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"Soar high in the sky and reach the heavens."
— Erika
Erika Draconus
Kanji ヅラコーナスエリカ
Romaji Durakoonasu Erika
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 96 lbs
Voice Actor
English Monica Rial
Professional Status
Affiliation Fox Tail Logo Fox Tail
Previous Affiliation Black Crown Black Crown
Personal Status
Family Skyria (Adoptive Mother)
Michael's Father (Father)
Michael Draconus (Brother)
Erik Draconus (Brother)
Status Alive
Marital Status Single
First Appearance
Series Debut Fairy Tail: Divinity
Magic Light Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Erika Draconus (ヅラコーナスエリカ, Durakoonasu Erika) referred to by many throughout the world as the Sky Princess (空姫, Sorahima, Dubbed: "Princess of the Sky"). After the disbandment of Black Crown it is revealed that she is the sister of Michael Draconus and joins Fox Tail.



Erika intimidating

Another member of Black Crown terrified of Erika.

Boys, clothes, social, sugar, spice, and everything nice; these are the things that most would believe should be running around in the heads of mid-teenage girls such as Erika. Erika however doesn't care about the finer things nor the mediocre things people believe should be running through her mind. For all Erika cares those things could all burn in the depths of the underworld. Erika prefers to get work done, over anything materialistic. She knows you can't take materialistic things to the grave with you, but you can take your pride. She stands up for what she believe is right and is extremely outspoken and bossy to an extent. On numerous occasions she has opposed many of Ninigi's — the guild master — decisions. Sometime even attempting to boss him around but always falls short. Because she has no direct power over Ninigi, she bosses around the other guild members. Some of the lower and newer guild members are weary of her and tend to pass by her with a high head. The young magician takes pride in everything that she does, a trait shown in numerous of her flashbacks. In fact, Ningi claimed that the general reason she stood out so much to him, was because he pride overshadowed the others'. He also strongly believes that there is no one in the guild that has the same pride as she does. Despite this disorderly nature, everyone in the guild knows that Erika means no harm and loves each and every guild member equally.


Powers & Abilities

Magical Prowess

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