Engagement at Koma Inu

At the guild Koma Inu, Niklas and Aiden were talking about something very important while Mandi was talking with Umi about girl stuff and a shop near by.

"I don't know if I should do it...", Niklas said.

"Dude, just suck it up and ask her. I know it's important, but you just have to suck it up and confess." Aiden said encouragingly.

"Your right, I can to this."

"Mandi can I ask you something?" Niklas said a little to loudly.

Everyone turned and stared as Niklas walked over to the table Mandi was sitting at.

"Mandi I've been meaning to ask you some thing."

"What is it?" Mandi said as she stood up.

"You see, ever since we met each other as children, I've thought of you as a best friend. And when we agreed to travel together...I was overjoyed. And my feelings for you have been held in my heart for so long that my heart is about to just burst..."

"What are you trying to say Niklas?"

"I'm trying to say....I love you, and I want us to be together and......"

"I was wondering if you would give me the honor of becoming my wife?" Niklas said while gasping for air.

"Oh Niklas, I don't know what to say..." said Mandi

"I think I already know the answer...*sighs* it was worth a sh....." 

Niklas stopped as Mandi gave Niklas a kiss on the lips. Slowly pulling away, Mandi said.."of course I'll mary you, you big rock head!"

Niklas and Mandi smiled at each other as the guild erupted in applause and surprise.

"Another wedding!!" Samarra Inari said excitingly!

The crowed cheered on, as drinks were passed around and they celebrate the surprise.


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