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Eren Seiun ( エレヌ星雲 Erenu Seiun lit. Saint of the Nebula) is a young man; a survivor of the Cyborg-Human Civil War who attained semi-immortality after surviving a hit from the supposed host of Aerenia at the time, and gaining some of her power. However, due to his origins and newly attained powers, he was cryogentically frozen against his will, and placed inside a sealed ice chamber. However, he was able to unseal himself out of pure rage. Thinking that it was still the year that he was in, he stormed the village who sealed him away. After doing so, he realized that the world around him was much stranger than he remembered. Seeing this, he travelled to Fiore, and tried to adapt the world arond him by going on missions to bring justice.


Eren has a appearance of a young man in his late teens, even though he is already an adult, albeit he still considers himself a child. He is fairly tall, at least, compared to the rest of his friends. He has fair skin, slightly tanned, but still considered fair. Atop his head rests a mop of dark brown hair that is spiked in random places. His eyes are a crimson color, and he has slightly purple circles under his eyes from lack of sleep, as he has moderate insomnia. Despite this, he is a relatively healthy young man who is fit and muscular. He holds a rather toned body with muscles that aren't monstrous, rather, they are enough to get him around.

Clothing-wise, he wears a crimson T-shirt that says, "Trust me. I'm the Doctor" in black print, with a black, loose jacket over it. He wears knee-length black and crimson shorts as well as dirty, black and white sneakers.


Eren is very kind, always having a warm smile resting on his lips for anyone that bothers to look, even for his enemies. Much like his partner-in-crime, Hitomi, he belives that all living organisms have a kind and soft spot, albeit the latter possesses the ability to annihilate all living organisms. Eren will befriend anyone and everyone who crosses his path, believing that everyone deserves a friend at least once in their life time. Something worth noting about this young man, is that he never regrets his choices, stating that it's all in the past now, and that the only thing they can do is fight to live another day. Although he is willing to make friends with mostly everyone, there is a point where he draws the line. He has a strong sense of justice, and is willing to go to extreme lengths, actually willing to play the role of "extreme bad-cop" while his partner stays as "good-cop", to an extent.

Despite his kind persona, he is a pervert. A full-time pervert. In fact, Hitomi and Ringo have reenacted several scenes of his favourite movie, "Behind the Green Door", causing several of the men in the academy to swoon after the duo. Eren has a full collection of erotic novels and comics at his disposal, often reading them in the dead of night so that nobody catches him. Despite this, it is easily inferred that he has a colloection when he comments on womens' breasts, rating them 1 to 10 on a "plumpness" scale. Amusingly, when he first met Hitomi, he said the number two. At that time, Hitomi just figured he was mentally troubled, and smiled. However, when he told her what he actually meant, she clocked him in the face.

Eren refuses to back down from fights and promises he has made, going to extreme lengths just to fullfil his promises and win his battles. In his childhood, there appears to be some trauma in his mind, as he states the he will and can never lose to anyone, no matter the circumstances. Even when he drained, weaponless, and heavily wounded, he refuses to back down, and will always fight for his side until he either dies by the hand of his opponent, or through age. He refuses to succumb to diseases and other impurities, often killing the bacteria through his indomitable will. His will to never back down has been misunderstood as foolishness and thick-headness. However, this is certainly not the case, as he knows exactly what he is getting to. He is a proactive person, doing things before they affect him. So he manages to devise weaknesses the opponent has, and take them down.

The trauma in his childhood has caused him to be stubborn, paranoid, and sad. However, he places a metaphysical mask over his face to convince others that he is perfectly fine. However, his closest friend, Hitomi has been able to see through this lie every time he says it, often barging into his room and demanding answers. Although he pretends to be annoyed and irritated, secretly he enjoys the fact that she cares about his wellbeing, something that only his mother could provide back then. Eren is extremely sensitive when it comes to discussing his past, often trying to bypass the topic and change it to something completely irrelevant, but catches whoever he's talking to's interest. However, the only thing he has let slip was that he recieved some sort of trauma as a child.


Eren's history is relatively unknown, but he has accidently dropped some hints as to what happened that made it so difficult to talk about. Eren was alive and still naive several million years ago, around the time when the Cyborg-Human war was about to begin. He met a young girl, about his age, and they constantly got into fights, often ending up with two of them getting dragged away and thrown into the junevile correctional institution there for several days until their parents paid for their release. Even with the harsh scolds, the two of them mantained a huge rivalry that would not go away, even if their parents yelled at them and withdrew privelledges.

However, the girl suddenly was sent to a university for the extremely intelligent after discovering her unseen intelligence and creativity. Eren simply stayed in the community school, and picked fights with other students to fill the hole the girl had left. When the girl returned to the town once more, Eren was twenty, while the latter was seventeen, and Eren was excited to see his all-time rival again. However, when he approached her with a fight, she simply pressed her finger to his forehead, and knocked him out. When he woke up, the girl was talking to a man in a lab coat, and she was wearing one as well. Her hair wasn't matted with sweat and blood, it was perfectly combed back into a turquoise ponytail. Her face wasn't dirty with grime collected from fights anymore, she was perfectly clean, and talking about particles with the man. Realizing his enemy wasn't an enemy or a friend anymore, he walked home, saddened.

When Eren was twenty-one, the girl was reported as missing, as was her entire family. The scientists at a foreign lab were giving a high reward for her retrieval. It was at this time, the Cyborg-Human Civil War was instigated, and the brutal fighting continued on, sealing their fate.


Lacrima (魔水晶 (ラクリマ), Rakurima lit. Magic Crystal): Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes. Essentially, a Lacrima is crystallized magic that can dispatch enemies in many different ways, as well as provide other means of assistance to the user. Lacrima is generally powered up by the user's magic power; whether it be for offensive uses or just simply for "fun". This crystalline structure wsd the beginning in the evolution of magic, a newfound invention that proved to be extremely versatile during the golden age of the world. However, in the timeline of Awakening, usage of Lacrima is very scarce, as the materials needed to make Lacrima and the process of making it are very little knwown. Despite this, Eren possesses vague knowledge of how to use and create Lacrima, as his ancestors were shop owners that made their own items. Eren holds an arsenal of different types of Lacrima, often selling them in the black market to earn his fill.

