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"Hey boys and girls Esca Merle's here and is ready to paaaaartyyyyyyyy!"
— Esca Merle

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Esca Merle

エスカ マール


esuka maaru


The Angel's Pricess
The Humanoid Demon




Female Female






September 20

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Orange

Professional Status

2. Warrior Angel Guild Mark Warrior Angel Guild

Guild Mark Location

Center Back


Potential S Class Mage


Team Warrior Angel


Hino Sontara
Kana Hime
Reed Yuriko

Base of Operations

Warrior Angel Guild Hall

Personal Status



Kozuki Merle
Alana Merle


Chaos Magic

Esca Merle (エスカ マール esuka maaru): Is a talent wizard and one of the Possible S Class Candidates of the Warrior Angel Guild and the most likely to become an S Class Wizard out of the 8 candidates. She is the daughter of the 2nd guild master Alana Merle making her respected and feared throughout the guild as The Angel's Princess but throughout the country she is known as the Humanoid Demon for her specialty of Chaos Magic that is legend to be created by demons. She once had a rivalry with Suzika Kamino back when they were children. She is the leading member of Team Warrior Angel.


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Esca's full appearance

Esca is a tall beautiful slender women with dark skin. She has long purple hair tied into a ponytail by a colorful hair tie. She has long bangs that go down all the way to her chin, parts of her hair on the bangs are sticking out. She has light orange eyes. On the center of her back is her black colored guild mark.

She her outfits are constantly changing to multiple bright color robes and clothing that match the architecture of the location she's in. Her main clothing is a black, backless, sleeveless undershirt, with a large beige sash around her waist, and black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes. She wears that under all her clothing and fights in it to be easier to move in, it also supports her stealth abilities as well. Her usual clothes she wears above that is an orange over-shirt with two white straps on each shoulder, and she occasionally wears long beige wrist and leg warmers, each secured by bands.


IMG 0811

Esca's friendly personality

Esca is always positive and energetic. She always finds a way to have fun and enjoy life at its fullest. She is also high spirited and sometimes keeps a smile on her face even during challenging times. She acts brave and cunning in battle, showing no signs of fear or doubt and keeps a calm and positive smile. She demonstrates this by sometimes using witty remarks to anyone shes facing against by using insulting humor or jokes. When she is engaged in a desperate situation where lives are on the line Esca will get serious and fight to the best of her abilities. She can also be a very fearsome person throughout the guild, her anger and magic

XXXXXXXXXX She stays in a positive mood to keep her magic under control and if she fights while in a cheerful mood it shows she's not being going all out, however in a challenging fight where the stakes are on the line she will get serious making her magic more powerful. She knows when to be serious or not. She can easily get angered whenever someone attempts to destroy the guild hall or brutally attack her comrades in which case she will be furious but she will not do anything reckless she will only have an evil glare in her eyes. Her anger and magic is the main reason why she is feared throughout the guild hall even when she is in her cheerful mood everyone is afraid that she might beat them up, only those who are at her level or stronger aren't afraid.


Esca loves her guild more then anyone for she has spent the longest in guild, having been born and grew up in the guild and will protect it and everyone in it with her life. She has a deep desire to wanting to be the strongest so she can follow in her mother Alana Merle's footsteps and become Guild Master and to make her father Kozuki Merle proud of her but considering the massive power gap between her and Atom Longside and Zora Halo it is doubtful that will ever happen. She loves how her guild is always ready to party and she is the most party animal of them all. Esca likes mess with some of the members for fun but she mostly enjoys messing with Zanto Shima which is the most likely reason why he is quickly irritated by her, she will sometimes show a goofy face as a sign that she has a great idea of how she's going to mess with Zanto. She also likes to mess with the other members and sometimes insult them so she can have a good reason to fight.

and sometimes keeps a smile on her face even in battles for she seems to enjoy it

She can also be quite kind to people when she wants to be, showing respect to her allies and other people she meets. XXXXXXXXXX

Esca can also be quite playful at times, often crack jokes or and pick on her guild mates a lot. . She is the center of what makes the guild hall more fun for she usually starts the parties and some fights.

Esca once had a rivalry with Suzika Kamino back when she returned from her journey to master her magic. It is unknown how they became rivals in the first place, but when ever they see each other they get disgusted towards each other and will often start a fight with each other for no reason what so ever. This changed years later and apparently act friendly towards each other like good friends even though they still get disgusted when they see each other and don't fight as often as they used to.


Esca was born as the only child of Alana Merle and Kozuki Merle and the first to be born inside the Warrior Angel Guild. Her birth has spread joy and happiness throughout the guild and mostly towards her mom and dad.

