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Name Elucifer Mercury
Kanji エルシファー・マーキュリー
Romanji Erushifā Mākyurī
Alias Equilibrium Warrior Enerjak (平戦士・エネージャク, Heisenshi Enājāku)
Great Magister (大魔導師, Daimadōshi)
"Black Wizard Amadam" (黒魔法使いアマダム, Kuro Mahōtsukai Amadamu)
Mahesvara (世界最強の武道家 (マエシュバラ), Maeshubara lit. Greatest Martial Artist in the World)
Race ½ Magius, ½ Human
Birthday December 9th
Age "Something"
Gender Male
Height 256 cm
Weight 75 kg
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Blood Type N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation Amadam's Empire
Occupation King of Nega-End Earth Land
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Wandering
Personal Status
Marital Status Widowed
Relatives Jonas (Father)
Giselle Mercury (sister)
Alexis Tenjouin (daughter)
Aigrette Tenjouin (wife; deceased)
Tsuruko Sejren (niece)
Hikari Zanna (niece)
Education Self-Taught (very advanced)
Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Magic Black Arts (Eternate, Shadow Flare)
Fire Magic
Lightning Magic
Heavenly Body Magic (implied)
Thought Projection
Numerous Others
Curse None
Other None
Weapons Nirvana
Philosopher's Stone
Calamity Driver
Arms Weapon: Magatsuken
Tome of Amadam
Soul Armour
Soul Armour Name Soul Armour Knight Magatsu (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・禍津 (マガツ), Sōru Āmā Naito Magatsu lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Calamity Haven)
"Are your hearts dancing at the sight of me? Let me see them soar...The heart is great. Anything you desire is yours if you seek it with the heart... Hmmhmhmhmhm...Yes. Do you all feel it? You need naught but your heart. You will lack nothing, as long as your heart remains. [...] Now...become eternano...and become free. [...] ...A heart of eternano is eternal. I can feel it...a heart overflowing...Mingling...joining with my own. My kind people...Do not forget how you prosper. You have been empowered. Fear cannot shake you, for with your benevolent ruler, you stand at the pinnacle of the world. Covet, intertwine, and seek—here all is granted. Here are all free. You all...we shall become a single entity on the Promised Day."
— Amadam, Daybreak S2, Explanations

Amadam (アマダム, Amadamu), born Elucifer Mercury (エルシファー・マーキュリー, Erushifā Mākyurī) is a powerful magician, often cited to be the most powerful spellcaster in Earth Land, being called the Great Magister (大魔導師, Daimadōshi); a title not undeserved. Amadam, in the Sun Trilogy, was the one to create the Black Arts and many other magics, also being titled "Black Wizard Amadam" (黒魔法使いアマダム, Kuro Mahōtsukai Amadamu); though his true talents lie in martial arts. He is also Giselle Mercury's brother, and Alexis Tenjouin's father.

Amadam used the Libra Symbiote (リブラ・シムビウーツ, Raibura Simubiūtu) as a Thought Projection to infiltrate the Zodiac Knights for a time, capable of manipulating his body structure in order to fool the others along with the help of some illusions. As their goals intertwined, Amadam used the group as a front in order to focus on creating backup plans while the group of symbiotes searched for the Philosopher's Stone. Once Kirika Hotsuin had revealed that Rosa DiMaggio was holding the stone to serve as a makeshift heart, Amadam swept in after Tsuruko Sejren barely defeated Kirika and snatched the stone up—then making a wish upon it to transform Earth Land into the twisted future known as the Nega End.

Amadam is the main antagonist of Daybreak S2, and the hidden villain of S1. However, everything is not how it seems, as he has a hidden agenda...

When Amadam revs the Drive Lever on his Driver Belt, the Calamity Driver, he is capable of transforming into the New-Generation Soul Armour Knight known as Soul Armour Knight Magatsu (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・禍津 (マガツ), Sōru Āmā Naito Magatsu lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Calamity Haven).


Amadam's full appearance.

Amadam looks similar to a positively monstrous being—almost akin to the equivalent of Satan. His blazing red figure strikes fear into the hearts of his foes; it almost appears armoured in structure, with black, red, and gold being the most prominent colours of his body. His face features two eerie glowing azure eyes, along with goat-like horns. His magical aura is unlike any other characters, forming a circle of floating, dagger-like objects that are constantly changing colour. The strength of his heart is said to be "beyond reckoning", which gives him enormous magical power.

Amadam's human guise is much different, however. When utilizing the typical Magius glamour spell, Amadam appears as a tall man wearing a jet black suit. His hair is dark ash blond, and he has a pair of sharp eyes as if a knife was used to cut a slit on his face. He looks around only Giselle's age; but then again, he's a mysterious man that gives off a feeling that of being an experienced veteran.

Personality and Traits

Amadam is a mysterious figure, almost enigmatic. He is a serious, no-nonsense sort who maintains a calm and collected presence, rarely letting things get to his head, being a ruthless realist. However, despite his sense of realism, Amadam often shows signs of arrogance and his strained past has mildly affected his view of the world. He sometimes refers to Team Daybreak as "street trash" that are beneath him and not worthy of his attention, the exception being if they directly interfere with his plans. He expresses a disgust for "weaklings" that oppress those considered "Samaritans" instead of acknowledging their "true superiors". He believes that such people brought the world to a deadlock and created a world that has stopped evolving. He prefers to do things on his own, and hates to rely on others' assistance with anything—the reason for this is that with his power, he can deal with everything by himself—which is absolutely true. A man of little emotion, he claims to have discarded his feelings the moment "that event" happened—only solely focusing on his goals, which are, at this point, still unknown.

However, Amadam is not without a sense of honour—if the battle has nothing to do with his goals, then he is generally willing to fight fairly, though he does have a nasty habit of constantly going all-out, as he believes that "holding back" is for "overconfident cretins". Indeed, during Daybreak S2, Tsuruko Sejren never manages to defeat him even with her sporadic surges in power, but at the final battle, manages to come close. While cold and aloof to those outside of his protection, often only speaking enough to get his point across, around them, it's a completely different story; he absolutely adores his daughter Alexis to the point of over-protectiveness showing a considerably warmer side to him, though his disjointed manner of speaking is still retained. Even not extending to her, Amadam secretly grieves that he is only able to save about a billion of Earth Land's population if his plan is set into motion. More of this side is shown when he takes care of Tsuruko when she takes a hit that disrupts her transformation as she falls into his arms, even when he had no need to.

Amadam also has the ability to read people from the second he looks at them, as he can immediately figure out Gary Straights' true character, something that Tsuruko, through her many years of knowing him, was unable to do until it was too late. At times, Amadam appears to enjoy unpredictability, which can make him feel more emotional, but he quickly grows bored because of his immense talent which causes him to quickly predict things. This is seen in the end of Daybreak S1, as he is visibly excited by Tsuruko Assimilating with Gaiki to fight him only to find it boring few seconds later as he easily catches her punch. Interestingly, despite his near-constant emotionless behaviour, Amadam seems to have a bit of a temper when pressured, as seen when Sion Kenzaki provokes him while he was trying to reach his daughter to rescue her from the remnants of the Zodiac Knights in Daybreak S2. This caused him to have an angry outburst and unintentionally nearly kill Sion with a furious flurry of punches.

It should be noted that in the past, Amadam was an extremist, fighting for the rights of demons—during this time, he was self-centered, egocentric, and only focused on his plans for creating a world where demons ruled supreme, treating everyone around him as pawns. This was because of mankind's treatment of him and his family, whom saw them as terrifying abominations that didn't deserve to exist, even though his father allowed them to prosper into the bunch they are in the present. However, after Phoenix Knight confronted him for the final time an unspecified amount of time before the story began, she managed to defeat him, and in the process, Amadam lost his memories; losing any hatred he had for humanity. It was then when he met Aigrette Tenjouin, his future wife, and he decided to settle down. Of course, this wasn't meant to last—Aigrette's farming village was home to an ancient conspiracy involving the Old World, and with the help of one of Amadam's old 'war buddies' who fought for demon supremacy, the village was razed with Aigrette losing her life. The resulting anger and shock from this event caused him to regain his memories, though his experiences with Aigrette bled into his current self, deciding to fight once more, only this time for coexistence between humans and demons at any costs. Before battle after becoming King of Earth Land in S2, Amadam tends to proclaim, "The king's sentence is given. It's death." (王の判決を言い渡す。死だ。 , Ō no hanketsu o iiwatasu. Shi da.)


Amadam was born at an unspecified time—born to Jonas and an unnamed woman; alongside his sister, Giselle—he was first known as Elucifer Mercury. Elucifer and Giselle were originally one being—however, they were split in half and transformed into two. Giselle and Elucifer never got along as kids; the main reason was because of their opposing personalities. However, both definitely did care about each other; this is evident that Giselle used to protect Elucifer from bullies, whereas Elucifer used to assist her in her numerous lab experiments. Their mother left the family when they were still young as the stress of constantly being harassed by those prejudiced against demonkind got to her, which had a profound effect on both of them; for Giselle, whom looked up to her, this seemed to have stunted her emotional growth, and in Elucifer's case, this left him with a burning dislike for mankind's ways. Even so, Elucifer attempted to cling onto his idealism, hoping that one day, without any bloodshed, humans and demons could live together peacefully, and he refused to take his anger out on them, initially seeing it as an abuse of his power, and that it would only allow the "cycle of hatred" to keep revolving.