Rengoku Chaos Star (煉獄混迷星 Rengoku Konmei Hoshi lit. Purgatory Chaos Star): Rengoku Chaos Star, or simply, Rengoku (煉獄 Purgatory), is a cybernetic hand to replace the one lost during the Cyborg- Human Civil War, after surviving a blast from Aerenia. The hand was manually fused onto his stump of a hand, and connected with his bones and nerves, instantaneously turning his bones into Hyphernus; a impossibly strong material that was capable of deflecting a swing from Aerenia (Hitomi), nearly shattering the blade. The hand itself has a variety of abilities; its most prominent being the Dragon Lacrima implanted inside of it, as well as the dragon blood that it injected inside of him, giving him the ability to use Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. However, he is at a distinct disadvantage; he cannot enter Dragon Force. However, due to the Lacrima, he can enter a weaker version of Drive. His hand, like Hitomi, Rengoku has a compartment that opens upon the command, "Open!" (オープン! Oupon!). This compartment scans Eren's Astral Rings, allowing him to use the Astral Armours granted to him by the Aquarius Ring. His hand is a copperish color; it is made completely out of Hyphernus. As this is his only cybernetic part, he hides it using a variant of Illusion Magic. The hand has a compartment that scans the rings right on the top, only opened by the command word.

Ragnarok (ラグナロク Ragnaroku):
Ragnarok is a blade forged by the hatred and self-loathing of humanity, and then given shape through Arc of Embodiment. The blade is made out of a material that will never shatter; it is neither liquid nor solid, it is an absolute combination of both. Eren gives it shape through the manifestation of his magic power. When manifested, the blade is 4.5 feet long, and 1.4 feet wide. It is completely black in color, with several crimson Lacrima coating each side of the blade. These Lacrima act as his own Plasma Charger, connecting to each other, and releasing pulses of contained plasma to shoot out beams of it. When the connection between two of these Lacrima is made, it releases the lowest rating of power, up until ten, which releases the absolute limit of Ragnarok. Eren obtained this weapon during his time in the black market, trading nearly three quarters of his stock and almost all of his money for the weapon. Ragnarok chooses its wielder; Eren was lucky to have run into the weapon, and have the ability to tame it. Much like Reishadanki, Hitomi's weapon, Ragnarok possesses a fingerprint scanner. If somebody other than Eren tries to wield it, they will receive an electrical shock equivalent to 1000 volts of electricity, and the blade will glow red, signifying a Error. If the same person attempts to use Reishadanki once more, they will ultimately be killed by a charge of electricity reaching up to 500,000 volts, as well as a blast from all ten Lacrima activating.

Magic and Abilities

Physical Attributes

Ways of Combat

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Equipped with Ragnarok, Eren is a demon in a humanoid form. Considering the weight that Ragnarok possesses, Eren is reasonably skilled in the art of swinging the blade like all hell is breaking loose. He prefers to swing the blade wildly with excellent accuracy; he relies heavily on harsh, heavy blows that can decapitate a person who isn't paying attention, or fast enough to react. Eren is perfectly capable of killing an opponent with one heavy swing. Contrary to his appearance, he is a person who possesses inhuman strength; the main reason why he is able to wield Ragnarok without dropping the blade. However, just because he is able to wield the blade, doesn't mean he can be swift with it. In fact, the only way he can actually fight with the sword is heavy strikes aimed at vital areas in order to incapitate his foe. Despite this, he can still deliver powerful strikes with excellent precision and power. At point blank, he is a dangerous foe to go up against - he can slice right through flesh - as if it is only melting butter. He can swing his blade, and command the Lacrima to produce beams of plasma to deliver to his opponent - not the greatest gift to give. By simply swinging his blade, he can unleash air blades of air pressure to slice and dice his opponent into mincemeat. Having an air of eccentricity, before a battle, he often states, “Let the dance, commence!” (ダンスは、開始しましょう​​!Dansu wa, kaishi shimashou ​​!). In the climax of the battle, he proclaims, “And now, the peak!” (そして今、ピーク!Soshite ima, pīku!). Before executing a finisher, he declares, “The end!” (終わり! Owari!). With conviction, he will always be determined to win his battles, refusing to ever give in. Even though his skill in swordsmanship is heavy and powerful, he can be swift and precise. He is able to aim at his foe's weak points, constantly destroying them in several seconds. His way of fighting is completely unique; he fights according to his opponent's style. His high adaptibility rate allows him to be a dangerous demon, as he can adapt to any given situation thrusted into his hands. His sword is his resolve, and he will cut down anyone that gets in his way.

