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Empty Eye



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Amaya Akiyama

Empty Eye (空の眼, Sora no Gen) is a Caster Type Eye Magic utilized and created by Gabriel.


The eye has a purple iris and pink pupil. It has the capability of cancelling and negating anything that is magical and close to him within a certain radius making everything magical useless or normal without any affects but because of that, Gabriel himself cannot use magic once using this Eye Magic but it itself doesn't get negated or cancelled as Gabriel explained it by saying "If the snakes poison doesn't affect the snake then this eye doesn't affect itself either. The eye is the snake and the poison is the negation". Also, because of its negation and cancellation ability, the Empty Eye's on and off "switch" is also cancelled meaning Gabriel can't stop the use of this eye and turn it back to it's normal self which is why he always wears bandages to cover it, yet there is a solution to that problem which is the fact that the Empty Eye's ability only works when the eye is openned and not closed, so if Gabriel doesn't wish to use this magic then he simply has to keep his eye closed.

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