Around this time, Giselle had found the Phoenix Driver in the remains of Eurasia (ユーラシア, Yūrashia), a continent from the Old World that was discovered along the shores of Bevelle; Eurasia had been brought into Earth Land due to the worlds beginning to align once more; a side effect of Devius putting his plans into motion. Within a year, Giselle had developed the New Generation Soul Armours by reverse-engineering the Prototype Driver Belt and what appeared to be Proto-Gaiki; with the first two New Generation Driver Belts, the Shin Phoenix Driver and the Calamity Driver being made specifically for her and Elucifer. Giselle gave the Calamity Driver to Elucifer as a present on his seventeenth birthday. However, soon after, the house of the Mercury family was firebombed by human supremacists who wanted to rid themselves of the "demon menace"; and thus, Elucifer's small spark that represented his dislike for humanity ignited into a flame, and Elucifer asked his father to teach him how to fight so that one day he could try and "fix the world". After Jonas taught his son the Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō (次元覇王流拳法, Dimension King Style Fist Way), he left to parts unknown.

During this time, Elucifer travelled the world, going from continent to continent, gathering a large amount of followers, who believed in his cause- that of equality for demons. However, as time went by and he saw how badly the demons were treated and the even darker parts of humanity, Elucifer's objective went from "equality" to "overthrowing humanity and putting demonkind on top". This eventually led to demonkind rising up, with several extremely powerful beings joining Elucifer's cause. Soon after, as Elucifer decided to wage war on humanity, he was stopped by Giselle. While the battle ended with both of them unleashing their Limit Breaks on one another, Elucifer was rendered amnesiac and he was sent careening into the ocean.

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Nirvana (剣十字の杖(ニルヴァナ), Nirubana lit. Staff of Sword Cross): Nirvana is the name of Amadam's personalized weapon; it is a magical rod that is powerful enough to defeat even a Wizard Saint. The staff is said to follow and obey Amadam out of pure respect. Nirvana is a bent silver rod with an elaborate form, possessing intertwining tendrils at the tip of the rod. The rod's outer colour is still silver; however, the rod appears to have a greenish-blue colour in the inner parts of the wand where the tendrils come to intertwine. It is most probably derived from the crystal-like object that the tendrils surround; and it is powerful enough to take upon the form of any weapon that he wishes—though Amadam mainly uses it for spellcasting, so he rarely feels the need to, and it can be separated into three segments, as well as the ability to extend and retract in size and length in battle. Nirvana is shown to possess enormous magical power—as Amadam is capable of channeling his eternano manipulation through the rod; which magnifies his already devastating attacks twentyfold, making each comparable in power to that of an Abyss Break, or perhaps even stronger. Lastly, Amadam has the ability to mentally control Nirvana from a distance. His staff is usually seen floating behind him and it will thrust forward as he punches and kicks before returning to its neutral position. He can also throw it so it lands, erect and upright, far away from him, and he can later make it fly back to him, twirling rapidly like a wheel so that it hurts anyone in its way. The rod's physical form and power is first featured after Tsuruko Sejren confronts him in his castle early on in Daybreak S2; as Tsuruko tried to call Amadam out on his actions, Amadam summons the Nirvana rod and attacks her. The battle between Tsuruko and Amadam is short-lived, as Amadam using the rod easily overpowers Tsuruko even with the use of her Soul Armour, although she survives the attack thanks to Gary's intervention.

Philosopher's Stone (賢者の石, Kenja no Ishi): The Philosopher's Stone is a magical object connected to the Zodiac Ritual performed by the Zodiac Knights, which forced numerous non-mages into despair and gave birth to their symbiotes, which then killed them and took their place. The stone is said to be able to absorb light and reflect it a million times, and in conjunction with the stone mask, would enable symbiotes and the supernatural to unlock their full potential, removing all weaknesses, including the inability to withstand sunlight. It is a secondary plot-point in Daybreak, alongside the Zodiac Knights and uncovering the truth behind the symbiotes. The Philosopher's Stone is powerful magic amplifier; due to the absolute law of magic being equivalent exchange (as in, to use a spell one must pay a certain amount of magical power), the stone gives the illusion that someone is able to override that law, and thus, use vastly more powerful magic with absolutely zero cost. Being that it is an illusion, the powers of the stone itself are not unlimited, and only appears to allow a mage to use unlimited magic as long as the stone retains its power; additionally, the Philosopher's Stone can grant a single wish, at the cost of the stone crumbling into nothingness. Interestingly, the Philosopher's Stone was created from a meteor which landed in Earth Land eons ago after the Universal Reboot—the material that the meteor was composed of is unknown, even to this day—however, it is rumoured that the New Generation Driver Belts were forged from the exact same material. Kirika knows of the Philosopher's Stone and its connection to the Zodiac Ritual. She revealed this to Joker to learn more as she was curious as to Joker's objective of starting the Zodiac Ritual again. This revelation led Joker to not only spare Kirika her planned execution, but to make her Joker's right-hand woman; however, Kirika's true motives were to obtain the stone in order to use it's power to grant her wish of becoming 'more than a mere dream'; something which she obtained in the climax of S1. Despite this, it did not crumble—as Amadam swooped in and retrieved the stone, recharging the stone with the power of the Source of Magic in order to grant his wish of achieving the Nega End; a dystopian world where he ruled with an iron fist. During this time; the stone remained in Amadam's possession; until the final battle of S2.

Tome of Amadam (蒼天の魔道書(トメ・オフ・アマダム), Tome Ofu Amadamu lit. Grimoire of the Azure Sky): The Tome of Amadam, is, as the name suggests, a Grimoire (魔道書, Madōshō) written by the Black Wizard Amadam and infused with part of his magical power. As Zeref does not exist in the Sun Trilogy, Amadam plays a similar role, and thus, one could consider the Tome of Amadam the equivalent of the Books of Zeref. Also known as the Bible of the Golden Cross (金十字の書, Kinjūji no Sho), the Tome of Amadam is an ornate, predominantly azure lexicon with roughly oval-shaped covers. The spine is decorated by a golden diamond, as well as two white, pentagonal shapes, one above and one below the diamond. The middle of each cover is decorated by a golden cross; and there is a black arm-like shape on either side of the base of the cross. Rather than simply functioning as grimoire of spells and curses, the book itself is a being that functions as an Eternano Reactor possessing it's own enormous eternano depths completely independent of the user's magical power. It can either be read from as regular grimoire, such as summoning or elemental blasts, or it can be completely commanded by Amadam, causing the pages to rapidly flip by themselves, as the Grimoire provides the necessary incantations and its own independent power to conduct the spells inscribed within. Depending on the contests used, this allows for the usage of a class of spellcasting that is far beyond regular spellcasting; a sign of the book bolstering the user's spellcasting powers. Indeed, the Tome of Amadam contains knowledge on the Black Arts which Amadam had created with his own hands; many of the spells contained within the grimoire involve the creation of demonkind; a key difference between the Books of Zeref and the Tome of Amadam is that every spell and demon is contained within the one tome, instead of numerous books. The Tome of Amadam may be more accurately described as a collection of artifacts and technologies. In addition to the tome itself, which is a storehouse for knowledge and spells, it also includes different components; including Code: Drive, which enables Amadam to summon his Driver Belt.

  • Guardian Fiend System (七罪の守護悪魔召喚 (ヴガーディアン・フィーンド・システム), Gādeian Fīndo Shisutemu lit. Seven Sinning Protector Devils Summon): The Guardian Fiend System is the main function of the Tome of Amadam; the seven Guardian Fiends (七罪の守護悪魔(ヴガーディアン・フィーンド), Gādeian Fīndo lit. Seven Sinning Protector Devils) were created during the Human-Demon Wars, all cast off from Amadam's own magical supply and shaped into a tangible form using a form of Living Magic (生活魔法, Seikatsu Mahō). The Guardian Fields are all made completely of Amadam's magical power and given a consistent continuation of their existence the by constantly absorbing magical particles as well as via the malevolence hewn from negative emotions of mankind and the other races from any sources available; making their very existences and unique biological structures which integrates properties which are uncannily similar to that of the Hellions, the demonic beings that Amadam has attempted to vanquish completely frequently due to the danger they possess towards all other forms of life. As the Hellions were impurities born from the negative emotions of humanity, designed to be born the moment a human falls into despair, destroying their souls and wearing their bodies as skin, the demons from the Tome of Amadam were created with such a thing in mind as well, forged in the likeness of the Hellions so that eventually, Amadam would be capable of devising a way to permanently kill these abominations and spread that knowledge to everyone else, allowing people to live peacefully without the fear of negative emotions consuming and twisting them beyond all recognition into a shell of their former selves. Indeed, as such, the Guardian Fiends when "taken over", they induce terrifying amounts of despair in the one who "succeeded", resulting in the demonic beings gaining a new body with no way to defend against such a thing. In any case, the demons hewn from the Tome of Amadam were forged with that in mind, effectively being "despair in physical form". As such, they derive all of their powers through absorbing negative emotions and tainting positives into something more to their liking. It can be said that negativity and malevolence is what allows both the demons in the tome to fight on a similar caliber to that of dragonkind- more and more malevolence empowers them, surging constantly as their power continuously rises in accordance to the negativity in the vicinity; the Guardian Fiends are noted to be phenomenally powerful; indeed, in Daybreak S2, none of the Wizard Saints were capable of putting a scratch on them, as their bodies seem to break down tangible magic spells and absorb the eternano, converting the energies into a form of fuel for them. It should be taken into consideration that each of the Guardian Fiends are attuned to a certain one of the Seven Deadly Sins- while they are still bolstered by all forms of bad emotions, their corresponding sin will augment their potential a hundredfold in comparison. While they are universally recognized as existences divided from Amadam as Amadam set them free after the end of the Human-Demon Wars as a thanks for their assistance even if he did lose (which wasn't the brightest idea considering how much trouble they caused in the present day), Amadam, at any time, is capable of summoning them in a similar manner to that of Summon Spirits, using the Tome of Amadam; in this case, the durability of the Guardian Fiend is directly proportionate the amount of magical power charged as well as Amadam's concentration when summoning—and like most ethereal bodies, it consumes magical power whenever Amadam makes the spirit do anything; and if it absorbs enough damage—it will break, meaning that once the Guardian Fiend is defeated, it would normally drain a portion of Amadam's magical power- however, in this case, the magical power used to manifest the demon is returned to Amadam at the expense of not being able to summon the Guardian Fiend for another hundred years.
    • Knight of the Everlasting Darkness, Barbatos.

