own category and are considered "elites" in a sense, much like the Golden Zodiac Spirits. However, the prime distinctions between the two spirits are their method of summoning, involving jade figurines as the "keys" for their gates, taking the form of the spirit's animal theme. Interestingly, any sufficient enough Mage can open the gates, even non-Celestial Spirit Mages can do so, making the ability to summon them very easy, though evidently, regular Mages tend to use more power than a Celestial Spirit Mage when summoning the Eastern Spirit.

The abilities of each Eastern Zodiac Spirit, other than the ones common among all spirits, is individually unique to them, though they all commonly possess a perspective Elemental Magic, with some sharing the same element even, on top of their own unique magic and abilities best fitting to them. Despite their ranking as "elites", not all the Eastern Spirits are neccesarily combatants, evident by some having more supportive effects with their magic as opposed to being purely combatant, while some have a mixture of both fighting styles.

Four Cardinal Spirits

The Four Cardinal Spirits (四基魂, Shikiryō) are what differentiates the Eastern Zodiac Spirits from the others. Unlike the other spirits, the Eastern Spirits are capable of an ability known simply as "fusion" (合併, Gappei), allowing two or more spirits to combine their power and being into a completely new entity, becoming a much more powerful spirit. The four cardinals are the results of spirits fusing to create them, with each Cardinal Spirit only appearing when two fixed spirits fuse, for example, the Cardinal Spirit of the West, Suzaku, can only be summoned by fusing Si the Snake, and Wu the Horse. 

The fusion process is initiated by the Mage, but it must be done by the owner of the two spirits, and only by them, it cannot be a collaboration between two Mages, even if they do possess the right spirits. As such, only the contracted owner is capable of summoning the needed fusions if they are contracted with the right spirits.

The Four Cardinal Spirits and the spirits who fuse to make them are;

  • Zhū Què (朱雀, Chinese for "Vermilion Bird") = Wu the Horse + Si the Snake
  • Baí Hǔ (白虎, Chinese for "White Tiger") = Shen the Monkey + Yuu the Rooster
  • Xuán Wū (玄武, Chinese for "Black Turtle") = Zi the Rat + Hai the Pig
  • Qīng Lóng (青龙, Chinese for "Azure Dragon") = Yin the Tiger + Mao the Rabbit

Fifth Cardinal Spirit

The Fifth Cardinal Spirit (五基魂, Gokiryō) is the de facto leader of the Four Cardinal Spirits, and as such, is the strongest of the four, requiring a total of four spirits to fuse in order to create, and is known as Huáng Lóng (黄龙; Chinese for "Yellow Dragon"), and the spirits who fuse to create him are Chou the Ox, Xu the Dog, Wei the Goat, and Chen the Dragon. Due to being the result of four spirits, summoning the Fifth Cardinal Spirit requires a phenomenal amount of magic power to be sacrificed in order to fuse the spirits, and summon, leaving the user almost completely drained by the time Ōryū appears.