7 years past and Esca grew up happily with her family. As a child she was a highly energetic young girl, always having fun with all her friends and the guild members and playing around whenever she gets the chance. She didn't know any magic back then but even then everyone accepted her as full-fledge member of the guild. She cherishes every one of her friends as her family and enjoys being with them and they enjoy her even more and was the center of attention to everyone in the city, mostly cause of her relation to her mother Alana being the guild master and her father Kozuki being a powerful wizard.

She was mostly close to her father, Kozuki. Who cared for her and supported her through every problem she came across. They would always play whenever her father came home from a mission and would agree to play with her even though he was exhausted from his mission. They would often go into the forest in search of what game they could play even though Esca would always lose no matter what they play. One day as they were walking through the forest Esca accidentally tripped over a root sticking out of the ground and rolled down a hill until she bumped into a sleeping Forest Vulcan and woke it up. Esca screamed in fear as the Vulcan got up to attack Esca but was interrupted by Kozuki who stopped the attack and took it down with no trouble at all. Esca was amazed at what she saw. Kozuki asked if she was ok to which she responded yes. Kozuki was glad to hear and offered to carry her on his shoulders on their way back to the guild. As they were heading back to the guild they stumbled into a pathway surrounded by cherry blossoms and Esca was amazed to see them. As they were walking through the cherry blossom trees Esca mentioned to her father that she wants to be even greater of a wizard then he is and will even surpass Alana and become the newest guild master. Kozuki laughed and said he cant wait to see that day come and will keep his role as a powerful wizard until it happens and continued carrying her back to the guild hall.

About a few weeks later Esca confronted her mother, guild master Alana if she could go along on the jobs that Kozuki takes. Worried for her daughters safety Alana declined her offer bringing up the fact that she can't even use magic yet and the job he takes are far to dangerous for to join thus preventing her from even being allowed to go on any jobs. Esca grew upset and shouted back at Alana in anger and the two eventually lead to argument. Getting more upset over the argument Alana shouted that she not put her daughter in danger for she is far to weak, shocked to hear those words from her mother Esca snapped and said she wished Alana was never her mother and stormed out of the guild hall in tears heading towards the city. Such words upset Alana greatly as she cried heavily as well.

As she wondered threw the city upset because of the fight with her mother she came across a man who recognized her as the daughter of Alana and greeted her by extending his hand to shake hers. Not happy about the fact that she was recognized as Alana's daughter she shook the mans hand with a pouty look. Once they shook their hands a sudden feeling came upon the man, he then screamed in agony which got Esca worried. She watched the man suffering from pain as she tried to help but didn't know what to do. Then suddenly the man was caught on fire with black and red flames which took Esca and everyone watching by surprised. Someone ran up to his burning body with buckets of water and poured the water on the flames, however no matter how much they poured the flames wouldn't go out. It wasn't long until the man was burnt to death right before her eyes as the flames continued to burn his body.

Horrified by what she has witnessed Esca screamed in fear as she backed away from the burnt body. Many of the people who watched the hole thing looked towards her and blamed her for the mans death causing the other citizens to glare at her in anger. In fear Esca quickly tried to get out from the circle the crowd made and accidentally bumped into two other people and felt a sudden surge in her body again as the two people began to scream in agony. They fell to the ground as black-red flames engulfed the two people as well. Worried for their lives all the citizens quickly backed away from her and the 2 other burning civilians. Horrified by what she has done she quickly got up and ran away causing the others to chase her in anger and calling her a monster or a demon while a few stayed behind to call for help.

After awhile of being chased Esca managed to get away from the angry mob and found a hiding spot where she will be safe. She tried to waited there until the situation settled down, however a group of people who were searching for her grouped together nearby and discussed where she might be. She over heard them questioning if she might be in the guild hall and stormed over there. Worried for the guilds safety she tried to sneak her way over to the guild to see if their safe.

After managing to sneak over to the guild hall without being noticed she found herself to late as the angry mob were already at the guilds front door before she arrived. They were questioning her mother Alana the current guild master along with S Class wizard Tristan Scalibur and her father Kozuki of where she might be. Alana tried to reason with them but to no avail as they continually refer to her as a monster or a demon much to Alana's anger for presuming that. As Esca was hiding in a near by bush Kozuki noticed her and went back into the guild hall. The situation got worse when Rune Knights from the Magic Council approached behind the angry mob after they received word about the child's power. A man wearing red armor named Makoto Hisumi walked up and demanded that they hand over Esca. Esca became worried of what might happen if they ever caught her. She feared herself that she would become so dangerous that the council would be involved in capturing her. She began to panic, barely able remembering herself to breath and just when she was about to lose herself, Kozuki arrived. With his sudden appearance Esca was able to calm down. With Kozuki's help they managed to sneak away from the guild while he counted on Alana to by time.