      Knight of the Everlasting Darkness, Barbatos (常闇の騎士・バルバトス, Tokoyami no Kishi Barubatosu): The Knight of the Everlasting Darkness is the leader of the Guardian Fiends, a monstrous black knight unmatched by any other demon. Noble and just, Barbatos is Amadam's second-in-command and his most loyal follower. Originally a young and powerless demon known as Barbos (バルボス, Barubosu) who was Amadam's biggest fan when the latter was fighting for equality between humans and demonkind, after an attack by the original Magic Council that left him near death, he pleaded with Amadam to let him continue to follow him no matter what, refusing to die right there. While he was unwilling to do so as he was unsure of the side-effects, Amadam reluctantly turned Barbos into one of his Guardian Fiends using a highly experimental procedure, resulting in the birth of the Knight of the Everlasting Darkness as Barbos became Barbatos. An overwhelming physical opponent, Barbatos mainly fights in close-range with his fists and feet, using various martial arts techniques such as Karmic Stance (因果の構え, Inga no Kamae) to tank a blow and then counterattack with double the force instantly and Demon's Lance (把天壊の紅掌(デモンズ・ランス), Demonzu Ransu lit. The Crimson Palm that Takes and Destroys the Heavens), where Barbatos takes one quick-step forward with an outstretched palm while charging his burning spirit into his palm before unleashing a powerful palm strike that possesses immense crushing power, as well as his unique Black Arts: Strain (黒魔術・分子腐爛の病毒(ブラック・アーツ・ストレイン), Burakku Ātsu: Sutorein lit. Black Magic Techniques: Virus of Molecular Decomposition), which allows Barbatos to cloak any part of his body in a purple-black aura of darkness that induces complete decomposition in any organic material that he deals enough damage in. Once the effect is installed within an enemy, they become infected with a virus which induces spontaneous destruction that disintegrates the main body and nullifies any regenerative properties that the target may have had, continuing to spread to any organic matter that came into physical contact with the original target in a ten meter radius. His ultimate attack is Demon's Lance ZERO (把天壊の紅掌・爆砕牙(デモンズ・ランス・ZERO), Demonzu Ransu Zero lit. The Crimson Palm that Takes and Destroys the Heavens: Explosive Crushing Fang), which is simply the regular Demon's Lance charged with Strain, resulting in the enemy being reduced to nothingness upon contact.
    • Desolation Dragon Tiamat.

      Desolation Dragon Tiamat (孤独竜・ティアマト, Kodokuryū Tiamato): The Desolation Dragon is Elucifer's second most used Guardian Fiend- it was around during the Human-Dragon Wars, fighting for him as it took upon the visage of an actual dragon, confusing friend and foe alike while taking down numerous enemies. In battle, while his physical might is nothing to scoff at considering that he was able to smash through the old Magic Council headquarters during his chase of Deen Lhant and Kinos Sejren, Tiamat uses Blood Magic (血の魔法, Chi no Mahō) to create and control the element of blood, molding and shaping it to his whim while wielding it in a similar manner to that of Dragon Slayer Magic to keep up a vicious onslaught upon his enemy. His ultimate attack is a powerful cutting-type spell known as Bloody Fears (血液循環感·原恐の魔幻(ブラッディ·フィアーズ), Buraddi Fiāzu lit. Blood Circulation Infection: Demonic Illusion of Primal Fear); an attack that allows Tiamat to gain full control of the enemy via controlling their blood flow and thus affecting their brain, causing Tiamat's enemy to lose control of all rational thought and see visions of their deepest fears.
    • Deathly Grand King, Baphomet.

      Deathly Grand King, Baphomet (死偉王・バフォメット, Shiiō Bafometto): The Deathly Grand King, Baphomet is a vampiric Guardian Fiend who is middling in terms of power. Not much is known about Baphomet, however, it is one of two Guardian Fiends to actively possess a human host- in the case of Baphomet, Baphomet came to possess Suzuka Kobayashi during a mission to take the demon down; the sheer despair its might induced turned one of her companions into a Hellion, caused Suzuka to be brutally attacked- even though she won and managed to defeat and "absorb" Baphomet, the latter simply possessed Suzuka upon contact with her soul, effectively turning Suzuka into a Hellion herself. While not much is known about Baphomet personality-wise as it can be assumed that its personality is the same as Suzuka's, Baphomet is an "insufferable genius", as it is easily irritated, and can easily become nervous whenever someone gets the upper hand against it- Baphomet also possesses immense amounts of jealousy towards other people, for whatever reason; for example, Baphomet dislikes Barbatos for his power and the authority that he commands, wishing that it had the same status as its leader. In battle, Baphomet uses Gravity Magic (重力の魔法 Jūryoku no Mahō), which allows it to can control gravity, by increasing or decreasing the gravity of anything around Baphomet; harnessing gravity to deflect physical attacks and leaping around with abandon. Baphomet's ultimate attack is Baphomet Graviton (死偉王技・大重と小軽鋭化顎爆(バフォメット・グラビテトン), Bafometto Gurabiton lit. Deathly Grand King Skill: Big-Heavy or Small-Light Violent Change Blast), where it launches a hyper-condensed beam of gravity that can crush the opponent or send them flying.
    • Great Corrupter Abyssion.

      Great Corrupter Abyssion (大悪化・アビシオン, Daiakka Abishion): Abyssion is one of the least-used Guardian Fiends- it was the otherworldly creature who contracted with Jeanne Sejren during the Human-Dragon War, birthing the Corpse Shell power; known to be a trickster who has a burning ambition in regards to usurping the power of its fellow Guardian Fiends, Abyssion is extremely treacherous and dangerous; willing to backstab anyone whom it deems useful for the sake of power, wanting a 'toy' to alleviate the boredom of existing for so long, Abyssion always speaks in a soft spoken and controlled manner even when committing genocide. Tied to the Sejren Family, Abyssion is the malicious force possessing each and every member when they invoke Corpse Shell, effectively making Abyssion the main antagonist of Dawn as it has a certain thrall over Crux Kouga. In battle, Abyssion also harnesses unquenchable black flames known as Black Arts: Infernity (黒魔術・獄炎煉我虚無(ブラック・アーツ・インフェルニティ), Burakku Ātsu: Inferuniti lit. Black Magic Techniques: The Refined Hellfires of Nothingness), often summoning rings of diabolic flames around its being with a spell called Embrace the Inferno (獄炎の強擁, Gokuen no Goyō); though Abyssion's ultimate attack is known as Embrace the Inferno: All-Out Obliteration (獄炎の強擁・奮闘滅殺 , Gokuen no Goyō: Funtō Messatsu), bringing fires that reduce everything to naught before Abyssion into this plane of existence, vaporizing everything and anything in the blink of an eye.
    • Five Elements Horror Chaos.

      Five Elements Horror Chaos (五大虞・カオス, Godaigu Kaosu): The least-seen of the Guardian Fiends, Chaos is a powerful demonic magician who has dominance over the Four Elements (四要素, Shiyōso), that being Fire Magic (火の魔法, Hi no Mahō), Water Magic (水系各種魔法, Mizu Kei Kakushu Mahō), Earth Magic (土魔法, Tsuchi Mahō), and Wind Magic (風魔法, Kaze Mahō), giving him the ability to manipulate the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind respectively (obviously). As he is known to be a master of the arcane in its elemental state, Chaos is capable of combining all four elements in order to use spells such as Abyss Break (煉獄砕破(アビス・ブレイク), Abisu Bureiku lit. Purgatory Breaking Wave), Tetra Assault (座標撃の火水土風(テトラ・アサルト) Tetora Asaruto lit. Coordinated Strike of Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind), and All Element Sphere (四要素球柔礼(オール・エレメント・スフィア), Ōru Eremento Sufia lit. Four Elements' Sphere of Gentle Energy). Chaos' ultimate attack is known as Ultima (天地乖離す太極力(アルテマ), Arutema lit. Supreme Ultimate Power that Splits Heaven and Earth), a non-elemental spell that forces the enemy in the middle of a paradox that tears apart everything in the vicinity.