  • Sword Magic: Breaking Point (剣魔法:限界点 Ken mahō: Genkai-ten): Sword Magic is one of the most commonly used magics out there. In order to use it, the user starts by channeling Eternano diretly into a specially constructed magic blade that causes a chain reaction to the sword, having the blade alter it's entire structure until it reaches an unstable form of metal and magic, allowing the person to manipulate it into a solid shape that can also engage the spell that the user sees fit to use. In some cases, when the person condenses the unstable structure, they often add their own elemental affinity magic, allowing for the user of elemental sword spells to be created through the effective means of the user. During the time after the sword spell is used, the Eternano is immediatly ejected from the blade, allowing the unstablility, the result from the Eternano, to cease and transform the blade back to it's normal shape. However, there are certain risks to using this magic as it takes much mental focus and incredible magic control in order to allow the blade to be altered in it's solid shape, and to be controlled in it's unstable form. When the user often attempts to make any spell, their hand is to remain on the hilt at all time, due to the fact that unless the Eternano is controlled and is kept at a steady flow into the blade, the blade will simply revert back to it's normal shape while the Eternano is simply ejected outward. Eren uses a type of Sword Magic known as Breaking Point (限界点 Genkai-ten). Breaking Point is a rather risky style, as it pushes Eren's skill and his blade to the very limit in certain areas. By furiously transferring Eternano into his sword, and then unleashing the held back energy, Eren can unleash Ragnarok in its darkest form, but only for a millisecond. Ragnarok's darkest form is only activated for several milliseconds, and then disappears, as it would be completely pulverized if it stayed in that form for more than a few seconds.
    • Absolute Ragnarok (真如ラグナロク Shin'nyo Ragunaroku): Gripping Ragnarok with two hands, Eren channels his magic power into the blade, coating it with another layer of defense. This magic power instantaneously solidifies once it touches the blade, hardening itself around the Lacrima. As solid as the coating looks, it comes apart as soon as the attack is executed. Standing as far away as possible, Eren starts rotating, spinning his sword. The rotation starts off as slow, however, it gets faster and faster, picking up momentum, wind, dirt, and pretty much everything in the surrounding area. Finally, when the rotation has reached its maximum speed, Eren activates the Lacrima - all ten. After the beam is charged, Eren releases the blade from his grasp, throwing it at his foe. The blade, charged with plasma and magic power, sends off beams of the deadly mixture, all aimed at the area where Eren's foe is. Despite its powerful potential, it is a attack that can be relatively easy to stop; in its beginning stages. However, once the attack has reached the point where a hurricane like force has surrounded him, there is nothing they can do but brace for the attack.
    • Deus (神 Kami Latin for, God): A technique that lives up to its name;  when executing Deus, Eren continuously charges Eternano into Ragnarok's core, building up for the  horrendous attack. When the sword has reached its utmost limit, he releases a series of heavy strikes, gaining speed. Continuously slashing at his foe, he unleashes a final strike; charging three of the Lacrima, and coating the blade with a thin coat of plasma, Eren turns the blade sideways, and smacks his opponent with it. While the foe is still stunned from the attack, Eren moves in quickly, with two hands gripping Ragnarok. Charging up his sword for one final blow, he shouts his finisher phrase, “The end!” (終わり! Owari!). After this phrase is proclaimed, Eren slashes downwards at a speed almost equivalent to the speed of sound, generating a multitude of explosions to occur. With this attack, the result promises absolute destruction, regardless of how skilled they are; the attack doesn't acknowledge physical, mental, or any type of strength. Instead, it destroys everything in its path, even if Eren has somehow gotten in the way.
    • Sword Pressure (剣圧, Ken'atsu):
      A basic ability which can be learned by almost everyone and their mother, but it sure is deadly if utilized properly; it is the most basic techniques that one can perform with their sword. When performing the Sword Pressure technique, the user swings forward with their sword, swinging the blade so swiftly that it seems that the user is able to utilize air itself to slice enemies, focusing a current of wind to the point where it takes on a sharp edge, which the user launches at foes; sending it through the air towards the user's enemy. It is a powerful blade of pressure that appears as faint ripples of wind that is launched towards the foe at high speeds; this attack enables the user to assault things which are out of their sword's range, sending slashes which fly through the air itself; and can even remain floating in it until the right moment to slash. The person struck by the sword pressure is assaulted by countless invisible blades which happens so fast that they would normally be unable to properly react in time, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet; this technique possesses enough power to slice down many trees in a forest. This technique can deflect both physical and sound wave attacks and attack at the same time, making it both an offensive and defensive technique. These blades of wind possess incredible range and devastating power; and at its highest level of mastery, the sword pressure is capable of cutting through barriers of magical energy; and they can even remain floating within the air until the right minute to slash.
    • Heaven-Shaking Slash (動天斬, Dōtenzan): is a Sword Magic spell of considerable destructive power. The Heaven-Shaking Slash lives up to its name quite clearly; its a slash so powerful everything trembles in its wake. Unlike several Sword Magic spells, it can be utilized with any sword so long as the user is capable of manifesting the required energy to make use of it properly. The Heaven-Shaking Slash works by concentrating an excess of magical power into one's blade, creating surges of magical energy leaking out of the medium which the spell is being used from. From therein, the user makes a slash, generally vertical, against the opponent in question. The slash builds up an extraordinary amount of momentum from the movement that goes behind it, therefore releasing destructive shockwaves of kinetic energy which can slice through inanimate objects such as trees and even steel with some effort. While the spell is very powerful and effective, inappropriate use can easily lead to fatigue and unwanted destruction of the surrounding environment.
    • Hyakusurasshu (百スラッシュ lit. Hundred Slashes): Hyakusurasshu is exactly what the name says, a hundred slashes. Coating his blade with Eternano, Eren sprints in a zigzag formation, creating afterimages of himself. These afterimages will dissipate quickly, but by moving continuously in a zigzag, he can continue to confuse his opponents until the very last second. By using her reverse grip, Eren continuously slashes at his opponent in an 'X' like formation. On every slash, he increases the amount of Eternano he charges in, enhancing every attack, until it is impossibly charged. For the hundredth slash, Eren fires a beam of compressed plasma, using it as the finisher. The beam will travel faster than sound itself, rendering a tear through the air itself, causing a multitude of explosions as it travels through his opponent's body. When the beam makes contact with any solid, physical object, it will unleash a massive explosion, more often than not tearing his opponent into pieces. The technique's mechanics is rather complex; theLacrima inside of Ragnarok unleashes a incredible force, pushing the plasma inside of the blade to rip right through time itself, accelerating to impossible limits, and then destroying his target.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: A master of fighting; he follows absolutely no code of honor, willing to go to extremes just to get rid of his opponent, even if it means endangering his comrades. In a way, it seems that he has no problem risking the lives of others to defeat his opponent, stating that he will never lose, ever again. It seems that there was some traumatic event that happened during his childhood, enough to make his will indomitable. Although Eren usually relies on his swordsmanship to win battles, he has shown mastery over hand to hand combat. He is able to deliver quick powerful blows in rapid succession with his hands, arms, elbows and legs. It is noted that he occasionally will infuse her Eterano into her attacks, having the possibility of creating small explosions. These small explosions are able to create craters in the ground, and have at one point, been able to impale right through a person. However, due to Eren's past, he never tries to actually impale her opponents, as he does not want him to be the last thing they see. As combatant as he is, he prefers to use swordplay or her natural abilities to win a battle. Despite this, he is willing to go to extreme lengths; hitting them when they are down, punching areas where the sun doesn't shine, and biting and spitting on his opponents just to get rid of their fighting ability so that he can take them down. Eren specializes in swift, powerful, and accurate punches and kicks to devastate his opponent, preferring a freestyle way of fighting. He is considered a proactive fighter; one that disables all possibilities before the opponent can recognize them. As well as he can deliver powerful, psyche-jarring blows, he can also press their pressure points to render them unconscious to reduce the amount of pain felt during their fight. One of his motives to fight is simply to protect Hitomi, although the latter is already plenty strong. Using this motive, he vows to himself that he will never lose, and if he does, he will go after the person he lost to, and defeat them. So far, this vow has been respected, as no enemy has lived to tell the tail of being beaten by him, or even winning him. Surprisingly, he can fight when enraged, in fact, most of his attacks become a blur of power; a physical embodiment of his full potential. In most humans, the emotion of rage clouds one's judgement, making them more useless. However, this doesn't pertain to Eren; he can fight clearly and concisely when enraged, making him a powerful foe to deal with.

