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Eisenwald Reborn
Eisenwald Guild
Name Eisenwald Reborn
Kanji 鉄の森, アイゼンヴァルト リボーン
Rōmaji Aizenvaruto Ribōn
Master Thane Luna
S-Class Mages Erigor
Type Dark Guild
Location Oshibana Town

Eisenwald Reborn (鉄の森, アイゼンヴァルト リボーン, Aizenvaruto Ribōn) is a Dark Guild rebuilt by Thane Luna and Erigor and specializes in kidnapping and assassination. 

Location and Building

The guild is located somewhere in or near Oshibana Town. The guild's building is a moderately sized building made of stone surrounded by a forest of dead trees. The only portion of the guild's interior shown was a long corridor with some paintings on the wall.


As the Magic Council prohibits Mages from taking assassination requests, the guild is ousted from the Mage Guild League six years prior to X784 and was categorized as a Dark Guild. So, Eisenwald's guild master was arrested and the guild was ordered to disband themselves. But, the members ignore the order. At some point in time, Eisenwald became a subordinate guild to the Oración Seis

Following the latter's defeat, Eisenwald was disbanded as most members were either missing in action or arrested by the Council. After Thane Luna's excommunication from the Magic Council, he decided that to rebuild the Guild that was hidden away in the darkness. In doing so, Thane re-recruited Erigor and began to set out and recruit new members for his guild. 


Similar to their previous incarnation, Eisenwald Reborn's goal is to assassinate the Guild Masters of the nearby legal guilds and has expanded to killing anyone affiliated with Magic Council in order for Thane to have his revenge. Some members of the Guild make it a hobby to steal from and torture citizens from nearby cities. 



Name Rank Team Status
Thane Luna Guild Master None Active
Erigor S-Class Mage None Active
Rose Warner Mage TBA Active
Seraphim Tatsumi Mage The Valkyries Active
Yukia Satonaka Mage The Valkyries Active
Kagami Amakusa Mage The Valkyries Active
Jiroh Mage TBA Active
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