Calamity Driver (カラミティ・ドライバー, Karamiti Doraibā): The Calamity Driver is the name of Elucifer's Driver Belt- it is designed similarly to his sister's True Phoenix Driver; the reason for which is that the two were the very first New-Generation Soul Armours. The Calamity Driver is a tricked-out crimson belt which has a demon-shaped belt buckle—the demon symbol has a flashing golden symbol in the middle, which can be used to scan rings. On the side, there is a lever which Elucifer can pull in order to bolster the power of his very next attack significantly. Unlike other New-Generation Driver Belts, Elucifer can transform into his Soul Armour just by revving the lever in a similar manner to the Prototype Soul Armours; this is due to his immense levels of fighting spirit.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Ways of Combat

Grandmaster Hand-to-Hand Specialist: Elucifer is one of the stronger close-combat fighters in the Sun Trilogy; this is mainly due to his numerous experiences and past as a hardened war veteran, constantly fighting for equal rights for his kind. Elucifer, despite his title of "Grand Magister", is noted to be far more proficient in hand-to-hand combat; indeed, it is revealed in Daybreak Gaiden that his title of "Grand Magister" was one given by the people of Bevelle; Amadam, while as skilled as his sister in the art of magic, isn't as good as people think he is; he can get away with this because he is a stage magician; getting the audience to think what he wants them to think is his stock in trade. Elucifer's official style of fighting is referred to as Cataclysm God Slaying Fist (天変地異滅神拳, Tenpenchī Metsujinken). It was created by merging the Flowing Water Rock Smashing Fist (流水岩摧拳, Ryūsui Gansaiken) of Joyan monks, the Mount Lu Guiding Protector Style (庐山導保護流, Rozan Dōhogo-ryū) of the Alvarez continent, and the Serial Null Sword (連虚刀, Renkyotō) from an unidentified source, adding the best parts of each style and discarding the drawbacks. In any case, Elucifer is noted to be an extremely proficient hand-to-hand combatant, completely blowing everyone else out of the water. While it is noted that Tsuruko is (slightly) physically stronger due to her origins, Elucifer is leaps and bounds above her in terms of skill. Even among other close-combatants who have displayed feats that can be considered extraordinary over and over, Elucifer is noted by his father to be in a "class of his own". This is best shown during Daybreak S2, where is he capable of defeating Kirika and Tsuruko at the same time, even when they momentarily put aside their differences to take him down. Being unrivalled in the forte of martial arts for most of the series, Elucifer is often referred to as Mahesvara (世界最強の武道家 (マエシュバラ), Maeshubara lit. Greatest Martial Artist in the World), a title only held by the strongest martial artist in all five dimensions; his unarmed blows in a class of their own. When Elucifer decides to get serious, the fisticuffs and barrages of leg strikes coming from all directions appear in a form akin to a raging storm; each of his blows are capable of distorting the laws of time and space, the laws of the world bowing to his fighting spirit, promising absolute destruction. Elucifer's strikes are regarded as less a routine and more a painter improvising on his canvas and carving a masterpiece in naught but a few swishes of his brush; his father notes that despite all of the work that Elucifer put into perfecting his martial arts skills, he has always had raw natural talent.

Elucifer's movements are consistently swift beyond comprehension, with even the most keen-eyed of opponents keeping a constant eye on him in battle, never leaving himself open, making it impossible to take advantage of his stances and blows. Due to a mixture of his raw strength and knowledge of the supernatural, Elucifer is capable of smashing through any defense and removing the opponent's Magic Origin just by hitting them hard enough. Elucifer's martial arts skills is more a force of nature than anything else, as they constantly blur the line between the physical and the magical; as the world around him becomes an extension of his limbs, from a single punch or kick, howling winds surge forward as incredible tempests tear apart the landscape, a simple stomp into the earth capable of causing tremendous earthquakes, upturning entire sections as fissures and chasms spread outward. When in combat, the combination of Elucifer's overwhelming strength and his law-defying speed makes him an even deadlier foe, as he strikes at such a velocity that more often than not, his opponents don't even realize that he's landed a killing blow until they become aware of the fact- a single punch from the untrained eye is thousands upon thousands of blows raining down upon the opponent like a meteoric swarm simultaneously. In all cases, due to his aggressive fighting style and his god-like physical skills, a fight against Elucifer is more often than not over in less than a few seconds as Elucifer turns the surroundings into a raging maelstrom of death and oblivion.

  • Dimension King Style (次元覇王流拳法, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō; Dimension King Style Fist Way): Dimension King Style is, quite simply, the empowerment of the physical body through the ambition that is within it, known as Ardor, and surrounding it. While the concept sounds rather simplistic, the mechanics behind it are indeed somewhat complex, and thus, the application of the fighting style is rather difficult for unskilled fighters. The stance of the Dimension King Style is referred to as the "Heaven Breaking Stance" (天破の構え, Tenha no Kamae); in this fighting stance, the user's left hand is cocked back, close to their face- specifically, adjacent to their cheek in a clawed gesture, elbow pointing back as their fingertips point downwards. Their right hand extends outwards relatively, bent to have their hand pointed to the left as their fist is curled into a ball as their knees are crouched slightly. Dimension King Style is a fighting style that is based on the principle that supernatural powers may exist in two forms - particles and energy. These two states of existence, within magical terms, allows for the sheer versatility that exists within magic today. This is displayed quite evidently by magic that uses the physical body - such as High Speed - which utilizes magical particles to achieve its desired effects, whereas the magical energy is used in most elemental magic, resonating with magic residing in the atmosphere in order to conjure its fantastical effects. In both cases, the magic itself cannot be produced within the body and taken outside of the body, as it must have an atmospheric or bodily medium. However, this trait was annihilated by all forms of Slayer Magic, for they encapsulated biological change in order to allow humans to "seep" out magic from their pores and utilize it to enhance their own physical attributes, strengthening them enormously in comparison to regular magicians who generally approach combat from a mid to long range. Upon training in the way of the Dimension King Style, the user's body and mind limiters are removed, allowing them to utilize their full potential in order to master the style with more ease. Removal of these limiters allows the user to gain near-superhuman speed and agility, as well as pseudo-clairvoyance which allows them to avoid their opponents' attacks by millimeters with very little effort in order to counter the very instant their foe's strike misses. The average being uses only thirty percent of their body's potential strength, but a master of the Dimension King Style can tap into the remaining seventy percent as well. The power of the Dimension King Style lies not in precision nor some secret ancient mumbo-jumbo, but rather, the user channeling their energy into a single blow, more often than not striking one of the enemy's "Hidden Channeling Points" (経絡秘孔, Keiraku Hikō) in the human body; however, instead of being consistently accurate, the fighter's fighting spirit augments the force of their blow, allowing their fighting spirit to be unleashed as a powerful pressure that will strike the opponent no matter where the user lands their attack. By hitting one of the Hidden Channeling Points, the user generally deals infinitely more damage than they would if they used a normal attack. A tendency of the fighting style is to recite the attack name after executing the attack, causing the opponent to explode- but it might not be enough to destroy them if they're powerful enough. With the Dimension King Style, the user, by striking one of the Hidden Channeling Points, can also heal targets. It can be used to launch energy-based attacks that can be used to strike targets at long range, or, to defend the user from attack. The amazing power of the Dimension King Style originates from the fighter's fighting spirit and relies heavily on the successful execution of powerful strikes achieved through manipulating their fighting spirit in order to overwhelm the opponent by releasing shockwaves from their limbs through sheer force; these are the simple mechanics of the art. By using fighting spirit in conjuring with their moves, the user can create unique and dynamic attacks that deal destructive damage upon their targets, making the user a fierce force to be reckoned with in combat. Because of their mastery of their fighting style, the user is shown to have almost any physical attack be rendered pointless against them, as it becomes incredibly easy to dismantle some attacks and use them against their opponent, given they do not surpass their own reaction time or power, and negate them; a user of the style is shown to be extremely versatile with this. When using Dimension King Style, the user projects their blows using their fighting spirit itself as a perfect fulcrum, even if it doesn't belong to them or if it's in the field of their vision. This makes sure that there's very few chances of any supernatural defense measures that can hold off the attack—as when utilizing Dimension King Style, their fighting spirit allows the user to view any offense or defense via magic, racial traits, fighting styles, or anything else as just "one thing", and thus, it treats the foe's own strike as a medium for the attack; the power is pure, and it doesn't feel the need to manipulate and control anything that the user or the foe can utilize. Interestingly, the damage of the user's attacks are bolstered based on how much damage they have taken. This works by the user subconsciously converting part of the damage inflicted by the opponent into determination to defeat the enemy and accumulating it in their body; adding it to the power of their fighting spirit. The efficiency of this conversion into fighting spirit raises the more their own physical strength decreases. The fighting spirit that was accumulated in the body like this can be used to boost the user's abilities; as such, if the user is damaged to the point of being on the verge of death, possibly an enormous amount of fighting spirit enough to destroy everything before their eyes can be saved up. Essentially, the user at near death gains enough extra damage on their attacks to reduce the opponent's survivability by a relatively wide margin, in addition to increasing the radius of most of their moves; essentially giving the user a wider range of attack. Dimension King Style also increases the user's power when they're nearly out of stamina; both these factors combined give the user a relatively large chance to stage a comeback. The properties of Dimension King Style act as a double-edged sword however, where the user's attacks are simply "powerful" when they're mostly fine; as such, the user has to be battered and bloody to fight effectively, where they're then vulnerable to high damage themselves. As such, the Dimension King Style is the epitome of risk versus reward. The martial art rewards the user for falling behind and punishes them for pulling ahead, which makes achieving a close battle a must in any situation. As a contrast to his father and his nephew, Elucifer is stated to utilize a different version of the Dimension King Style, referred to as The Fist of Strength (剛の拳, Gō no Ken); which, as the name implies, uses immense physical power to destroy everything it its path, and the greater his opponent is, the stronger he becomes.
    • Dimension King Style: Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand (次元覇王流拳法・崩山托天貫手, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Hozan Takuten Nukite): The Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand is Elucifer's signature attack; while it is technically classified as a Dimension King Style technique, he never refers to it as such. When performing the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand, Elucifer focuses his fighting spirit into just the fingertips of one of his hands, causing that energy to gather and converge, providing both an incredible amount of defense and an overwhelming offensive power, essentially, "shield and sword in one go". Once this is done, Elucifer performs a thrusting motion with his hand at the opponent, enabling him to break through any and every defense while smashing his opponent to atoms. The intensity, size and strength of the technique can be proportionally increased by reducing the number of fingers involved; generally, the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand can blast through malleable materials that would be difficult for even an Orichalcum blade to cut through by dissipating its force; the thrusting motion of Elucifer's hand is capable of releasing a shock-wave which is powerful enough to send opponents in the immediate area around him careening across the landscape. This attack promises immense levels of destruction, which is granted by causing friction with the hydrogen in the air by the sheer ferocity of the blow, generating a medium-sized explosion upon impact. The incredible speed both makes the strike far more powerful, and harder to dodge. The amount of time in which these actions transpire make it seem as if the opponent has been struck with the force of a powerful cannon shell, blowing them away instantly. At its lowest power, the Mountain-Crushing, Heaven-Bearing Crossbeam Hand is able to cause the opponent to flat-line.
    • Dimension King Style: Heaven's Command Charge (次元覇王流拳法・天将奔烈, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō: Tenshō Honretsu): Heaven's Command Charge is one of the few energy-based attacks in the Dimension King Style; it is also one of Elucifer's more powerful attacks. When initiating the Heaven's Command Charge, Elucifer rotates his hands around, infusing them with his fighting spirit, before his thrusting his palms forward swiftly, unleashing his fighting spirit in the form of an enormous bolt of azure energy which drops from the heavens at astounding speeds, striking the opponent if its horizontal momentum has not carried it out of the way -and if there is no obstructions in the way. Upon hitting the opponent, a large shockwave is created with stronger knockback than the energy beam itself. This attack has seemingly infinite vertical range and thus can be often used to score victory when an opponent is in the air; leading to easy wins. The strikes multiple times and has a fair amount of upward knockback; however, the energy portion of the attack is considered a projectile, thought it cannot be reflected back at Elucifer by a Wave magician or absorbed for healing by an elemental absorption magician. The explosion generated upon impact cannot, however. The Heaven's Command Charge can pass through obstructions that are close enough to the point of generation. An interesting property of this is that if this attack connects with the user in mid-air, Elucifer will bounce upwards a bit; and it can create a wall of fighting spirit to prevent a recovering opponent, best if they try to go for an edge. In any case, at higher levels, the power of the Heaven's Command Charge is capable of completely vaporizing the opponent with this enormous strike of energy that ends in a vicious explosion.
    • Dimension King Style Ultimate Attack: Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist.