Tremendous Strength: Eren's strength is inhuman; he is capable of duel wielding Ragnarok and Starstreaker at the same time with little effort, even fighting with them much more swiftly than when he fought with Ragnarok only. He can break through diamond; one of the strongest materials that exists, and pulverize Hyphernus materials into dust. Utilizing Ragnarok, he can smash through the earth, causing several small earthquakes to occur. Disastrous events are beckoned by his fists; he can part water by continuously slashing through, creating a path through lakes, oceans, and seas, tear through the fabrics of time and space by swinging Ragnarok continuously, and rip through water, creating tsunamis. By simply flicking his foe with his fingers, he can send them flying with massive damage to their head and skull. His strength can be quite disastrous to his friends; he has accidently sent Hitomi flying by simply giving her a high five. Amusingly, he cannot control his strength, resulting in the damage to his friends. He has accidently pulverized the bones of Setsuna, snapped the fingers of Hitomi (although the latter used her magic to heal herself, and then sent him flying), and broke a rib off Giselle. Despite this, his strength is versatile, capable of destroying even the most powerful of enemies.

Inhuman Speed: Eren's speed is unmatched and cruel; he is able to move at such high speeds that he appears as a blur to most people, only seeing him when it is absolutely too late to react. Eren's speed is remarkable in its own right, as he can dodge bullets, and appear to be a  blur to the naked eye. He is able to move at such high speeds that it seems like he is teleporting; he's in one place, and suddenly he's behind his enemy. Eren's remarkable speed has saved his neck (literally) on many occasions, as he can outrun bullets and dodge tiny and large projectiles aiming for him. This incredible speed serves as an advantage to him in many ways, whether it be in a small race to jumping around roofs while trying to outrun pursuers. Additionally, Eren has incredible balance when he is running, saving him from tripping or leaning the wrong way. He is capable of sprinting at his maximum speed on a tightrope, and still not trip or fall, albeit the rope might just snap. Eren has the skills to dispatch an entire group of mages without them even being able to lift a finger in protest. His speed is absolutely devastating, as he is able to create afterimages of himself, each of them seemingly solidified versions of Eren, that are there to confuse his opponents until the very last moment.

  • Great Reflexes: Eren's reflexes are prime; he is capable of catching pullets dispatched from Reishadanki, and crush them into powdery dust. He can outrun bullets that are flanking him, dodging them with ease, and then throwing these bullets with such force that it acts like a spring, killing his opponents by simply throwing the bullets back at them. Eren can be blindfolded and bound, yet he can still dodge bullets because of the sound where the bullets originate from. He can dodge throwing knives with ease, even catching them with his teeth and toes, and not gaining a scratch.

Excellent Durability: Eren's body is like a structure made completely out of diamond and Hyphernus; it acts like a armour that refuses to be penetrated by external or internal means. His bones are so durable, that they can actually act as weapons; they act as reflecting devices that redirect magical attacks back to the caster, as long as they are a Guild Ace or lower. He can be sent crashing through steel walls, be caught in a Wizard Saint attack, and survive a Guild Master's spell, and walk out relatively undamaged. Using this durability and his skin and bones to his advantage, he can simply be regarded as armour in a human form. He has never suffered from a major injury after losing his hand, or get knocked unconscious. Another trait granted to him by his durability is a high tolerance to pain. He can be skinned of an arm full of skin, and yet still continue to fight as if nothing has happened. He can stay conscious after having salt poured into his wounds, and be stabbed by various swords in various places. 

Magical Abilities

High Magic Power:
Eren's magic power in almost inexhaustable; he can naturally exert his magic power to the point where it might as well be his clothing. The way he doesn't lose all of his magic power when he releases it is by "recycling" it, absorbing it when it is about to dissipate, going through an endless cycle, never losing all of his magic power. When his full magic aura is released, it is enough to shatter steel buildings, and create a large crater underneath him. His magic power is a perfect weapon, the pressure exerted from his aura is enough to shatter bones if he is not careful. Much like Hitomi, his body acts is a unique "sponge"; it soaks up the Eternano within the air to regenerate the Eternano inside of him, often causing him to become sick because of it. However, because of this unique ability, Eren has become a force that relies on nothing to power him on. The aura of his magic power is enough to blast the ground beneath him into smithereens; and he often uses his aura to intimidate others, and to enhance his attacks. He has enough magic power inside of him to fool around with it during a majority of a battle, and still be able to cast advanced spells while not exhausting his entire reservoir of magic power. 
  • Second Origin Activation: Second Origin is a force known as the "second container" of magical energy in an individual. This container exists due to the mage in question constantly, and passively, absorbing a quantity of magic from the environment to renew their original reserves. Any excess is placed within this container and kept sealed until absolutely necessary, or unlocked through a Second Origin Release spell. This Second Origin, when initially activated, places an enormous level of stress on the body unless it is awoken in gradual amounts, as the body isn't accustomed to handling so much magical energy in the body at one time. This can be circumvented by mages with control of their magic, however, allowing them to restore the magical power as a reserve that can be accessed whenever required, therefore providing an extremely useful back-up.

Essence Resonance Magic (エッセンス共鳴マジック Essensu Kyōmei Majikku): Essence Resonance Magic is a rare, Caster-Type that is rarely used and rarely learned because of the intense brain power and concentration that must be used when casting. Essence Resonance Magic calls for the user's most powerful brain power, awakening their brain's full potential, bit by bit. Scientifically, the brain only uses about 10% of it's actual potential. Essence Resonance Magic awakens their full potential bit by bit, revealing a plethora of abilities as more parts of the brain function is revealed. When the full brain power is released, the magic's absolute full potential is granted to them; and then it forces the user to become one with the magic. When a user's brain potential reaches 99% , a wave of magic power surges through the user, willing it to activate the full potential. However, once this is doen, the user must use all of their will and concentration not to be taken by the magic, and dissolved. If the user succeeds, they will be able to employ the magic forever - at least, until they die.

Essence Resonance Magic, as stated above, is a magic that awakens all the dormant abilities that the brain has in its everlasting arsenal. The ability awakened by the magic is labeled as a Resonance Rank, meaning, how well they sychronize together. What the user is sychronizing with is the Eternano particles in the air, and recompose themselves, using the full ability of their Resonance Rank. The skills activated by the Resonance Rank is different for every user, however, it usually does't stray far from the persona of the user. Meaning, the aura emitted from the user is usually the skill gained from the magic. 

Eren's Resonance Rank is currently forty seven percent resonance, and his skill is known as Absolute Winter (純然冬季Junzen Touki). Befitting to its name, Eren's Resonance Skill grants him the usage of a "power-up" that pertains to things associated to winter. By resonating with the eternano particles in the air, and lowering the temperature of kinetic energy to below freezing, he is able to use Absolute Winter. As his potential increases, so will his forms. Absolute Winter will evolve into Infinite Arctic (無限北極圏 Mugen Hokkyokuken), granting him a much more powerful version of Absolute Winter. As it evolves, when it reaches one hundred percent, Eren will become the personification of winter's power, a blizzard devil striking at any moment.

