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Parent Magic

Lightning Magic


Marta Shinespark

Electro-perception (電勘, Denkan) is a special Lightning Magic spell that enables the user to witness electric and magnetic field lines in their environment, even able to sense electromagnetic phenomena; granting them the ability to follow the electric and magnetic field lines using their eyes as a form of 'sixth sense'.


Electro-perception warns the user of potential immediate danger; warning their of potential immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of their skull, and links with their body, enabling them to evade most any injuries, unless the user cognitively overrides their automatic reflexes. The user has the ability to anticipate their opponent's action at a greater level by sensing the area all around them; in fact, the user claims that they can see the entire world. The sense also can create a general response on the order of several minutes: the user cannot discern the nature of the threat by the sensation. They can, however, discern the severity of the danger by the strength of their response to it. The clairvoyance is directional and can guide the user to or away from hidden weapons and enemies. Sudden and extreme threats can cause the sense to react with painful intensity. Using Electro-perception to time their enhanced reflexes through adrenaline, Electro-perception can casually dodge attacks up to and including automatic-weapons fire, provided there is sufficient distance. The Electro-perception is sufficiently well-linked to the user's reflexes to the point that a threat can trigger them even when the user is asleep or stunned; and clairvoyance does react to those who the user does not consider to be a threat, such as allies or weaker enemies. The user's fighting style incorporates the advantage that Electro-perception provides them; their body begins to produce more adrenaline after the sense is triggered, an extension of the 'fight or flight syndrome.' A large weakness of Electro-perception is thanks to the heightened senses granted by the spell, the user is incapable of enduring anything that's too severe to their other senses.


  • Yes, a user of this spell will really be feeling it.
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