Essence of Assembly is a mysterious magic that is produced in all living beings in both Earth-land and Hylion.


Pure Essence of Assembly is often seen as a mist that faintly changes color as regular intervals.
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Essence of Assembly



All living beings


Essence of Assembly is a mysterious type of magic that is naturally produced by the brains of all living things. a Mage's brain and body draws in ethernano form the outside environment and converts it into Essence of Assembly regardless of type (like air or water). This Magic is then responsible for converting stored/collected magic into different element types as well as combining different element types to create new forms of magic in the user's body. As a Mage learns new magic, they are essentially training their Essence of Assembly to collect, convert, and combine different magics in very specific manners to create the new type of magic. As a mage practices a specific type of magic, this process becomes quicker and more efficient.

Etherial Assembly

An Etherial Assembly is the pure Essence of Assembly that has been artificially conditioned through thaumaturgy to collect, convert and combine different magical energies a certain way that it may produce a new type of magic. Etherial Assemblies change color based on the type of magic it is mixed with. An Etherial Assembly of Fire appears as a red mist while an etherial assembly of summoning appears as a brown mist with sparking yellow particles. When embedded into a living being, such as a Kawari, it has a tendency to take over the Essence of assembly already present in the body. The risks of implanting etherial Assemblies into a creature range form minor to major, inculding losing the etherial assembly or permanently damaging the recipient's ability to use magic, respectively.

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