  • Resonance Rank: Absolute Winter (共鳴スキル:絶対冬 Kyōmei Sukiru: Zettai Fuyu): Absolute Winter is Eren's Reosnance Rank magic; it grants him to use the magic of his inner demon, a dormant soul known as Bifrost (ビフロスタ Bifurosta). Using this demon, Eren can resonate with the eternano particles in the air, and freeze them by lowering the temperature of kinetic energy down to below zero. Once this is activated, Eren can draw from the power of his inner soul, and manifest it in a way that is known as Void (むなしい Munashii). Void is the term for the type of magic power that is released from the user when using their Resonance Rank. The way to gain more brain potential is by consuming other users' Voids, killing them in the process. Eren has only consumed Dark Mages' Voids, which is why it takes longer for him to gain brain percentage. In every living being, there is Void, in weaker mages, there is very little, however, in powerful mages, there is a plethora of Void. When "consuming" Void, Eren places his hand where their heart is, and draws the Void - their life force - from their body, and consumes it. Every time Eren consumes Void, his percentage goes up by how much the user had in their body. Absolute Winter draws upon the power of Eren's Void, giving him the power to lower the temperature of the kinetic energy around him to below zero. Then, he can imbue his magic energy and Void into the air, allowing him to generate his magic. Not only does it affect his magic power, it affects his appearance and physical abilities. Each Resonance Rank branches out into different forms. These forms grant different abilities to the user until they reach one hundred percent, where then they can use the ultimate power of Resonance Rank.
    • Bifrost Excalibur (ビフロスタエクスカリバー Bifurosta Ekusukaribaa): Bifrost Excalibur is a powerful Ice Magic spell that brings out Bifrost's true nature, as well as Eren's signature spell; in order to cast it, Eren starts by channeling his magic power into the area around, lowering the temperature of the kinetic energy surrounding him, as well as exerting a ice cold, blue aura around him, cloaking him and giving a demonic appearance. When executing the spell, Eren delivers a earth-shattering punch to the ground, creating earthquakes and fissures to occur. Finally, while his palm is still touching the ground, he channels his magic power into it, creating the ice that Absolute Winter grants him. The ice generated from Absolute Winter is as cold, and acts similarily to liquid nitrogen; freezing everything and anything. The ice then travels towards his foe, spiking and curling upwards, and then with inhuman speed, dives into the foe, striking them from multiple directions. In order to augment this spell more, Eren can continuously lower the temperature, not only freezing the foe and damaging them with the coldness, but dealing much heavier damage than normal.
    • Brain Freeze (脳氷結 Nou Hyouketsu): A rather useful spell; Eren starts by imbuing his right pointer finger with his magic power and Void, cloaking it with his blue aura. Then, he walks up to his opponent slowly, and taps them in the forehead. When this is done, the ice travels into their brain, and literally acts like a brain freeze, causing them mind-numbing pain while slowing down functions such as muscle control and movement. The entire process of shutting down all processes except for blood pumping, heartbeat, and breathing takes about three minutes, leaving them a unconscious heap on the ground. If he is casting this spell on a enemy, he can channel the ice in at a slower pace, granting them more pain, while still forcing their brain signals to slow, and then shut down. However, if the foe is an absolute enemy, Eren can choose to actually kill his opponent by suffocation; he can shut down their breathing and heartbeat, ultimately killing them. On a brighter note, Eren can merely knock others unconscious to rid them of suffering and pain temporarily, especially the dragon slayers.
    • Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance (氷刃・七連舞, Hyōjin: Nanarenbu): Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance is an Ice Magic Spell, and one of the most powerful Ice Magic spells to ever exist. When performing Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance, Eren coats ice upon his blade, before dashing forward and launching a four-hit combo, during which he is invulnerable to damage; before he unleashes two successive strikes afterwards, and ending the combo with a final, somersaulting strike that is capable of rending the earth. Each of the first four strikes unleash powerful bursts of ice that are capable of destroying the landscape, while the next two inflict piercing, penetrating damage that tear through the sturdiest of defenses. However, the final blow discards all of the user's defense for one, massive, full-powered attack that destroys anything it touches instantly; after which, the ice is destroyed. A master has also been shown able to use the spell by freezing their own blood, thus creating resistance from the Lost Magic, Arc of Time. Using this spell, Eren can destroy an enemy's defenses, rendering them denfeseless and vulnerable. In order to augment the power of the spell, he can channel more and more of his magic power, and continuously lower the temperature to deal more damage.
    • Bifrost Demon Claws (ビフロスタ悪魔螯 Bifurosta Akuma Hasami): Another manifestation of Bifrost; in order to use it, Eren continuously freezes the kinetic energy around his hands, cloaking them with his blueish aura. Then, Eren manifests the ice onto his arms and then hands, generating frightening, and terrifyingly sharp claws that are brimming to the edge with ferocity. These claws are sharp and terrifying, capable of tearing through flesh, reducing his opponent into mincemeat and threads of flesh. These claws can slash through steel, making its physical prowess annihilatingly strong. Ironically, the claws cannot take extremely powerful attacks; they will shatter upon contact. However, they are somewhat durable, capable of dulling the damage done from Hitomi's Starlight Essence, but his arms were completely broken. Despite this, the claws can also transfer the elemental energy they are made out of into the foe, effectively freezing them while the ice wrecks havoc in their bodies, theoretically freezing them inside and out.
    • Arctic Armour (防寒服 Boukanfuku): A useful supplementary spell; when using it, Eren manifests his ice around his body, until it is circulating around him, almost shielding him from the view of his foe. When the amount of ice that is manifesting around his body has reached a fever pitch, he opens up his arms, and forces the ice to wrap around him, effectively creating a extremely durable armour. One thing about this armour, is that it acts similarily like a liquid; when part of it is shattered, the ice reforms in that place, patching up the armour so that no further damage can be put on the rest of the armour. The armour has the appearance of that as chain mail of a sort, with small hexagonal patterns dotting his body. The armour glows a soft, light blue color, augmenting all of his attacks. The armour wraps around the entirety of his body, so that no place goes unprotected. As well as it is durable, it also provides as a great supplmentary spell for offensive purposes. Manifesting more ice on his hands and fists, he can deliver swift, powerful blows to his foes, with enough power to split a man's skull.
    • Bifrost Byrne (ビフロスタビルヌ Bifurosta Burunu): A painful, and damaging spell; when invoked, it can cause entire flesh annihilation, leaving simply bones and bloody muscles. When initiating the spell, Eren holds his hands together in a prayer-like pose, invoking the power of Bifrost once more, cloaking himself in what appears to be snow. The snow surrounds him a funnel shape, completely blocking him from his foe's view, rendering them unable to detect what he is doing. Once the snow-tornado has become wild and is brimming with power, Eren summons Ragnarok, and absorbs all of the power into him. For one second, all time stops, and then Eren releases the snow, along with the ice at his foe, launching it towards them in a riptide of raw magic power. Right before the attack makes physical contact with the foe, he unleashes a wave of salt upon the foe, and then allowing the mixture to shred the foe into pieces. The salt along with the ice and open wounds will cause massive pain, enhanced with the magic power, the flesh will burn away instantaneously, effectively giving them a painful trip to the hospital, if not death.

