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Ereba (エレバ Ereba) is a Dark Mage and a member of the Tartaros Guild. She, alongside Sanguini is the personal aide to the guild master Mortifer Kruger.






Magic and Abilities

Shadow Magic (陰魔法 Kage Mahō): Ereba's main form of magic is shadow magic, she is able to bend and distort her shadow in multiple ways, from shaping fists to large, spectral creatures to attack her targets. Her skill has been so great that she was easily able to defeat Faa Costa.

  • Grande Fantasma (ゲランデファンタズム Gurande Fantazumu): Ereba shapes her shadow into long, serpentine creatues with three, red eyes and several, long tentacles. They can extend and strike the target and absorb them into their 'bodies', what happens from there is unknown as the target was 'regurgitated' before anything could happen.
  • Knuckle Shadow: Ereba bends her shadow, shaping it into several fists which extend from a shadow and punch the opponent upwards. These fists can also open and restrain an opponent.

Sleep Magic (眠りの魔法 Nemuri no Mahō): Despite Ereba's area of expertise being her Shadow Magic, she is also gifted in that she can cause those around her to fall asleep instantly, she has been shown doing this through the use of an oridinary pendulum. It is unknown if she is dependant on this pendulum to cast Sleep Magic.

Weapons & Items

Pendulum: In order to cast her Sleep Magic spells, she makes use of a simple pendulum, composed of a simple hoop attached to a beaded string, by swinging it, she releases a purple aura which can instantly induce sleep on those around her.


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