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"Vamola!!" "Do you hear the Earth's Song?"

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Edward Percival
Name Edward Percival
Kanji エドワード パーシバル
Alias Shining White Knight (炯然の白騎士, Keizen no Shirokishi)

White Knight Under the Red Moon (白騎士下の赤月, Shirokishi Shita no Akatsuki)
Vagrant Knight (風太郎騎士, Puutarou Kishi)

Race Human
Age Early-Middle Twenties
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 132 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Concept of Justice
Previous Affiliation Arda Village
Occupation Guardian of the Herald Driver

Vagrant Mage For Hire

Previous Occupation Arda Village Sentinel
Previous Partner Januarius Percival (deceased)
Base of Operations Arda Village, Iceberg (Formerly)
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Single
Relatives Augustus Percival (Grandfather)

Januarius Percival (Father)
Unnamed Mother †
Unnamed Brothers and Sisters †

Magic White Magic

Lightning Magic
Ring Magic

Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Gabriel (神鎧纏最高戦士・儚い伝令者 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・ガブリエル), Sōru Āmā Naito Gaburieru, lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Transient Herald)
Gabriel is Transient
"I am the Light that shines your way! The Light that escapes the Darkness! And most of all, the Herald of your destruction! "
—Edward Percival
"With me in the mix, you're in a for a Grand Time!"
—Edward's Catchphrase

Edward Percival (エドワード パーシバル, Edowādo Pāshibaru), otherwise known as Ward (ワード, Wādo) and Percival (パーシバル, Pāshibaru), and generally referred to by his epithets, Shining White Knight (炯然の白騎士, Keizen no Shirokishi) and White Knight Under the Red Moon (白騎士下の赤月, Shirokishi Shita no Akatsuki) respectively, was a Sentinel-in-Training for Arda Village, a quaint, isolated mountain village found deep within the Northern Wastes of frigid Iceberg. Edward was descended from a long line of Guardians sworn to protect Arda Village and its secrets to the death, a decree that Edward's family faithfully abided by with no exceptions. Having lived in Arda Village all his life, Edward remained largely ignorant to the events of Earth Land and possessed little to no knowledge of the outside world as a result, causing him to rely on stories told by his father. Due to unknown circumstances, Edward was forced to leave Arda Village and flee to the foreign land of Fiore, where he lived a life of vagrancy in between periods of work.

It was later revealed that Edward Percival was presumably the sole survivor of Arda Village, it having been destroyed by a monstrous race called Symbiotes after the villagers refused to divulge their long kept secret. The secret of Arda Village was an ancient and dormant artifact called the Herald Driver, a long forgotten item said to give its chosen wielder the power to defy "fate" and change the world. Defiant to the end, Arda Village fought a losing battle against the Symbiotes in an attempt to give Edward's father and the True Watchman, Januarius Percival, just enough time to flee with the Herald Driver. However, Januarius was fatally wounded by an Alpha Symbiote, ultimately forcing Edward to assume responsibility of guardianship. Angered at the Symbiotes, Edward called out to the Herald Driver to help him exact vengeance and doll out justice to the Symbiotes, which unintentionally caused it to activate in response to Edward's sudden focus and drive, making him the Chosen Person of the Herald Driver.

When Edward scans the Transient Ring over the Herald Driver, he becomes Soul Armour Knight Gabriel (神鎧纏最高戦士・儚い伝令者 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・ガブリエル), Sōru Āmā Naito Gaburieru, lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Transient Herald).





Edward Percival comes from a long line of Sentinels who stand a vigilant guard over the Gabriel Belt. The Gabriel Belt is located in an isolated part of Iceberg, in the frigid wastelands of the North where no one would dare come. Legend has it that the Gabriel Belt never woke up for anyone, and will only wake up for its destined person. Edward hoped it would be him but when the Annual Awakening Ceremony was held, the Gabriel Belt remained quiet. That didn't stop Edward from trying every year though, having come to the belief that he was lacking something to be considered worthy.

However, on the day of the Awakening Ceremony, they attacked. The Dark Symbiotes the village had always considered to be mere myths and legends. The villagers tried their best to put a stop to the threat but to no avail. As an Alpha Symbiote was amongst their number and not even the Village's strongest mage was a match to it. Edward and his father was by the Gabriel Belt when the attack occurred. Edward was ordered by his father to take the Gabriel Belt and flee from Iceberg but before he could reply, his father was killed in front of him. Surprised and angered, Edward quickly took the Gabriel Belt and yelled at it to aid him in his vengeance. The Gabriel Belt awakened and confirmed Edwards desire, transforming him into the legendary Soul Armour Knight Gabriel. When Edward awoke, he found himself in the remains of his destroyed village, surrounded by the dead bodies of the symbiotes. He looked down and saw the Gabriel Belt. Edward realized that the Gabriel Belt never awoke for anyone because they lacked the drive and focus, as everyone saw it as a mere status symbol. The Gabriel Belt spoke to Edward, asking him to seek out others of its kind and destroy the symbiotes.