Ring Magic (指輪魔法 Yubiwa Mahō): Ring Magic is a Holder Magic that involves the use of magic rings to deal damage to foes, or just use in everyday life. It is a type of Magic that allows the caster to cast different Magics and spells with special rings. The rings are meant to enhance the wielder's Magic Power, granting them the ability to cast various spells for different purposes; some can be used for everyday use (generally speaking) or solely for combat. The properties in each ring are completely varied. In addition, while there are various types of Ring Magic that can be used, some are simply spells without a proper Magic for them to back it up. Additionally, each ring that Eren carries has a Magic Crystal (魔法のクリスタル Mahō no Kurisutaru) that is actually a shard of the Hydren Core, enabling it to only be compatible with certain people; those with high magical potential and the resolve of a true hero. These crystals are specialized ones, as they originate from the Hydren Core. They only manifest when a strong emotion is felt, granting the user of Ring Magic a means to a stronger type of ring.

  • Astral Rings (アストラルリング Asutora Ruringu): Astral Rings are powerful items that originate from the very beginning of magic; described as the first decendants of the Pool of Magic. These items grant the user the ability to use Astral Armours (アストラル鎧 Asutoraru Yoroi), a specialized "armour" set that only the bearers of the Golden Zodiac Rings can activate. These armours aren't actually armours, instead, they can be described as "power-up" forms, similar to Pandora Forms. These rings have the power to convert one's souls into Kamitamashī (神魂 lit. Divine Soul), allowing them to utilize the Astral Rings. Each and every Astral Ring contains a Kamitamashī and a shard of a Hydren Core to power the ring. Should the ring use up all of its Kamitamashī, then it will begin to consume the user's, essentially sapping up their life force. Eren is the bearer of the Aquarius Ring (宝瓶宮リング Houheikyuu Ringu); it is a member of the Golden Zodiac Rings. In order to obtain the Astral Rings, Eren must first invoke the power of the Aquarius Ring. Once it is activated, the Aquarius Ring dissolves, granting him his first ring; the Phoenix Ring, as a physical embodiment of his main soul.
    • Teleport Ring (瞬間移動リングShunkanidou Ringu): The Teleport Ring is a powerful Astral Ring capable of ripping through the fabric of time and space in order to be of use. When activating this ring, Eren slips it onto his finger, and a bright light will engulf him, and to the foe's eyes, it seems that he has disappeared. However, the Teleport Ring does not actually teleport him, instead, it allows him to ride on a ray of light by compressing him into particles that travel onto the ray of light to the dsetination. However, on the way there, Eren must never lose concentration, or else he will be forever lost as eternano particles. Eren can "teleport" to a maximum of five hundred miles, and he can only bring three hundred pounds extra with him. In addition, should the "cargo" he brings along lose concentration as well, the two of them will explode into thousands of eternano particles. The Teleport Ring is a golden one, with several runes carved into its crystal. The crystal is a white one, while the Hydren Core is a light blue in the middle of the crystal.
      • Lightspeed: While using the Teleport Ring, Eren can transform himself into the element of light, providing himself protection from the friction build up that would have reduced him to particles in the air. While in this form, Eren is able to engage in Hyper-Speed combat, delivering flurries of punches and kicks without the foe even knowing until they are on the groumd convulsing. While using Lightspeed, Eren can deliver kicks and punches with the enhancment of light on his side. His light is able to burn right through flesh, reducing it into burn skin and muscle. He can run at the speed of light; albeit he is light in this form. Using Lightspeed drains his Kamitamashī drastically with every passing minute, meaning that he must restrict this form to extremely situational places.
    • Aura Ring (霊気リング Reiki Ringu): The Aura Ring is a powerful Astral Ring - and a dangerous one. The ring allows Eren to absorb someone's magic aura, and then if extensive physical contact is made - their magic power container. In order to do this, Eren equips the ring on his right hand, and thrusts it out in front of him. Mentally focusing on the aura his foe is emitting, he draws the aura to him, and his opponent. Once the aura has been drained, Eren usually clocks them in the face, and places his hand on their chest, and allows the ring to absorb their magic power, and transfer it to himself. In fact, if physical contact is continued, he can drain them of their entire container, and absorb their soul, granting himself more Void - which means more brain potential. The ring is a silver color, with many green and blue crystals decorating the loop, and at the bottom of the ring, the word, "Cry" (泣き声 Nakigoe). The crystal is green in color, with a silver Hydren Core placed at the very top of the crystal. Additionally, this ring allows Eren to exert the aura is manifested, so that nearby allies of the enemy are drawn to it.
      • Magic Signal (魔法衛星放送, マジックシグナル, Majikku Shigunaru Literally meaning "Magic Satellite Broadcasting"): is a spell derived from the use of a Magical Aura, and is a common method for most mages to sense the presence of other peopleThe Magic Signal works through precise control over one's magical energy, although it doesn't need to be exceptional. Most ordinary mages are able to utilize this spell with enough training; about a week of intensive training. The spell takes focus by exerting one's magical aura in precise pulses, therefore increasing their overall radius several meters beyond what one would normally achieve when exerting their power. While they exert their power in pulses, the overall essence remains with the user of the spell. The effect of the spell takes place following the interaction of these pulses with a source of magical energy. This interaction signals the user of their presence, and allows them to appropriately respond. However, an obvious backlash is exposing their own selves while using the spell, consequently causing tension among mages who utilize the spell and whomever it encounters. For this reason, most opt to only use it when in a hostile environment. An additional benefit from training the Magic Signal is for the ability to estimate the quantity and quality of an individual's magical energy after having the pulse encounter with them multiple times. In turn, an individual is able to give an approximation to their emotional state and the level of threat they are facing with, allowing for an appropriate preemptive strike if necessary.
      • S-Class Magical Aura: An S-Class aura is one demonstrated solely by S-Class mages or above in potency, and generally are reserved to the stronger S-Class mages as a consequence of their sheer magical strength. When exerted, the S-Class aura takes the form of an overwhelming level of pressure that surrounds the user in a color that best represents their personality. It generally encompasses them in a certain radius, and demonstrates a level of strength that leaves most mages unable to react to it unless they've had continual exposure or exert an aura of similar potency. However, the problem with this aura is that if it used continuously, it can tire an individual. Though considering most S-Class' level of magical power, this is rarely the case. The variety of effects achieved by this aura are noted to be quite high, as it can take the form of different shapes and can be used to repel magical and physical assaults alike.
    • Maximum Ring (極度リング Kyokudo Rinng): One of the more versatile rings in Hitomi's arsenal; it allows her to use some of Aerenia's ridiculous power in order to defeat her opponent. However, this is also a dangerous ring that should never be used by anyone but Hitomi in the flesh. This particular ring brings up Hitomi's inner demon; Aerenia, to the most limited amounts. As one of her more ancient rings, its history and past is very obscure and vastly unknown. However, it is known that it manifested when Hitomi proclaimed her hatred of her mother, humanity, and the world - almost losing herself to Aerenia. But, this ring absorbed the seeds of darkness that Aerenia implanted into her brain, and saved her from becoming the demon she vowed to contain. When this ring is activated, Hitomi becomes Demi-God Armour King (デミかみ鎧王者 Demi-Kami Yoroi Ouja), gaining a pleathora of abilities that Aerenia has at her disposal. The ring itself is very intricate; it is a red and gold ring with a multicolored jewel. On the jewel, there is a intricate and delicate looking inscription: She who bears no limits (奴誰枠外 Yatsu dare wakugai). The inscription is true to the powers granted to the user; it brings the user's potential up tenfold, without a doubt being one of the more powerful rings in her possession. Eren was able to gain usage of the ring when Hitomi's anger split the ring into two halves; one that carried the darkness of her symbiote, while the other carrying the light. Eren took the light part, and allowed his symbiote to attach itself to the ring, gaining her powers through it.

