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Elysees ( シャンゼリゼ Shanzerize) is a female independent mage. She does not belong to any guild and travel a lot.


Elysees have a long blond hair, tied in two ponytails with black bows. She has milky white skin and a pair of sharp crimson eyes. She wears a black frilly gothic-lolita style dress with a big red ribbon tied on her collar. There are few red crosses embodied on her dress, especially around the lower waist part of her dress. She usually uses a black cat's head shaped umbrella as an accessory (and sometimes a weapon). She also wears black socks that completely covered her feet all the way up to her thigh, and there is also small ribbon tied on the back of each of her black-soled wedges.

Her petite and young appearance sometimes mistakenly as a teenage girl, but actually, she's on her late twenties.


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