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Elysium Magic



Eryushion mahō


Caster type


Rio Blitz

Elysium Magic (エリュシオン魔法, Eryushion mahō) is a highly volatile caster magic that effects the enviroment and magical energys around the user. 


This magic works by seeping into other magical attacks and cause then to imploded however the implosion has to be triggered by the user by a select group of words that implies and explosion or something similar, Rio users the word "pop". This magic is also known as counter Crash, as it is able counter the very powerful magic Crash, it does this by placing Elysium magic into the area that the crash magic was about to effect and then collapsing the area which actually links the atomic bonds back together when crash is used at the same time neutralise both magical effects. It's main effects are causing magic to imploded, this is done by flooding it with Elysium magic then forcing it to collapse on its self. Elysium Magic is normally invisible to the naked eye unless the user forces it out at an exonerated rate.


Like Crash if the users mind wanders it will cause the magic to steadily flow out into the surrounding area and then will cause all the affected area to collapse along with the indented target, master level users can correct this by reabsorbing the leaked energy, this does not recover their own magic and does use some to retract. The main weakness is its ability to be rendered null by someone who can block sound or silence the user. 

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