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Element Burst Revolvers

五行の伝銃 エレメンタル・バースト・リボルバー


Erementaru Bāsuto Riborubā


Magic Items


Adrian Rider

Element Burst Revolvers(五行の伝銃 (エレメンタル・バースト・リボルバー), Erementaru Bāsuto Riborubā lit. Legendary Guns of the Five Elements) are a dual-pair of unique magic guns that allow anyone wielding them to charge their Caster Magic into them and fire off different spell variations they have. The only pair of these special guns are currently owned by Adrian Rider.


These items are a specially created form of guns said to be the only one of it's kind due to the rare and very unique concept that went behind them. Their design shown them to appear to be two long-single barreled mix of pistol and revolve design, but the true secret is in the back chamber of the gun, which houses two miniature Lacrima's that connect to both of the barrels. Using the similar concept of storing different forms of magic, the wielder is able to store any form of magic by concentrating it through the butt of the gun, focusing their magic as it is drawn into the lacrima's and stored. When both guns are loaded with the magic the user themselves use, they are able to fire a concentrated shot depending on how the wavelength is augmented by the user: meaning if the user wants to have a scatter-shot, they focus the magic that flows through the barrel to separate them into multiple shots from one. However, despite the multiple purposes that the revolvers can do, both of them are only able to hold one magic in the lacrima's, and can only reload another magic inside of them after the first shot is fired. The second weakness to these guns is that magics like Dragon Slayer Magic and other form of Lost Magic aren't able to be stored due to the integrity of the Lacrima's and how much raw power they can actually contain before they explode and have to be repaired.


  • The picture of the guns are shown to be the Element Guns from Marvel Comics.
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