Emerallt Bell

Emerallt Bell

Emerallt Bell is a follower of Arkaeus’ Church of Darkness, and is one of the Black Saints and is the real head of the criminal Bell Group.


Emerallt is first introduced after Animos defeats his younger brother, the corrupt nobleman and crime lord Baron Bell. The Baron begged for his brother to help him defeat Animos, however Emerallt found his brother’s begging pathetic and killed him, berating him for his weakness.

A new mission! Crush the Bell group


Emerallt is a very overconfident person, constantly looking down on people. However unlike his brother who believes their family’s wealth makes them better than everyone else, Emrallt’s confidence comes from his powerful fighting abilities. Emerallt also does not tolerate failure from anyone, as shown when he mercilessly killed his own brother after Animos defeated him.

Magic and Abilities

Emerallt possesses a powerful form of gem-based magic like his brother. However, Emerallt is much more skilled in using it than the Baron. Emerallt uses Emerald-based magic.

Emerald Body: Similar to Baron Bell, Emerallt is able turn his body to emerald increasing his durability and physical power.
Emerald Spike: Emerallt causes an emerald spike to shoot out from his hand
Emerald Spear: Emerallt creates a spear made of emerald that he can use in combat.
Emerald Space: Emerallt uses his magic to transport him and his opponent to a pocket dimension created by his powerful magic. The dimension consists of several floating platforms floating in midair surrounded by a green mist and with several floating emerald pillars. Emerallt is able to manipulate the environment within Emerald Space. He is able to cause the platforms to break apart and can cause the pillars to fly at his opponent(s).
Emerald Crystal: Emerallt releases a large amount of shining dust from his hand. Anything the dust touches is instantly crystalised.

Fantasma: Like all members of the Black Saints, Emerallt was given a small amount of Fantasma's power that both increases his ordinary powers exponentially and gives him the ability to harm the spirits summoned from the Sword of Purgatory, currently in Cue's possession.