      Dimension King Style Secret Art: Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist (次元覇王流拳法・奥義・関破天虚拳, Jigen Haō-ryū Kenpō Ōgi: Sekiha Tenkyoken): The Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is the ultimate attack of the Dimension King Style; developed by Jonas centuries ago. An 'earth-splitting, heaven-piercing' attack, Sekiha Tenkyoken is a powerful technique whose secret lies in mastering one's fighting spirit while also discovering both the significance and insignificance of one's life. When performing Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist, the user gathers and condenses their fighting spirit upon their fists, beginning to harness the life energy inside of their body. What is unique about this technique is that the life energy is a metaphysical concept inside every living person, with its major focus being in the center of the body; it goes hand-in-hand with other supernatural energies. By drawing their life energy out, an individual is able to manipulate it and use it for performances outside the body; in the case of this attack, the life energy manifests as immense power akin to the flames of a monster. When performing the Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist, the user condenses the life energy within their body to its utmost limit upon their fist, intensifying the output of the very next attack via convergence and accelerating the life energy with their fighting spirit until the fist appears as if it were made out of pure energy—more precisely, it manifests as a thin shell to encase the fist. Suddenly punching forward, the user unleashes the energies upon their fist in the form of an spiritual version of the animal associated closest with them; varying from user to user. The energy animal shoots forward at an extreme speed akin to that of a bullet, blasting forth with overwhelming attributes as the animal releases the built-up energy in an instant, detonating as a massive concussive explosion is unleashed which can be felt a significant distance away, being capable of finishing off the opponent with a single blow as contact results in the attack piercing the opponent's body in the shape of the Big Dipper and erupting every vital point. Its energy is capable of withering the skin, muscle and tissue of any being of pure evil to a quivering mess. Indeed, Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is capable of travelling great distances in an instant, making it increasingly difficult to evade, though it is at its most powerful at the start; as the generation of the monster causes a brief shockwave of power. If the enemy attempts to defend against it, the Stone Breaking, Sky Shocking Fist is capable of shattering most defenses. The reason that it quickly obliterates any defenses is the amazing speed behind the multiple hits of the charge which quickly wears away at the opponent's defenses.

Physical Abilities

Immense Strength: Elucifer possesses positively enormous amounts of physical strength; to the point that one could call it unnatural. Even without taking his natural physical power due to being half-Magius, Elucifer, due to centuries of combat experience and countless battles where he risked his life for either others, or more commonly, his cause of demonic supremacy, has honed his body to the point that in battle terms, he could be considered perfect both physically and mentally. More often than not, Elucifer has shown the ability to disarm his opponents and fend off their attacks with simple limb strikes, never really exerting any more effort in his movements than he has to as he is generally quite efficient with his energy. Elucifer's strength is to the point that just by punching and kicking, he can unleash blasts of pure energy, striking faster than the eye can see while smashing through almost any type of metal, his blows tearing through time and space itself. Elucifer is also shown to be capable of smacking away Abyss Break-tier spells with a single hand; this is due to his origins of a being of magic himself. The sheer magnitude of Elucifer's strength is considered "unnatural", as he is shown capable of tearing through supernatural and natural defenses, even ripping straight through bodies like wet tissue paper; with every movement that he makes in a striking manner, his enemies are rend asunder just by the mere pressure exerted by his attacks. Everything that is in his range is smashed to atoms like a bug, their feeble bodies shattered effortlessly even if they attempt to resist his strikes. An example of this is during Daybreak S2, where Elucifer was capable of effortlessly defeating the Black Dragon Níðhöggr, who was able to outfight Berserk Light Dragon Indra and Tyrant Dragon Vritra at the same time in the past. Even when Níðhöggr entered his Abyssal Dragonar Knight mode, Elucifer simply crushed his head like a zit.

Immense Speed: Being well-trained, Elucifer's speed seems to be on a tier of its own at times. When in any sort of movement, Elucifer appears as nothing but a black and white blur of energy without using any magic or speed-enhancing technique. Indeed, with his enormous amounts of leg strength, Elucifer is capable of moving fast enough to instantly close a huge gap of space between him and the opponent and even completely disappear from sight, even from the most attentive of eyesights. Because of his body, Elucifer can react with an uncanny speed and timing, defying any future sight and those who attempt to use it- even his own father had shown difficulty keeping up during their fight in Daybreak S2. Due to his incredible agility and swift footwork, Elucifer can defeat multiple opponents effortlessly, destroying entire armies within the time span of less than half a second. Elucifer's speed has been referred to as a form of teleportation of its own as explained above, moving at the speed of sound at the very least, travelling great distances in the blink of an eye, shimmering for the briefest of moments before arriving at his destination, moving at such a pace that his opponents cannot perceive his actions until they have been performed, dodging at incredible speeds even when he is not paying attention. Elucifer generally moves at this pace as if it were a second nature to him, surpassing any other form of speed- indeed, just by running, he can outpace Tsuruko with her Verniers activated. Elucifer's movements cause numerous shockwaves to ripple through the ground as everything beneath his feet is crushed; sparks of magical energy trail from his legs with every step taken, producing intense flames that can burn the ground beneath him. This incredible speed gives him an edge in battle against slower or close-range fighters.

