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Eternano Microbes

粒魔雛物 (エーテルナノ・マイクロブ)


Ēterunano Maikurobu

Parent Magic

Magic Manipulation


Reiner Cykes
Dana Cyrus

Eternano Microbes (粒魔雛物 (エーテルナノ・マイクロブ), Ēterunano Maikurobu lit. Magical Particle Miniature Creature) are a unique spell, as they allow the user to manipulate tiny, microscopic magical "droids" which are forged from the user's magical energy and stray eternano.


Eternano Microbes are an oddity; as they are forged from the will of the caster, exerting their mastery over magical energies over stray eternano within the area, using a variant of Shape Transformation in order to mold dozens upon dozens of eternano particles into miniature "droids" of pure magical energy, possessing four little insect-esque legs which are used to scurry around. These "droids" range in size from one micrometer (one-thousandth of a millimeter) to one nanometer (one-millionth of a millimeter); so tiny that they are shown to be invisible to the naked eye. Using the eternano microbes, the user is capable of commanding them like a hive of insects, with the user focused as the queen—while they can be used for offensive purposes, the best use for the eternano microbes is in a supplementary manner. The eternano microbes that the user controls by molding them can be programmed to build, destroy and cover themselves with magical energy. They can produce a suit of pure magical energy made of sentient particles that covers their body that is nearly indestructible yet still very agile. It also increases the user's physical attributes many times that of the average human.

They can also have the effect of healing the user's injuries at an accelerated rate, allowing them to regenerate before any normally fatal injuries could kill them. Interestingly enough, the eternano microbes are also capable of upgrading magic or taking over magic items. When in use to upgrade magic, a cable will come out from the arm; the more cables, the higher/faster the upgrade; and the user can shoot a cylindrical bullet that releases microbes which override the eternano particles that compose the magic, changing it into their own attack. When in a desperate situation, the user is also capable of transferring the eternano microbes to another magician—giving them power of the microbes. However, for all its usefulness, the eternano microbes have a glaring weakness—once the user is out of the area of choice, then the eternano forged into microbes will dissipate into thin air, requiring the user to collect more eternano. What is noted is that the eternano microbes will stay with the user for theoretically an infinite period of time, as long as they do not leave the city/town/forest, etc.


  • Eternano Microbes are based upon the concept of nanomachines; especially from the Metal Gear universe.
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