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Embodiment Magic
Embodiment Magic



Jisshi keitai majikku


Caster Type



Embodiment Magic (実施形態マジック, Jisshi keitai majikku) is a Caster-Type that utilizes inanimate objects.


Embodiment Magic is a form of caster magic that allows the user to place a portion of there magic into an object giving it temporary life, this being has no mind of its own, and is more like spirit magic than living magic but is somewhere in between. the biggest downside to this magic is the larger or more powerful the thing being created the weaker the caster becomes.


The inanimate object that has been created can only last for a set amount of time depending on the amount of magic used to animate it. the standard time is about 30-60 seconds, No one has ever passed the 180 second mark as the object will explode due to being overloaded with magic. 


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