Immense Durability: Elucifer is unnaturally resilient; this is mostly due to his heritage, but partly it is the result of his own training. Elucifer's body has been compared to Orichalcum itself; the second (or third) strongest alloy in existence. A good example of this is during his fight with his sister in the penultimate chapter of Daybreak S1, where even though Giselle struck him with both her Soul Armour's Arms Weapon and her own Dragsilver with a well-executed slash, her assault was unable to pierce his body effectively as he received absolutely no damage. It was also shown in a flashback during his planned execution that even though he was impaled on a giant magical sword called the Soul Reaver which was forged by a god specifically to slay him, with the blade still sticking through his torso, he shattered the magical shackles holding him through sheer brute strength, killed the Holy Sage with a single strike, before destroying his executors with relative ease. Elucifer is durable enough to stop attacks from Arms Weapons and all sorts of weapons with his bare hands and without any assistance- he can even catch a high-tier Sword Magic spell between two of his fingers and then snap the blade immediately afterwards. By itself, his skin is unnaturally hard; as he is able to numerous high-power attacks with a single finger without feeling anything, and occasionally he deflects magical blasts up to the mid-nineties caliber with a single swipe of his hand. In addition, he can keep fighting despite suffering broken bones as if he never suffered those injuries in the first place.

Eternano-Enhanced Regeneration: Thanks to being half-Magius, the eternano in the vicinity acts as a self-restore unit in Amadam's body. When inflicted with further injury, he is able to heal himself and restore energy by continually absorbing it from his surroundings; notably from plant life. This energy-absorbing system mainly circulates on his back, emitting a glow of green light shining from a specific area located near his heart. With this, Amadam can heal himself in the middle of a fight, though it also leaves him vulnerable. The extent of this healing is to the point that he can regenerate severed limbs with ease, recovering from any damage he sustains by allowing him to heal at a drastically increased rate, closing the wounds on his body and growing back any lost limbs within extremely short periods of time, all with the eternano in the vicinity. Amadam has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. Extremely powerful attacks have been shown to incapacitate him for a time, but even then, it is highly difficult to damage him for long periods of time; his wounds are never permanent. It automatically heals his wounds; however, it takes his own energy to heal his wounds—but because of his energy working as a energy-generation factory, this is of very little problem—it normally takes a number of minutes to heal from grievous harm. Its abilities are potent enough to heal critical and fatal wounds rapidly and restore Amadam's health. It allows for large missing portions of the body to be restored, the regeneration of destroyed organs, even including the heart, and minor injuries such as cuts to quickly heal.

Other Abilities

Immense Intelligence: Elucifer, like his sister, is remarkably intelligent. Due to a lifetime of fighting for his goals, Elucifer was required to grow up remarkably quick and become learned as a result. Generally perceptive and insightful, Elucifer is on the ball most of the time in regards to the behaviour of others, taking note of even the slightest of details. He has an uncanny knowledge of most important terms about the five dimensions, and is well-versed in the history, strategy, tactics of the world, and is privy to knowledge previously unknown to many, such as knowing of the existence of a Dimensional Transferor, as well as the obscure method in which to make one. As his titles of "Grand Magister" and "Black Wizard" would indicate, Elucifer is extremely savvy in regards to magic and its ways, having created numerous styles of magic that have made their way into the public and are a mainstay among combat magicians. In the heat of battle, Elucifer has shown himself to be extremely observant, taking note of the abilities and actions of others in order to use their slip-ups against them. Despite his dislike of other people with a few exceptions, Elucifer is relatively knowledgeable about everyone around him, using his smarts in order to manipulate them better. Elucifer is also relatively tech-savvy despite his dislike of technology- as he is able to gauge the energy output of the prototype Etherion just by watching it fire once, allowing him to indirectly help Tsuruko destroy it due to the danger it posed towards innocents.

Indomitable Willpower: Elucifer's fighting spirit is noted to be almost immeasurable; he has been working on his plan for a very long time, refusing to give up or see it as impossible. By "very long time", "all of recorded history" is a ballpark guess. Elucifer is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, casting aside such roadblocks as "morality". As he is utterly determined and unshakable in his convictions, Elucifer's body seems to lack any sense of pain, as Elucifer was capable of shrugging off numerous attacks from Tsuruko, whose Power of Zero should have destroyed him due to his composition being one of magic. The ability to kill him by striking his soul would require Tsuruko to decipher an advanced gap in his magic that are levels higher than the normal concept of magic, so she is unable to view such vulnerable parts by looking upon it. His conviction has made him extremely difficult to kill, since something that refuses to give up supposedly cannot be killed. Because of his strong spirit, Elucifer is also immune to illusions and any sort of sense or mind altercating abilities.

  • Amadam's King's Aura.

    King's Aura (絶対王者 (キングズ・オーラ), Kinguzu Ōra lit. Absolute King): The King's Aura is the name of Amadam's Ardor Aura. It appears to be relatively similar to his sister's Phoenix Pressure, as it also manifested a purple, winged monster that appears similar to a phoenix. The King's Aura is extremely powerful, and it is shown to be capable of dominating the auras of others. The King's Aura can deflect numerous attacks directed towards Amadam through mere presence alone- the Ardor Aura stirs fear into the hearts of those who battle Amadam. The King's Aura can be used to negate the opponent's Ardor Aura through appearance alone. However, it cannot negate every aura if the enemy's fighting spirit is greater than Amadam's.

Magical Abilities

Immense Magical Power: Amadam has a powerful and overwhelming magical power; as the sheer pressure of his magical power was capable of threatening the lives of all of Team Daybreak when he first revealed himself, being prevented from killing them only by the intervention of the Phoenix Knight. Indeed, his magical energy is so intense that its mere presence causes a darkening climate and a distortion of the surrounding environment; it is said to feel not like magical energy, but rather, something completely out of this world. Amadam is noted to be one of the most powerful magicians to ever live, if not the most powerful, as because of his origins as a Magius, he is in-tune with the essence of magic itself, even moreso than any Esper; indeed, he's capable of harnessing the Source of Magic even though it's located in the "Land of No Magic", a completely different dimension. Magic originates from a Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), which is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. In the case of a Magius, the Magic Origin is continually absorbing magical energy and eternano without limit, even this absorbing property takes priority over 'lesser' magicians. Amadam's magical pressure has the secondary effect of drawing entire areas under its influence to the point of disrupting energy attacks from enemies, as well as affecting others from what is quite possibly miles away.

Unlike other magicians, Amadam's magical energy is invisible to the naked eye—any magic-inclined being is incapable of seeing it with their own two eyes unless he voluntarily shows them. In Daybreak S2, he likens such a phenomenon to "How an ant is incapable of doing anything about the human about to tread on them"; indeed, it's shown that Amadam's magical power is only capable of being rendered visible by somebody on a similar level of power. His magical energy constantly interacts with the energy in the vicinity even when not in combat, changing their properties in a very minimal way. His magical power can be simply regarded as immeasurable, that any individual that tries to sense the depths of his power will only find themselves lost in its vastness. In most of Amadam's battles, his magical energy manifests in the form of massive wings of white light, which have galaxies and stars imbued in them. The wings of light combined with Amadam's overwhelming power and presence creates a powerful psychological effect on those who see him. The wings can also be used as a defense mechanism. He commonly uses his magical energy to drastically augment the strength of his slashes.

  • Amadam unleashing the full might of his magical power.

    Magical Aura (魔力の霊気 Maryoku no Reiki; lit. Aura of Magical Power): Magical Aura is a common term given to the exertion of magical energy into a form outside of the user's body that isn't used in the formation of spells. It has been demonstrated by various mages of varying potency, and is a common means of intimidation. A magical aura is created when the body's container of eternano particles exceeds the limits of what it contains, or is purposefully released by the user. Upon doing so, the magical energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the level of magical power one possesses and the control behind it, it can be used as a means to intimidate another individual, or as a preparation for a powerful spell. A single magical aura can have a wide variety of effects dependent on the power an individual exerts; Amadam's aura almost consumes him in its colour, leaving nothing but a phantom-like apparition to remain. It should also be noted that the aura is far wider, and is generally uncontrolled by Amadam. However, his aura isn't limited to intimidation, and can be used for the preparation of a spell. It is also worth noting that the pressure exhibited from such an aura can form a large column of energy, leaving the pressure enough to visibly cause strain on people even from a considerable distance away from the exertion of the aura, indicating at the sheer level of power within this aura. Thanks to the sheer power of his aura, Amadam's magical power is capable of dominating the magical auras of those around him; such as knocking those with weak magical powers unconscious; he can pick out weak mages in a large group and knock them out without affecting those around them. The ability to knock someone out depends on the difference in strength between Amadam and the person or persons he is trying to knock out; the greater the power gap, the easier it is to knock the victim out. It seems that upon recovery, victims of Amadam's aura experience the sensation of chills running throughout their body. Amadam can activate his aura in two ways; the first and most common way is in a quick burst that will knock out those with weaker magical powers relatively easily. The second method is to release his pressure continuously, which will not only knock out those of weak magical powers around Amadam, but also put pressure on the surroundings, actually affecting other physical objects besides living beings.

