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Elena Vista
Elena Main
Name Elena Vista
Kanji えれな びすた
Rōmaji Erena Bisuta
Race Human
Age Deceased
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Vista Seal House of Vista
Holy Guard
Previous Affiliation Herself
Team Holy Guard
Base of Operations Vista Manor
War Camp
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives House of Vista
Magic None
Weapons Spear
"A lionhearted woman."

Elena Vista (née Catanza) was the wife and comrade of the legendary Soran Vista. Like Soran, she lived in darker times of war and instability, and furthermore, saw the rise of Zeref. Together they would start a family that would make strides in the world of magic in the following centuries, the House of Vista. Prior to meeting Soran, she was a mercenary that sold her abilities to the highest bidder much like the relatives of her future husband. She was known as Elena of the Red Spear (朱槍のえれな Akayari no Erena) due to her incredible skill with the spear. Unlike her future husband and many of her future comrades, she didn't use magic normally. Despite unknowingly having impressive raw magical power, she couldn't use a single technique, though it was more a result of her ignorance to magic more then anything else. However, her raw magical power played a role in her powerful spear-wielding skills. Early on, Soran would personally tutor her in the magical arts.

Elena was the first friend Soran would make on his life changing journey in his youth. Also, she was one of the first to join him in helping stabilize Fiore and in the fight against Zeref. To this day, Elena is known among the Vistas and high society as Mother Vista (むうさあ びすた Muusaa Bisuta).



"Vista, that's a funny name."
— Elena when meeting Soran formally.


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  • Her appearance is based off Balsa from Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.
  • Elena's maiden name is Catanza.
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