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic (天の滅竜魔法 Ten no Metsuryū Mahō): Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is a Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and finally and most obviously, a Dragon Slayer Magic that utilizes the air and supplementary spells. Eren, having a Dragon Lacrima implanted within his cybornetic hand, can use a much weaker version of the source article of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. In fact, the hand was only implanted with half of a lacrima, granting him only half the amount of power that he could've gotten. His sister was given the other half of the lacrima, giving her the other half of the spells. Additionally, Eren can only use the supplementary spells that come with Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, while his sister can only use offensive attacks. Also, Eren cannot enter Dragon Force. This magic grants Eren half of the traits of a Sky Dragon. Even though his stash of spells is cut an half, he can still utilize his magic in a versatile fashion.

Although he cannot use the air offensively, he can still consume and be affected by the surrounding air around him. In order to regain magic power, he can consume the air around him to replenish his magic power container. The air around him also affects him, magically and physically; if the air around him is dirty and polluted, his magic's strength will be doused drastically, however, if the air around him is clean and without fault, he can become a unstoppable force to his foes, striking with unconditional power and force, shattering their defenses as if they are nothing but thin glass on the sidewalk.

However, just because he can't use it offensively doesn't mean he can't use it all. He still has the ability to manipulate the air around him, but he cannot imbue his magic into it, instead, he can create tornadoes of incredible strength so that he may have at least some destructive capabilities. What is worth noting, is that when he manipulates the air around him, he becomes mentally drained very quickly, as he must align himself to the "song of the wind" for a while before he can actually force the wind to bend to his will.

Supplementary Spells

  • Healing Spell (治癒呪い Chiyu Noroi): Sky Dragon Slayers are able to utilize powerful healing Magic, a Magic previously believed to be long-lost. Such power has been described as being capable of healing injuries inflicted by a real Dragon. The user's power is capable of manipulating clean air, to perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim. By using a lot of energy, the user can even revive people that are in a near-death state. With the use of this Magic, the user is also capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress. However, it has also been noted that the user cannot heal their own injuries.
  • Troia (トロイア Toroia): Troia is a powerful spell that can rid a target of motion sickness, however, it is noted that if used too many times on the same person, that person will become immune to the spell. In order to use it, Eren first generates a glowing, light-blue sphere of magic power, and places it onto his target. By doing so, the medicine imbued within the sphere will be absorbed by the target's body, spreading throughout their body, ridding them of their motion sickness, and minor ailments.
  • Vernier (瞬足, バニーア, Banīa): Vernier is a supportive spell that, by chanting out an incantation, allows the user to temporarily enhance the targets' movement speed by surrounding them with Magical Auras. When cast, the target, and/or user, is able to hover around at their own discretion within said Magical Aura. It can be employed upon multiple allies, and also on the caster themselves. The user is also capable of casting this spell twice in succession (thereby doubling its effects) by chanting "Ile Vernier". The incantation for the spell is, "O swift wind that dashes through the heavens!....VERNIER" (天を駆ける瞬足なる風を!....瞬足! Ten wo Kakeru Shunsokunaru Kaze wo!....Banīa!).
    • Arms X Vernier (剛腕 X 瞬足 Āmuzu x Banīa): Arms X Vernier is a supplementary spell that, like the name suggests, combines the two spells, Arms, and Vernier, increasing the target's speed and strength tenfold, at the same time. The spell allows Eren to cast the two spells in a rapid succesision, without having to waste time with incantations.
  • Arms (剛腕, アームズ, Āmuzu): Arms is a supplementary spell that enhances the strength og its target. After reciting an enchantment and generating a flat, elongated oval mass of Magic before their hands, the user surrounds the target in a quavering Magical aura, enhancing their offensive power for a certain period of time. It can be used on multiple allies at once, and can also be used in conjunction with other supportive spells simultaneously, such as Vernier. The user is also capable of casting this spell twice in succession (thereby doubling its effects) by chanting "Ile Arms". The incantation is, "O strengthen of arm to cleave the heavens! Arms!" (天を切り裂く剛腕なる力を! 剛腕!Ten wo Kirisaku Gōwannaru Chikara wo!Āmuzu!).
    • Arms X Armor X Vernier (アームズ x アーマー x バーニア Āmuzu x Āmā x Bānia): Arms X Armor X Vernier is a supportive spell that is similar to Arms X Vernier, temporarily surrounding the targets, which can be multiple, with quavering Magical auras, granting them enhanced attack power and speed. In addition, it also boosts their defensive power
  • Anomaly Recovery Magic, Raise (状態異常回復魔法レーゼ Jōtai Ijō Kaifuku Mahō Rēze): A supportive spell that allows the user to negate any spell that has an effect on their, or the target's, body. This spell can be cast on multiple targets. The spell negates poisons, toxins, and unwanted particles near, or inside of them, ridding them of any impurities causing damage to their bodies so that they may fight to the best of their potential once more.
  • Deus Corona (神の王冠, デウスコロナ, Deusu Korona): By chanting "Elemental resistances rise!", the user is able to temporarily increase their defensive capabilities quite significantly. However, against powerful enough attacks, the resistances added onto the user can be broken through. The defenses include shields made of solidified air, acting as a barrier between attacks and the caster.
  • Deus Eques (神の騎士, デウスエクエス, Deusu Ekuesu): By chanting "Physical ability rise!", the user is able to temporarily increase their general physical capabilities to a significant level. Eren's speed increases beyond that of his original speed with Vernier in place. His strength is increased by tenfold, allowing him to throw Hitomi dozens of miles away with little effort. His durability has grown to the point where knives and swords cannot penetrate his skin, or his aura.
  • Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ Mirukī Wei):The user draws an intricate Magic circle on the ground, kneeling in the middle of it. As the user chants the words used to activate the spell, the user throws their arms to the air and a beam of light springs from the earth into the sky, creating a ripple of light that moves outwards in bursts. These beams of light sparkle like stars and form ribbons of light that move throughout the area, touching everything that once contained life. If a stray soul is discovered, the user clasps their hands together as if in prayer, and the Magic circle glows brightly. The bands of light come together, swirling to create a portal through which the summoned Dragon soul emerges. In order to summon the Dragon's soul, the soul itself has to be inside the range of the spell. The caster is also not able to summon souls that have already ascended to heaven.