Herald Driver

Powers and Abilities

Physical Skills

Ways of Combat

Physical Abilities


Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power:

White Magic

White Magic (白魔法, Shiro Mahō): Considered to be the complete opposite of Black Magic, White Magic was an exceedingly rare type of Caster Magic employed by Edward in his quest to combat Dark Mages and ward off pursuing Symbiotes. Generally considered to be a Support-type Magic

  • Salvation (救済, Kyuusai):

Lightning Magic


Edward's Lightning Magic with Magic Weapon - Gram

Lightning Magic (雷系各種魔法, Kaminari Kei Kakushu Mahō): Besides Soul Armour: Gabriel, Lightning Magic was Edward's second signature Magic, often using it in conjunction with his Magic Weapon, Gram, as the primary medium. Edward learned Lightning Magic when he fled to Fiore, having observed various Lightning-type Mages practice their art during his travels. Lightning Magic was an Elemental-type Caster Magic that gave Edward the ability to produce and manipulate both lightning and electricity for a variety of offensive and defensive purposes. Like with other Elemental Mages, Edward was able to produce lightning and electricity from any part of their body and can even use it to augment his physical body to a certain degree.

Through the careful manipulation of his Ethernano, Edward was able to subtly influence ambient electrons within the atmosphere to establish a high electrical potential in order to allow the propagation of long-range lightning attacks without even needing direct contact. This ultimately created the illusion of Edward being able to surprise attack anyone from anywhere with his Lightning Magic. Edward was considered a master of Lightning Magic, using it for Mass Paralysis as well as for the creation of wide-scale Lightning Storms. Edward's Lightning Magic adopted the appearance of Blue Lightning.

Ring Magic

Ring Magic (指輪魔法 Yubiwa Mahō):

Soul Armour

Soul Armours (神鎧 (ソウル・アーマー), Sōru Āmā lit. God Armour) are specialized armours worn by various powerful warriors known as Soul Armour Knights (霊武騎士, Konbu Kishi); they are human or humanoid warriors who transforms from a natural human form using a Driver Belt into a superhuman form clad in the armour. The Knights secretly patrol their respective territories to protect civilians from demons. Armed with special magical equipment, the knights carry an eternal war to maintain the light over the darkness in the realm. Through the Herald Belt, Edward was able to become Soul Armour Knight Gabriel (神鎧纏最高戦士・儚い伝令者 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト・ガブリエル), Sōru Āmā Naito Gaburieru, lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Transient Herald).



Behind the Scenes

  • Edward Percival has no relation to the Sun Trilogy and while terminologies and powers will be used, it is generally considered to be non-canon to the series unless stated otherwise. In fact, Edward Percival is intended to be a one-off character created for fun by Another Poetic Spartan. Approved by Perchan
  • Following the naming conventions undertaken by Another Poetic Spartan, Edward Percival was named after Famous Individuals and/or Puns. In this case, Edward Percival was taken from two names.
  • The given name, Edward, was derived from the Anglo-Saxon form of Ēadweard, composed of the elements ead meaning "wealth, fortune; prosperous" and weard meaning "guardian, protector". It was largely a reference to Edward's role as the Guardian of the Herald Drive. The ead portion of his name was subverted however, as Edward is penniless the majority of the time in Fiore.
  • In addition, Edward was a reference to Edward the Martyr, a King of England from 975 to 978. He was recognized as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Anglican Communion
  • The surname, Percival, was derived from Sir Percival, one of King Arthur's legendary Knights of the Round Table. He was famously known as the Original Hero in the Quest for the Holy Grail before being written out in literature in favor of Sir Galahad.
  • The name of Edward Percival's Soul Armour, Gabriel, is a reference to Gabriel (Hebrew: גַּבְרִיאֵל, God Is My Strength), an Archangel typically used by God to serve as messenger to certain people. In Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, he is the herald of the mysteries of God, especially the Incarnation of God and all other mysteries related to it. He is depicted as follows: In his right hand, he holds a lantern with a lighted taper inside, and in his left hand, a mirror of green jasper. The mirror signifies the wisdom of God as a hidden mystery.
  • Edward Percival's Character Image was based on that of Ky Kiske, one of the two leading characters in the videogame series, Guilty Gear.
  • Edward Percival's Soul Armour Image was based on that of the GN-9999 Transient Gundam, a Gunpla created by Wilfrid Kijima, the main rival of the main character within the anime television series, Gundam Build Fighters Try.



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