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Electro Curse



Denki Jūhō



Electro Curse (電気呪法 Denki Jūhō) is a Curse that involves manipulation of electricity.


The Electro Curse is one which grants the user the ability to generate and manipulate lightning, although they cannot manipulate pre-existing lightning. The curse - as well as granting electrokinetic abilities - allows the user the ability to generate and warp magnetic fields, allowing them to manipulate metal to some degree. Lightning can also be channeled from the user's body into metal to electrocute someone else touching it, or even to the point in whihc it melts due to the intense heat of electricity. This curse also grants the user limited abilities of absorption in regards to electricity as well as immunity from all forms of Lightning Magic.


Haokah's Spells
Name Description Appearance
Dinner of Raijin (雷神の夕食 Raijin no Yūshoku)

A spell in which Haokah must use only when in direct physical contact with a metal object. He then generates lightning from his hands and channels it through the objects, electrocuting anyone else touching the object. He can also use this on his staff, giving it the ability to electrocute opponent's on contact.

Heaven Beast (天獣 Tenjū)

Haokah uses his staff to beat one of his drums, it then begins to emit electric sparks and eventually releases a large discharge of electrical energy which takes the shape of a wolf which charges towards the target.

Heaven Dragon (天龍 Tenryū)

Similarly to his Heaven Beast spell, he beats one of his drum, enveloping it in a surge of electricity which then spirals around his body, taking the shape of a long, Chinese dragon. It appears he can use this to fly.

Heaven Eagle (天ワシ Tenwashi)

By beating one of the four drums on his back, Haokah can generate a small amount of electricity. This electricity then becomes much larger and shoots out from his drum, taking the form of a large bird composed of electricity. He can use this to fly.

Sky Hunting (空狩り Sorakari)

A weather altering spell, the one which has dubbed Haokah the Weather Beaten One (野晒 Nozarashi) and he begins by creating large amounts of electricity in clouds overhead. This electricity begins to gather in several clouds and then crashes down as large blasts of lightning, which have enough power to destroy towns.

Storm Armour (空狩り Arashi no Yoroi)

A defensive spell which Haokah keeps active constantly. It involves him covering his body in electrical energy, in this state he is able to prevent others from touching him without being electrocuted; physical objects also become obliterated upon contact with his armour.

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