Zi (ジ, Ji) The Rat (鼠, Nezumi), the most intelligent, but also the weakest of the Eastern Spirits, functioning primarily as a strategist, as opposed to a combatant, making her remain in the sidelines and simply give out advice to her allies or come up with plan. She uses Water Magic and Archive. Rat1
Chou (チョ, Cho) The Ox (牛, Ushi), a powerful close combat fighter, possessing incredible brute strength that makes her among the stronger spirits in terms of simple raw might. She is primarily a front line fighter, using Earth Magic in conjunction with her fighting style to dish out massive damage. Ox1
Yin (イン, Yin) The Tiger (虎, Tora), one of the elites of the Eastern Spirits, an incredibly powerful, fast and physically strong humanoid tiger, possessing orange fur and long, wild hair, with a confident and brave personality, as well as a strong sense of adventure. He boasts great might with his unpredictable fighting style that heavily incorporates Wood Magic, as well as Claw Magic. Tiger2
Mao (マオ, Mao) The Rabbit (兎, Usagi), a kind and gentle spirit with one of the most human appearances, with the only real hint of her being a spirit being her rabbit ears, who, despite being a fairly strong fighter in her own right, is a pacifist at heart who rarely engages in combat, instead opting to solve things peacefully or even try to go as far as befriending her enemies to stop any potential violence from breaking out, though most cases fail. Her primary magic is Wood Magic and High Speed. Rabbit1
Chen (チェン, Chen) The Dragon (竜, Ryū), the de facto leader and strongest of the Eastern Zodiac Spirits, Chen is a large serpentine dragon, possessing, oddly enough, red hair across his entire body, blood red eyes with yellow slitted pupils, in addition to long whisker-like mustaches on his nose. He possesses Earth Magic and the natural ability of flight, as well as the greatest level of physical strength among all the spirits, capable of overwhelming the lot of them alone. Chendragon1
Si (シ, Shi) The Snake (蛇, Hebi), a three-headed, pale skinned humanoid serpent, the three heads' mouths sealed with magical metal pins, and communicates via Telepathy. Each head possesses its own personality, the right one is calm and pacifistic, the left is more passive-aggressive in his thought, while the middle controls the body and mostly possesses a neutral standpoint. All three are fairly intelligent, lacking fear and possessing great courage as a result. They primarily use an exceptionally powerful Fire Magic, Telepathy and an incredibly flexible body unique to it. Snake1
Wu (ウ, Wu) The Horse (馬, Uma), a large, abnormal horseman with a large shell on its back. He has enormous physical strength and brute, making it an incredible close combat fighter. He has an optimistic and energetic personality, as well as great determination, contributing to its endurance and durability, making it the most likely to come out of a fight unscathed or still standing. It primarily uses Fire Magic, minor Healing Magic, as well as the large shell on its back to use Sound Magic. Horse1
Wei (ウィー, ) The Goat (山羊, Yagi), a literal goat, with grey fur and an armoured appearance, in addition to distinctive, large, golden horns. Thanks to his armoured appearance, he is incredibly durable, capable of whistanding the force of many attacks, which allows him to ram into his foes more easily using his incredible speed. It primarily uses Earth Magic and Plant Magic. Goat1
Shen (シェン, Shen) The Monkey (猿, Saru), an overly optimistic and adventurous spirit, Shen has one of the more human appearances, complete with a monkey tail and ears, as well as a yellow suit of hers. She is an incredibly agile and fast fighter, using her speed and acrobatic skills to overwhelm her foe, alongside her Metal Magic for extra damage, due to lacking much physical strength of her own. In addition, she is capable of using adbanced Transformation to change her appearance however she desires. Monkey1
Yuu (ユー, ) The Rooster (雄鳥, Ondori), is one of the strongest Eastern Spirits, due to possessing great talent and courage, having mastered martial arts alongside his own magic. Incorporating his Metal Magic in conjunction with his martial arts is what makes Yuu's fighting style incredibly formidable, in addition to his superhuman traits. Alongside his Metal Magic, he also uses Formula. Rooster1
Xu (ズ, Zu) The Dog (犬, Inu), is among the average-ranked Eastern Spirits, however, his raw might and speed, along with his incredible talent in martial arts, makes him more than capable of taking most, if not all, the other Eastern Spirits. In addition to his natural ability to become stronger thanks to his unique support magic giving him great potential to become stronger than his peers. His primary magic is Earth Magic, as well as his support magic, simply dubbed "Enhancement Magic". Dog1
Hai (ヘー, ) The Pig (豚, Buta), a laidback and easy going spirit, known for its ambitious and modest nature. She possesses the appearance of a young petite girl in a black sleeveless skin tight suit, with an armour around her arms, legs and a helmet, all shaped like a stereotypical pink pig, in addition to wielding a spiked hammer with rockets. Other than fighting using the superhuman abilities gained by her armour as well as her hammer, Hai also uses Water Magic, and Hammer Magic. Pig1


  • The Eastern Zodiac Keys are based off the twelve chinese zodiac.
  • The Spirits themselves are named after their Earthly Branching.
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