Archive (古文書 Ākaibu): Archive is a Caster-Type magic that allows the user to convert information into Magical data that can be stored, enabling the user to gain access to previously stored information such as Magic and possibly even historical records and people's profiles that the user may or may not be aware of themselves. The concept behind Archive Magic came about just recently, contributing to its rarity. Although Archive isn't kown for its offensiveness and destruction, it is known for its versatility. By converting magic into data, Eren can contribute to his allies' wellbeing as well as be useful on the battlefield. He can force himself into others' minds, as Archive comes with the ability of Telepathy, allowing him to warn to warn others about impending attacks or information about their target. Additionally, he can jam buffering data from enemies that use Archive, as well as overload data to wreck havoc in their brain process. When Archive is invoked, it appears as a translucent, floating laptop fully equipped with a screen and keyboard. The screens are capable of taking punshing damage before shattering, and can be reassembled moments after they shatter. Using Archive, Eren can even jack into the Posession Reader data system, and jam the system to prevent data from going through. Additionally, Eren can "hack" other users of Archive's screen and data processing, sending false data instead of the actual message. The screen also can log members of Eren's party, tracking their positions and enemies' positions so that he may give everyone a heads up if there is danger approaching. Archive is very versatile, as stated above, as he can intercept messages being sent via Telepathy, and then change it into something entirely different.

  • Information Transfer: The user transfers information into another person's mind. This is particularly useful in reconaissance missions, since the user can send information regarding miscellaneous data (such as the nearby surroundings, for instance) to his comrades, which they can perceive on a mental level as loading bars in buffering progress occurring within their mind that represents the images and symbols being downloaded into them in real time; with this, he can help his allies navigate where to go by transferring "maps" into their heads. The data that the user can transfer also includes the knowledge on how to perform powerful spells and enchantments such as Urano Metria. Eren, on numerous occasions, has sent maps and tiny updates on targets' profile, as well as sent positions of their enemies to aid with a mission.

Astral Armours (せいきたい Seikitai lit. Astral Body) are a group of powerful and special armours, worn by a group of twelve people known as the Astral Saviours (せいきたい きゅうさいしゃ Seikitai Kyuusaisha). These people are more often than not, humanoid creatures. However, it is impossible for these saviours to be demons, as it would contradict the purpose of the armours' existence. These armours are truthfully, not armours at all. Instead, they can be described as "power-ups" to some extent. Despite this, these armours to alter the wearer's appearance, abilities, and in some cases, their personalities. These armours are activated by one of the Astral Rings(せいきたいゆびわ Seikitai Yubiwa), more specifically, one of the Twelve Golden Rings(十二ゴールデンリング Juuni Gouruden Ringu). The Twelve Golden Rings are a specialized group of rings that are based off the twelve zodiac animals, and their symbiotes. When the Astral Armour is first activated, the ring used to invoke the power of the Astral Armour disintegrates, appearing as though the Astral Armour activation is a one time thing. However, shortly after the power is invoked, a "replacement" ring is forged out of the wearer's hopes and dreams, granting them access to another Astral Armour, one that is completely esoteric to the wearer. The final armour, the one that represents the Golden Ring the wearer is using, invokes the true power of their symbiote. Eren, being the holder of the Aquarius Ring, can invoke the armours of the Aquarius Ring, granting him an affinity to Water Magic.


'"Tomi, even though you have the mouth of a sailor, and the toughness of a...well, I can't exactly think of anything that is as tough as you, but I know that inside, you have a soul of an angel. Kinda ironic with your magic, but please, this isn't you. Snap out of it! Don't let Aerenia take over your existence! I still owe you a dinner to Blue Forest, right? So come on, I know you can do it, I don't want to repeat the actions of your mother. Because I believe that you can pull through on your own! Prove me right, Tomi! Come on!" - Eren to a possessed Hitomi who is about to activate Ashes to Ashes


Hitomi Arras

"Eren: You damn bitch!
Hitomi: make really good coffee.
Eren: That wasn't your coffee, that was mine!
Hitomi: Wahh, so selfish.
— Eren and Hitomi, their "first" meeting

Eren's main interactions is with Hitomi, as he feels that he knew her from somewhere. This proves to be true, as she was the "creepy, witch lady who was also some bratty scientist" from his past, and his former rival. The two used to brawl until the local police detained them and called their parents. Despite this, they had a "frenemy" type relationship. Although they fought often, they still were friends, to an extent. They would go buy sweets together, and run away to the forests to explore, like any other child at the time.

However, Hitomi was sent to an university where all magical and intellectual prodigies were sent when they were discovered to have talents. That was the last of the Hitomi he knew, as when she returned seven years later, she was a completely different person.


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