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Eating Magic



Taberu mahō


Caster Magic


Cane Hannibal
Stimonetta Aardwolf

Eating Magic is a strange magic utilized by Cane Hannibal, and Stimonetta Aardwolf.


This Magic allows the user to eat and digest any substance, no matter how hard or volatile it may be. This gives the user nearly unbreakable jaws and teeth and stomach acids capable of melting steel. The digested objects can then be transformed into energy and used offensively. The energy can be used to either fire a large beam at the user's opponent or increase their strength, which greatly increases muscle size, but has no affect on speed. By eating anything from other people (i.e. Flesh, blood, etc.) the user is also capable of copying their opponents abilities until they use all the energy from their sample.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The major strength of this Magic is the ability to eat any substance to use as magical power. This gives the user an unlimited supply of magical energy. However if the user is to run out power they will be vulnerable as they will need to ingest more food. They will also be unable to eat if something is covering their mouth, making them unable to fight.


Cane's Spells

  • El Drago: Using the converted energy from eating, Cane attacks his opponent with a blue burst of energy from his mouth.
  • Strength: Cane uses the converted energy from eating to increase his strength. This increases muscle size and speed to amounts equivalent to the amount of converted energy he has. He will return to normal when the converted energy has been spent.
  • Wendigo: Cane can only activate this magic after ingesting human flesh and converting it into energy. This activates this spell transforming him into a giant white and furry beast. In this form he is even stronger than when he's using Strength, and just as agile. Cane can also use the magic or abilities of whoever's flesh he had just eaten, making this spell very powerful. The drawback however is that the Wendigo transformation makes Cane a beast that can only process his wish to survive and eat. This makes him unable to distinguish friend from foe, and makes it unwise to use this ability when allies are present. In this state his El Drago blast was powerful enough to break through Tyson's Titanium Wall.
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