Magic in General

Assorted Magic (雑魔法, Zamahō): Magic is the main form of combat for Mages; it is the physical embodiment of the spirit. When the physical spirit of an organism connects with the spiritual flow of nature, the spirit forms Magic as a product of the connection. To utilize Magic, a Mage must use Magic Power (魔力, Maryoku) in their body. Magic Power is the source of Power for all Mages, it is composed of Eternano (魔子 (エーテルナノ), Ēterunano lit. Magic Particles), which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all Mages; and every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Eternano has near-zero rest mass - though, like any particle, its mass increases to reflect its potential or kinetic energy - and can carry either a positive or negative charge. In order to cast spells, a magician derives the power necessary from two sources: their own body's Magic Origin (魔原, Magen), and the atmosphere. A Magic Origin is exactly what the wording indicates—it is a special organ that is located within the body of a magician, that absorbs eternano and bunches it up into clusters, which is processed into magical power.

Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power; this is precisely what a Magic Origin is. If the case becomes empty, eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. It appears that the concept of using a proportion to the user's Magic Origin or the atmosphere is dependent entirely upon the magic used in question. With internal magic such as High Speed, one requires the use of their own magic far more than external magic such as Fire Magic, where they generally rely more on atmospherically magic. By collecting eternano and subsequently imbuing it with a certain 'command' through either an incantation, hand gesture or a simple spell name, allow it to then mysteriously take upon a characteristic unique to that spell. Interestingly, some magicians, if they are descended from unique families, have shown that they are capable of replenishing their eternano faster thanks to unique traits. However, recent studies have identified another, unused, part of a Mages' Magic container that contains a large amount of dormant power: the Second Origin. If a Mage somehow manages to unlock their Second Origin, they will then receive an enormous boost in Magic Power, or they can wait until the right moment to unleash the Magic Power of their Second Origin in order to gain an advantage in the battle.

As the Great Magister, Amadam is noted to be one of the finest magicians on the planet- if not all of the five dimensions. Due to his nature as a Magius, Amadam is capable of weaving spells together; and his magic is noticeably more stable than any others with magic abilities, and therefore it does not breakdown at all and is not easily deflected; it can be said that Amadam's spells are almost unstoppable. Amadam's due to his incredible skill, is able to cast spells up to the high #80's range, such as Abyss Break, without the need for an incantation without any loss of power. Magic can be used to either destroy or save the world; and by definition, it is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques, that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature. Because of his immense mastery of magic, Amadam can chain up to a maximum of fifty spells together by applying his great mind and concentrating; focusing to his utmost limit—because of this connection, the special effect of the casted spells are sprung into activation instantly after the spell before it, or at the exact same time as one another. This enables Amadam to unleash attacks in swift succession and effortlessly overpower his opponents quickly. Also skilled in supplementary magic, Amadam has shown the ability to use Healing Magic, and can use Thought Projection to manifest an artificial Hellion, Libra, which he used to infiltrate the Zodiac Knights.

However, for all the talk people gave him, he wasn't too interested in magic itself, merely its properties that allowed people to overcome disabilities and heal injuries, and after the events of Daybreak Gaiden, a magic that could revive the dead. Elucifer, despite his title of "Grand Magister", is noted to be far more proficient in hand-to-hand combat; indeed, it is revealed in Daybreak Gaiden that his title of "Grand Magister" was one given by the people of Bevelle; Amadam, while as skilled as his sister in the art of magic, isn't as good as people think he is; he can get away with this because he is a stage magician; getting the audience to think what he wants them to think is his stock in trade, using the art of misdirection and his magician's tricks to appear to be a powerful wizard. For a stage magician, he was admired for his preparation and command- as every little trick he performed had to be made more awesome than it really was.

  • Eye Beam: With this unnamed spell, Amadam is capable of projecting a powerful beam of concussive magical energy from his eyes. In order to utilize it, Amadam focuses as much eternano as possibly into his eyes, condensing it to the utmost limit as he pinpoints a target with his sharp vision before unleashing the light from his pupils as two small, concentrated beams; one remains straight while the other coils around the straight beam. The resulting beam is quite powerful, drilling through most targets, and exploding on the ones it can't. The attack seems to possess highly destructive power, having caused great damage to the area it affected, destroying the ground and piercing through buildings alike, and appears to have a long range; the trajectory can be altered, allowing Amadam to strike more than one opponent. This technique, as small it is, has immense power. For one, it can cause immense impact or knockback damage and can penetrate the foe's body. However, if he wishes, Amadam can make the beam stun the opponents and affect their vital organs and their magic container, leaving them motionless but alive. Also, it can be used as a harmless search laser, able to lock onto targets and keep track of them. These particles generate great, directional concussive force when they interact with the objects of this universe. Amadam has discovered numerous methods in which to utilize the spell—such as using it to enhance his hand-to-hand combat by focusing the light emitted by his eyes on his limbs, or to release it in the form of a shield, amongst other uses. While this remains an unnamed spell whenever Amadam uses it, Alexis, his daughter later picks up the spell and gives it a rather stupid name—that of Alexis Stingy Eyes (アレクシス・スチンジ・アイズ, Arekushisu Sutinji Aizu).
  • Gungnir (撃槍 (グングニル), Gunguniru lit. Offensive Spear) is a high-level uncategorized spell perhaps considered to be in the tiers of Abyss Break or Secret Arts. It is a spell where the user forms a spear that is made of pure magical power. Gungnir is considered one of the most powerful spells to exist—at least, in terms of 'weapon form' magic; that is to say, well, obviously, a spell that takes the form of a weapon—including Molding Magic. The categorization of Gungnir is relatively unclear; nobody can really decide if it's a Molding Magic or not. In any case, when initiating Gungnir, the user raises one (or both) of their hands in the air at their side, generating a large amount of magical energy between their open, facing palms at a relatively swift rate. It should be noted that in order for a stronger spear to form, they can use both hands and/or condense more magical power upon their palms. The magical power is rapidly shaped into the form of a massive spear composed of pure magical energy, which the user proceeds to hurl at the enemy. When thrown, it produces a massive blast of magical energy that spirals out from the epicenter of the point where the spear impacted; forming into a wavy circle of pure energy that smashes through the target. Essentially, it functions in a similar manner to that of a drill—grinding through anything that the spear comes into contact with, before exploding into said blast. If the user so wishes it, Gungnir is capable of homing upon an opponent, dodging many an obstacle until it reaches the user's intended target; however, most of the time, the spell smashes through anything that it touches until it reaches the target. Nevertheless, the Gungnir is capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction with relative ease—essentially, as it moves, everything about ten meters on both sides of the spear will be reduced to ashes –with the exception of objects or people using high-tier defense spells or humans- through the sheer magical power that the spear is composed of. While it can be defended against by high-tier shielding spells, continuous attacks can bypass the shields, eventually leaving the opponent open to being struck by the spell. In addition, Gungnir moves at such a fast pace that even users of High Speed or Slowing Magic would have extreme difficulty in avoiding the spell; indeed, the attack seems to be unaffected by "terrain-effecting" or "body enhancement" magics or spells. The Gungnir can be launched in any position, from being airborne to while running. Launching it while airborne however increases its damage radius. Noticeably, the user is capable of utilizing Gungnir in a similar manner to that of a completely ordinary spear—if this is done, then the spell will have far greater power than almost any other spear. The sheer magical power radiating from the Gungnir has enough force to cut through solid steel and even pierce through a magical barrier.
  • Combination Spell: Saint Oratario (二魔法の合・超破壊光線(コンビネーション・スペル・セイント・オラターリオ), Konbinēshon Superu: Seinto Oratārio lit. Fusion Between Two Magics: Super Destruction Beam): Saint Oratario is a unique spell—at least on par with Abyss Break, perhaps even stronger. It is recognized as Amadam's signature spell, and although the full power version is exclusive to him, Alexis, being his daughter, is capable of accessing it, albeit in a toned down version; and only through Memory-Make. When performing Saint Oratario, the user places both of their hands in front of themselves, palms open and hands turned up at approximately a 90 degree angle; the form that Saint Oratario takes is one of a powerful chain reaction akin to nuclear fission; as the magical energies upon the user's hand will rumble violently as they quickly spiral outwards before manifesting as a golden sphere of energy which collapses in on itself then expands outwards rapidly towards the enemy in a golden beam; a flare is a contained release of energy, which fully exposes the enemy to the source rather than blow them away from it after a while. When the beam strikes the opponent, it creates a powerful explosion upon contact. Against the strongest demon, Saint Oratario was able to kill it in one hit, scattering bits of its body for miles, leaving naught but its head and its chest, which quickly struck the ground and shatters and creating a mushroom cloud, completely stripping it of its scales when it struck. This beam covers a wide range, almost five kilometers in diameter while creating a massive storm over a large area to do heavy damage to all enemies; it creates an enormous explosion upon contact and leaves a huge mushroom cloud; similar a nuclear bomb; this effect spreads out to a fan-shaped area. What is notable though, is that Saint Oratario can quite easily vaporize weaker species. Due to being powered by their magical power, after executing this spell, the user will clutch their chest as if the user has strained their heart, emphasizing the fact that the user harnesses their own life force to perform the spell.

Black Magic

Black Arts (黒い芸術, Kuroi Geijutsu), also known as Black Magic (黒魔法, Kuro Mahō) are a forbidden type of black magic which stems from Black Mages. The Black Arts is supposedly nothing but pure evil, and the Black Arts has been known to cause the loss of people's souls if they have delved too deep into it. Slowly suppressed and conquered by the influence of Black Magic, these unfortunate souls become nothing but demons bent on destruction. Those who follow the path of a Black Mage will usually gain untold power at the expense of something of their former selves. Though Black Magic is mostly used by villains and is believed to be pure evil, it is not entirely malevolent; however, different characters have different views on the Black Arts; Giselle Mercury regards it as nothing but "hate and rage," while Amadam insists that light and darkness are interdependent and cannot exist without one another.