He lead her to the entrance of Deltra City and Kozuki stopped her to inform her that she must leave in order to avoid punishment by the Council. Shocked to hear this out of no where she declined refusing to leave her family and her friends in the guild. Kozuki interrupted and informed her that if she stays she could put all of them in danger, not just by the Council but by her own power as well. Esca began to cry, having been forced to leave her home behind while Kozuki tried to cheer her up saying no matter what he and her mother will always be proud of her. He gave her one last hug and she ran away from the city still eyes full of tears as she looked back with one last look of her father as he waved good bye.

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Young Esca training as a member of the Freedom Raiders

XXXXXXXXXX She traveled around Fiore for 4 years training to learn to control her magic but with little success until one day she wondered into a poor and run down town, and the townsmen didnt look to good, some even looked like bad news. As she wondered threw town Esca was suddenly surrounded by a group of scary men tempting to rob her or perhaps kill her and Esca was terrified. The men readied themselves and Esca covered her eyes in fear. The men were about to attack when suddenly she was rescued by a group of kids. Tho rescue was not the first thing that came to mind. It was soon revealed that the kids were wizards and fought and defeated the men. Esca was so amazed at how well they can use their magic, and wondered who they were. One of them walked up to her and told her their . The rune knights were heard from the distance so the kids began to flee and one of the kids grabbed Esca and brought her along.

They brought her to a remote place and all gathered around her. They introduced themselves as the Freedom Raiders, a group of wizard kids who are dedicated to protecting the peace and freeing lands of dark guild and evil wizards. Esca was surprised to see kids around her age who use their magic perfectly. She asked if she could join their goals hoping it'll help her gain control of her magicXXXXXXXXXX

Magic and Abilities

Chaos Magic: Esca's most powerful magic. She can conjure dark red flame-like magic energy from anywhere in her body. The magic energy can eliminate anything that it touches without a trace. She is also able to focus her magic energy at a certain location around her and create the dark red flame like magic energy from that exact spot. She can also use it to make solid magical constructs of semi-living objects to use in various ways, depending on Esca the constructs will or will not harm the target or cause any damage but thats only if she doesn't want to hurt them with the constructs but to use them in a different way. The strength of her magic thrives from Esca's negative emotions and her positive attitude will render her magic weak, however Esca is still able to skillfully use her magic even tho its in weakened state. To keep control of this magic Esca stays high spirited and happy. This magic was rumored to be created by demons a long time ago so they could use it to kill humans now after centuries have passed Esca has complete mastery of this magic, however she has yet to unlock this magics true potential

  • Chaos Fist: Esca's most usable spell. She engulfs her fists in dark red flame-like magic energy and punches the target with immense force so strong it can demolish the ground with incredible strength. She uses this spell countless times and even mixes it with her combat skills to increase the damage of her attacks.
  • Burst: Esca concentrates her magic energy in a specific area where the target is standing. She channels the energy until the magic energy explodes engulfing the target in a dark red flame-like magic energy and dealing great damage to them while also burning them in the process.
  • Chaos Blast: Esca conjures dark red flame-like magic energy from her hands. She then combines her hands thus strengthening the destructive power. An intense blast is fired from her hands destroying everything caught in the blast and dealing incredible damage.
    • Bullets: Esca creates multiple, small diamond shaped magic energy that floats around her. Whenever Esca wanted the diamond shaped magic energy fires multiple, miniature Chaos Blasts at the target. Although the blasts aren't as powerful as the original the miniature blasts can pierce the targets skin and cause deadly damage.
  • Reaper Blade: Esca conjures dark red flame-like magic energy from her hand, her entire arm is then engulfed into the magic energy. As she chafes at the target the magic energy takes the form of a wide blade that can cut threw almost any defenses. It is also sturdy enough to block a direct a attack.
  • Torch: Esca engulfs her body parts in dark red flame-like magic energy and releases it in an intense small blast almost like flamethrower incinerating everything caught within it into ash while burning them in the process. This spell can easily be mistaken as actual fire, however it is far from it.
  • Tower Wall: Esca concentrates her magic energy in a specific spot. She then release magic energy from that spot and tower of dark red flame-like magic energy bursts out from the ground, the size depends on her choice. The tower will engulf anyone caught in it and burn them until the spell fades
  • Shockwave: Esca release the dark red flame-like magic energy as an aura. When the target approaches her she releases the aura in a burst engulfing everyone around her. The sudden burst sends the target flying away while burning them in the process.
  • Wave: Esca engulfs her arms in dark red flame-like magic energy. She then waves her arms and the magic energy that engulfs her arms are released at her target in a single wave of magic energy fling threw the air and will burn anyone hit by it. The width of the wave is about as long as her entire arm.
  • Arm: Esca conjures dark red flame-like magic energy from her hands and releases it as it forms into a semi-living arms with hands. Esca is able to control the magic energy to make it bend twist and turn to whatever she wishes. It does not burn or harm the target unless she wishes it to.
    • Multiple Arms: Esca engulfs her fists in dark red flame-like magic energy and fires a blast at the target. The blast splits into multiple semi-living arms that attack the target. It may also burn them in the process.
    • Extension Arm: Esca engulfs her fists in dark red flame-like magic energy and release it at where ever she wants it to go. The magic energy extends to a long range making it possible to grab something from far away. She is also able to control it to make it do whatever she wants. She is able to use this spell to snatch objects from her target without them noticing or attack them from a blind spot.
    • Reapers Claws: Esca conjures dark red flame-like magic energy from her hands and blast them at the target. the blasts are then form into living arms with hands that have sharp fingers that pierce into that targets skin and slash them, the sharp fingers can also pierce threw a magic barrier and rip it apart. Esca is able to control the magic energy to make it bend twist and turn to whatever she wishes
  • Chaos Emperor: A powerful spell
  • Annihilation: One of Esca's most powerful spells. Esca concentrates a massive amount of magic energy in a specific location and restraints it there. When she snaps her fingers the massive magic energy is released into on huge explosion of dark red flame-like magic energy destroying anything caught inside.
  • Obliteration: One of Esca's most powerful spells. Esca conjures dark red flame-like magic energy from her hands. She then combines her hands and fires an intense blast of dark red flame-like magic energy at the target. Once it collides it causes a massive explosion destroying everything caught in explosion. Its power is so incredible its magic power is unable to be determined, however using this spell requires a large amount of magic power.

