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臨時解剖学研究 (エソバイオロジー)




Field of Study



Esobiology(通中天命の学習部門, エソテロロジ部門 Esobaiorojī lit. Extraordinary Anatomy Research) is a field of study in Earthland and a branch of Esoterology. It is concerned with the study of magic and eternano and how it is produced within and affects living organisms.

Fields of Study


Esozoology is the study of Magical Creatures, their abilities, classifications, habitats, magical capabilities and behaviour. A notable Esozoologist is Polline Castor, who has contributed greatly to the field: having developed the The Castor Scale which is a form of measuring and classifying magical creatures depending on their abilities and level of intelligence. 

Esozoologists also study magic which relates to magical creatures and how they are affected by magic, such magics include Beast Tamer, Take Over and Dragon Supremacy Magic

Magic & Humans

The most common field of study within Esobiology is the relationship between Magic & Humans. This field concerns intself with how and where magic is produced within the body, how eternano affects the body, how magic can affect others and the second origin. Nikolai Fleming is a teacher of this subject at the Cheshire Academy of Sorcery and is particularly interested in eternano and the human body

Mage Populations

Esobiologists may study Mage Populations. This is the study where the least amount of information is currently available concerning it. It concerns itself with studying the distribution of mages in the world, how mages affect their ecosystem, factors affecting the distribution of mages throughout the world and the percentage of populations which are capable of magic.

Notable Esobiologists

Name Affiliation Field of Research Status
Nikolai FlemingCheshire Academy of SorceryMagic & HumansActive
Polline CastorHerselfEsozoologyActive


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