If one can accept the Black Arts into themselves without allowing the darkness to consume them, they may wield its powers without succumbing to its influences; much like Aura Magic, Black Magic can either be used to protect or destroy—it is neither good nor evil; it all depends on the user. Though it is not necessarily "evil" magic per se, dark arts focus toward destruction, harming, cursing and otherwise complicating the lives of other people while advancing the user's own state, embracing magical techniques and practices that would traditionally be viewed as taboo and are generally willing to go farther than most would even consider if it serves their ends. Black Arts are aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malice toward all living things.

The Black Arts create and feed off of primal emotions of the caster such as revenge, hate, greed, and fear. In the process, it makes those it affects experience and exhibit these feelings while constantly making those feelings stronger, eventually leading to the affected becoming a demon. The Black Arts can also change the physical appearance of those it affects, up to such extremes as a normal person becoming a demon; or them changing to look as if they were a completely different person. If one relies too heavily on the powers the Black Arts bestow upon them, it will swallow their soul in a matter of time. In the Sun Trilogy, Amadam was the one whom created the Black Arts; deriving it from his species' mastery over magic and his general bitterness towards the world.


Eternate (エーテルネイト, Ēteruneito): Thanks to his origins, Amadam is capable of fully manipulating Eternano (エーテルナノ, Ēterunano); which is the term coined to name particles of Magic. Eternano dwells inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere. Nobody knows when Magic began, or how Eternano originated. To utilize Magic, a Mage must use their (as the case may be) power. Eternano is the source of Magic Power for all Mages. Every Mage has a container inside their body that determines the limits of their Magic Power. If the case becomes empty, Eternano will come from the atmosphere and enters the Mage's body and after a while, their Magic Power is restored. Living organisms cannot live in areas of extremely concentrated Eternano, as it apparently has detrimental effects upon the structure of the body. In either case, Amadam primarily absorbs eternano from the atmosphere and combines it with his own magical energy in order to perform numerous techniques. Eternate is a term referring to the transformation of a living organism or an object into Eternano; particles of magic which dwell inside all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere- it is considered a part of the Black Arts. The process of Eternate is extremely painful for those in the receiving end; and it is classified as a Black Magic all on its own because of what it does—turning the target's magical power against them and forcing it to consume their body; giving them existence as pure energy. Amadam was the one who originally thought of the term and ability; using it as part of his plans once the Nega End had been engaged. A long time ago, Amadam himself was forced to discard his own body to live as a more powerful being of purely magical energy; a Magius. He saw this as the next logical step in evolution for the human race and indeed the whole world and went about sharing his breakthroughs with the magical ability to capture the eternano of anything within spheres.

With it, the user can absorb the surrounding structures, by transforming breaking down eternano and absorbing them, transforming them into their strength for an indefinite period of time. The user's absolutely precise control over the eternano is incredibly impressive, as they can break down everything that is born from eternano within milliseconds and utilize it as a fuel to power their eternano-based techniques. It can literally tear away the components which make up objects, such as those which make up magic and structures, as well as the bodies of supernatural beings, mostly limited to dragons, however. When the body of a magical being is affected by this power, the user can assume the characteristics and associated capabilities of their victim; however, Amadam has modified the technique so that he doesn't take on beastly or undesirable appearances, and rather takes on more subtle visual changes. . Though it is not necessarily "evil" magic per se, Eternate focuses toward destruction, harming, cursing and otherwise complicating the lives of other people while advancing the user's own state, embracing magical techniques and practices that would traditionally be viewed as taboo and are generally willing to go farther than most would even consider if it serves their ends. Eternate are aligned with fear, hatred, aggression, and malice toward all living things. The Eternate create and feed off of primal emotions of the caster such as revenge, hate, greed, and fear. In the process, it makes those it affects experience and exhibit these feelings while constantly making those feelings stronger, eventually leading to the affected becoming a demon. The Eternate can also change the physical appearance of those it affects, up to such extremes as a normal person becoming a demon; or them changing to look as if they were a completely different person.

The user can absorb the trees, sand, rocks, and even the buildings in Earth Land; showing no upper limit to what they can and cannot absorb. As long as it is eternano, then the user can subjugate it to their will; even absorbing opposing magical attacks and turning them into a source of energy. Indeed, the user can force the eternano into themselves to use as their own power, essentially using it as food and to regenerate themselves back to life as seen in Amadam's first fight with Giselle when he took an attack that would have killed him if it was not for this technique. This is described as a power that stands above all life. With Eternate, Amadam describes himself as the "puppeteer of life." Amadam has used this technique so much that his body is no longer made of flesh and bones, it is only life energy. His body cracks when struck and can still live even after being cut in half. Amadam has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of eternano, such as the forests. To Amadam, there is no difference between eternano particles and magic as a source of power. Amadam shows true expertise in the art of eternano absorption, to the point where attacks that use eternano are pointless against him, as it becomes incredibly easy to dismantle these attacks, given they do not surpass his own reaction time or power, and absorb them unto himself; he is known to be extremely versatile with this. Amadam is also able to suck eternano from inanimate objects via an unknown method. When he utilizes this ability, he is able to brandish horrendously powerful strikes, and Amadam is able to manipulate eternano for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes. Amadam's eternano prowess functions as a defense against illusions due to his sheer mastery over it, making him all but immune to everything except the strongest of fabrications. Tsuruko likened Amadam's power to having a "defeat" option in an RPG among the usual commands of "fight", "defend", "magic", and "item". Tsuruko goes onto saying that Eternate ignores its enemy's actions and simply crushes them regardless.

Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare (シャドー・フレア, Shadō Furea) is a unique type of Black Magic; unlike the other styles, which focus upon the aspects of life and death, Shadow Flare enables Elucifer to utilize black flames which he can generate from any part of his body. It allows Elucifer to manifest, manipulate, and have absolute control over sickly green flames which flow like melted wax which he can generate from any part of his body. The heat of Shadow Flare is comparable to that of solar flares; at an average rate of expenditure of energy, Elucifer is capable of utilizing the Shadow Flare for about two hours; and these flames are highly powerful, overwhelming normal flames of the same quantity or even more with general ease; they are even hotter than any temperature that the earth can produce; though curiously enough, these flares do not destroy everything on earth just by a single spark. The flames disintegrate everything and anything which Elucifer launches them at, changing it into nothing more than ash, and engulfs the surrounding landscape in a blazing firestorm, the heat of which is intense enough to scorch the sky. The shadowy flames can take on a variety of functions, such as offensives, supplements, and altering of elements.

Elucifer has revealed the capability of accelerating the vibrations of the particles composing the Shadow Flare so much that they result in enormous explosions of great destruction; devastating the area around him and leaving his opponent on their toes. The flames act completely separately to regular flames, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy and strength. The Shadow Flare seems to be unaffected by water, as Elucifer is able to create flames even when submerged; his magic is not only limited to the flames he himself can generate, but also the fire found in the environment, allowing him to extinguish any type of flame or bend them to his liking. As well, the techniques related to this magic aren't just limited to the physical, as Elucifer has shown that he can create "voids" in an enemy's harnessing of their magical energy in order to momentarily disrupt their attacks through enormous amounts of heat. When faced with opposing Fire Magic of a lesser quality, the flames consume them in order to boost their strength and quantity; making using any sort of fire ill-advised against Elucifer; even more so that Shadow Flare possesses an enormous amount of destructive ability. The sheer amount of power displayed by Shadow Flare makes Elucifer enormously powerful; so strong that nobody in their right mind would be able to challenge him and win.

Soul Armour

Soul Armours (神鎧 (ソウル・アーマー), Sōru Āmā lit. God Armour) are specialized armours worn by various powerful warriors known as Soul Armour Knights (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト), Sōru Āmā Naito lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior); they are human or humanoid warriors who transforms from a natural human form using a Driver Belt into a superhuman form clad in the armour. The Knights secretly patrol their respective territories to protect civilians from demons. Armed with special magical equipment, the knights carry an eternal war to maintain the light over the darkness in the realm. When transforming into his Soul Armour form, Amadam revs his Calamity Driver, emitting a pulse of energy that allows him to become Soul Armour Knight Magatsu (神鎧纏最高戦士 (ソウル・アーマー・ナイト) ・禍津 (マガツ), Sōru Āmā Naito Magatsu lit. God Armour Clad Supreme Warrior Calamity Haven).



  • Elucifer can be seen as a foil and counterpart to Tsuruko; the author confirms that Elucifer is 'Tsuruko if she never got over her father's death'.
  • Elucifer is one of the three villainous characters to actually defeat Tsuruko- not only that, Tsuruko was never capable of defeating him in return; Elucifer was capable of stomping her for nine of their ten battles throughout Daybreak S2, and Tsuruko could only manage a double knockout in the final battle.
  • Elucifer's Magius design, according to the author, was inspired by the Pillar Men of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure fame.
  • Elucifer's stats are:
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