Enhance Strength: Despite her slender appearance, Esca possesses incredible strength. She is able to smash a wizard into the ground just by grabbing ahold of them and pushing them to the ground while demolishing the ground the wizard landed on. She is rumored to possess demon strength which is partly the reason why she's known as the Humanoid Demon. With enough force she can demolish the ground of the area just by smashing her heal into it. She is able to break threw a simple magic barrier with just one punch and can knock out its user as well.

Esca's speed

Esca taking out a group of Wizards in seconds

Enhance Speed And Agility: Esca possesses blinding fast speed and extraordinary agility. Her years of training with the Freedom Fighters she has trained herself to be extremely fast on her feet as she is able to easily dodge attacks and block physical attacks while able to counter them. She excels at performing various acrobatic abilities keeping her opponents guessing. She is able to leap from tree to tree like a true assassin. Her incredible speed has been trained to the point where she can appear to be in several places at once and wipe out an entire group of wizards in seconds.

Enhance Endurance: Esca has been shown to possess a vast amount of physical endurance. Despite her constant battles and injuries she is still able to continue fighting opponents as if she was in full strength and even using up her magic energy she is still able to use magic after taking a small little break.

13.4 Infiltration

Esca's success in infiltration

Master Stealth: Esca has trained to be highly skilled in stealth operations by staying hidden and unseen. Her years of training with Shado has made her exceptionally skilled. She can hide her magic energy to be barley unnoticeable and sneak to her opponent before they even know where she is. She can also blend into the shadows and become hidden. She's very skilled at infiltration, capable of sneaking in and out of enemy headquarters completely unnoticeable and with out any trouble.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: As a Potential S Class wizard Esca has proven herself to be a highly accomplished hand-to-hand combatant. Her skills allows her to quickly block and counter a large group of physical attacks with ease. She is able to mach blow after blow with that of a powerful physical attacking wizard and will also use their own strength against them. She combines her fighting with her Chaos Magic to increase the damage.

Expert Ninjutsu: Esca has shown to be exceptionally skilled as Ninjutsu. Her years of training under Shado has made her an remarkably skilled ninja and an assassin. Her skills are so great she can block countless attacks and is able to counter. She normally goes for her opponents pressure points, joints or a weak spot in the body to deal greater damage. She combines her fighting with her Chaos Magic to increase the damage.

Master Strategist: Esca is one of the greatest battle tacticians in the guild. Whenever she enters a battle she carefully examines her opponent and figure out countless ways to beat them. She will also use her environment to assist her in the battles. Not only is she a brilliant tactician in solo battles but she can think of clever plans for her group or even for her entire guild mates making everyone turn to her for leader ship whenever the guild master and the S Class are away.

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Esca's Magic Power

Immense Magic Power: Esca possesses frightening magic power. Just by releasing her Chaos Magic as an aura can shake the ground. Her natural magic energy appears as rushing energy given the illusion of lightning rushing threw her body. Her magics power relies on her emotions and even in her cheerful mood she is still able to use her magic to user her magic effectively even tho its power is weak, but when she unleashes its true power the attacks become overwhelming.
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