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Emerald Magic
Emerald Magic



Hisui no Mahō


Caster Magic
Earth Magic
Subspecies Magic



Emerald Magic (翡翠の魔法, Hisui no Mahō), is one of the few gem-based magics known to Earthland. It's considered to be a form of Subspecies Magic, as it's derived from the principles of Earth Magic — using the mineral veins of the earth in order to induce such rare creations; this also makes it a form of Caster Magic as a result.

Though rarely seen, there are various practitioners of this magical form. Interestingly enough, this magic is considered to be highly valuable and popular to many jewelers, gem enthusiasts, and high-class women due to the rarity of emeralds in modern society.


Emerald Magic Usage

A user constructing near-impenetrable armor out of emerald, granting them enhanced defenses.

Emerald is something that's rather simplistic, as it's basically a more-focused version of Earth Magic, following the same principles; however, because of the substance involved, one must have some knowledge pertaining to gems and their given creation. To this extent, this magic benefits people who have either worked with, worn, or mined gems for a majority of their lives. As this tend to pertain to females, this magic is mainly used by such a gender over men — despite the stereotypical undertone.

By concentrating one's magical power to a single point and flowing to the ground beneath them, they stimulate the earth's vein — causing it to violently erupt outward towards the surface; it's then they manipulate and harden the various debris using eternano, shaping it into the form of emeralds using visualization of said substance — right down to the density, shape, coloration, and the like. As emerald is a hardened substance, it's known to be incredibly durable — especially since it was created using natural resources and manipulated through magic, giving the user incredible defensive and offensive powers alike; although, it's much weaker than that of a diamond, one of the hardest gems in existence. The user wields the emeralds in the same fashion as Molding Magic, crafting various creations out of gem — going from weaponry, to armors, to even creatures, all of which is limited by the user's imagination. It's also possible to simply use the gems to attack the opponents in their raw form, piercing through defenses and solidifying everything it comes in contact with — causing them to go through "emeraldfication" in-turn. The emeralds can be summoned from various sources and can be created completely through one's magical power if skilled enough; this makes it a dangerous magic to contend with.


  • This magic was created because of the author's notice of the lack of regular gem-based magics on the site. He also tries to flesh out the possibilities of using a gem as a form of magic.
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