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Enka Genkishi (演歌原鬼死 Genkishi Enka "Lit"; Ballad for the Death of the Primitive Demon) is an Independent Mage that wanders Earth Land in search of whatever jobs she can take. She is of unknown renown and prefers it that way. The twin sister of Senka Genkishi, she is many times confused for her, which severely annoys her as Enka believes they look nothing alike. She seems to hold a deep loathing for her sister, whom she believes has untold potential yet fails to realise it by wasting her time in that guild.



Enka is a relatively average heighted teenage girl of a petite frame. She has black eyes and long midnight blue hair that appears short, tied into two long braids bound in white cloth, each ending in a large golden ring.

Her clothing, though unconventional, is what is considered standard by her family- the Genkishi Clan. It consists of a black kosode (upper part), a black hakama (lower part) and white shitagi (under clothing) tied by a white hakama-himo (sash). On top she wears a sleevless white coat also tied by a yellow-golden sash. For her footwear she chooses traditional Chinese shoes with white socks.


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