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Empuso is a Curse utilized to infect and control the blood of any creature or individual.


Through this Curse, the user can infect the blood of others and control it. This Curse allows the user to completely control every aspect of their body, as it is made completely from blood they gained from previously infected opponents. One's true form is that of Magical Barrier Particles, and can take on any shape or fill any volume, like a gas. Through entering the bodies of their opponents, they can take blood, give their target magic deficiency syndrome, or take over the target's body. When controlling a Mage the user can use their magical abilities or physical capabilities, whatever they may be. The blood the user controls is black in color, and can be manipulated in and changed into the states of solid, liquid, or gas. The blood in its solid state is as hard as Black Steel, making it an effective offensive and defensive tool. Through phase changing their blood, the user can use it to create any multitude of weapons or armor. Due to this Curse, and the user's natural form, they cannot be harmed unless someone is capable of directly harming Magical Barrier Particles, such as Gajeel Redfox in Dragon Force. However, they cannot inhabit the bodies of other Etherious, bloodless creatures, or those with immunity to Magical Barrier Particles. The user can still infect the magic of bloodless creatures, but cannot control their bodies, as they control someone through their blood. The user's body is still unable to be controlled by outside sources, even by those who utilize Blood Magic, as it is not 100% blood, and has a high concentration of Magical Barrier Particles.


Empuso is a reference to Empusa, a Greek Demigoddess who feasted on blood. The more masculine "o" ending is used to demonstrate that the user is male.

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