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Emperor Eye

Chikaku nō Ai




Holder Magic
Eye Magic


Maximus Riser
Kenji Riser
Tiger Squad (artificial eyes)

Emperor Eye (知覚のアイ, Chikaku no Ai) is a Holder Magic and a form of Eye Magic capable of anticipating another's movements and manipulating their mind.


A form of Eye Magic that grants the user an immense amount of claritive perception allowing them to read lips and other body parts like the eyes, mimic another's body movements all most without any difference and use a very discrete form of non-verbal communication with other users of this magic. These attributes also transfer to combat; allowing the user to see fast-moving objects and by carefully analysing an opponents body and movements, such as the slightest tense in a muscle, they can anticipate that opponents next move and act accordingly. The user may also have other abilities which vary between the users.


The Eye of Perception (天皇アイ, Ten nō Ai)

The Eye of Subjugation (

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