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Name Elemental Magic
Subcategories Creation, Manipulation
Rarity Normal Rarity
Magic Type Users
Mages Mages


Eruption is an alternative format of Fire Magic, but rather than just expelling it out of their body, the caster takes it up a notch, superheating the flame to the point where it burns their surroundings. The full strength of Eruption can be drawn out only when used in conjunction with Earth magic. This occurs by melting the Earth with the flames and then using the Earth to hurl it at enemies.


Lucian's Techniques

Will of Prometheus- One of Lucian's most used techniques, Lucian spreads the effects of Eruption as far as possible to cause maximum damage to both enemies and/ or surroundings e.g. Nature, Towns etc.

Infinite Inferno- Coating himself in eruption, Lucian turns the ground around him into a pernament flame, unless extinguished by an outside source.

Apollo's Protection- Lucian Covers the area around him in eruption, making any physical contact impossible and destroying most magical attacks

St Elmo's Fire- Lucian generates Eruption from his fingertips and fires them off as beams or as bullets.

Golems of Nether- Only works in a sealed room, but is Lucian's strongest technique. By summoning golems made of flames at each corner of the room, Lucain then connects them to each other with a wall of fire. They then proceed to move forward, until they collide at the middle, both burning and blowing up his opponent.

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